Why People Lack Spiritual Knowledge despite Good Education? | Swami Mukundananda Answers MIT Student

quite a large number of people maybe at
MIT in particular they have quiet a very developed intellect in a particular area
let’s say you know math or physics or biology whatever they’re working on and
the intellect is very developed and controlled in that area but that
frequently does not correspond to the intellect also being developed in other
areas which on a human level might be even more important so how does that
happen you said that in the MIT people have developed their intellects in
certain directions so that is why at the beginning of this discourse I emphasized
that you need to understand the importance of this to your life you see
it is lack of this spiritual knowledge that created a lopsided Ness and very
often people have not been exposed to this knowledge so that creates this
lopsidedness when it comes to education education is considered as only
education related to the phenomenal world but there is another aspect that
is so important that we are neglecting when I speak to managers I bring it to
their awareness that you realize that your ability to function as a manager
doesn’t just depend upon your knowledge but on the extent to which you can
manage your own mind even psychology has got the term emotional intelligence so
while doing your MBA was it not relevant to understand how to manage the mind
that aspect has been neglected we keep on developing met
real education we ignore this so we have got engineer making education we have
got doctor making education finally money making education out of it all you
get money but we don’t have human making education and that is so important so
it’s a question of understanding its importance and then if we give it a
priority in our lives we will spend time on it and when we spend time on it the
brilliant people of MIT it will not take them long to grasp this and then utilize
it for achieving fulfillment in their lives

81 thoughts on “Why People Lack Spiritual Knowledge despite Good Education? | Swami Mukundananda Answers MIT Student”

  1. spirit s consciousness , spiritual knowledge can be paired with a good education f they seek kowledge earnestly,,,,,the problem is people are looking in the wrong place, they look externally when they should be looking within , the bible is a book abut psychology,physiology and astrlogy , the same can be said of the baghavad gita , i am currently explaining the tabernacle in the wlderness from exocdus on my youtube channel , it is a symblic model about human conception and cellular biology ,,,,, but some self proclaimed clever people are loking for it in a wilderness despite jesus saying dont look for me in the wilderness ! The mind boggles are the sheer bloody mindedness of the acedemics ,,,,, they lack wisdom and knowledge, the prophet Hosea said in Hosea 4.6 , my people are destroyed due to a lack of knowledge.

  2. intellect is adam , eve is the subconscious mind , adam enters eve in meditation , if he doesnt then eve is the whore of babylon , babble is hebrew it means confusion , religion is babble.

  3. So true swamiji. These days we all need spiritual knowledge too to understand so that we can do karma Yog in our day to day life.

  4. Very nicely explained by Swamiji.
    Most of us go through 18- 20 so years of academic education which trains us only in the material sciences.
    It's mind boggling how very little course work if at all we go over these 20 yrs which teach us how to mange our mind and help us become a better person.

  5. Spiritual knowledge is so critical. It is unfortunate that most people are not exposed to this important aspect and consequently can't manage their own mind.

  6. Spiritual knowledge is important to manage the mind. Material education is necessary to earn for bodily needs. Thanks Swamiji

  7. So true, we have given such a little importance to educate purselves at human level. Thank you for sharing an important question by the literate mind, and a simple answer by Swamiji.

  8. How do we balance the mental and intellectual sides of ourself? Swamiji answers brilliantly by saying we need to also become a good human being by adopting the principles of spiritual science! Watch this video for the full explanation.

  9. I wish I had heard this lecture in college.
    Thank you Swamiji for always making everything so practical.
    Radhey Radhey!

  10. Balancing Material knowledge with Spiritual knowledge will steer us successfully in both career and personal lives. !!! πŸ™Thanks Swami ji.

  11. Very true Swamiji that we don’t have human-making education. Actually it starts from home. Kids tend to like education what their parents tell them. An eye opener video!

  12. Very often people are only educated to the materialistic world but not educated to inner science or spirituality. Managing thyself is also required apart from managing the people or material world to be successful in life . Thanks Shri Swamiji πŸ™for throwing light on it to the intellectuals like us who were in darkness of material world 🌍. Must watch to all ! Jai Ho ! πŸ™

  13. Are we getting a complete education? If we are disciplined in an area such as engineering, medicine and/or business is this enough to be a good manager? Mind management for life as a whole doesn’t seem to be in the usual curriculum…

  14. If we spend too much time to figure out the correct process to achieve the final Goal of being a very successful person then in this competitive world, will we not fall behind not be able to
    Make it to the No. 1 position? Doesn’t our focus need to be on being the No.1 , no one remembers who was the second person who landed on the moon! Pls help understand this..

  15. Especially in the field of sciences intellectual people are extremely reluctant to give spirituality any credit in their life. In science we are all invested in discovering the rules that govern a system be it an atom, molecule, cell, body, the planet or the universe, yet we forget that if there is a rule there should be Rulemaker. People are not afraid to investigate these systems but don't want to investigate if there is a Creator, what are the arguments and evidence for it, what can one do to actually experience It.

  16. Swamiji beautifully says that we need a balance in the type of knowledge we develop. We become focused on gaining knowledge in our respective fields of study but not in spiritual knowledge. If we learned how to master our own mind, then we would be able to achieve inner fulfillment in life. Thank you, Swamiji!

  17. This talk seems simple but this perspective is critical and so relevant. I am extremely grateful and personally beholden to Swamiji for the generosity in these teachings.

  18. Beautiful saying by Swamiji -We have got money making education, but we don’t have human making education. Spiritual knowledge is very important in life. Without spiritual knowledge we cannot understand the material knowledge fully.

  19. When I was in school, I had moral science as a subject and learned about spiritual science. Isn't it our own choice what we pursue?

  20. We really need to overhaul the education system to make space for spiritual education – which is the only hope for world peace. Nominating Swami Mukundananda for the Nobel Peace Prize for being a consistent Champion of Spiritual/Mind-Management Education for the Youth!!!

  21. Wow, such an enlightening answer by Swamiji! The intellect cannot be called fully developed if it is not able to appreciate one's relationship with the Creator, and make decisions based on this fact regarding the true purpose of human life.

  22. We become focused on gaining knowledge in our respective fields of study but not in spiritual knowledge. If we learned how to master our own mind, then we would be able to achieve inner fulfillment in life. Thank you, Swamiji!

  23. Very nice, we have all sorts of education but we are really missing that scientific approach of education that can make a good human being. Spirituality is that one.

  24. In our education system we have taught abt the material sciences.. but to become a good person there is no course of how to manage our mind and our intellectual quality to become a better one.. the only gaining of spiritual science we can uplift ourselves to become a better person.. excellent video by Swamiji

  25. Through this video we learnt that how we control our life in spiritual and material education and managed it. Radhey Radhey Swamiji.β€¦πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  26. We keep on material education but ignore the spiritual education. To enhance our spiritual thinking we should contemplate on it.

  27. Spiritual knowledge is considered as intelligence which is very important to manage our mind to attain divine bliss…..
    Thank you Swamiji……
    Radhey Radhey

  28. radhey radhey swamiji,thanks for the explanation of the answring to an mit studen about mental and educational, spiritual.

  29. We should learned how to master our own mind, then we would be able to achieve our goal in every aspect of life, particularly in the spiritual path.

  30. Emotional intelligence or Spiritual knowledge is very important to manage our Mind and become good human beings.

  31. To get rid of the addiction of PUBG game and other video games we must keep in mind the concept of PREYA and SHREYA

  32. Become good from within and your mental and intellectual abilities will also transform, resulting in overall well-being and success!

  33. Balance both material science and the science of becoming a better human being for ultimate success in life.

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