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My name is Zhandra Fuentes, I’m representing hosco, the hospitality network. We are an online platform and, of course, we also have an amazing application. We have a very high level of skilled people who are already part of that platform, more than 300,000 at the moment. And we are working currently with more than 4,000 companies all only for the hospitality industry, meaning that we make it easy for both sides. If you’re a member and you’re looking for a job, we have the companies that you’re looking for, and if you’re a company, we have the talent that has the skills you are looking for as well. The company was born in Geneva in 2011. Our main office is in Barcelona, Spain, where I’m based. In Barcelona we are around 50 people and we also have an office in Dubai. Our plans are to open another office in the USA next year. This is my second time here, I came to the March Fair. And students engage, students are really well spoken and for me it was a very successful fair, that’s why we came back again this October. Last summer we had an intern from Les Roches and right now we have someone from Les Roches as well working with us in our offices. I think the quality of education and the training in the soft skills in Les Roches it’s pretty impressive. Soft skills are something that of course you can learn, but not many universities and not many schools and not many parents either are training their kids to build their soft skills and to develop their soft skills. The ability to speak in public and don’t be afraid of it, the ability to deal with conflict, the ability to be flexible at work as well and switch from one department up and down or across departments. We are looking right now for interns to join the industry relations department, we are also looking for people interested in talent management, the marketing team is also growing, so people who are interested in digital marketing and offline marketing as well. I would advise Les Roches students to take advantage of the network they have at Les Roches of course. It’s super powerful that connection that you build while you’re studying here. Many people that you didn’t get the chance to meet because they graduated before you, still they are Les Roches and they have that as part of their DNA, so take advantage of that and don’t be afraid of reaching out.

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