Why Machine Learning is The Future? | Sundar Pichai Talks About Machine Learning

43 thoughts on “Why Machine Learning is The Future? | Sundar Pichai Talks About Machine Learning”

  1. I know a personality From IIT who is running his own Training Centre in Lucknow. He provides training on Machine learning and python (Basic and Advanced). Some student got placed as Python Developer. He is in starting phase of his startup.

  2. I trained a neural networks to extract the speech from this mixed voice+music, then I ate the music.

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  4. I would like to learn machine learning but I required perfect guruji to make it happens.If anybody can help to me learn machine learning it should appreciate.

    I completed my degree in 2013 in Electronics and communication engineering and then joined film industry.
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  6. I had recently stepped in the world of ML. I'm good at Python and recently begun to train myself with Numpy, Pandas, Matplot, Seaborn. Tried few Exploratory Data Analysis Projects and loved doing it a lot. Now, I'm learning Linear/Logistics Regression, its just a beginning though. Still lot much to go through but what i see is ML is more of a Math than that of a Programming. You must know some core concepts of Statistics. Well, Machine will handle it for you but still for your own knowledge you must know it. Rest you have to know the implementation part of it like how u can implement it in ur Model. Fairly Advanced libraries like Scikit will come to rescue you. Practicing it daily is the only way you get better at it, make your hands dirty and just imagine yourself in next 6 months or 1 year. It's a vast field , you need to know Math (Stats/Probability), Programming (R/Python), Domain Knowledge of company/stream you'll be working for , you'll never become master at it since its vast and concepts are very complicated but be good at what you're and keep learning every step. with a broader mindset you'll most probably get yourself a place in this field.

  7. Since ML wont apply judgment n common sense..dre r also huge possibilities of inaccurate conclusions in case the base data is corrupt or tampered wid..so while d computational capabilities might b superb..results may have to b reverified before dey r taken to b accurate..its a classic case of gigo(garbage in garbage out)..am sure input validation is a critical part of this(i know nothing abt AI except basics..jus thinking)

  8. How to create the machine language sir…U will start yearly age sir… Really u r my inspirations sir….

  9. 70% jobs in India jobs are supporting L1,L2, QA type jobs.nasscom it self said most of Indians in India not good at coding, analytics ..do Indians IT capable of learn complex concepts or machine learning, AI.. indian school and college mug up("rattan mar") made India students irrational ,less logical …

  10. It is not easy to know about machine learning but seriously if you through it nothing is better than it.

  11. Big data/Haddop,Cloud,Machine learning and AI.. This is the future……Rest get ready to get pink slips….

  12. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is not as easy as it sounds.Even 85% of the CS kids from IIT even dont know about it.The rest listen to lectures from MIT or Stanford in order to familiarise themselves with the concepts.It will take 6 months to get basic core concepts,3 months to program in Python,R,Octave or Matlab etc if you are a very good programmer and by good i mean very good because it isnt like basic programming like arrays and list its about vectors and tensors.Trust machine learning has got nothing to do with programming its all about Maths,Algebra and Statistics.

  13. to those who tried their hands on it, it is very complicated and very vast subject to master. With an above average mind, it will take atleast 1 year to grasp the core concepts if you really work hard. Then you basically need good creativity to write meaningful alorithms or use them to get desired result. Also, it will require programming in either Python, R or SAS so better learn these technologies first.

  14. I work as a Mainframe developer n have a 4 years of experience.if i join the course n Learn d machine learning n AI. How would I get a job without experience..!!!

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