WHY POVERTY? Education Education Trailer

University if your best way out. Would you agree with me?
– Yes. In China it is the only way. Have you got my results? What did I get?
– 388 points. Only 388 points?
– Don’t be sad. What should I do? My certificate. Unreal! I’m Wan Chao with a major in
International Trade and Finance. 這跟貿易沒什麼關係 -就是作市場嘛 We’ve nothing to do with trade.
– It’s all about the marketing. I have experience and
would suit your company perfectly. We do not sell anything. I didn’t graduate from the top universities. Is that the reason they don’t take me? Look at us labouring without any skills or certificates. There is no way we can find a good job. If only she had good grades top tier university fees would be cheaper. College number 8460. Tell me slowly.
– Fees to be confirmed? That must mean very expensive. I want to invite you to
Wang Pan’s party to help us with her tuition. It’s on the 31st at the brick factory. We don’t have enough money
so we have to rely on our friends and family. No need to be so polite, it’s our duty. We don’t have a choice
even though I’m embarrassed. Mr. Tank ¥50 ($8) gift received. If the job only pays ¥1,000 ($160).
I don’t’ think I can do it. I’m not being picky.
I feel I am worth more than that. ¥1,000 is too low… Right? How am I supposed to live?

6 thoughts on “WHY POVERTY? Education Education Trailer”

  1. 可憐的華人 poor chinese education, and I'm now under the shit educational system.
    真得很愚蠢 華人的傳統教育觀念

  2. 去學校唸書是教育方式裡最不壞的一個

  3. 這不是很矛盾嗎?
    如果改變得了 那為何那群大官一個一個要把孩子往外國送?

  4. 台灣教育的問題不是孔子造成的,不是科舉造成的

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