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  1. We Germans are still incredibly grateful for the the day the Lord sent David Hasselhoff to sing down the Berlin Wall with his since famous song "I've been looking for freedom"… I'm still wondering why it hasn't become our national anthem…

  2. Geography became an elective in highschool and gender studies mandatory under Obama's common core education Utopia. Well done 👍 American Voter!!

  3. I think that are education system sucks they only teach students one way and if you can’t learn that way you’re tossed aside and also students only retain information for a test and forget about the information

  4. Oh, let´s show how ignorant people are, it´s so much fun to edit away any sensible answer. What is the point?

  5. This is the US that elected an idiot to run the country because “Well he was on TV…and well I like TV. So I like him.”


  6. Without dumb you cannot have smart. Without night, no day, etc etc. The smarter people own the businesses and the dummies work for them. What more could you ask for.

  7. How americans finished high school???? What learning on school??? Nothing's??
    Yes will learning the nothing😂😂😂😂

  8. To step away from the geographical ignorance for a moment, the statistics at the beginning of the video don't add up.

  9. It wouldn't hurt for kids to have to learn more geography in school, but just that this video was made means these kids are the exception to the rule. Otherwise, why would this be funny? If most people didn't know any better there'd be no point in making it.

  10. Its easy to kill people in the name of these people. USA. USA USA USA. Learn and then give permission to dominate and kill others. Vote for me right now .

  11. Among the youth of our nation, I see them preoccupied with self indulgence. Perhaps the easy access of the entertainment industry using pyschological tactics to draw in as many as possible for the sake of greed. Video games, celebrity lives, action movies such as Star Wars, tv shows such as Game of Thrones, tv soap operas. Designed to get the general population absorbed into hype of whats currently "cool" and all else as boring and unnessary. Mind numbing tv shows seem to have so many hypnotized and controlled to be pliable morons that are much more easy to pillage.

  12. To all y’all! We have more nukes and more economic power than every other country combined, many times over. Haiti is less than 100 miles away, and is one of the poorest nations on Earth…..therein lies the shame of it all! Fortunately, we need only to adjust to the tech revolutions social implications. We have produced a generation of narcissism gone wild. This too shall pass, and a better group will emerge. Everyone’s country has growing pains. We are not all this ignorant……

  13. She was right with the Berlin wall….it was located in the former soviet union. East Germany was part of the soviet union, the Berlin wall devided east and west Berlin, one side being an exclave of the allied powers.

  14. So being an Australian I did not realize I actually crossed International Border into Russia when I last went to the Outback also I know my 4WD Nissan Patrol is great in water crossings but did not realize I could cross an Ocean as well.

  15. Suppa Duppa…The U.S. Military definitely knows where North Korea is….even you. If they ever want to bomb the holy shit out of you idiots.

  16. This is actually so embarrassing. I can not believe how stupid Americans are. The questions they were asked are so basic. No wonder that most Europeans find them to be completely retarded. It's not even funny.

  17. And these people votes and end up in the jury boxes deciding on the fate of your life! America "IS" a horror show!

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