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there's not gonna be a president Donald Trump I continue to believe mr. Trump will not be present you're not gonna be President all right Donald Trump will never ever be President of the United States Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States nobody predicted it nobody saw it coming the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election was the biggest upset victory in the history of democracy Donald Trump wins the presidency the business tycoon a TV personality capping is a probable political journey with an astounding upset victory Donald J Trump will become the 45th President of the United States defeating Hillary Clinton in a campaign unlike anything we've seen in our lifetime at nine o'clock p.m. on election night the New York Times projected that Hillary Clinton has an 85 percent chance of winning the presidency it was it was an 80 percent an hour ago for Clinton what is it now 68% okay but I'm nervous okay you should be nervous it's not kidding around anymore I'm not kidding just three hours later it was less than 5% the polls were all wrong so how did the polls lead us astray everybody expected Donald Trump to lose the election but he didn't I've already made a video explaining how he won the election a timeline this video is more analytical why did he win what changed in 2008 the election was much different it was a little-known Democrat from Illinois versus a well-known Republican from Arizona by election day Barack Obama had a seven-point lead in the polls and won a decisive victory over John McCain Senator Barack Obama of Illinois will be the next president of the United States Obama campaigned on change something Donald Trump or later borrow Obama voters weren't happy with the direction that President Bush in their Republican Party were taking the country and they hope the Democratic Party would push America in the right direction in 2012 things were different while still winning the election President Obama won by a smaller margin North Carolina and Indiana two states that voted for Obama in 2008 voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 coupled with that the 2014 midterm elections saw sweeping victories for the Republican Party and it ends with the Republican sweep taking control of the House and the Senate Obama became at lame-duck president without control of Congress he couldn't get anything done daca was the president's biggest accomplishment in the second term and that didn't require any congressional action Obama was term limited in 2016 and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination the Republicans nominated real estate mogul Donald Trump for the presidency throughout the race Glenn maintained a reasonable lead on Trump nearly all of the polls predicted our victory but they were wrong Trump won the race with 306 electoral votes there are many reasons why this happened and I'll talk about all of them the biggest of all however is the Obama Trump voter Hillary Clinton said this about her loss he was quite successful in referencing a nostalgia that would give hope comfort settle grievances for millions of people who were upset about gains that were made by others what you're saying is a millions of white people millions of white people yeah millions of white people this was a white lash this was a white lash against a changing country it was a white lash against a black president in part well part of that may be true it's not entirely true it wasn't just white people who flipped from Obama to Trump it couldn't have been 206 counties in America flipped from voting for Obama in 2012 to trump in 2016 many of these counties are located in the Rust Belt Iowa Wisconsin Michigan Ohio and Pennsylvania among the others flipped to the GOP at 2016 and what do all these have in common jobs the automobile industry was and still is a big part of the Midwest Michigan in particular being recognized as the motor capital of the world during the recession in 2009 General Motors and Chrysler both filed for bankruptcy bankruptcy although the federal government bailed them out ten major General Motors facilities in Michigan and Ohio were closed down these blue-collar auto workers were once part of the Democratic stronghold most of them are unionized and a lot of times their fiscal liberals Trump campaigned strongly in the Midwest and he especially hit on jobs and we are going to the White House and we are going to bring jobs back to our country and we are going to bring jobs back to Michigan Ford had announced it was moving a big operation into Mexico and Trump voted to stop it we will be bringing back our jobs to Michigan there will be a very big price to pay for those companies that want to leave our land go someplace else manufacture their goods and sell them back with no retribution it won't happen there will be consequence these Auto Workers wanted their jobs back and they figured Donald Trump would help their cause he claimed to represent the Forgotten American and the blue-collar workers knew he was talking about them this is this was forgotten America rising up and choosing Donald Trump as their vehicle other blue-collar jobs especially miners in West Virginia Ohio and Michigan's Upper Peninsula supported Trump in the 1990s the United Mine Workers of America voted for Bill Clinton in a landslide 20 years later the same was true for Donald Trump these voters were massively affected by the 2008 recession they blamed the administration for their job loss and the Democratic Party paid a big price Hillary Clinton has valved Charles to continue the destruction of Barack Obama relative to the coal industry people say of these Trump voters are racists and that's why they voted for him some of them are probably racists but I believe that they voted for Donald Trump because of job security Michigan's Macomb County was one of the counties that flipped here's what former Congresswoman for the area said I think Trump would win not by an even bigger margin today Wow why why he was talking about currency manipulations and losing our jobs to Mexico Hillary was talking about identity policy yeah what bathroom people were supposed to use and we just couldn't get it we were just like we want to go to work here the next reason that Trump won was the cultural shift of the political left never before had identity politics become so prominent in the left-wing the Democratic Party moved farther left socially than ever before to quote Roseanne Barr you're you were a very liberal socially liberal person in general I mean the Democratic Party was against illegal immigration for decades that's why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before illegal immigration was seen as a bad thing until it wasn't some cities especially in the liberal west coast even allowed illegal aliens to take refuge there without any chance of being deported the left had gone even farther left they've established a social hierarchy based on privilege with straight white males at the bottom of the hierarchy and you know what should I do to got my golf and check my privilege they expanded on the ideas of affirmative action especially towards whom they see the most underprivileged transgenders and Muslims for example there are many socially liberal people in America they believe in civil rights and affirmative action but a large number of them did not support the social hierarchy that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party were working towards a lot of them didn't show up to the polls or even voted for Donald Trump this brings me to my last topic Hillary Clinton Hillary Rodham Clinton had been in politics for many years starting out as the first lady to President Bill Clinton then becoming Senator for New York running for president in 2008 and eventually becoming Secretary of State under President Obama she was a textbook establishment Democrat but the Democratic Party was undergoing a change a split between the progressive Democrats corporate Democrats for a long time the Democratic Party represented the working man the blue-collar American voted for Trump in the Rust Belt starting in the late 90s and early 2000s they started supporting corporations and globalism Hillary Clinton is a corporate Democrat and that was exacerbated by the Goldman Sachs speeches that was released by WikiLeaks during the campaign Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are examples of corporate Democrats Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren or progressive Democrats they've gone farther left economically Bernie Sanders even identifying as a socialist you are a socialist what does that mean in the 2016 election primaries Bernie Sanders supporters came out in droves especially young adults college kids Sanders came very close to winning the Democratic primary 43 percent of the Democratic primary votes were cast to Bernie Sanders not only did the right wing not identify with Hillary Clinton but a sizeable chunk of the Democratic Party didn't either you think Hillary Clinton's honest no I don't you like Hillary Clinton no way honest no absolutely not I can't say that I wouldn't could you support Hillary Clinton I'm burning or bust I'm burning your bus that's it Bernie or there's gonna be a revolution in this country many of these Sanders supporters didn't show up to the polls in November and some of them even vote for Trump in the long run I mean if Hillary is the nominee either Jill Stein will Electrify the base she'll go bold if she doesn't go bold and if she's gonna lose I'm gonna go for Trump I know it's scary but Hillary Hillary is a war monger whatever the puppet masters tell her to do that's what she'll do in my analysis the Democrats are in pretty bad shape right now without controlled the presidency Congress and with what seems to be a shifting right Supreme Court the Democratic Party needs to make some dramatic changes if they want to succeed in the 2018 midterms in the 2020 presidential election they are deeply divided based on ideology and then it's bad news for them and then there's all the current political drama with Russia and Comey and everything else which I don't feel is possible to analyze without bias at this time the 2016 election was a historic one to say the least the 2018 midterm elections are going to make or break the Trump presidency whatever happens I'll be here to analyze it thank you very much for watching and getting my first documentary over 1 million views I really do appreciate it and I'll see you in the next one

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  1. Plain and simple: You can't advocate for what "Democrats" (if you can even call them that anymore) have been advocating for while claiming to be for the average American who has been forgotten due to big tech, outsourcing, and elites. The "Democrats" are nothing short of globalists. You want open borders? You don't want sovereignty. You also might as well not care about (alleged) interference in elections because everybody "should be" treated as legal US citizens. Whatever you want to call them, they've destroyed that party to the point that it is unrecognizable, illogical, and a burden to this country quite honestly.

  2. Trump won because Hillary and the leftists were basically just mean and so “status quo, fuck all of you” type attitude and you could see it.
    My dad was watching Hillary’s channel that night- and when she called every other American a deplorable?
    That was the deciding factor.

    That she was so brazen that she could say that about Americans.

  3. Thes are the people that turned me to a Hillary supporter to a trump supporter
    Ben Shapiro
    Milo Yiannopoulos
    Steven crowder
    Owen shroyer
    Hunter avallone
    And other people I just cant remember their name

  4. Idk I kind of knew he was gonna win. The only thing that was making me believe he wouldn't is the fake News media but their constant negative coverage of him also sort of made me believe he would do it.

    So I was like 98% sure he would win. For 2020 though I am like 50/50 altho lack of a solid Democrat running those odds are increasing.


  6. I hated the media and celebrities during the whole election months. I'm glad he won and hope he wins again in 2020

  7. He won because he said he,s not going to let anyone into the USA and that,s it . and that's what he is doing at this moment .

  8. Because people are sick of righteous liberals who want to tell you how to think.

    Because Hillary was a horrible candidate.

    Because Americans want a safe country and a solid economy.

  9. You know why your great grandpa left Poland for Detroit? Job opportunities require the effort of relocation on your part!

    If your life sucks, don't vote for someone, sit back and hope its going to change. MOVE!

  10. At this point, I think the Democrat party should split into the Moderates and "Progressives" (those quotation marks are deliberate).

  11. The only reason he won was because the DNC fucked over Bernie Sanders, and chose Clinton. Clinton WILL NEVER beat Trump. Sanders' supporters voted for the lesser of two evils, Donald Trump.

  12. He won because he's is a American he love this country is that is why i love this man he what's to MAKE A AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN and NOW LES KEEP AMERICAN GREAT 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 LONG LIVE THE USA and GOD BLESS TRUMP 2020

  13. Walk up to someone and ask them if they pee in the shower. They will likely say that they do not, so as to not appear gross. This is just one way polls can be wrong.

  14. I won a bet with my dad on this. He was laughing at me and gloating so hard, right up until the moment he had to pay me

  15. The left has gone so hecking far that I'm even ashamed to describe myself as a left leaning centrist. I'm a transwoman but I'd still probably vote for Trump if I lived in America. When the other option is a secretary that has done some very questionable things and has priorities out of order.

  16. I think the Dems and elitist completely underestimated how much the average American loathed Hillary Clinton…

    While I support President Trump now.. I did not think he had a chance to beat Clinton… Figured people would go with name they know when hitting ballot boxes…

    Thank god i was wrong

  17. “Bernie or there will be a revolution in this country “ ya the revolution of whining and crying about anything they can’t get something for free, if they can’t go against anything with morals or Christianity . I’ll vote for trump or any republican as long as the demoscats keep pressing their racially motivated hatred of the white race. If you don’t want to be the minority then go to a country where you’re the majority and see how that works🤷🏻‍♂️

  18. He told the truth and he's still doing everything he promised and for that he will be reelected because he's making America great again go trump

  19. Trump won because he was running against Hillary ffs. Bernie was fine with Hillary cheating him out of that election, and subsided.

    I voted for Bernie in the primaries, but after he supported that evil whore I've lost ALL respect for Bernie.

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