Why We Haven’t Cured Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society,
between one third and one half of the people in the United States will develop some form
of cancer in their lifetimes. So scientists, doctors, and the many organizations
that fund their research, are what you’d call “motivated” to find a cure. But… they haven’t found one, if you hadn’t
heard. Plenty of drugs and treatments have been tested,
but they often don’t seem to work. One person can take a cancer drug and get
better, but another person — with the same type of cancer — can take the same drug and
not get better. So, after billions of dollars and decades
of research, why haven’t we cured cancer? Well, a better question is why do we keep
talking about “THE cure for cancer”? If every tumor worked the same, we would probably
by now have that magic bullet that we need. The trouble is, cancers may look the same
on the outside, but each one develops differently in their own way, and can originate in any
type of tissue. So we haven’t found a cure for cancer, because
it’s not a single disease. If we’re going to beat them, we’re going
to have to take on all of the cancers, one at a time. So the challenges start with the basics here:
first we’ve got to figure out what cancer actually is. We tend to think of cancer as one thing because
we have one word for it. But the word “cancer” really refers to lots of different conditions
that have a few similarities. The main thing cancers have in common is uncontrolled
cell division. And that uncontrolled growth usually starts from a sudden change within
a small set of your genes. No matter what triggers it, you get the same
result: a mass of cells growing out of control and invading other tissues, which is very
bad for the body. But under the hood, each cancer works differently.
It’s practically a different disease every time, and not every cancer will progress in
the same order. Mostly, that’s because every cancer is caused
by a different set of genetic mutations. Genes consist of a sequence of DNA, and each
sequence is a set of chemical bases called nucleotides that are arranged in a very specific
order. Together, they tell the cell how to manufacture proteins, and we are mostly just
made up of proteins – so that’s how we build ourselves. Mutations change those instructions, and that’s
where things start to go wrong. Now, we know by this point that cancers usually
come from mutations of two kinds of genes, called oncogenes and tumor suppressors. An oncogene starts out as just a normal gene
that codes for proteins that signal the cell to grow. And normally, they just spend a lot of their
time dormant, because growth is generally good, but cells shouldn’t always be growing. But just one mutation in one of these genes
is often enough to throw it into high gear, and it can’t be turned off. That’s when it becomes an oncogene, telling
the cell to keep growing and dividing over and over, even when it shouldn’t. That’s
also when it gets dangerous. Some of the most well-known oncogenes — the
usual suspects, if you will — are RAS and MYC. They’re especially powerful growth
genes that show up in many kinds of cancer. A lot of the time, it’s the RAS gene that
somehow gets mutated, which changes the shape of the protein that it makes. The altered
protein gets stuck in a position that always sends a signal for the cell to grow, whether
it’s supposed to or not. And with its new shape, other proteins — ones
that usually deactivate the RAS protein before things can get out of hand — can’t recognize
what they’re supposed to be targeting and switch it off. So the cell never stops getting the signal
to grow and divide, and it starts forming a tumor. Then there are tumor suppressors, another
type of cancer-causing gene — and they’re actually the opposite of oncogenes. As you might guess from their name, tumor
suppressors stop a cell from growing, unless conditions are just right. As with all of your genes, every cell in your
body has two copies of the tumor suppressor, so they’re harder to put out of commission:
Even when one copy is mutated, the other one still works. But of course, cancer has a tendency to find
its way around all kinds of safeguards. Often, a tumor suppressor might be mutated
on one chromosome to the point of not working at all. Then, the cell just happens to lose
the chunk of DNA containing the other copy. With one copy mutated and the other deleted,
there’s no tumor suppressor left to restrain the cell’s growth. And those mutations can happen in any number
of ways. With so many possible combinations, we can’t just create a drug to keep tumor
suppressors from mutating. Which is where things start to get even more
complicated. Because just one mutated gene isn’t usually enough to cause cancer — it
really takes at least five or six genetic changes before normal human cells become truly
cancerous. Then, as tumors get bigger, more and more
genes tend to mutate. Some of those mutations make the cancer nastier and more aggressive. How quickly this happens varies a lot, with
different rates being associated with certain kinds of cancer. But there can be thousands of possible combinations
of mutations going on in a cell — which is partly why a drug might not work for some
patients, even if it’s proven effective for that type of cancer. So every single tumor will follow a different
genetic path, which makes it hard for doctors and drug-makers to know what to target. So how do you kill a tumor cell, when you
don’t know which of the potentially dozens of problematic genes are making it grow? The most obvious way to treat a tumor is to
get a knife and cut it out of the body. That’s called resecting it. But it’s not always
possible, and even when it is, sometimes they grow back. So typically, you go to Plan B: Use a blunt
instrument to smash the cancer, and hope for the best. For a long time, the best cancer therapy we’ve
had is to send in a treatment so toxic it attacks all rapidly dividing cells in the
human body, instead of just the cancer. Those treatments are chemotherapy and radiation. The kind of radiation that’s useful in cancer
treatment is ionizing radiation — the kind whose energy can ionize atoms, and the kind
that most people mean when they talk about “radiation.” And it works simply because
it can tear DNA to shreds. Once the cancer cell’s DNA is mangled beyond recognition,
it can no longer make copies and divide. But of course, it damages the DNA of nearby,
healthy cells too. So doctors try to aim it right at the tumor, to expose as little healthy
tissue to the radiation as possible. And then there’s the group of drugs we refer
to collectively as chemotherapy. These drugs work in a few different ways,
but because they circulate through the bloodstream, they tend to affect the whole body. Some types of chemo imitate one of the building
blocks of DNA, so that cells try to incorporate them into their chromosomes without realizing
they’re useless. Other kinds target the cell’s cytoskeleton — its internal framework
— so that it can’t pull itself apart when it divides. These kinds of chemo can stop a cancer cell
from dividing — but again, there are a lot of healthy cells in your body that need to
divide, as well. Hair follicles need to go on producing hair,
and the lining of your gut needs to constantly renew itself against harsh stomach acids.
That’s why chemo causes hair loss and digestive symptoms, along with a whole bunch of other
nasty side effects. It can work, but it isn’t pretty. Fortunately, there are new alternatives. One of the newest weapons in the battle against
cancer is one that biologists have been refining for decades: Genome sequencing. It’s faster and cheaper than anyone dreamed
possible even ten years ago, and it’s finally ready to directly help patients. Within a matter of days, scientists can now
sequence lots of different types of cancer cells, and figure out exactly where and how
their genes were mutated. Using that information, they can predict what
drugs will be effective against those cancers. So, instead of using a blunt instrument that
kills pretty much everything it touches, we can develop much more refined ways to treat
a certain cancer, in a certain person, through personalized medicine. Two major projects have taken the lead on
this new approach — one’s called the Cancer Genome Project and the other, the Cancer Cell
Line Encyclopedia. They’ve tested many kinds of cancer cells and drugs on a large scale. In both cases, researchers confirmed that
certain drugs are more effective against particular types of cancer. Some drugs, for instance,
work better for brain cancer than stomach cancer. They also found that they could predict the
effectiveness of a drug based on the mutations that they find in a particular set of cancer
cells. So choosing drugs for cancer treatment doesn’t
have to be a shot in the dark anymore — at least, in theory. There’s a serious problem, though. One study compared the results of the Cancer
Genome Project and the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia, and it found that they came to different conclusions
alarmingly often. When the two different groups of researchers
treated the same cancer cells with the same drugs in a lab, they got different results. Even though the cells they used were more
or less identical, they would sometimes respond differently to the exact same drugs. And even when the two projects agreed that
a drug could treat a certain kind of cancer, they disagreed about what dose was needed
to be effective. So, we won’t be able to count on personalized
medicine to work until scientists come up with more effective ways to test these drugs,
and figure out how to use them in people. So there are still some glitches to work out,
but it’s probably the most promising lead we have in the fight against cancer. So it’s true: We haven’t found one cure
for cancer yet, but that’s kind of a question wrongly asked; there is no cancer to cure
— there are lots of cancers we need to cure. Advances in things like DNA sequencing mean
that, even though there are as many cancers as there are cancer patients, soon there may
be as many cancer treatments as there are cancers. And that’s pretty good news. Thank you for watching this scishow infusion;
I hope it was educational for you. It was made possible by our patrons on Patreon. If
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  1. Coz its a 170 billion dollar business, melbourne in australia announced cure for cancer will be released in forty years ill be 84 yrs old .

  2. because it is such a huge business that if we find a cure, the business won't do so well anymore (no need for repeated sessions of treatment)

  3. It is so complicated, seems almost impossible to find the right cure for each type of cancer, unless we get down to genomic level and fix ourselves from there…

  4. Big Pharma prohibits cures unless they can get a patient. Check out Germany. They have many alternate cancer treatments that work.President Reagan received the High temprature treatment for colorectal cancer in Germany. I went with the insulin potentiated therapy when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer. That was in 2011. Blood tests every year has shown that i am ok. Go to Cancertutor.com for great info. By the way, it was in Reno Nevada that put me on to the ipt treatment. Get Suzanne Somer's book " Knock Out". That's where i got the info.

  5. Doctors & medical scientists are a joke. They raise trillions of dollars to this date to cure Cancer, AIDS, etc and still make baby steps. They can’t even cure something as simple as hair loss. The money donating is a scheme

  6. Cancer might be cured but nobody is going to get it because the government will lose billions of dollars/euros. It makes me sick the governments are willing to give up millions of people dying for a peice of paper.

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  15. Diet & lifestyle cause metabolic errors. Correction of diet & lifestyle will normalize the errors. There is much info on this all over the place, but hardly anyone is looking for something so simple. Big Problem is that the masses think that M.D. stands for Medical Deity, and they daren't trust their own judgment.

  16. Chew carefully raw vegetables, whole grain to secrete more enzymes and eliminate acid from our cells. That’s the key to alkaline body and wake up protect gene also cytokine system work efectively. should not eat animal because it make acid enviroment and cytotoxic. You can find the macrobiotic diet from professor Oshawa or Dr. Shinya for more information.

  17. We probably have the cure for cancer by now but big Pharmaceutical companies DONT want you cured.
    The longer you are sick the more treatments and drugs you will use.
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  20. DreamLab is an app scientists have configured to simulate protein folding and cancer genetics and they are making groundbreaking discoveries with it, its open source distributed computing network as a weapon to solve cancer.
    donate idle cpu and help us finish the projects?

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  25. Cancer has been curable for decades. This heading is false. The BS he is peddling is the perfect scenario for pharmaceutical companies and oncologists, that every cancer illness is different so they can make billions on thousands of different drugs that is catered for every individual's type of cancer. What a coincidence that the solutions we are using require thousands of patented drugs rather than one natural effective solution.

  26. The premise of this presentation is fundamentally and hopelessly flawed.
    Cancer is the symptom of an underlying disease.
    Allopathic 'medicine' treats the symptoms, not the disease.
    So treat the disease, the symptoms disappear. Genetics has very low impact.
    To see a more informed video on curing cancer, not treating the symptoms (for profit), YouTube 'World Without Cancer' by G Edward Griffin (1974!). See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPADSv3XAv0&t=54s
    I confirm this protocol personally in defeating prostate cancer without use of poisons (Chemo), burns (radiation) or mutilation (surgery) in 2015. And I'm still clear as I've made lifestyle-nutritional adjustments to ensure it and many other chronic metabolic diseases cannot develope or return.
    YouTube also Dr Peter Glidden ND 'Cancer Chaos' series on YouTube. 
    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uJmp0h99cw
    Thirdly, see Ty Bollinger's 'The Truth About Cancer' website and The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest (a nine part series). Purchase it. 
    Three brilliant cancer researchers. Ty also has a series for cancer in pets. 'The Truth About PET Cancer' docu-series. Similar-same principles apply as to humans. 
    See: https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/cancer-in-dogs-and-cats/
    Unfortunately the SciShow guy hasn't done his homework, or is paid by the 'Big Medical – Big Farm – Big Pharma – Big Funeral' industrial complex to muddy the waters for frightened, gullible, ignorant, ill-informed and successfully Allopathy-indoctrinated people who've just got the news; "You've got cancer."
    Fortunately for those of you who read this post, there is a way of dealing with any kind of cancer cheaply, simply, naturally and effectively without resort to use of quack, 'modern,' for-profit, sickness-maintenance Allopathic 'treatments' (that will kill you often quicker and far more painfuly than the cancer would have). 
    As Hippocrates wrote 2330 years ago "Let thy food be your medicine and your medicine be thy food." 
    It works. I and hundreds of thousands if not millions like me have proved it (especially since 1950).
    It comes down to asking yourself "What am I prepared to do, or stop doing; to eradicate MY cancer?"
    Prepare now. 1 in 2 will get cancer. Fortunately it's easily prevented.
    And if you get cancer, fortunately, it's easily cured; so long as you fire your GP or MD and stay away from oncologist profit-merchants and their fraud, snout in the taxpayer's & medical insurance money trough Allopathic treatments. Chemo and Radiation will kill you. Surgery will just delay your death a little.
    You have to treat the disease, not the symptoms. 
    Good luck (not that you'll need it if you treat the disease naturally). Start your research today. Now!

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  31. We HAVE cured cancer. But because many industries will lose out money from treatments, the cure never made it through the clinical trials. Look up Dr Burzynski and his Antineoplaston treatment. It'll make you feel shitty about the world we live in, where a medicine is kept away from people on purpose.

  32. These comments make me think that even if we come up with cures for cancer, these people won't use them because "muh drug companies tryin to poison us and take our money, eat apple seeds that'll cure ya good."

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  37. This is what I think might work.
    An+Af + Ajabd +Abxs
    A(n+f+jabd+ bxs)
    So there are people w different genes. But I’m some way, we are all connected. There has to be a common gene in humans that will created the same affect when injected with a foreign “chemical.” Why not use those common genes to form a drug that targets those common genes and makes them weapons to destroy the cancer cells. The body already know how to identify a bad cell but the problem is that they slip through “security” at times. If we somehow make the “Security” aware that there is a mutation forming as a tumor, we can send it to the tumor and our body will destroy the cancer itself.
    I believe the key isn’t some chemical outside of the body but I think the cure is in the body. If that makes sense.

  38. So ,you have just wore me out as well as your self to say absolutely nothing I can use to help me or my b family

  39. Annona muricata (AM), a tropical evergreen tree, also known as graviola, guanabana or soursop, belongs to the custard apple trees family known as the Annonaceae. …Muricata, special extract from the fruit is acetogenins is toxic to cancer cells. Research was done in 1976 and concluded that this fruit and its leaves was destroying cancer cells.Sadly they never published their results.There are many testimonies today of its healing effects.

  40. I have a question since most diseases are attacked by the immune system and they often spiral out of control because the immune system cannot fight it anymore it is too weak… So shouldnt we maybe put more money into research on improving or completely rewiring the immune system instead of putting the money into drugs to fight each disease individually when the immune system can fight them simultaneously?

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