Why only individual thinking can reunite America | Tim Snyder

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  1. I didn't vote for Trump, but the comment that Trump was "of course, a failure" was odd to me. It seems to be groupthink, or at least poor thinking, to say it as if it's a foregone conclusion with no supporting evidence. Half the country did vote for him… so, no, it's not "of course" — it obviously demands that you support that claim if you are honestly attempting to engage more thsn half the country.
    Trump has failed at many things (selling steaks or being decent to women for example) but that still doesn't verify a weird, over-general statement like "Trump is, of course, a failure". A failure at what? He's quite a succesful huckster, actually. He's a fabulously successful self-promoter. And, "of course", he successfully convinced a significant chunk of America that he would fight for them.

  2. Not better for me economically eh? I got two raises AND I'm paying fewer taxes… Yeah (*eyeroll), I'm not doing better economically… (sarcasm)

  3. Yeah, you know it's a great lecture of propaganda when he suddenly in the middle of muddy thinking drops bomb with Trump is a failure… sorry sir, you are a failure if you are paid to say that

  4. Individualism is the only way we can move forward as humans. Identitarianism is inherently bigoted. By separating people into any set of groups is racist and or sexist. The left and the right do this. That’s why we need to become centrists and individualists first.

  5. I was quite happy to listen to you as this is about the individual. Then you bring President trump into the conversation. He himself is an individual and he is doing what he thinks is right. Next time where a tie & do you shirt up all the way as you must do a good impression. As we do this in interviews, court dates & public speaking. If you proves to me that you are a bit floppy & part of a group identity yourself

  6. Democrats praise the rich that vote against their economic interest because they have a higher moral code. The same is true for people that vote republican. They hold a moral code that is different than their economic interest. These people are not " Wanting to be on the winning team's bench" they vote based on morals NOT economic interest.

  7. Okay, that will be a plan C after we make people less intelligent with fluoride. One grant to add fluoride to water this year was for $38,300,000.00. In 2010 it was for 6,000,000.

  8. The concept of individual thinking is what made the USA the power house it is. It is interesting to look at the dichotomy that is the American citizen. On one hand we value our individuality while still being very social. Their is nothing wrong with forming in-group identities. The problems arise when we try to force our in-group ideology on others, thus creating the out-group identity.
    I agree that education of the population is a greater good for society as a whole. The problem is that many of today's educators are promoting Marxist/collectivist ideas instead of the individualist concept of entrepreneurship. That doesn't mean that we should abandon all concept of society, rather that education shouldn't focus Utopian dreams.

  9. It's interesting that Tim is rallying against the collectivist concept yet you can easily find him rallying for the collective interests of Jews in Israel, an quasi ethno-state. Of course, he is Jewish himself and only advocates individualism for non Jews. Complete hypocrite and intellectual fraud.

  10. How is thinking about the future and thinking about "us and them" mutually exclusive?
    He is advocating ignorance and denial of demographics. Groups DO exist.
    Tim is a terrible thinker.

  11. Cause organization of the rabble is forbidden. You as an individual have to do things because individuals have no power compared to existing systems of power.

    Also economists are just voodoo priests for the god called markets.

  12. Most of these observations have value. Education is key. Teaching people how to think critically, making them aware of logical fallacy as well as cognitive bias must take precedence over all other forms of Education… if that's not a priority then democracy is a total fucking failure and so is freedom of speech for that matter.

    Of course all this talk of the individual is where we must question his definition of the word "individual".

    This concept of the self is at the root of all of these problems. the majority are to scientifically illiterate to realize there is no self.

    We are in the state of constant flux. We die every day and we are replaced every day. Neurological structure does not stay the same and is not individualistic. Everything we think is the product of everything that has ever been thought or that neurological structure has been exposed to… Among other factors also, of which I'm not going to list every one at this particular moment…

    The majority of the so-called "human" population are always attempting to "find themselves", which is not possible because we do not know what we are. This borderline futile quest to pretend to know what we are is at the core of identity politics and that is the most divisive factor in this equation.

    Of course this perceived individual "man" is of a generation that doesn't seem to be able to escape the perceptual paradigm of excessive individualism and usually fails to think globally.

    Another factor in all of this is divergence; both evolutionary and informational.

    There is an us and them also. It's just not the us in them that comes to mind when most so-called "people" think in those terms.

    Unfortunately there is far too much to learn and far too many critical thinking skills to obtain for the majority of our phenotype expressions to efficiently acquire the level of reasonability that is needed for democracy to succeed. Surviving the necessary paradigm shifts of which are a necessity is even less obtainable with the current state of mass awareness.

    Again, this perceptual paradigm of excessive individualism is at the root of conservative values; which make change grind to a halt, in most regards.

    In order to have reasonable perspectives and achieve any semblance of accuracy in regards to perception of structural reality OR to escape mere reactionary awareness in order to attain expanded consciousness; it takes the better part of 20 years for even brilliant to genius-level intelligence to attain. Even that is only possible with tremendous support, free time and removal of distractions; which in most cases is not possible… This is why the visionaries are few and far between.

    For the majority of the simple-minded phenotype expressions of our biology, 40 + years will be required for them to acquire the necessary level of consciousness.. in order to understand motives and best interests. By the time they acquire said level of consciousness, damage has already been done and they don't have very much time to spend in that state. Generations that are coming up behind them are in the way of progress even if a large demographic somehow manages to achieve expanded consciousness.

    The answers to fix this are not simple and they're not answers that people want, (as is often the case in regards to science and the cold, hard reality of the matter).

    I'm not going to get into such a complex topic as the restructuring of civilization in text-based communications… Most don't understand what I'm saying even if we have verbal communications, visual cues nor do people have the restraint to stay silent, not jump to conclusions and just listen….

    And of course, a large percentage of the population will argue like it's a sport for them to win at; even if they don't have anything to argue about. A bunch of win junkies. Operant conditioning. Sports driven mentality brainwashing. the psychological association to the concept of individualism, ego, a dopamine release to the concept of winning.

    Best focus on the very young children as to prevent piss poor thought models and dangerous emulations of robotic programming, in regards to the Romanesque emulations that seem to be so regularly perpetuated.

    Foremost, it's just not efficient to break adults of a certain age of those horrid habits and again, even if we did get them to break those habits and teach them all they needed to know, they would finish their education and perhaps some semblance of mastery and then die. Sadly, none of us would benefit….

    Then of course if you're going to teach the younger generations such skills they will have nothing in common with their parents and grandparents. We will divide civilization or our species even further… We won't even speak the same fucking language at that point. Some of us already don't.

    Sigh… Look me up at TheLogicianMagician on Twitch. Every weekend I open source my perceived "individual brain" and I will answer many questions verbally. Know where your towel is when and if you show up. 😉

  13. Thought provoking. The idea of thinking individually or, in one's best interests as a project makes a bit of sense. It can take a bit of strength to pull away from the 'group-think' mentality. It's easier to slide along with 'group think because it can require less energy. As in sports, to improve one has to make an effort through practice and training.
    As far as the 'which side or team is a person on Thinking '; I wonder if the reference to Trump was a little test …..

  14. Yes, in a sense, Trump's a failure…
    People worship him for all the wrong reasons, because the material wealth reasons can also be represented by other super wealthy individuals with humanitarian virtues. i.e many other billionaires are thus – humanitarians. In the case of Trump, he is even less successful because he inherited most of his opportunities and fortune from his dad's NY real estate empire ( as he got out of college). The NY real estate he inherited in the 70's grew to near billions of $$$ just sitting there with no effort on his part. As a matter of fact. most of his other business ventures went bankrupt and that core (inherited) real estate, saved his ass.

    Associating him with "success" is the cancer that is causing the "failure" America currently is under his regime. i.e. disunity, racial and misogynistic divisiveness, lack of ethics, high crime due to extreme inequality, egocentric walls and trade wars which need not be and will cause America strife and alienation in the long run… He is acting more like a totalitarian/ dictator than a decent president. Now some people might think that kind of of mob boss bullying makes America great… but they are just being ignorant or disingenuous. Most of the western world agree that America was much greater before Trump (under Obama). To them, he's just a bad joke.

  15. When he said "humanistic side" I was thinking "socialization". Maybe I've been primed to think this way….

  16. How is Trump a failure? HE is a long time business man who became president. If that isn't success then what the fuck is?

  17. As you can see from the comments the public has it’s tribal warpaint on. They must adhere to tribal norms. All truths must come from within their tribe. That’s why the America I grew up in is finished. The storm of violence in coming. It’s always ushered in by megalomaniacs. Humans never seem to learn from history.

  18. It's so sad to see him bash Trump like this for no reason. His argument is good: people need to vote on the people who will make their lifes, and the lifes of others better, not on the expected winner. They have to look critically at information presented.

    Let's hope next US elections will be between 2 rational people who really want the best for the US, and who know how to get there. Both Trump and Clinton were not fit for that job

  19. I might have just heard this wrong, but did he just call Trump a failure? The man is living the American dream economically, and he has become the goddamn president. Have you been the president of the US?

    Rather be on team billionaire than on team lefty. Rather be on team fuck the political elite than on team political elite

  20. I'm convinced that President Trump is really good at talking to eligible voters who don't have a college degree and individuals that have an appreciation for "common sense politics". http://www.people-press.org/2018/08/09/an-examination-of-the-2016-electorate-based-on-validated-voters/

  21. What happens even if People do adopt the concept of Individual thinking to Unite but the Citizens have Governments that are Hell Bent on Dividing their Populations as it serves their Purpose to stay in Power through resources freely available to them as in Finance & Media. In Unity there is Strength that I can relate to.

  22. Yes and also to stay away from resentment we need education. To cast away the idea of being a victim as a person or as a group we need individualism to realise that is not how the world Actually works, and even if everyone believes that It does It still does not. We will find out to our detriment…

  23. America doesn't need to be reunited. It needs to voluntarily split into those of European descent who want to live together, and others. Individualism doesn't cut it. It needs a group to oppose another group. As whites are on the verge of extinction.. they have to band together for survival or go extinct. It's pretty simple.

  24. Individual thinking is precisely what got us into our predicament. Everyone thinking they're special and the center of the universe. The atomized individual. We need community and national spirit.

  25. No we need something to circle around other than the concept of an atomized individual, in theory, acting totally rationally for his interests. In reality individuals and individual thinking are not things that can be united or be uniting factors. As soon as you group yourself with others to get something done while sacrificing some of the priorities that you have for more important ones that others also want, you've collectivized yourself with them. We have to find the things that allow us individuals and subgroups to exist peacefully by transcending the individual, and which also might require keeping separate cultures which are bound to collide when placed in close proximity to each other

  26. The lack of self awareness on the left is hilarious. If you want people living in irrational fear, becoming entrenched in their beliefs, or becoming radicalised in social media bubbles, or shutting down other’s opinions because they don’t like them, resorting to emotion over intelligence, “our team against theirs” mentality – look no further than the current left in the West today. They are a parody of themselves and do no favours to people who truly care about providing equality of opportunity for all and a better future for the following generations.

  27. There can exist a big difference between the "right" team and the "winning" team. The Americans he described are what's called mercenarial. These are characterized by a lack of fundamental sociol values. These kinds can be on the "right" team and still be "wrong." Access to information can mitigate this error by improving the chances that these kinds of persons can at least do better at aligning themselves with "teams" and campaigns that are compatible with at least THEIR OWN self interests if they have any, and not just trending.

  28. I think our society is currently going that route. Uniqueness has become a sort of trend in the past 5 years. At least in those 30 years or younger.

  29. He’s spot on with the team thought process from trump supporters. It’s easy to do to access a nice feeling… like Christianity.

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