43 thoughts on “Why teaching / why mathematics? – Australian of the Year Awards”

  1. If I would have had a math teacher as handsome and as entertaining as him I definitely would have paid more attention in class going through his videos they already seem way more interesting than when I was in high school .

  2. My question: why do Americans call it math when math is shortened for mathematics which is plural, and math isn’t plural. Do you say mathematic then?

  3. i used to love math in my childhood when ther are only numbers , but suddenly numbers got replaced by alphabets(sin, cos, etc… ) and teacher themselves dont have clear idea why it is invented for . So this make math boring , cause studing something without know for whjat it will be used for. but when i watchedd your video you made me love with math again.

    please doing this awesome work . you will surely inspire billions and earn ahuge respect…

    and please tell me if i can help you in anyway… i will be honoured.

  4. I have seen your video randomly sir. Those are amezing. But i want to learn. Can you suggest me from which playlist i can started to learn in your channel?

  5. I understand that for you math is easy and enjoyable but I would like to know why is math so so hard for learn; especially trigonometry if you have made the effort to study for days, and still cannot understand anything about what you are looking at? Perhaps the answer to this question is simply MATH simply sucks!!!!!

  6. Just came here from your ted talk. Which playlist should I start from if I want to learn as if I'm brand new to math?
    Never really had good teachers growing up and I want to become an engineer so this is something I know that I need to do

  7. Could someone please clone Eddie and send him back 20 years in the past when I was a school kid (in Germany, so maybe install a German language pack before delivery :D) trying to learn math from grumpy old math teachers who didn't give a shit about anything anymore? I sucked at math back in school, because no teacher managed to get me (or most others for that matter) interested in math, no teacher was enthusiastic about it (more like "you have to learn it, it's hard, you have to do this, you have to do that, if you're not smart enough to understand it, then blah blah"), lessons were boring and a general "math is evil" attitude prevailed among us students. It was only at university when I realized math isn't evil, but many didn't thanks to bad teaching back in school. We need more Eddies in our schools!

  8. Your way of explanation is great! Thanks you. I'm not an English native speaker – but it is clear.

  9. I wanted to take up Secondary education major in mathematics however my parents wanted mo to takeup engineering. I know that i still want to teach math after engineering after this video

  10. I'm in year 9 (UK) and your channel provides a great means to access more complex mathematics. Thank you.

  11. Hello Sir u r one of the best teacher that I have ever seen your teaching makes me to feel mathematics …..Great work Sir……my best wishes are with you…😊

  12. I've this passion about math but I can't express it with the same intensity! :O You're amazing Eddie!

  13. your teaching method is best …. the way you explain the things … we all really enjoy and clear our concepts ….. keep it up ..👍

  14. Hi Eddie, I am so glad that Youtube suggested to me one of your videos explaining the Mathematical concepts to students. I stay in Singapore now. Used to teach Maths, but switched to Computer Science as my teaching subject 2 years ago. Many of the time I wanted to explain the same concepts to the students, but I really find your way of explaining interesting and engaging for the students. Please continue to publish awesome videos and I believe many teachers like me would benefit from your teaching pedagogy too. Thanks and wish you a great year ahead!

  15. It is not before my first year in college that I finally understood the importance of mathematics.
    Fourth year now, I am still struggling with basic concepts. Thanks to people like you, I can now realize the dream of become a truly "maths ready" software engineer. Cheers.

  16. You are one of the best teacher in the world. And I love your every single teaching. God Bless You, Mr. Woo 😊!

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