Why we recruit from Les Roches – Dorchester Collection

My name is Victoria Monterrubio and I am the People Development Specialist at Dorchester
Collection. The Dorchester Collection is a portfolio of nine hotels at the moment. We have three hotels in the UK, two in Paris, one in Milan, Hotel Principe di Savoia, and
Hotel Eden in Rome, then two in Los Angeles. Each hotel has a very different personality. If you go to Hôtel Plaza Athénée, for example, you have that really strong feeling of couture and fashion embedded within it. Whereas if
you go down the street to Le Meurice it’s a completely different atmosphere, it’s much
more artistic. Our mission is to be treasured by guests, cherished by employees, and celebrated
worldwide. We come to Les Roches to recruit talent because we are always looking for young and motivated people who want to join our company. What we are really looking for is strong personalities. As I said, all our hotels are quite
unique, so we need unique people to fill the roles. And for that I think Les Roches is really good. All of them came today very smiley, very ambitious with all of these ideas about what they want to do and where they want to bring
their careers. One of our GMs (General Managers), Mr Luca Virgilio, he was one of your students, he graduated a few years ago and now he’s running one of our most successful hotels. So it’s really good to have someone from Les Roches being so successful inside our
company. Last time we came it was back in March and we recruited a few students for internship
positions. Now we are recruiting a little bit more for our MIT (Manager in Training) program. Our MIT program is called the Ultimate Leader Program and it’s a very bespoke program. And I think that is our strength. It can go from 12 to 24 months and each property is really
adapted to your students. What I mean by that is each person has different ambitions, different drivers and different goals. And we try to adapt to them. So how it works is that you pick between rooms division or food and beverage, and then every six months you do a rotation in a different department. So if I was to give advice to a student at Les Roches who is looking for an internship or a position, it would be to do your research. Research what you like, what you would like to do. And also what you don’t like. Come prepared when you talk to companies; about what you want, what is your goal. And also
explain the ‘why’. Why do you want to do F&B, or rooms division? What are your drivers? So kind of define yourself a bit more, so we can help you to find the right position that will allow you to reach that goal. I think in hospitality there is something very interesting happening. And that is all the companies around are trying to push you into the digital world. Why don’t you have an app? Why don’t you have a new PMS? And so on. At Dorchester Collection we believe that people should be at the centre of what we do, and technology should be a support not the main aim. So I think that’s where the trend is going
– how do you ensure that people stay at the heart of everything you do, and not all the tools that you have around?

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