1. *Most populous province of Pakistan is Punjab not Sindh. It was the city karachi with most number of people.*

  2. Aik say barh kar aik chotia h India jahilo ko video b Sahi banana nae ati unparh hi rahna hamesha ganday insano India Murdabad Pakistan zindabad

  3. Chutye UNparh jaahil ke Bachay teri Awaam Jaahil he FAKE video daala he WIKIPEDIA k hisaaab se Pak ka 74% literacy rate he MC k aolad

  4. If this video is not for the political purposes , then why are you comparing our education with your education ? if this is not for the political purposes then only discuss the education of pakistan donot make comparison. ty

  5. hahahha chotiya awaam ki chotiya media india walo banao apni awaam ko chutiya ;
    apna poverty rate dekha hy tune randian jake google par dekh
    pakistan ka iq level dekh google par 84% hy or india ka 82% chotiya awaam hy tumhari

    saari ghalat information deta hy tu apne channal par is se pata chalta hy tum randian ki kesi education hy
    or me tum randians k moo isliye nhi lagta qk tumhari misaal behes k agay been bajane jesi hy
    agar pakistan itna kamzoor hy tu tumhari army ki gand q phat ti hy larne se
    indian army 13 lakh hy or pakistani army 6.5 lakh hy phir bhi tumhari gand phat ti hy

  6. Bhai.. pakistan ka 5th province Gilgit Baltistan, jis mai education literacy 95%hy so sure 95%literacy india mai koi state nhi hoga.. … Apkay pas inni information nhi hy,, so or research kroo… Kabi Books bh parhliya kar, google walay log….

  7. thanks for good suggestions,but defense budget is suitable to stop u and insha ALLAH literacy rate will be brought under discussion very soon in pakistan…i hope u should google it who was the worlds 1st arms importer get it and check ur budget how much percentage ur govt has increased for defense …….keep it in mind that u can never slip down

  8. abey chutiye jo gilgit or azad kashmir hai wha india ka access hai beta gand me ghos jye gye behan chod pehly apne knowledge barha chutiye

  9. मदरसा जिम्मेदार है इनको कुरान के अलावा कुछ भी नहीं पढ़ाया जाता

  10. Literacy rate in Pakistan is low just because of less chances. Almost 80,000 students appear in entry test for medical colleges of government but total seats of these colleges are almost 3500… I am telling about the conditions in province Punjab. This is the most bitter truth of our country. And the jobs for engineers is like a disaster. Instead of working in industries or factories they get jobs in teaching field . The rich people get their admissions on self finance or by abroad. This is the saddest truth that the rich always get a golden chance first….😭😭😭

  11. Based on all false information
    Where are reports references that you're talking about.
    Literacy rate decreased just 2% not 10%
    Where are all the proofs ?
    You wanna defame Pakistan.

  12. Plzzzzzzz plssssss dont compare india with that pakistan . U should understand your level . Dont go down plsss …

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