Why Our Education System is Flawed with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Michio Kaku

first of all we are born scientists when we're born we wonder what's out there we begin to wonder about the Sun life the stars what makes the oceans the weather we're born scientists and then something happens when we hit the danger years the danger years of junior high school in high school that's when it's literally crushed out of us those are the worst every little flower of curiosity at Einstein is crushed by society itself because we have to learn all these facts figures memorization we think that memorization is science and that's not true at all my daughter had to take the regents exam once and she had to memorize all these facts and figures about minerals crystals for a geology exam no where'd that I see the true driving force of geology which is continental drift that's the organizing principle for all of geology and yet the exam was memorizing all the names the crystals and the minerals then later she comes up to me and says daddy why would anyone want to become a scientist that was the most humiliating event in my entire life I felt like taking that book and ripping it apart because that exam was crushing crushing curiosity right out of the next generation and then we wonder hey how come people are not more interested in science duh I have a hypothesis let's do the experiment but it's not good enough to only be smart at something or to score high on an exam at some point you have to step away from the exam and say I have a new thought and no one has had before and it's not a thought that you told me to regurgitate on this exam that you just wrote because there's a thought that no in his head before and how do you get those thoughts you get those in and in irreverent cultures possibly that has delayed our collapse because it is out of the environment of not regurgitating what someone else has learned in their lifetime that allows you to make a cover that no one else was made before you think there are too many tests we give kids to any test I think we really emphasis on what the meaning of the test is I test people it's a way to find out what you know but don't then say if you don't know this there for the rest of your life is screwed no no because go find people who are successful in this world fine you know talk show hosts and comedians and novelists and attorneys and go get the politicians put them in a room say how many ear got straight A's throughout school none of them are going to raise their hands but we throw in inventors throw in all these people none of them are going to raise their hand okay so a Bill Gates dropped out of college a Michael Dell dropped out of college those people are not the success of those people is not measured by how they performed on the exam that you wrote as professor because they're they're thinking in ways that you have yet to think because they're inventing tomorrow the only way you can invent tomorrow is if you break out of the enclosure that the school system has provided for you by the exams written by people who are trained in another generation one would just be simple what would you say to a student in high school planning to make science especially physics a career I'd say go for it I would say you do physics not because it's easy but because it's hard ask around your school most people are taking classes when you have the option to take one class or another most people from what I've seen are taking classes that they have judged to be easy so that they could get a high grade so they can graduate with a high GPA because the system of Education rewards high GPAs but the system of life rewards tenacity rewards rewards your your your urge to tackle something you've never seen before and succeed and even if you don't succeed to have the in that tenacity to have the energy to go back and try it again knowing how to fail these are that the most successful people have going for them so I I would say take classes because they're hard not because they're easy for every hard thing you accomplish you ascend a pyramid and every next rung that you ascend you look around and there are fewer people at that level that's what it means to do something that's hard fewer people can do it that's what President Kennedy said on the way to the moon we choose to go to the moon not because it's easy but because it's hard only by doing hard things do you ever distinguish yourself from others around you so that an employer can say hey look what you've done look what you've accomplished I want some of that

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  1. From the day you’re born, you’re slowly and slowly molded into the worker bee that will make its queen rich. You’re life is planned before you even enter this world, and not once are you involved in that plan.

  2. I remember a similar problem with learning when I was in the sixth grade when our teacher gave us each a sheet of paper with a long list of prepositions and we were told that we had to memorize them. Unfortunately, we were never told what a preposition was, or how to identify a preposition in a sentence. While memorization is an important component to learning, it is not the only component to learning.

  3. 1st grade to High School is just a big day care center sponsored by States and the federal government. Compare us to 3rd world countries…

  4. Along with nationalizing the entire American education system from the top down (every school from Kindergarten to Universities), I believe we need to adopt a system where the ones creating tests are not the same people administering and grading the tests. Other countries use a great system whereby tests are standardized and graded by impartial 3rd parties, which gives better views of real learning and the job the teachers are doing…

  5. Inspiring but defying the system is too big of a risk. And most kids in their college years are afraid of failure and are not yet fully grown mentally to handle failure.

  6. "Very little people are realizing what happening to them and even littler are actually doing something about it"

  7. The subject isn’t hard if you have a great teacher who can teach it to you in a way you can process and give you resources to help understand it a lot more

  8. Ok this is more of a me thing, but I’m a freshman in high school, and for the final for my health class we are doing a presentation, it has to be on something we haven’t looked at in class. I’m kinda interested in snakes so I thought I would do my presentation on the effect of different snake venoms on the body. So I create the slides, with jokes, less words and more pictures, i memorize all the lines, try to have comedy to make it as engaging and entertaining as I can in about 3 minutes. It goes very well I got the entire room laughing, I even got the teacher laughing at my snake jokes (my teacher almost never laughs at anything so this was a huge accomplishment). I felt very proud, and I went back to my table and everyone there was like “good job, and it wasn’t boring at all”. Compared to other presentations which were them just reading off text from a white background. I got my grade, and it was a 22/25, which is a 88% for a final, which is good, yeah. But his comments were “you have to many jokes, be more serious”. The thing about a 22/25 is I had a group presentation before that, and all I had to do was one slide where I just say like a paragraph, I have some notes on a notecard and I just said like a paragraph, It has some lame pictures on a white background, it got a 23/25. Me not even trying got a better grade then my final that was funny, engaging and I think I got a lot of points down, but this one paragraph on a white background did better then that. And it really made me just not feel good about the education system. (Sorry this is so long, I was really pissed, and I’m kinda ranting).

  9. I don't need a one real scientist and one fake scientist to tell me why public school is absolutely fucked. It has nothing to do with what is taught or how it's taught. The reason school sucks is because it's express purpose hasn't been to educate for years.

  10. Matt, Alch & Matthew are right. It's "learn this and memorize that" which burns out out kids. After 15 years in college, it appears to me that kids in K thru 12 are being burned out because they are being forced to spend countless hours studying "plot and setting" in some broadway play, or the grammar of subjunctive or indicative prepositions. They can study this in college if they want to. Fluency in Spanish or more time spent on student interests will produce greater success. Instead of spending more time on math, kids are studying English. Instead of becoming fluent in foreign languages, they are studying English. Instead of studying technology, they are studying English–leaving them too burned out to pursue the things they really feel passionate about.

  11. Lets not forget the student debt number for college… 3 TRILLION and the bubble is only getting bigger as it gets more expensive. América is giving graduates money they dont even have.

  12. I just wanna live my life like a Stone age caveman… You know, getting different women in bed everyday, going hunting for food, that's everything there is . Hunting and sex… Yup

  13. When he said in high school, all dreams are crushed.. I thought, yeah!! It's because of partying, alcohol, girls.. haha

  14. The next generation will abandon the education system we have today because it's not worth keeping. That's the ultimate measurement, what does the next generation keep? We've measured them into oblivion

  15. i think the entire ideaology of school is a horrible concept. Why base childrens entire futures on what they do in their most immature years? it doesnt make sense to me. Maybe teach kids basic stuff first and wait till they grow up then see if they would like to learn stuff like social studies and arts etc. then when they are mostly mature teach them about more difficult subjects but at least give em a choice to choose weither they want to learn the difficult subjects or not. School officials wonder why so many children dispise school smdh.

  16. Life rewards those who have the ability to take on challenges . Sadly the school system in most parts of the world indirectly inscribed the fact that if you take easy subs you will get a better percentage thus better future inside the minds of the next generation. We need more people to go in sciences .

  17. If one of the world's smartest geniuses are explaining this, what excuse does the school system have now?

  18. Neal you do not know how to have a new thought. You cant even see aliens exist so dont talk about open mindedness.

  19. Thank you very much. My teachers told me I was crazy,stupid and I would not be anything in life when I spoke against the system.They said no,you won't get marks because your answers are too deep and general.

    It was sad for me to see A+ students get high grades,be celebrated but when you ask for their views on something you then discover that there is nothing.

  20. I find this hypocritical, coming from the most mainstream 'celebrity physicist' parrots of all time. It is no coincidence that they are the leading figures on the subject, they are phonies that feed you 1% of 'truth' to make the other 99% of 'bullshit' more appealing.

  21. The school systems problems will never be solved if you don’t attack the root of the problem first. Yes the way we’re taught is terrible and ineffective, but the bigger issue which correlates with this is what we’re learning. Before anything’s gonna get significantly better what we’re taught has to be changed. If you don’t have any interest or desire to care what you’re taught and the only thing giving you the motivation to do it is your grades then you are destined to fail unless they manage to drain the curiosity right out of you and instead replace it with the idea of diligence. Which they have successfully done. Don’t question what you’re learning but instead just put your head down and work hard. They train us to be employees for other people and to spend our time working for a boss we don’t even like on hours we can’t choose. To live paycheck to paycheck and perform the fake rich route with spending our paychecks on new cars, phones, overpriced designer clothes, big houses for instant gratification. It somehow works perfectly and it appears the government surely does this purposely because they get more tax money out of it, rich people figure out the system get tax breaks and have money work for them. I’m 17 and I’ve learned more and especially important things from my damn phone then I ever have in this jail cell we call school

  22. The amazing physics and mathematics from a simple two pan balance:
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  23. Sort of agree out education system has flaws but there is nothing wrong with memorization. It doesn't even matter what you are memorizing you are improving your memory. Memory is a very important tool.

  24. I took an engine repair class at a local college and we were to learn what the tools were from a book instead of the teacher showing us as he worked on the engine.

  25. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men. 1 Corinthians 1:25

    For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.
    Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? 1 Corinthians 1:19-20


    …and the whole world lieth in wickedness. 1 John 5:19

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