Why we chose an ERP partner within higher education

A few years ago, UC Riverside
went through the process for a new student
information system. We had implemented Banner
Student financial aid about 10 years ago. And so financial aid was using
those components already. We felt the dedication to higher
education, the higher education space, was important. The ROI on going with Banner was
definitely an important factor. And the data model, the
back end data model, that Banner Student
uses was actually very similar to the data model
in our legacy mainframe student system. And so the data migration was
going to be quite easy for us compared to other solutions. So the benefits were all there,
and we made that decision then. Banner has brought
to us improved registration capabilities,
the web enablement that is easier to
achieve than trying to do that with a mainframe system. Also the administrative
interfaces were more modern and had more capabilities
for our advisors. I think the overall student
experience was far better. And then the ability to
integrate with other solutions was just– I mean, that’s what’s
taking us over the top. If an institution is
considering a new ERP solution, really think about
choosing a partner who knows higher education. It’s extremely difficult
to try to explain higher education to some
major vendors out there. But it’s really
easy with Ellucian, because you’re dedicated
to higher education. I think that’s really important. I think the missions of our
institutions are quite similar. And so speaking
the same language and not having to explain why it
is we do what it is that we do is really helpful. And I think that’s a great
partnership with Ellucian.

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