Why teach English abroad? Let us tell you!

Here's an idea. Millions of people want to pay you to teach something you've known your entire life. That's right! You might not view speaking English as a valuable skill, but the rest of the world does. As a native English speaker you can travel the world, make money, and meet amazing people by teaching what you already know! Imagine exploring the mountains of Chile the festivals of Spain the markets of Morocco the Great Wall of China or the temples of South Korea, while getting paid to teach English. You won't be a tourist, but a respected teacher and a member of the local community. You will learn how to work effectively with
co-workers from another culture and speak a new language. It won't always be easy, but you will develop leadership skills and resilience. You might not become a teacher in the long run, but the skills you gain teaching abroad will serve you well in any career and the impact you make on your students will last forever!

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