Why Trump is saying his impeachment could lead to ‘Civil War’

-Do you now know who
the whistle-blower is, sir? -Well, we’re trying to find out
about a whistle-blower. When you have a whistle-blower that reports things
that were incorrect. -The President’s main response
to the impeachment inquiry launched by the Democrats
has been to take to social media and to suggest
that this would be in the worst interest
for the country. One of his responses
that got significant attention was him tweeting a quote
from one of this top evangelical faith advisors
about his impeachment leading to a possible
Civil War-like fracture. This was notable because
the President actually has a track record
of suggesting that, if things do not go his way, that he and his supporters
could respond violently. -Hillary wants to abolish —
essentially abolish — the Second Amendment. By the way,
and if she gets to pick — [booing] If she gets to pick her judges,
nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment
people, maybe there is. I don’t know, but —
-Perhaps one of the main reasons the President
threatens or insinuates that violence would occur if things don’t go the way he
and his supporters want them to is because his political
ideology is deeply rooted in this idea of victimhood. That he and the individuals
that he represents are getting an unfair shake
at politics, at life in America,
and other issues. As a result, his response
to that is to say that we will not take this
lying down.

100 thoughts on “Why Trump is saying his impeachment could lead to ‘Civil War’”

  1. One wonders what each side would be fighting for .. a few Trump supporters below are happy to take out all Democrats… so if the country is a totally Republican country does this not mean it will no longer be a democracy? Forgive the simplicity of this question… its just if you have a leader who has been removed from office, his followers take over the country for him and his kind only, then does this not then become a dictatorship?

  2. Aint no real American gonna go to war AGAINST his own American kind for a pos pervert neo nazi professional corruptionist TERRORIST President that hijacked America..if anything…d whole world will unify n send these neo nazi professional corruptionist TERRORIST n his used badly sympathizers to d cemetery….trump is a psychotic mentally decompensating old geritol mixed with adderal junkie…who has lost his mind n no longer even good at crime

  3. Is the USA in motion for a born again moment ? ? We had to fight ENGLAND and win to become our own republic. We may have to fight once again to restore the republic we created in our beginning-

  4. And I in no way took what he said as his supporters responding in violence. That’s the LEFT SPIN on it. Not true.
    They are illiterate if they even hint that’s what he said.

  5. Trump"s belief that there are no consequences for him for anything he does is doing possible irreparable harm to the government of America.

  6. But haven’t the Dem side been acting out violent or in the aggressive way since the election ?? You can’t even say your a trump supporter without fear so the other side is acting the way there worried the trump side will – please just look in the mirror first

  7. not sure who this guy is. But the Democrats have become a communist party with socialist agenda. Everything he is saying is a lie.

  8. This how quickly the media make u forgot Epstien and the phedophile elite who he sold children to. Because the media is in on it. This is just smoke and mirrors for the sheeps. Remember when the media Was in on it, when they did that illigal war on iraq. Where 800.000 children, Women and men Was killed. thats Was just the second gulfwar. The first gulfwar Americans had a medicin embargo on iraq so Women died in child birth. Remember that???
    dont worry your jugdement Will come when the Angel of death takes your souls and have to stand infront of GOD the allknowing.. all alone. No power no money. May u burn in hell for eternity for every soul u have killed and every child u have raped in iraq and Afghanistan.

  9. Trump recently submitted a "Impeach This" Map that accurately show how much red blood and hate Trump has spread across America.

    Americans have a responsibility to

    STOP Trump's spreading of hate

    STOP Trump's spilling of Americans blood by ordering the Murders of Americans by mass Shootings across America.

    That type of Trump hatred Needs to be Impeached.

    Impeach That!!!

    Impeach Trump Now!

  10. If DJT is so confident about his achievements including large tax cut, booming economy, skyrocketing stock market…as he strongly claims then why is he scared of any political challenge coming from the other side for 2020? Why is he getting involved with all these nations in an attempt to discredit potential opponents? Something is not right, the whole thing smells like a rotten rat.

  11. it used to be in the whitehouse that any leaks of information from there were from there was considered TREASON punishable by DEATH the whistle blower rule should NOT apply in the white house

  12. it used to be in the whitehouse that any leaks of information from there were from there was considered TREASON punishable by DEATH the whistle blower rule should NOT apply in the white house

  13. The washington post's youtube channel is full of smart, partial and analytical pieces from these younger analyst and writers. Im amazed that this journalist can provide such unbiased insight into Trump's political strategy even though Trump himself is not thinking on that level. Why can't the rest of the Post be this good at analysis instead of headline tabloit bullshit that fuels the fakenews campaign. You can't blame Trump when even CNN opinion pieces that have a 5% chance to working out like "Senate might impeach trump" can become the front page headline. Props my man, that you can provide real insight while most supposed journalist just resort to calling him a racist, which may or may not be true, but focusing on that is missing the point.

  14. The People didn't even vote Trump in. Why he thinks they will go to war for him is beyond me. The parties in the street after he leaves office will astound him lol Can't wait. Got my fireworks ready. Worst U.S. President in History.

  15. Trump said it but didn't mean it, like everything else he's been saying but not doing..Remember "I'm going to Shutdown the Border"..Just Sayin' !!

  16. Well when things dont go dems way they use Race!!! If they did this to obama they will blame cause he black and he is being bullied its so obvious the Dems been trying to get him since day one its really not fair what they are doing to him

  17. There is NO LINE that Trump won't cross. He is the living embodiment of hate, corruption, self-dealing, and moral bankruptcy- and he is UNFIT to lead. If you still support him, you're no patriot.
    🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Isn't Impeaching the President who swore an oath to serve and protect treason in itself? if you are impeaching you're own president there is no republic or democracy its simply Mob Rules. It makes no sense any evidence given will most likely be made up. There are people who don't want trump in power for his trade tariffs there are snakes within the system and everyone is pointing the blame to a man who is most likely innocent. Crazy

  19. Lol Washington post, laughing stock of fake news! Trump 2030! Can’t wait to see more crying from the libtards!

  20. Trump just paints himself as a victim. Tbh trump supporters are so small and when trump is proven to have broke the law. No one defends him at all. Simple. This guy has nothing on his side.

  21. Every Democratic candidate is inciting Civil WAR…by destroying the Constitution, first guns go, then free speach, then martial law!! They didn't construct hundreds of FEMA (detention) camps for nothing?!!!

  22. Democrats have been attacking Republicans forever but they cry when Republicans attack back? I'm neither just saying…

  23. Democrats have been attacking Republicans forever but they cry when Republicans attack back? I'm neither just saying…

  24. This IS the worst interest for the country. Please continue to pray for our President. Also pray for his enemies also that God will open their eyes and hearts so that they may become part of our great nation once again..

  25. If trump gets it's bad dir the country
    If trump has an upset stomach-its bad for the country
    If trump stubs his toe….

  26. All you have to do is look who is putting this out, the Washington Post. They aren’t credible at all. The WP has an ax to grind with our President.

  27. Time traveler: What year is it?

    Me:2019 US

    Time traveler: oh so am I in Northern America or southern America?

    [insert surprised pikachu face]

  28. 🚨WHAT'S THE PLAN 🚨to protect us from the Christian Fascist Neo-Nazi 2nd Amendment Army's reaction to their Evangelical Mega-Church Millionaire Televangelist Pastors' calls for 🚨 unHoly Civil War ? 🚨

  29. Who doesn't think that there would be civil war?? Have you looked around lately? Do you not see how divided the nation is? What makes you think there would be anything BUT a civil war. It has never been this past in any past presidency where two parties are this divided in their meaningless ideologies.

    It always surprises me hearing these liberals speak, you just feel like asking them who do you think elected Trump?? Do they just think that everyone has the same views as them? The people that elected him are living in the same country as you! and they are not a minority hahaha what are you going to do about them don't you think they're going to have some strong ideas and feelings about you trying to impeach their president over menial and insignificant comments?

    I have never seen a president who has so little control over what he says and believe me I agree that he says the most inconsiderate things. There is no doubt the man talks out of his behind with no filter or sensibility to his words. But why can't they focus on action rather than dismantling his flawed personality. When did words start becoming more important than action?? I'd rather have someone who is rude but give good results rather than someone who lies and softens the truth so that it sounds good but show no results in their actions.

    Trump RE-tweeted that civil war tweet and this journalist goes full out to say Trump supports "violence". I mean wow. What kind of manipulative leap is that? That is horrific, and this is where people are getting their news? No wonder there is a large scale exaggerated hatred towards the guy. The news is created extremists that no longer believe in free speech, if that's not the definition of a radical then I don't know what is.

  30. Trump has never made a truer statement about the potential for Civil War in the USA. Washington and the Democrats are slowly destroying Democracy. History proves a Civil War is the only way the people will take back their country and gain respectability back in the USA. Britain, France, Russia, All these countries went through a Civil War because the people cried ENOUGH of the BS. Trump is usually right, or is he preparing us for one, is the country mad enough yet to fight??? Time to wake up America, a call to Arms has been made. Are the people part of the solution or part of the problem??

  31. Has this guy watched the news lately? I don't see right wingers, I see left antifa members. So it seems to me it's the far left that are causing trouble. Cry, cry, cry that's what these people do, blame someone else. The far right is not changing they are trying to save our country. Go outside, get a job, make a job, do something to support yourself and stop taking my hard work and money so you can do nothing all day. Stop having kids you can't afford. I know people who can't buy the own food, but can go to concerts. That makes no since to me. Feed yourself and YOUR kids first. Stop asking me to give you thing for free. Things are NOT FREE…NEVER CONSENT, NEVER

  32. Trump loves rich that can easily buy an island not working poor “pay check to paycheck”. Trump impeachment? …actually trump cowardly walks out and trump will throw all his supporters under the bus. Trump will call his supporters crazy. Trump will make a deal and have his own family going to jail. Had trump had his voters go to jail and turn away as if this presidency never happened would make trump happier. Trump is not your friend. Trump never learned from his bankruptcies. Trump is the president that never was. Trump is a traitor. Void trump get someone better.

  33. It is not impeachment, it is not a vote for impeachment, if it was, Republicans could call, question and even subpoena, but since it is only an impeachment inquiry, the Republican in this case can't call any witness.

  34. Please Trump supporters. Please try to start a civil war.

    I'm just waiting for a legal excuse to be able to shoot you dumb motherfuckers right where you stand. Then we won't have to worry about you guys voting anymore 😉

  35. Trump gets impeached, I'm killing communists. No question. 90% bad press, 52% approval, the left is trying to perform a coup because they could never actually win an election again.
    The Americans with guns are typically pro Trump, good luck illegally removing him from power. He is our employee, and you cannot fire him.

  36. The right wing men should think of their families. The number one casualty in war is women and children. If they think they can remain whole men after they wage a civil war, they are sadly mistaken.

  37. People should not tolerate government taking guns , taking parents rights regarding transgender kids, lessons in schools

  38. Hold up- of all the all the people promoting a victim hood mentality- a Democrat calling out anyone for using a strategy lacks all introspection- who gave this knob a voice anyway?- he doesn’t understand his own party’s platform to the extent that he can’t even fathom his own utter and complete hypocrisy

  39. I love how the left is rising up claiming in sighting violence, mean while back in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019….. The left has been violent, has been calling for violence

  40. This irresponsible statement proves that Trump is not presidential material. He doesn't have enough supporters to start a civil war. Plus, his "bone spurs" and multiple adult diaper changes would prevent him from participating.

  41. Yes we are ready for war, the only reason we haven't moved forward with it is because trump is still president, dont get it twisted, ive been ready to defend our nation from all its corruption and radical muslims.

  42. He is right to elude to a civil war. That right there just shows that he is not about to let anyone take away our rights. The government is supposed to be of the people for the people. The liberals and their sheep followers want turn this country into a dictatorship where we all rely on the government entirely. Starting with disarming us. That would always be the first step into taking full control. Hello!!!!!

  43. The God of the Bible who created you and sent his Son to save your rebellious being not your fault cause we all humans are born in Sin….we inherited from The 1st couple Our heavenly Father put here on earth Adam and eve…
    He has told us trough his prophets
    That love him….that trump will win 2 terms ….even if u do not agree with him….yes the world is manipulated by humans that are serving satan …we call them the Globalist..the bringers of the new world order ….the satanist…the illuminati….the deep estate…
    Yes ….the bible teaches your thoughts/brain is manipulated or controlled by two invisible forces
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    From your soul all thoughts come into your brain. .
    advise from x liberal that use to hate trump and God….
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    Go listen to kim Clement prophet
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    Advise from x liberal that use to hate trump and JesusChrist

  44. ".. his impeachment could lead to ‘Civil War’.."
    Well, it can – a hot one. You already have a "cold civil war", and attempt to remove Trump by other means than an election… the deplorables would jump into action.
    Other things can also cause civil war/break up of the nation – f.eks. if democrats try to implement "the green new deal", will surely lead to break up of the nation. For some states, with coastal location, it will be rather easy. Who believes Texas will quite their oil production and use…?

  45. Civil War:
    Britain Style. "What have you come armed with?" "Why this plastic spoon of course!"
    America Style: "What have you got there? "RPG's AR15's, hand guns, grenades, sniper rifles, mortars, oh and this tank replete with a commie scorchin' flame thrower"

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