Why this channel is about Gematria | The knowledge to see through The Cabal

welcome back true seeker this is an introductory video for people who are new to this work on the fence don't quite understand it I want people to truly understand why this knowledge of gematria or gematria is so important and how it's essential for everyone who is seeking truth and who wants to expose the tyranny that has taken place in this world and for me this has been my personal quest since the day of September 11 2001 and what I knew that day is obviously numbers are important to the Cabal that's why we're having a national emergency on 9/11 more obvious and from that day on I noticed town numbers were routinely inserted into news stories that seemed arbitrary what's the point of including this number why do I need to know this number just the other day Jeffery Epstein's lawyer appealed to have him stay in his 77 million dollar mansion why do I need to know that the mansion's 77 million dollars and if you pay attention just day after day numbers inserted in stories that are seemingly arbitrary but they're not and that's where this code of gematria comes from in the background you can see there's a license plate up there that says what is 47 that was the first number I ever caught on to 47 this 47 that 47 inserted in the news every single day for no apparent reason but there is a reason and we're gonna get to them and once upon a time when I was looking for the meaning of numbers and what it was and it took me a long time to find I found some excerpts online from this book right here the secret teaching of all ages and in this book there's a lot of information here it's not just about geometry it's about a million different esoteric things by Manley P Hall who was a freemason and who shared a lot of the secrets but one of the chapters the Kabbalah the secret doctrine of Israel in this chapter he talks about Freemasonry Kabbalah and introduces gomorian and he introduces two ciphers within the English language he also talks about the relevance in Hebrew but he says in English there's two ciphers that there's relevance to he says one's a little bit more important than the other and one is just the alphabetic order a a is 1 B is 2 C is 3 up to Z the 26 letters 26 and then the next cipher is just the alphabetic order with the rules numerology so it's still one be still to see still 3 it changes when you get to J the 10th Levin the numerology of 10 is 1 plus 0 is 1 so today is 1 K the 11th letter the numerology of 11 is 1 plus 1 is 2 and the 12th letter the numerology of 12 + 1 + 2 + 3 so on all the way up to Z the 20 plus 6 is 8 make each letter a single-digit number but in the beginning of this chapter it just begins Albert Pike who is the freemason War General of the south the only Confederate soldier who still has a statue up in DC and someday we're someday soon we're gonna be in DC and we're gonna be educating people at the Albert Pike statue about what Saul encoded into that statue and and why he's the only Confederate remaining because he was a big Mason in Washington DC's Mason town but anyway he writes Albert Pike quoting from transit trends in techno magic thus sums up the importance of Kabul ism as a key to Masonic esotericism I can't read a pronounce right now I'm sorry I don't get enough sleep anyway one is filled with admiration on penetrating into the sanctuary of the Kabbalah at seeing a doctrine so logical so simple and at the same time so absolute the necessary union of ideas and science the consecration of the most fundamental realities by the primitive characters the Trinity of word letters and numbers a philosophy simple as the alphabet profound and infinite as the word theorems murmur complete and luminous than those of Pythagoras a theology summed up by counting on one's fingers an infinite which can be held in the hollow of an infant's hand 10 ciphers in 22 letters a triangle a square in a circle these are all the elements of the Kabbalah and for anyone who followed my work this stuff is simple you know it's simple mathematics hidden in plain sight and I do recommend anyone pick up this book there's a lot of information in there and you know it's big pages big print or small print it's just packed with stuff but later in that chapter he gets into gematria and introduces the two very simple ciphers in english and whoops I meant to keep my page bookmarks I'll to find it again so anyway I found excerpts from that book on the Internet long ago before I even end the book and I said okay here's something to ok the relevance of numbers okay masonry Kabbalah okay this is making sense and you know as I did my research I eventually got this the book of formation or the Sepher Yetzirah and the book of formation chapter one opening paragraph I'll just read it to you in 32 mysterious pants of wisdom did the Lord right I just want to stop right there 32 special number for America equals 32 the nation was established on a date with 32 numerology the Nations headquarters Washington DC used to be the Catholic colony controlled by the Jesuits now has the headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite shares the same motto as the Jesuits and of course both these secret societies operate by this table to code but again in 32 mysterious paths of wisdom did the Lord run the Lord of hosts the God of Israel the Living Allah weaned in Hebrew Elohim equals 47 are the reason that numbers everywhere and king of the universe the almighty merciful and gracious God he is great and exalted and eternally dwelling in the height his name is holy he is exalted in holon he created his universe by three forms of expression numbers letters and words so in Kabbalah this is everything letters numbers and words how God operates and it's clear that this knowledge which was originally shared so that people could better understand the world you know people have taken it and they've said you know what I'm gonna play God I'm gonna use letters and numbers and words to play God and that's part of the reason 9/11 happened on 9/11 we're gonna talk more about that in a moment so book of formation inexpensive book to buy and you don't have to read far into it to get right to the heart of the matter so there's that and another book I read long ago which I should probably pick up and read again is numerology and the divine triangle and um it's by the author faith Giovani and then this second name always makes me laugh the co-author dusty bunker because it's like that's what happened this knowledge it just got thrown in this dusty forgotten place and seemingly almost nobody knew about him except for the Cabal so that's why I've been passionately speaking about it and teaching about it since 2013 I pretty much dropped everything I was doing in my life and have gone full board on this because I realized this was the golden ticket this is what the controllers are using this exposes their madness and you know I thought years ago this would have taken off in the truth community and I realize it has come a long way even things like Q which I don't like are spreading the knowledge which is the one thing I'm thankful about to queue its up this knowledge reach a lot more people it's too bad it didn't reach more people through me because I actually teach people a relevant way how to use it rather than get manipulated by it but still the point is the knowledge is reaching people and anyhow there's a lot of other books but those are three good ones so numerology and the divine triangle the book of formation and the secret teaching teachings of all ages and with that said what I want to do is just go back over September 11th because this is really where it all started for me and to me still out of all the terrible things happening in the world it's September 11th that really needs to be exposed so that everyone knows and from there you know the Domino's can fall because I think once you know everyone's mind is enlightened to what really happened on September 11th then everything else you know will be a lot easier for people to grasp so let's go back and talk about September 11th again what I need to do is get the camera off me and on the desktop so things to look into if you don't know project for a new American Century that was a group of what are considered neoconservatives who essentially became the Bush administration after George W Bush took office shortly before Bush took office they published a document about their plane and in this document which anyone can access they called for a new Pearl Harbor and with that new Pearl Harbor they were gonna forward this international agenda essentially wars in the Middle East targeting Iraq Afghanistan the exact places we went after 9/11 and it also talks about a growing population and you know the need to control this drawing populous and this information age so essentially building the surveillance state and their wording was to call for a new Pearl Harbor after 9/11 happened several books were put out using the terminology pearl harbor and you might recall that in 2001 on May 25th was the day it was released the film Pearl Harbor came out and I'm gonna show you something about this keep in mind Pearl Harbor happened on December 7th in history December 7th here let me just put it up here real quick date of Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941 and we write that date 12/7 1 2 7 and what buildings fell on September 11th the two main towers buildings 1 & 2 and then the building that felt 8 hours later in the day 7 buildings 1 2 & 7 fell and they called this the new Pearl Harbor now check this out Pearl Harbor film release date May 25th 2001 now look at this May 25th 2001 to September 11 2001 the date of the new Pearl Harbor was a span of a hundred and ten days a hundred and ten days why does that matter it's because buildings 1 & 2 were a hundred and ten storeys tall just in case you don't know how tall were buildings 1 in 2 World Trade Center let's think that pulls it up let's see I thought this would come up right away but they were definitely 110 stories tall there they are so they were a hundred and ten stories tall let me see if this still comes up how tall was building seven maybe I should say World Trade Center building 7 huh Wikipedia is changing all their information okay building 7 was 47 floors tall and each floor was 47 thousand square feet but here's what I want to show you and I just want to put up the two ciphers that Manley P Hall introduced the alphabetic order and the alphabetic order with the rules of numerology the name Osama bin Laden sums to a hundred and ten just like how world checks and there's one and two were a hundred and ten stories in building seven which fell eight hours later was forty seven floors tall each floor forty seven thousand square feet she's gotta say I mean what are the odds of that and then also that from the release of Pearl Harbor the film that year to what they called the new Pearl Harbor was a hundred and ten days was also fifteen weeks and five days I'll save that for later but anyway 110 110 and think about what both of these numbers are in terms of numerology they're 1111 New York was the 11th state the world trade centers look like giant 11s the first plane to reportedly hit the building was flight AAA 11 of course AAA is 1 111 is the master number in numerology very special number to the occult 11 the 11th day the ninth month so there was that aspect what Manley P Hall said was the most pierced cipher was the alphabetic order with the rules of numerology that's the one he suggest to use notice if you write out September 11th it sums to 77 notice if you write out World Trade Center it sums to 77 and the Pentagon was supposedly hit by flight 77 they say flight 77 took off at 8:20 and crashed at 9:37 which is exactly 77 minutes later the Pentagon 77 feet tall it's on the 77th Meridian known as the American Meridian you have to say even without you know the Gemara encoding what are the odds of all those 77 s but then you apply this code and we say wow World Trade Center 77 September 11th 77 mark passio who is the former Satanist and now essentially the occult exposure he teaches that 77 is the number of The Wizard the number of the spellcaster the number of the sorcerer and think about the film The Wizard of Oz Norse how it equals 77 just days ago on July 7th Bill Gates did an interview and referred to Steve Jobs as a wizard and when I learned about this it really started to make me think about the word spell you know casting spells magic how we use spell to write and the reason I started think about that is because I had always described to anyone who was awake how it seemed that everyone in this nation was under a spell when it came to September 11th and truth because they couldn't see what was obvious they couldn't see that that date was a terrible lie you know blamed on a man in a cave across the world story that made no sense a story believable is a man living inside of a giant fish which is another story people believe believe that word with lie in the middle so any had all of those seventy sevens and then the other big coincidence with the Pentagon is what date did construction begin on the Pentagon and again I don't advocate for asking questions to Google and just accepting the answer but I just know from research even before Google existed or probably around the time Google existed since the days after September 11th I did learn that the Pentagon construction began on September 11th in 1941 which was also the year of Pearl Harbor wasn't it and you know what's something I've never looked up in history I just have to do it in real time I just got a check I have actually never looked at how many days it was from the construction of the Pentagon to Pearl Harbor that year could be interesting woops I got the wrong year there 88 days huh hmm two months in 27 days as well those things I can say about that I'm going to save it for another time that's interesting those numbers have to do with cycles and circles in geometry and really that's what this is right Pearl Harbor new Pearl Harbor nations War Department recreating history this is straightforward about the date September 11th September 11th leaves a hundred and eleven days left in the year a hundred and eleven days left is what is left on September 11th and notice what New York equals 111 again 11 1 111 I'll rep digits of 1 okay so other points I want to make about September 11th we covered the Pearl Harbor connection we covered these stories in the building's 110 and buildings 1 & 2 47 and building 7 the Pearl Harbor movie release date a hundred and ten days from the events flight 77 now I want to talk about the 93 World Trade Center bombing in light of what happened on September 11th of course one of the flights that day was flight 93 after the towers came down they called the site ground zero and prior to 9/11 the only definition for ground zero was the point above or below ground at an atomic or nuclear bomb detonates and think about how the World Trade Centers were in Manhattan think about the Manhattan Project which began with developing the atomic bomb notice what atomic bomb equals atomic bomb equals 93 and in 1993 when Bill Clinton took office one of the first things he did was he ended the nearly half a century of underground testing of nuclear and atomic weapons then shortly after that February 26th there was the 93 World Trade Center bombing and they said the terrorists by the way they blamed it on the blind Sheik if you look up who the 93 World Trade Center bombing was blamed on they called blind chic blind chic 93 but they said the terrorists maybe because he was blind planted the charges the wrong way they said the charges were supposed to go upwards and they probably would have brought down the towers but instead the charges were set the wrong way so they made massive craters in the ground and for that reason they had to work months after patching up the holes but think about what they could have been doing could they not have been planting charges on a countdown for September 11 2001 you know 50 years of underground testing of powerful explosives and for what purpose I'm guessing one of those purposes was for their planned false flag of 9/11 because those buildings did turn to dust there was a lot of force to crumble those massive structures into dust and you can see that force as they come down the building is exploding outwards you know they make it seem like it just collapsed no that building was turned to dust and then they called a Ground Zero to put it in everybody's face and for years I just looked at all these facts but I didn't have this piece of the code with letters and numbers now I just look and I say look how nicely it all goes together just fits together way too perfectly and what's the building there now to commemorate one World Trade Center and what's that equal 93 93 and of course 93 is a number that symbolizes Saturn Saturn very important to the occult it's the keeper of time it has to do with judgment remember the evangelical television televangelist they call them the preachers that came out and said things like 9/11 was punishment from God for not condemning homosexuality and these types of things were said in the media anyway sad and judgment very important to the occult 93 World Trade Center bombing when it all began now the other piece to consider is just how long the plan was in motion for September 11th actually let me tell you something more about Saturn with regards to the date of the 93 World Trade Center bombing it was February 26 there's another cypher outside of the base ciphers and I first learned to this cipher through the website to matrix Jame Trix org this was the first online Gamache via calendar I came across and I'll just use this cipher real quick what it does is something called Jewish gematria which is based on the old Latin Order of the English letters of the alphabet and then this cipher right here which is English gematria is also known as Sumerian gematria this is just multiplying each letter times six so you see that says P is 96 piece the 16th letter of the alphabet so 16 times 6 is 96 says L 72 ELLs the 12th are 12 times 6 is 72 hey the first letter is 6 1 times 6 so on so that's what this cipher is in the middle and then the cipher down here is just the alphabetic order so notice planet with the alphabetic order equals 68 right in 1968 that's when the plan went into motion for the World Trade Centers World Trade Center construction began in 68 91 1 was made the national emergency dialing code and if you look up the first 911 was made on the 47th day of the year February 16th 47 that special number we'll talk more about that in a little bit but 68 911 national emergency dialing code World Trade Center construction began George W Bush graduated from Yale and skullenbones and by the way Bush's birthday is July 6th every year from his birthday to September 11th is a span of 68 days I'll show you this so you don't have to believe me George W Bush birthday July 6 which happens to be the hundred and eighty seventh day of the year George Washington equals 187 Washington DC equals 187 special number their ancient accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry equals 187 but from his birthday July 6 to September 11th every single year here we'll just do 1941 it wasn't even quite born yet but I won't matter just every year it's the same thing span a 68 days again 68 he graduates from Yale and skullenbones World Trade Center construction begins 911 national emergency dialing code the New York Jets that was the season they won their only Super Bowl think about if you missed my work from November 11th 2018 George W Bush got a medal that day there were all sorts of tributes to 9/11 in the number 68 I did a collage video on that it was amazing and the reason they did it on 11/11 well first of all September 11th had a lot to do with 11:00 as we talked about but think about how I'm the old Julian calendar you know September 4 sees me November would have been two months earlier it would have been the ninth month so 11 11 s kind of like 9/11 on the Gregorian calendar on that day there were so many different 68 rituals even though the Aerosmith musician collapsed on stage at age 68 lost track of how many stories there was Anthony Bourdain who died on June 8th earlier that year his last episode of parts unknown air huge ritual with that and it was said New York City of course but this 68 number there's also a relevance to it beyond planets but hold on I need to come back to the planet part do you see how planets 2 to 6 in Jewish gematria again the 93 World Trade Center bombing on February 26 two to six planets Saturn time judgment occult knowledge executed by a code you know these numbers are a language Saturn is the god of the Old Testament which Kabbalah is highly related to Genesis 3 to 2 is a direct tribute to Kabbalah okay so I'm gonna get rid of jame tricks because this calculator is a lot more fluid I want to type in false flag and show you something in this Jewish cypher which is the same one at GU matrix call this type of Planet in here same thing but if you type in false flag it's 156 and why does that matter why does that matter look at the number 911 it is the hundred and fifty sixth prime number 911 is the hundred and fifty sixth Prime think about a false flag on 9/11 now the other thing is just using the English alphabetic order if you write out 33 it sums to 156 and from 1968 when the plan went into motion to 2001 was 33 years later 33 and what happens when you write out false flag again using the most pure decipher it's 33 isn't that interesting another thing that's interesting is tisha bonds which is the day to remember the destruction of the two temples tisha Bhavan Jewish Chu mantra is 911 what are the odds of them if you look up what date tisha Bob was in 2001 it was 44 days before September 11th 44 is the number that's associated with destruction and the World Trade Centers opened in history they opened their doors April 4th 1973 when construction was complete that means the World Trade Centers lasted for 28 years and 28 is the only number besides 33 when you write out that sums to 156 so again to review so far we've covered the heights of buildings 1 & 2 the relationship to Pearl Harbor the actual Pearl Harbor also the release of the film Pearl Harbor that here how the heights of the building related to the name Osama bin Laden who was blamed for the attack we talked about flight 77 in the Pentagon we talked about the 93 World Trade Center bombing Ground Zero in the Manhattan projects I want to talk a little bit about Osama bin Laden his death and also his father's death and we're actually gonna start with his father's death do you know how Osama bin Laden's father reportedly died if you don't he reportedly died in a plane crash but now let me show you the date it was September 3rd wait it pulled up Osama bin Laden where's his father his father died September 3rd in the year 1967 hmm I find it weird that some of these searches don't work as well as they used to and I think part of the reason why is so they don't want people to access this information so quickly because you know I still have videos floating around showing this stuff hmm let me see how did Osama bin Laden's father died aviation accident and incident okay there it is so he died the third day of September 1967 September 3rd nine three as we read it in the u.s. 93 like the 93 World Trade Center bombing like flight 93 like everything we just talked about but here's the other kicker about September 3rd here the big kicker right here do you see how many days September third leaves in the year a hundred and nineteen days and think about how the majority of the world writes to date September eleventh 11/9 like one one not two of the biggest events in the 20th century where the collapse of the Berlin Wall on November 9th and September 11th 2001 well I guess September 11th was slightly into the next century but two of the biggest events in that hundred year period of time both one one ninety days very special number and both dates that were mentioned meant to capture the minds I had the masses all-seeing eye is a hundred and nineteen you know on the date of September eleventh the dancing Israelis were arrested in New Jersey those Orthodox is 119 so a Star of David the flag of Israel and they were sent back to Israel and they went on live television over there and said they were in 9/11 they were in New Jersey to document the attacks that day meaning they had foreknowledge and with regards to New Jersey if you run the alphabetic order in Reverse notice New Jersey's 119 and 47 so that's the other half of this code the alphabetic order in Reverse but with regards to 119 I want to talk more about that number I want to go back and look at the dates Osama bin Laden death date Osama bin Laden died which was May 2nd 2011 of course of course he dies in the eleven year but May 2nd funny day funny day to die the word terrorist equals 52 notice it also equals 140 – they say the 9/11 attack lasted an hour or excuse me but they did say it lasted an hour and 42 minutes another way to say it is a hundred and two minutes there's a film called a hundred and two minutes that changed America and again that's an hour and 42 and if you want to use Jewish gematria guess what al-qaeda equals al-qaeda equals 102 September 11 2001 happened on a date with 41 numerology as well but anytime Osama bin Laden dies on May 2nd 5 2 right terrorists is 52 but it's a lot better than that think about who the president was when Osama Dimond Obama and what was Obama's middle name Hussein and what did Cable News do it confused the American people and made them think that Saddam Hussein as well as Osama bin Laden were responsible for the 9/11 attacks especially if you watched Fox News Fox News purposefully associated Saddam Hussein more than any other cable news network the other cable news networks cooperated as well Fox took it to a new level but look at this Obama was inaugurated January 20th 2009 and Osama died May 2nd 2011 remember they gave us that nice picture of his back said here's the proof America we know you'll believe anything look at this from a non Eurasian day of Obama to the death of Osama was a hundred and nineteen weeks a hundred and nineteen the odds of these things all being coincidental are improbable improbable and I want to show you something here we're gonna bring up what we call the four base ciphers the alphabetic order the alphabetic order with the rules numerology and then the reverse alphabetic order just making Z one counting back to a is 26 and then the last sector is the reverse alphabetic order with the rules just making each letter a single-digit number so what I want you to see is the relationship between all of these words Gamache RIA 52 Cabala 52 again Komachi is the practice of coding numbers in the words which comes from Kabbalah as we covered at the beginning Kabbalah states that God created the world with letters numbers and words that term the Cabal which means the secret political faction just like how we learned Kabbalah is so important to these secret society Freemasonry has a lot of relevance in this nation and elsewhere the Cabal equals 52 notice government is 52 notice Authority is 52 the physical model for Kabbalah is the Tree of Life which is 52 and the Jewish name for Kabbalah or the Tree of Life is the expansion which is also 52 notice it's Hotch ìiím is also a hundred and nineteen and Mark passio has an old presentation about how the two towers that crashed on September 11th symbolized the two pillars in the Tree of Life you know also a lot like the two pillars in the Masonic arch but isn't it interesting how at such ìiím the Jewish word for the tree length is 119 that's something that Mark passio doesn't know but I know that his teachings right on point about how 9/11 was a giant Kabbalah ritual it absolutely was by the way I got to sneak something in real quick that I forgot to cover when I was talking earlier about 1968 in the World Trade Centers notice the word terror is 68 and that became the Bush favorite word after 9/11 tear tear tear again don't forget its span of 68 days from Bush's birthday to 9/11 every single year noticed tears also 41 just like how 9/11 happened on a date with 41 numerology and don't ever forget that the original definition of terrorism is government by intimidation which is exactly what we have and that's exactly what 9/11 was 100 percent also don't forget this even papa bush shrub the first his father was the head of the CIA and don't forget that after the assassination of JFK which was another ritual by these very similar numbers the president who created the CIA he said it needed to be gutted and turned into nothing more than an information gathering service and why do you think he said that obviously he saw that it had become a danger to the American people okay so we've covered all of the relevant pieces of September 11th and the next thing I want to talk about is who is responsible for this people are often saying who are they who are they that question is answered by this code and let me get my calculator back up here and I just want to go to the two most simple ciphers the one I used the ones I used for years that I learned about from Manley P halls secret teachings of all ages notice the word they sums to 58 58 who are they Freemasonry with the alphabetic order and rules numerology is 50 Rosicrucian Freemasonry was born out of the Rosicrucian order Rosicrucian is 58 secrets is 58 very special number george w bush 58 you look george w bush one with 271 electoral votes after his brother state came through notice 271 is the 58th prime number donald trump who just won the election more like the selection don't forget that he announced he was running from the 58 story trump tower he hired the 58 year old steve ray for inauguration day hillary put out a book called what happened after she lost 58 when Donald Trump was called as the winner he was at 271 electoral votes he ended up getting more but when they called it in his favor he was at 271 don't forget the suddenly Susan episode from years ago which talks about Trump as the president which came out on may 8 v 8 this Co dancers who they are if you've seen the film they live the motto in that film is they live we sleep notice that motto sums to 74 you've never seen that film it's about a man who puts on glasses and when he puts on those glasses he can see things that he cannot typically see and most of the things he sees are in things that are written billboards news stories papers magazines you ever noticed in the film A Beautiful Mind they make him look crazy but what is he doing in that film he's showing how their secret codes and papers and magazines that are part of a conspiracy against the people of the nation use this knowledge you can see that that actually is really going on but notice let me make sure I'm not off air alright we're still going notice with the alphabetic order gematria sums to 74 English sums to 74 this is a cult knowledge a Coll 74 it's very much related to tarot cards Tarot 74 the code is very much Jewish Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism traditionally Jewish is 74 Masonic is 74 holiday is 74 look at Independence Day in the most pierced site for the alphabetic order with the rules numerology 74 when the World Trade Centers came crashing down they came crashing down on the 74th Meridian there was a great deal of energy 74 involved and it does seem that there is some sort of you know subliminal power to this some sort of subtle energy there's a reason that they used this knowledge and that they spend so much time encoding things you know spell-casting Kabbalah there's a dark half to it too called the clip buff which is about casting spells and having power over people and using people and hurting people well notice energy 74 so was weapon so was nuclear talk about how in recent days there was the big deal about the death of the 9/11 first responder after he was on TV with Joan Stewart I talked about how he died 74 days from the anniversary of September 11th don't forget there's a song out there called gematria the killing name killing 74 don't forget about how three of the first five US presidents died on July 4th but anyhow these numbers they're not arbitrary again they're a language and they're used ritualistically so I was saying how this code speaks to who they 58 are a number that gets used again and again as well and here let me just pause real quick I just want to see what this text messages just in case it's somebody notifying me it's somebody who's said have you ever looked into the number of days from Pearl Harbor to September 11th I they texted me the screenshot I see it's 717 months hmm 59 years there there's some interesting things there I'm gonna think more about this later I'd actually never look into that before it's a good thought but anyway who are they some masonry their symbol the compass said at 47 degrees the instruments of geometry around the capital G the compass the square gematria means geometry in language geometry in language and look at this when you think of geometry you think of pi anyone who's taken geometry class remembers calculating PI and the significance of pi for finding measurements relating to circles the mathematical shorthand for pi is to divide 22 by 7 and I'll just do this here on the calculator 22 divided by 7 gives you 3.14 etc etc etc look at what happens when you write out 22 divided by 7 314 just using the alphabetic order 314 like pie and notice what happens when you write out 360 the degrees in the circle 2 to 720 2/7 remember how I was showing earlier that from September 11th 1941 the Pearl Harbor Day was 2 months and 27 days cycles circles here's what else if you mirror the alphabetic order in reverse and you just write out geometry notice it sums to a hundred and eight with the alphabetic order and also a hundred and eight with the reverse alphabetic order there's not a lot of words that are the same forwards and backwards the reason that matters is because of where the significance of 108 comes from a hundred and eight is said to be the number that connects to the distance of the earth the Sun and the moon they say that from the earth to the Sun it's the diameter of a hundred and eight sons side by side and they also say that the distance across the Sun is a hundred and eight Earth's side by side also from the moon to the earth is the diameter of a hundred and eighty-eight moons side by side this number connects to prayer beads in multiple religions yoga Sun Salutations and so many other things hundred and eight but again gematria means geometry in language in sacred geometry there's the Flower of Life which is made up of 61 circles 61 is a prime number a very special prime number knows the word prime itself is 61 if you read my book there's so many things encoded in the English language that are tributes to geometry and you have to ask yourself is this just all organic or did somebody purposefully think about this and craft it to be this way and to me the answer is yes obviously somebody did design it this way it's not an accident there's a reason the English alphabet was standardized at 26 letters there's a reason that the spelling for words that we now have are what they are you have to consider that in the time of the English language it's had many more letters less letters totally different spellings for words than what has now all been agreed to it evolved to this point it was made to be this way and with regards to the 26 letters again the Mason symbol is a tribute to God the master architect the master geometry of the world instruments of geometry around the G the first letter in geometry the first letter in gone notice the word God just using the alphabetic order as 26 in Hebrew the four-letter name of God the Tetragrammaton which by the way Tetragrammaton is 58 number we talked a whole lot about but the four-letter name of God in Hebrew sums to 26 so God in Hebrew 26 God in English 26 remember God created the world through numbers letters words and guess what the word letter equals 26 you see not by accident again because it's all been carefully thought out now I want to show you some things about the G the G notice the word Freemason is 42 the word that the Masons used to describe God as an architect architect is 42 not by accident and in the cipher where you multiply the alphabetic order times 6 G's the seventh letter 7 times 6 is 42 there's another cipher which takes into account lowercase and uppercase I'm gonna make this G a lowercase on purpose to make the pointy this cipher is called Francis Bacon and here let me get rid of this real quick see on Francis Bacon it says the G's worth 7 if I make it a capital G though it's 33 33 the way this cipher works is lowercase a through z is 1 through 26 and then upper case a is 27 upper case B's 28 uppercase e 29 up all the way up to uppercase e 52 so essentially like you know you have one through 52 like carbs but capital letters meant so capital G is 33 again a very special number to the Masons masonry equals 33 secrecy equals 33 most pure cipher alphabetic order with the rules numerology orders 33 the federal government has its headquarters right next to you know the Masonic house of the temple and of course DC's named after George Washington the 33rd degree Scottish Rite freemason who has the 330 3 foot tall shrine built in his honor in Virginia but federal 33 and think about 9/11 you know distribute to Kabbalah this tribute to this code where the plane went into motion 33 years before the big event Bush was in office in the house of the temple when you go in there's two giant portraits of George Herbert Walker Bush and his son the two presidents the two Skull and Bones members skull and bones of Masonic Order the alumni are known as bones men and the singular Bonesmen is interesting too because notice bones mince 43 so is Yale 43 so his New Haven comma CT like how you'd write the town Yale's on on an envelope and don't forget George W Bush was the 43rd president his father was the 43rd vice president his brother was the 43rd governor of Florida may sonics 43 even Florida's 43 so again this is why you want to know the ciphers forwards and backwards Yale the Bulldogs Bulldogs is 43 to even their school names 43 their nickname and so many schools are it's not just Yale go all throughout the nation and you start to look you see almost all the public universities have been named this way accordingly so many things are built around this code so you don't need to ask who they are anymore and I do want to be clear it's not they just aren't freemasons there's other secret societies that are Masonic in nature you know Jesuits Illuminati Knights Templar all of these things are related though but it's very clear to see that the Freemasons especially the Scottish Rite who have their headquarters right there in Washington DC the city named after the Scottish Rite freemason it's very hard it's very easy to see how much influence they have and again that capital G who's the first recognized president even though they really weren't George right George equals 57 and George the Scottish Rite freemason was inaugurated at age 57 notice Scottish rites 57 I forget what was it hmm I forget the exact number for the first seven presidents I think we're inaugurated at age 57 just think about that what are the odds what are the odds so anyway there's an and more things to talk about but then again I have a million you know videos to watch I have a million blog posts I have a book that's nearly eight hundred pages long to me there's no other knowledge in the truth community that holds nearly as much water as this you can use this knowledge every single day to see through the lies you know how the government's a puppet show how the media's divisive propaganda and for the person out there who's saying yeah but I already know that I don't need that well I didn't need this either I saw what the show was you know even before September 11th happen but the majority of people it's like they always need more reasoning more understanding to get their head around what should be obvious and when you present this information properly it can open eyes just as a lot of people who are here and follow my work you know they give credit to me for waking up and really they should give themselves the credit they're the ones who chose to listen and even take the time to watch but they say you know this work was the catalyst and at the same time I do recognize you know countless people come across this work and they've just dismissed it an instant but that's just because those those people aren't open to the truth and you know there's also a lot of people who said they did brush away my work but then it came back to him I said you know what this is actually pretty undeniable so that is the point and you know with regards for this country just look at who the president right now Donald Trump you see the 165 and the 159 year for Scottish right Donald Trump's born on June 14th which is the flags birthday that's the hundred and sixty fifth day of the year and guess what the name Donald Trump equals Donald Trump 159 and then again just things like this we've been talking about 9/11 Donald Trump sort of commercial if I can pull it up here probably put the word sheep in there I think he did a couple but here's this commercial from 2009 notice he's two sheep on Pilar's and the sheep have the numbers 9 and 11 what do you think that's a tribute to if you've never seen this commercial do watch it it ends with this sheep looking at the camera and saying where is your dignity but Donald Trump talks about being born for the job this commercials from 2009 2009 and he ends by talking to sheep number 9 and he says looking good number 9 looking good what's interesting about that is if you had 1 through 9 together it sums to 45 just like how Donald Trump became the 45th president elect and of course he was announced as the 45th president elect in the early hours of November 9th the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and noticed Berlin Wall is 45 it's also got that geometry thing geometries 108 in 45 cycle circles you see the 63 over here 2016 is the 63rd triangular number that means if you add one through 63 together it equals 2016 and if you used this website your mantra now common to go to tools and number properties you can research properties and numbers so you just type in 2016 click gift properties show you right here 63rd triangular that means if you had 1 through 63 it equals 2016 Trump becomes the president-elect in 2016 and look at what Serta is syrtis 63 did that ad for Sirte and 2009 see how that goes and then what's his um his vice president Mike Pence how do you think they picked out old Mike Pence 45 45 see how it goes Donald Trump was announced as the 45th president elect on the 27 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall Berlin Wall 45 like ritual ritual 27 27 year anniversary and I just pointed out how the other day Wall Street reached 27 thousand for the first time 27 days after Trump's birthday follow the wall wallstreet trump trump card house of cards TV show about the presidency house of cards so what I'll do is I'll open up the phone line if there's anybody out there I don't want if I don't want anyone to just call in regularly calls and calls and every time I do a radio show a live stream that's not what I want if anybody wants to call in who hasn't called in before or who has a question or there's something they need clarification on yeah I'll just write the number down on the screen it's 509 seven three one oh five six seven I'm gonna leave the phone line open here for a minute for anybody who has a question or you know something to add but please don't call in and ask me about something random or with some R and D Co that's not what this is for so there's anybody out there watching this is your chance to get your question in so 500 first time caller they won't believe she won't believe that Israel is involved in the 9/11 attack well I mean here tell me why because she believes she doesn't want to think or look at evidence she just wants to believe what she wants to believe because that's comfortable comfort more probably more comfortable for her worldview have you presented this before exactly exactly it's it's it's scientifically impossible which I understood the day it happened and I thought I don't even know why we're teaching science any more of this nation if nobody can see through 9/11 and I don't know how any science teacher has a job and I don't know why every scientist in the world isn't questioning and speaking out about this obvious line so yeah yeah I went through the educational prison complex which is what school is but I did have about one or two geography teachers who have the balls to tell me about the Federal Reserve and I also remember the day of 9/11 the report about the Israeli agents that were in a truck all right well next time you probably back let me know how teaching your mom about flight 77 went over so appreciate the comment all right yeah you're welcome and I do have a question please and you know anti-semitic but you say that you know they're the Freemasons and they're part of the Freemasons and I was born and raised to it Jewish and I'm trying to figure out I'm not a freemason like how this all fits in is it is my religion I made up religion by the Freemasons that what you're sneaking there I you know I'm a little confused well Judaism predates Freemasonry by a lot but Kabbalah has largely been adopted into Jewish culture Jewish mysticism and Freemasonry is very much based in Kabbalah and Freemasonry also has a large presence of Jews in it especially the Scottish Rite which is considered to be the most Jewish branch so you know again to be clear I'm not attacking Jews or saying all Jews are responsible many Jews are completely ignorant of all this and not all Jews are even aware of Kabbalah but at the same time it's very clear that there's very much a Jewish element to the wrongdoing that's going on in the world case in point September 11th the dancing Israelis in New Jersey with foreknowledge and also he had Barak the leader of Israel at the time telling the United States of America to declare a war on terrorism and told us to attack the exact places we did so that shows that that nation which isn't all Jews had an agenda and had something to do with the attacks at the very least do you think that's fair to say to figure out you know with the Jewish religion you know I understand that now the connection of the Freemasons and and there and you know a lot of them maybe have you know the Jewish background or you know you know using the Jewish you know like religion to you know carry out with the Kabbalah their their agenda but I'm just trying like to you know to try and figure out say you know I is this someone who you know works for them that here I'll show it to the camera over to me it's me yeah so just really cute about how you know religion your past you know broadcast where you talk a little bit about religion and hi there hello do you not okay but anyways how you talk about religion and we're seeing how the Freemasons kind of manipulated religion so I'm just kinda asking more about that sure do you know what Bible verse is Genesis 11:9 do you know what that's about it's about the Tower of Babel okay does that seem strange to you in light of the date that September 11th happened I see where you're saying we're being manipulated with the numbers and all that well that's also that's the beginning of the Bible that's that's where this that's what all the Abrahamic religions are based on you're talking about right in the story of Babel the tower the story about the Tower of Babel is essentially about dividing the people of the world and confusion and isn't that kind of what came out of September 11th that sure yeah for so long I was raised it's religion I'm now finding out that this was it was all manipulated to get me to think and believe a certain way you know I'm to control me in a certain way isn't that what it's all about at the end of the day people who want to control other people and what – what what are – what's more effective in this world controlling people than religion and then after that government that's very interesting very interesting stuff you know so I'm just right now you know something all your life and now you're you know finding out that what you've been taught may not be actually you know it's you know it's mind-blowing and I'm sure it's my blank a lot of your your listeners here too like it's like wow you know this is just like amazing how you know how all this is coming together and just very scary i month one last thing is I just sent my daughter off to college in LA and I'm very concerned about all your your talk about August 11th don't worry I wouldn't worry I wouldn't worry I don't mean to scare people with that my whole point with the whole August 11 thing and I think it's already served its purpose even though August 11 doesn't come around I just put down at the beginning of the year or September 2018 I showed how they encoded this story with this number they connected it to the prophecy of the temples the coming Jewish Messiah and I said look at that the number they're encoding 118 happens to be the day that T Shabazz falls on next year 11 8 August 11th and I said Plus that's also the Muslim day of sacrifice it's also the time of the Hajj so I said that'd be the perfect day to really mess with the people of the world and I said almost every year on t Shabaab there's some tragedy in the news just like last year it was in Toronto July 22nd which was the second day at each table there was a mass shooting the day before that there was a situation in Los Angeles with a hostage situation in the grocery store almost every year on tisha Bob there's these tragedies in the news and again it's the Jewish day of tragedy and remembrance so but the thing is like I always say even if they are gonna do something really awful that day which remains to be seen you know you'd have to be in a very specific spot to be physically impacted just like 9/11 I mean almost everybody in the world lived through 9/11 unless you happen to be in the World Trade Centers and where the explosions went off so you know it's not worth panicking and freaking out and you know it's just my point in this knowledge is so that people can see how the Cabal operates in how they work by this code you know it's just like when the Vegas shooting happened all that year prior to the Vegas shooting I didn't know that there was going to be a shooting in Vegas but I told people to circle that weekend I said just watch we might see the biggest false flag in the u.s. since 9/11 and my my research that year talked about how Yom Kippur lined up because again I'm not being anti-semitic I just figured out that this is how it works all of these major events are synced up with the Hebrew calendar Yom Kippur you know is the most important holy day in the Jewish here and it's about atonement for your sins and that year it fell on the day leaving 93 days left in the year which is the number that symbolizes Saturn which is a very important number to meet Israel's history as well but Saturn has to do with judgment and lo and behold what happens Sin City gets shot up so I said all perfect Las Vegas Sin City I see I see why they chose the city but it really did end up being the biggest false flag in the nation since 9/11 and that's what I've been talking about all year but again I mean almost everybody lived through that so it wasn't worth panicking about that either my whole point in doing this is just to get people ahead of the curve so that they can see you know how these rituals are carried out maybe you know hit by an earthquake okay here's the other thing I want to say here's the other thing I want to say so when I start this San Francisco actually wasn't the first city we looked at that the cities that I was most worried about in the world was Jerusalem and again because it's T Shabaab it's to remember the destruction of the two temples and it's connected to the prophecy of the third temple and right now the sitting president Donald Trump has a shekel on sale in Israel with his head on one side and the third temple on the other and that coin is to raise money to build the third temple which is a real agenda item right now in Israel and earlier this year we saw on April 15th we saw no trade on Bern in France and on that same day the headline that most people missed is the all aqsa mosque which is a site that we've been talking about as a potential target for August 11th on that same day that notre-dame burn al-aqsa mosque burned so two religious sites burned that day Notre Dom al-aqsa mosque and that day was a hundred and eighteen days before August 11th and so I still out there if there's any city that I was most worried about on August 11th it's still Jerusalem the reason we started looking at San Francisco is because the prophecy of the Jewish Messiah is the Jewish Messiah is supposed to arrive at the time of the Third Temple and the Jewish Messiah is supposed to come through the Golden Gate and of course that's in reference to the Golden Gate that is in Jerusalem but still when you think of Golden Gate you can't help but think of San Francisco and because we were talking about that we noticed that the mayor of San Francisco she's the 45th mayor she's going to turn 45 years old August 11th Golden Gate equals 45 bridge equals 45 in the film Pacific Rim the Golden Gate Bridge gets destroyed on the date August 11 we've learned that the the the final license to build the Golden Gate Bridge was signed off on August 11th in history plus a number of other things so yeah it is possible if something happens there that day but still the primary location for that day that I'm really watching is Jerusalem saying that there are other numbers that match up that if there is a big earthquake in San Francisco that it would go down the San Andreas Fault lines along the coast and there's two nuclear power plants along the coast and that's where I was getting concerned that if these power plants nuclear power plants blow up you know that can be extremely devastating you know of course in okay so here's the other thing I'll say like I don't think that anybody should live in fear because they're away but the reality is that the people who rule over us they are crazy and there is something in the world that exists called the Georgia Guidestones where the first rule on there is to limit the Earth's population to 500 million and you know it is possible that someday they do do something so devastating to us where you don't want to be in California you probably don't want to be in a thousand other places either but I mean you can't live in fear and worry and think like that I mean all you can do in the meantime is just spread the knowledge of what's going on in this world so that this cabal can be overthrown and I mean that's just the way you have to be about it you can't live in fear because they if you're living in fear you might as well just turn it off because you've defeated the purpose of being away I feel like a strong feeling that something is going to happen that day and there is the possibility that something can happen in California and just for my own precaution instead of living in fear – maybe I'm feel better just sending her home that weekend does happen I'd be like oh my god I kind of had a awareness that something may happen and I didn't do anything so it just that I'm not living in any fear and just you know I think awareness is power and by knowing you know more becoming more aware with the numbers of gematria and how the world operates or the people controlling the world operate you know it gives me you know sense of awareness I feel maybe I'll be less manipulated you know in my life you know but you know all this stuff you know that's the headlines and everything else that they do sure well better safe than sorry and I suppose that's not a bad idea so yeah I guess that's a good way to be a mom and just to be safe yeah okay well you're very welcome you have a good rest of your day thanks for coming in all right a lot of people have been trying to call in realize this is a cell phone it's not a call board so I can only take one call at a time but the line is back open if anybody else wants to phone in and again something I pointed out during that phone call is Genesis 11:9 about the Tower of Babel and I just said what are the odds caller you're on well it's interesting when you talk about Humpty Dumpty and what do you think about the time frame do you think he's a one-term would this happen at the end of his first term I think he's gonna run a second term okay so here's two big clues we've been given when he first took office there was a lot of comparisons between him and Richard Nixon and him and John F Kennedy through the media and both of them were one term presidents there's also the Simpsons who predicted him to be President they predicted his presidency it'd be a disaster and he'd be followed by the first women woman so I think that I think there is a possibility he's a one-term president but then the other thing that I always think about is just the fact that his name equals 88 I'm like his name equals 88 and Donald J Trump even sums to 888 and I'm like is that is that telling you right there there's an eight-year president so I mean it remains to be seen but I would not be surprised if he was just a one-term president that was my initial thought from from the earliest days of him taking the White House and all the stories linking him and Nixon and and whatnot so Hoover have I compared him to Hoover right right I should do that I have not actually done that that's a good thought so I'll look into that to recur you know in circles well I'd encourage you to go back and watch the videos I encourage you to go back and watch the videos that I put out on Wall Street's and market collapses in history last October 2018 the number that shows up all throughout history with the market collapse is 63 and I just talked a little bit ago about 63 how Berlin Wall 63 and Serta's 63 and 2016 the 63rd triangular number the year he became president-elect the same year quicken was running that Humpty Dumpty had fallen off the wall so I'm guessing that whenever they do take the market or it'll probably be on a date with 63 numerology and if I'm not mistaken here let me just double check real quick I believe Wall Street's 63 – yeah it is Wall Street's also 63 so I'm sorry no go ahead Oh numbers hitting before that you know economists one was October yeah they were and they were after to there was a date I predicted I said watch the market I'll probably have a bad day on this day and it was a 63 day and it ended up having a pretty bad day I think it was like a negative I forget 400 day or something so I'm pretty sure though whatever day they take the market it'll be a date with 63 numerology so I could I mean I could go to town on that I could start and I imagine they'll be in the fall too because when else would the market fall besides the fall but yeah we can do some more work on that so well that could be that could I mean these things don't just happen in a day right there's usually a series of events that build up to it but yeah that could cause a major quake in the market but it might not totally take that day so the fall the fall would be what the fall starts September 21st so the first day of fall so month and a half later I'll start thinking about that more because I that is definitely something they have planned for us it's not a matter of if it's just a matter of wind so yeah Sherwood Sherwood I'll remind people that when Donald Trump was campaigning he said what a lousy president what George W Bush was because there was a major act of terrorism under his watch and you know he if something happens under his watch they'll definitely be running that footage again and you know making him look like quite the hypocrite so yeah yeah you're right okay all right take care thanks for the call caller hey yeah it was just um I love your work it's the best and I've been I've been thinking that I think everybody that listening here understands that we're being deceived or being deceived in a very complex way and it's interesting to know that and analyze them and we can use this information to predict or understand what happens as our days go on but what I ask is is what are we being distracted from what there was they were employed by reality what is the endgame like why are we forced into these Abrahamic religions and forced to diagnose all this stuff absolutely absolutely I agree power in control and distraction so the end game you know what I think and I want to get this out here I think that there is a dramatic change that's eminent that's why we can see everything escalating in terms of politics and religion and as a group we all look at these structures and we can see that they're failing so now that we all understand that they're failing because look at our leaders look at our religions with a with the infestation and the corruption so wouldn't you say that we're primed for a change and I would argue that they these people have change in mind so that we're all willing to accept this change into what we all know is coming you know like a global governance the global religion right all that and furthermore I want to say that we should keep in mind the idea of like um with the myths have taught us and with with the ancient people they got blasted by the deluge and all that like people should look into the Thunderbolts project the electric universe theory cuz in order to know where we're going we should know where we came from you know and I hate to be like rhythmic about it or make like a making a rap but honestly it's true you know so um there's that it's very significant like why are we all talking I feel pathology and it seems it's like seemingly meaningless but we're balancing that against algebra or geometry or spelling or American history let's just play along but we're taught this mythology nonetheless so that we accept this future thing that's coming down the pipe right and I think it has to do largely with a transhumanist movement and a breakaway civilization now I'll leave that for you yeah I think that we need to keep in mind the endgame and why the fuck this massive distraction is taking place like what aren't we supposed to be thinking about that's all thank you all right the line is back open again I can only take one call at a time so early bird gets the worm but yeah sometimes people say well what's the endgame and where we go and I just I kind of feel like we're in the endgame and it's to keep us in this game but I think just with a growing population and ever-increasing technology they just want to build a tighter grip a greater surveillance state in less ways for people to fight back because with all this technology there is a dual edged sword there's also people like myself and others out here spreading information so they don't like that color yeah I don't know if you're actually aware but on the 2nd of July we had a young Eclipse and 22 it headed mix the the shooting here what happened or you just go use keywords and stuff cuz I know you probably get flagged for this but it was a local right 222 though they said the equipment at 222 was that a number that was related to the shooting there on March 15th the 74 30 year no they kept putting it like they kept saying that there was three three people involved two men and a woman but when it came down to it they never told us who the names were who the people were that they thought were involved they just said oh no they're not involved now it was just the one guy but when it happened I watched the live stream and the strange thing was at the end of the stream a song comes on and it says I am Hellfire and I bring you fire and if you suits that song it's actually it's a devil dressed up you know dancing around and saying I am Hellfire but actually before the shooting happened here at the end of last year it was in December or something they had a project they would have running here from the military defense system here the new zealand defence system and it was actually called project hellfire and it was where they were training young military men yeah but if you actually got to see the video of what had happened before they tried to ban it and you put this New Zealand Defence video online they're actually doing it looks just the exact same like all the writing on his gun they're all satanic symbols when he had court here they tried to push that it was that it was no don't worry it was just racist it was a racist attack it wasn't racist it was it was the dividing Congress because the date here it was on the 15th of March with today of duties which in Latin means divide and conquer language today Julius right for the record I told everybody to circle that date in October of 2018 I said there will be another new world order ritual on that date 74th day there they left that number it was tied to the bomb scares that we were having in the US which was a tribute to the Ides of March and right after the New Zeeland and shooting what was comical here in the u.s. is they had the October bomber they had him give an apology in court and I said you see how they do that I told you back in October that that story was predicted programming for March 15th and now they have him back in the news right after the shooting so it was racist but he was pulling a white cotton ball now I am an ex that was not possible that was a satanic protection symbol there's also an okay symbol the the 666 it actually means that Satan sayings given it's okay he's given his blessing that could that means so in other words that was blessed things but there was it wasn't and the the ADIZ of us to divide and conquer us and it's working everyone's divided dividing religiously since then you know it's just really sad that people are more aware of what's going on and because we're on this Roman calendar I think if you weren't going off Roman calendar I think the full moon was supposed to be sure I know everything you're talking about I have several videos on the new zeland shooting I covered everything about that photo and keep in mind he's posing between two police officers who also on a Masonic stance so you can see that the law enforcement sin on it but yeah but the thing that really caught my eye about that shooting was the addresses of the two mosques I don't know if you call them area code their zip codes over there or what you call them but both mosques addressed and with at 8:01 one and yeah yeah the first one was at 101 Dean's Avenue Rickerson Christ Church and then the ending number zero one one and the blood lab it's just right at the corner there and it's actually 15 as well it's changed something the blood labs the corner there just before the shootings here I was watching they were they were pushing her but their Nations and you know what their slogan was was doesn't want your so he wants your blood that was both Australia and New Zealand blood scarf blood branches and that was their slogan and the other thing was are just back to the shootings here they I think was like two days after they kept telling everyone oh we need your blood need your blood for the shootings and this is the other weird thing to do they kept holding back saying oh it was only forty nine deaths and then what was it three days later they said oh no it's actually 50 well guess what I found out that apparently that the fish biggest one was apparently a child that was in the parking lot that they found two days after the shooting which I find really thought they closed that place off so tightly they wouldn't let anyone near it they had police sitting there 24/7 for about a month and what they missed a kid for three days in a parking lot in the park I really really doubt it releasing that I got a thing on Netflix thing Sabrina which new episode okay and then I watched the trailer for it and of course well you know another name for the devil and Satan is Lucifer and that's the that's come from the King James Bible Lucifer equals 74 just using the alphabetic order and what I wanted to say about the Christ Church shooting is the first mosque address was 101 101 Dean's Avenue Richert in Christchurch and 101 was what was coated all over the bombing story that was a tribute to the Ides of March which is why we said to look for the date March 15th when it came around all of these things some duh 101 Rick Orton equals 101 Ides of March equals 101 Christine equals 101 a shooting in Christ Church you know at two mosques very easy to understand the symbolism it's what they've been doing ever since September 11th dividing the Muslims and the Christians and all the people the world really that was Christ Church yeah and guess what day the children were abducted well they were being interviewed during all of this I tracked these kids down there in California and the mother with their dad their mother's care if you find their fake pages on the boys page he goes by and he has this little slogan at the bottom and it's vegan now when he watched all their videos being interviewed and he talks a lot about his dad lying to mom about being vegan now when those shootings happened here there was a guy that was going on all of everybody's pages with this name vegan trying to upset everyone thing oh I even screenshot it all the pic know all the things he was saying to people sitting like I'm you're gonna give me your money just turn it upset people and it's like okay dividing and conquering everyone people indeed indeed and that's that's the tragedy that means that more people have not been following my work because I mean if more people were the word would have been out everyone would already been known to look for March 15th for the next divide and conquer oh then and people see right through the event right away I mean I in October anyone go back and watch the videos we were talking about 101 and then sure enough the mosque that showing shot up in the video is the address 101 and Ides of March is 101 the guy's name Brenton Brenton's 101 assassins 101 and then just affected well one of the only ones the 26th run number and dog equals 26 that's why they did that but again the other thing I've been talking about all year sure so the other thing I've been talk about all year is how this will be a bad year for Islam because the Quran code centered around 19 in chaos represents the number 19 and the word locusts equals 19 if you saw at the beginning of the year the story was all the locusts in mecca to start 2009 but the other thing is I've been saying watch for the day of August 11th because that's the Muslim day of sacrifice it's T Shabaab it's the time of the Hajj and then you get these two mosque shootings again tisha box remember the destruction of two temples so you get two mas tunings that are both in the address area 8:01 one which isn't too far off from the date August 11th and the second of those shootings was that the address two to three August 11th the two hundred 23rd day of the year so yeah there could be a whole lamb head dividing conquer but just what you're saying right now about how it's already dividing people and got people fighting this is exactly what I said the whole plan was and why to watch out for these numbers in this year so what you're saying is exactly what I said would happen September of 2008 that's right that's right I appreciate it friend thank you so much for your call nice hear from someone overseas all right you stay safe take care caller yeah because it was really weird how she just randomly all right hold on let me pull it up real quick Florence Henderson my wife Shirley before the Super Bowl and I was shown how this whole thing was synced up with Tom Brady and the Brady Bunch and yeah yeah I did all this at the time I did I couldn't tie my head but now that I'm looking like oh yeah that was the whole Tom Brady riddle so here I'll pull it up real quick in my nose for people don't know if you go to my blog and you search the top left corner it's like the online encyclopedia of gematria articles so let me see here she died at age 82 New England Patriots is 82 let me see I have to go back and go over at all November 24th leaves 37 days left in the year Patriots is 37 there's a whole bunch to this thing 784 days she died 74 days before the Super Bowl number that shows up all the time Masonic killing NFL credited to Freemasonry there was more too long if it came a shrill voice I think I mean you taught me a lot yeah her but her deaths in my book too okay Carol Brady equals four five like New England she died in Los Angeles California 197 the 45th prime dead 113 days from Tom Brady's birthday number of the Scottish Rite again the NFL is credited to a Scottish Rite freemason she died what is that she died 82 days from her birthday as well at age 82 and again New England Patriots is 82 so yeah her whole death was just perfectly sync with that Super Bowl out here and I was already telling people at that time the Patriots would be there and sure enough they were they went on to win the Super Bowl that year so yeah I think they're done right now so that's really yeah yeah all right man all right take care we should come call her back yeah yeah Gilbert Gottfried is he Charlie or is this ritual well I wonder about that I wonder if somebody else is trolling and maybe somebody understands this code really well and they paid him to do a cameo and uploaded it all on the perfect day could be um I just wanted to document it anyhow because it's out there and it whoever whoever put him up to that it just could have been done any more perfectly so okay thank you yeah welcome what color hey Zach its Rick from daily dose of gematria what's up bro never heard of you before who released today so like I have to call and apologize to you everybody else for the mistake I made yet was that well you know we've been adding a lot of new people to the page and the chants and the last few days and I I went for a publicity stunt man got burn I'm the one that's guilty of hiring Gilbert Godfrey for making that video I paid you 150 bucks does they stay off the Golden Gate Bridge I doubt that very seriously you're joking those people off the page are you kidding me but yeah I got accused of I got accused of hiring Gilbert Godfrey to first first cut in that video I paid him I guess $150 and I guess I'm making my money back selling business cards yeah I know it's fucking hilarious work you fighting this video bro that thing we cut a lot of live streams on that video this morning about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning and that's like kind of huge news and do you think he was trolling us by chance looks maybe famous people see your videos and don't comment on the comments but maybe he made a video that's my only speculation what's your opinion on that I guess it's possible the way I found the video is somebody left it in my comments so okay I figured someone probably left us and just from Instagram I'm sure you're not doing Instagram do you know this is initials GG's pretty interesting like Golden Gate right yes and the 77 with his initials as well because the other false flag yes 77 all over sure so if we if something does happen to the Golden Gate but you might want to look for like maybe a 77 pattern possibly well the numbers always named in the room so yeah that's that's true bro but yeah I don't know what to make of this news is I mean here's my thing though we're you know we're a big platform your community is pretty big but really on a large scale your community's not that big you know we got seventy to a hundred thousand people combined with the world that's not a large large number so who's the only people talking about a riddle with the Golden Gate Bridge good outside of that cupboard and us who's talking about the Golden Gate Bridge nobody you know where's Gilbert Gottfried so here's my main question use exercise this is what I asked to be Advent on the on the live stream today something happens to the Golden Gate Bridge what does Gilbert got three hands to say to himself to the media or the police right you with me sure what his explanation you don't have one either you know there's some happen in the break the first person I would ask because Gilbert not three if he has a crystal ball you know if anyone in the chat has any ideas I mean I blew my mind away you know and I think it's great that it helps make you even more credible you know but a lot confused on that you know I'm very confused on that yeah well maybe we'll find out in time but yeah I don't know if he did it on his own accord or if somebody put him up to it or what but it is very interesting so this is the numbers lined up and yeah it's just maybe we should get about 100 or 200 of us and go go find Gilbert Godfrey on Twitter and then blow him up and you did some answers because that's what we have our daily dose of gematria you know where your mantra effect news we go out ask questions you know sure yeah if anybody else wants to let's go blow his ass up and ask him does that cupboard fan or something yeah well he didn't he says like shout out to quartz or something like that or corpse oh that that could be the anonymous account that paid the Cameo to have it well I saw somebody left a comment like that but do you even notice Belfort so I don't even know how to spell it so yeah I think we need to figure out yeah I mean it's definitely interesting and I think we did do some investigative work and figure out how legitimate this is I mean but to me if they're doing it to troll you that just makes you relevant man so all right then well maybe we'll find out in time appreciate the calm absolutely bro all right yeah so for people don't know he's talking about I uploaded a video yesterday of Gilbert Godfried talking about August 11th on the Golden Gate Bridge and yeah I just wanted the document of that video was made you monster is based out of the Bible I know the Catholic Church gave us the Bible but is there anything else you could shed light on regarding the Bible sure so here's my take on the Bible my take on the Bible is that it's this it's this collection of knowledge from the civilizations that came before it and it's essentially a collage in a recreation of the spiritual history of the past and it's encoded with all sorts of esoteric knowledge which most people don't have a clue about when you were in your Bible study class could they ever teach you anything about the numerical encoding of the Bible absolutely not never heard of it before right and I imagine most of the teachers there probably don't even know they're just teaching you know what they learned before so familiar with it okay because I spent four and half years of my money wasted studying it right but anyway thanks for you take on I appreciate it all right you're welcome but yeah I think the Bible is full of relevant information and I also think it's full of you know things that aren't right and it's just like everything in this world everything's dualistic I think there was a shield or gatekeeper first base trying to blame Osama bin Laden for whatever calling Barack the Antichrist was that's why I was just propaganda but I didn't want to mention you were talking about the dancing Israelis earlier in the spring they were Mossad agents correct well that's what I would imagine they were yeah yeah if that yeah I was reading up on reading up on Minister Philippines I seen they were Mossad agent been killed in American jail or in New Jersey front for 71 days exactly in my society for 71 so I thought that was pretty funny right that is interesting about the 71 days I didn't realize that that's a good catch yep hell for 71 days and they were released back to Israel and I'm following the live streams and the radio show rambles on something with that astrology I just think we should also start doing astrology on the debts and like seeing which times certain people die in the season I could think irons alive they died during a cancer season and they're trying to look at it like that as well because I've been just doing a little research on astrology not only you know are you sure first sign important your death sign is also important as well so I think we could also narrow it down the the pole if we start looking at looking at it like that as well that's all ahead yeah I think you're right on about that I've always said I've got to do more with astrology but there's only so many hours in the day and yeah eventually eventually I'll get better understanding there but I haven't slowed to do this appreciate a man take care yeah we're coming up on the anniversary of the moon landing the moons ruled by cancer you know moon landing in the time of cancer cancer equals 44 like space like Armstrong cancer is an astrological symbol looks like 69 the moon landing of 69 I realize I've been on here for over two hours I got a big project to work on tonight and then I got to work all day tomorrow and then I got the radio show tomorrow so I'm gonna take this calm and not even wrap it up so it sounds like you're a real storm one of the guys asked you whether the means of time and all that stuff but the end game one of the things I was thinking is that what we're missing is the fact that they already outlined what their end game is in their car moves and in their protocols of Zion all we gotta do is just look at what they've written already so they're toiling in plain sight nine you never look in plain sight those bombings and nine three thousand planes right they told you what they were trying to do so we're asking you all questions because we got all the answers so they told us what they want to do and if I'm not mistaken ISM and game to control the people of the world what is the endgame expressly to control the people of the world is the in game to control the people of the world in game to control the people of the world yeah study United States federal code of regulation our gun is basically controlled by the US Department of Agriculture and they don't tell us anything that grows in the earth is regulated by the Magna Carta seven iron that won't you and they are all blinded I read the entire cold and they outlined I tell you that's what they're doing well we were so stuck on the sand and worried about some kind of a terrorist attack from some era we don't see what's really going on with the terror is the people who control the money control of the world control the land because they patrol that expose people they'll take the money from people they'll throw harmless cross the foil at how much food because they own the land right yeah absolutely yeah and that's what I've been saying every day's of distractions so that we don't see the enslavement that we're living under in exactly yeah they do control the resources essentially all of us are pretty much eating the majority of the food that we're all getting from the grocery stores coming from you know a handful of companies that yeah the entire world is [Applause] just as much Bri and they don't people don't know that because also traded on the stock market they're making money off of every time when your loved one died they make it well be off of it sir sure yeah it's a sick system man you're absolutely right we're looked at as commodities and resources that's exactly how it is they stamp a number on us and they you know they raise us up in their system and yeah from life to death yet we're a financial instrument yeah you're a hundred percent right they are you're well-spoken appreciative in thanks for the comb all right I hear everything you're saying you're coming through you just can't hear me okay Oh God well he couldn't hear me but I could hear him so yeah he's right on I mean you say and everything I'm saying and if you missed the video I did a couple weeks ago on you know what really needs to be the political agenda it has everything to do with our agriculture in our food that's where it all starts thank they they got us all poisoned they can do a bad diet makes us sick they make a lot of money off the sickness hold on I was gonna get out of the another caller caller caller are you gonna meet your video call everyone all right guys I'm gonna wrap it up we've been going over two hours I'll be back tomorrow night with the radio show so thanks for tuning in and if you missed it be sure to watch this video from the beginning because you know the second hands has been phone calls but all the teaching was at the beginning so I made this for all the people who are new or got questions and hopefully I answered at least enough of them until next time

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    "To the tune of starving millions, to make a better kind of gun".
    I didn't realize the lyrics UNTIL I discovered your work brother.
    Makes sense now. Now I realize that these bands are all involved
    For the glamour, the fortune, and the pain. I'm not a fan of these
    Groups as I used to be. Fucking sickening is what it is.

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    I want to ask, how are abrahamic religions Saturn worship?


  13. How does Zach know what the numbers mean like 44 is destruction. Is there a book that provides their meanings? And please cover Michael Jackson whose favorite number was 777 and supposedly faked his death in true wizardly fashion.

  14. My dad, a mason…kept telling me that math is the basis of everything. I didn’t realize he was talking about more than geometry of playing pool etc. I purchased “Letters and Numbers” a few months ago. Thank you, Zack. 😊
    Kabbalah is a satanic practice and the god they speak of is not Almighty God. It’s their god, Lucifer.

  15. the real coding in the word, was adding in the C,F, and J into the alPHabet.
    The 'C' replaced many S's in words, took out the K or kh in many and completely replaced the hkh or 'ch' sound.

    The 'F' eplaced the PH

    And the 'J' replaced the GY

    In the phour base ciPHers

    To Curse equals 101 29 88 43
    To Kherse equals 101 38 115 38

    The C is half a circle which never gets to finish.

    101 + 115 = 216

    "Thing One" 92 47 124 34
    (92 plus 124 equals 216)

    "Thing Two" 116 44 100 37
    (116 plus 100 equals 216)

    This 101 / 115 connection is seen in the correlation of so many words or key phrase.

    Words that have 101/115 or 115 101



    To give up
    Thank You
    Prevent A

    This works for so many more than 101 and 115. I see many hit 102/114, 103/113, 104/112, 105,111.

    They are klever but not as klever as the man who khalls phor wisdom. Let him who have insight khalkulate the number.

    Everything funnels through the 6.

    Six hundred and sixty six 294 (O)
    Six Hundred Three score six 294 (O)

    Last little nugget I'll leave you is the teaching of lowercase and uppercase numbers.

    2 is the lowercase 5
    3 the lowercase 8
    4 and 6 the lower case 9
    And 1 is the lowercase 7 as well as the Capital 7

    1 is the only lowercase and uppercase number.

    9 is the only uppercase number with 2 lowercase numbers. The 4 and 6 when added equal Ten, ten backwards is the net. This is the net of numbers we are khurrently trapped in by the Khabhaal spells of Malise Mystikhal Maghik.

    Give care and much love Zach:)

    Ps this is all in my scriptures (book).

  16. 26:33 Look up the advertisement of the "Apple Watch", notice the numbers on the face… 9hr 11min, 68°, 3.6…it has a flower of life on it, it has what looks to be a sun amd a flat plane with an arrow pointing down, the hands look like sinister eyebrows, and probably more things a more seasoned decoder can decode….

  17. Just an info zach it says it on wiki that it was 47 stories maybe just go to the page directly next time and show it so people really see it u know how lazy ppl are now days its ridiculous

  18. caller at 1h:24min : you are right…it`s all blowing up and falling apart, at the same time it`s all coming to the surface which will enable a massive change across the planet. It will get a lot worse tho`

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