32 thoughts on “Why they Preserved Sumerian Knowledge – House of Sargon Documentary 2019”

  1. The text was too quick for me to read as it was hard to see. Solid fonts please! I am learning so much from this channel. Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. …this whole story sounds exactly like what happens in Chinese and Korean Historical Dramas…
    …the scripts follow the same scenarios…

  3. Those pine cone looking things that Sumerians hold behind people are Wireless scanners to detect Reptilian shapeshifters. and the little handbags contain the power supply

  4. I think the dates not even close right frame and if they would like cross reference I can show them but they won’t cause they know the dates of about 10000 years or more

  5. The handbags who are to be seen on many artefacts around the world apparently symbolises the BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE named in the BIBLE. The legs and arms on birdlooking humans shows created beings founded on Pteranodon beings who were very intelligent and could be used as warriors if they were controlled by a special installation of that type which were put into Grendel and his mother. A high voltage construction proved by the spectacular sun flash which blended Beowulf and melted his sword when he crushed her long neck when he was brought into the chamber on Hravnsness to days Rävsness where I live now.

  6. I prefer the Indus Valley people as they seemed to be a really peaceful people compared to the Sumerians.

  7. Nice story but useless without corroboration by scholars and sufficient peer review. Facts and evidence are critical with any historical voyage.

  8. Doesnt matter who lived there beforetime the only fact is about that civilization entered into the realm of the gods before its time when the real portal was much further ahead .

  9. What's up with the strange musculature depicted in their arms and legs? Also the equally strange ringlets for beards. The sculptors were good. They surly knew basic human anatomy,, so these odd features must be there for a purpose.

  10. The sumerians disappeared under the sand and were forgotten. The description of their look indicated they came from the north sea region and were looking like the ET. The ET criminals who broke interstellar law came from Centauri 4 light years away and were 400 mill years old as a white race. The observed dinos in our world belong to ET don´t disturb them !

  11. There was NO Palestine then..only Gaza which is where the Philistines lived. Get your history right buddy.

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