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Hi, i’m Dwane Thomas, author of Visual Latin and i’m here to give you some good
reasons to study latin! but before i give you good reasons, I want to give you a a bad reason Mark Twain, a famous american author, once said “By all means learn another language. it will not make you any smarter but everyone will think that you’re smarter!” I knew growing up that i needed that. i’m not afraid to admit that i’m not the sharpest elevator in
the ocean let me give you five good a reasons to study latin come on guys and counting on you five good reasons to study latin. Number one: If you’re a kid watching this here’s a good reason for you to study
latin your parents are probably making you study latin. but think about it if you’re a kid
you’re not doing much right now right you watch cartoons you read some
books. You hang around the house. Your not doing much. Your parents know
that you’re going to need a good education to do well in this life. You’ll need a
good education, and go to a good college, then get a good job or start your own
business, so that you can work there for a long time so you can retire
so that you….can…. go….. back to doing nothing…… Hey!! Wait a minute.. Alright well if you’re a kid you got to do what your parents tell you to do. So there’s one good reason another good reason latin was the foundation of all the modern romance languages half of the languages in europe came directly
out of the roman language. The latin language, portugese, french, spanish, italian romanian, even little languages like Romansh
in parts of Switzerland. All of these languages came out of the roman language. The romans conquered a good chunk of three continents they
conquered part of Asia they conquered part of Africa and they conquered almost all of Europe. Wherever they went they left their
roads they left their structure of government they left there their language and when the roman government went away
the language stayed and it became the foundation, particularly in western
europe, but it became the foundation for so many of those languages. Over half of the languages of Europe come right out of
latin. So if you know latin you have a door into those languages. Now a
lot of my students say to me Wait, Mr. thomas shouldn’t I just learn french if i want to
learn french? My answer to that is: yes If you know you
want to learn french go learn french!! In fact turn this video off! But if you’re still here maybe you don’t know which language you
want to learn maybe you’re interested in french and spanish and portuguese or italian and you can’t make up your mind. Well if you’ve got the time and your young study latin because then jumping from latin
to any of those languages is an easy feat. You know what I shouldn’t say it’s easy it is easier Learning foreign languages is never easy but it can be easier. If you’ve already learn latin
you’ve cleared the path so there’s two good reasons if your kid you need to honor your parents and do what they tell you to do anyway. If you want to learn if you want to open the door to a lot of
modern languages learn latin first here’s another good reason if you learn latin you’ve opened the door to a lot of the wisdom of the past for fifteen hundred years over one
thousand years ago much of the knowledge that we have in
our world today was discovered and written about and recorded in latin it was the language of medicine it
was the language of science it was the language of philosophy and religion and
history and a lot of that has not been translated into any other languages a lot of it still remains untranslated in latin and unless you can read latin that door is closed to you but if you
can read latin you can go back and read those books in most of them are public
domain there available for free you can go back and read those books and discovers so much of the wisdom of the past however i will tell you if you just watching this video for
entertainment and you are never going to go learn latin I’ll just tell you what’s in most of those books, most of those authors are generally just frustrated because
chocolate hasn’t been invented yet A fourth reason so we have got: if your kid
honor your parents if year ryan hear anybody else and even if he
really you can even if you are a kid you’re opening the door to foreign
languages your opening the door to the wisdom of the past but you know what latin can’t even change the way that you think let me explain what i
mean by that if i ask you what you do for a living and asking you about your job but it sounds like i’m talking to almost
about survival how do you stay alive in german the phrases but since it one
bit of moonroof means office so i’m asking you what is your office and it almost sounds
like i’m asking you what is your judy so news we have survival in german we
have your duty and neck greek i would say see you if i was asking you about your
job canoeing etc ended there the newly it can it fit and i don’t know if my greek was perfect their i’m still learning
greek the newly again today interestingly enough that middle word do
we have comes from an old greek word doing last
which means slave savant asking you what your slavery i hate my job do you hate your job what is your job what your slavery sometimes that right cc how different cultures may eight nothing mate absolutely do but
they may about their jobs i do it to survive and do it because it’s my job even though i hate it because i’m sort of a slave i gotta get up and
go to work ’cause that’s what it is favor window is spanish there’s a way to ask somebody what they do in spanish you can say uh… kate today d guests alec about
last work day d caps in the really means you are dedicated at take today because we do what are you
dedicated that’s my favorite one that’s the way i think of my job i don’t do my job because i don’t need
the money which actually i do but that’s not the reason i do my job i don’t do it just because it’s my job i don’t do it because i feel like a
slave i do what i do have to taught me because i love foreign languages i love reading books and other languages
that’s what i’m dedicated to alike it it changes era ki in change the way do you the same question in four different
languages and with each of those questions came a different world view or
a different way of viewing your work believe another reason to study latin latin is not the source of english but latin influenced in much latin makes up about fifty percent the the militia language but it’s even more significant that back what makes up about ninety percent uh… english is malted syllable words in in what should be going he’s a big
word chances are you going to use a lot more english draws heavily from latin most of our big words a latin me give
you some examples if i stick side c_i_d_ d at the end of
an english word that comes from the latin word can get
away with things to cut down to destroy it to kill to cut off if i stick side at the end of the mutiny
english word then something is going to be killed this is interesting because we actually
get the word and decide cromer this word as well and if you decided to do something then you’re deciding not to do something else again knowing which
changes the way you think but it’s also regulars like herbicide to kill plants insecticide to kill botanists correctness side to kill spiders to comes way up correctness side by the way i hate spiders pesticide by the way how come none of the bad guys ever use a
rachna side to get rid a spider man too haha just throw a camera rachna side in the
room with them pesticide also comes from this word pesticides which you used to
get rid of pasts flying road in sprouts racks bugs or a bullies on your street standing up nineteen children you know we also get english words of the lying more didn’t show for rhonda well at the actually this is interesting
mortgage comes from a lot more and more to was which means that and if you buy a house you’re probably
gonna be borrow money from them in your rob a bleeding paying it off until all
the year nearly dead in that section with the work toward mortgage means
concerned again they can change but arm big words in english are mostly
right out of latin and for better or for worse english is the most powerful language in
the world today i’m not saying it’s most important language in the world but if dot pilot from turkey is landing in italy that pilot from turkey does not speak to
the italian air traffic controller in antalya or in
turkish he speaks to the earth traffic controller in
english interest and uh… traffic controller
response to him in english isn’t he international language in our world today and if you you master latin you have a huge door into the english-language
that other people don’t who have not studied latin you’ve got more access to a tool that the whole world is trying to get
access to almost everybody’s trying to learn english and you weed out much further and i
guess there’s lots of good reasons to study latin increases your vocabulary you arent understand and learn grammar as you learn latin he learned english grammar as well and
the grammar of other languages so that spanish and french in italian portuguese languages like that romance languages or wide open to you it shaken change the way you think the probably never think of more than
just the same way there’s so many good reasons to learn

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  1. Thank you Dwane Thomas (sob) to help me (sob) understand (sob) why to learn ACHOO! so sorry to learn lat- I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!! when ever i comment i get all sob emotional wahhhhh so ya back to the point… SUP GURLFRIIIEND.

  2. I find it very interesting because I'am studing some foreing languages, but it was my firs Latin class. I know it will be very interesting. thanks

  3. Haha, really entertaining video! I am studying history so I have to learn latin but I've never enjoyed learning foreign languages. However, I will give it a try and definitely watch your other vids! Thanks!

  4. i would someone here to translate this to latin "I wish you were mine" please dont use google translate i think the latin language in g.translate is still in beta stages please please translate for me thank you.

  5. one reason is because it's a wonderful and very interesting language.It's the father of many languages.

  6. actually mark was wrong! learning another language does make you smarter.Evidence shows that learning another language massively improves cognitive reasoning,pattern recognition and association and even emotional intelligence.It is an intense, massive cohesive full body workout for the brain.

  7. my mother tongue is Spanish, so maybe learning italian, Portuguese or French it is not that attractive to me, but i still wanna learn Latin for other reasons .

  8. thank you for sharing your wisdom. when you told me it will give me a different perspective of my thoughts, I was sold. 

  9. cado, cadere -> to fall;   de+cado = decido;    caedo, caedere = to kill, chop off -> -cide suffix meaning "murder/killing".

  10. I want to learn Latin, but I speak Spanish, and you couldn't be my teacher. I am also learning English and improving it every day!
    Nice video, by the way.

  11. I studied Latin, French and later Spanish in hs. I have to say latin didn't help me much when it later came to me studying Spanish. I would say once you learn one romance language you are at a huge advantage when learning another one. Latin was great though for learning where a lot of words come from in other languages, and if you really want to study a language with in depth grammar.

  12. I am a homeschooler that uses a un-schooling type system (I teach myself with almost no help) and thanks to your video I am learning latin

  13. this motivated me to learn it, good video!
    but i have something for you to learn, it's called speciesism, google it.
    don't kill living beings.

  14. I'm currently in my second year of Latin and so far I know a lot about the Romans slaughtering the Gauls…annnd beautiful words such as caedis and occiderunt 🙂

  15. I am 40 yo, my mother tongue is Arabic, so from the faraway Semitic group of languages. i find latin easy and beautiful, more than young age and free time , Learning a language is all about enthusiasm. Moreover, motivate yourself by thinking of what you will be able to do when you master the new language not of how you will impress people.

  16. Beruf (job) in german does not mean office. It's derived from Ruf which means call and is strongly related to the word Berufung which means calling. So in your german example, a more proper translation would be "What is your calling?".
    Best regards from Germany

  17. Very interesting. The fact of the big words that come from latin, I am a portuguese speaker (from Brazil) and in fact, I can understand most of the big words. Ex: Interesting – Interessante. Excellent – Excelente. Explanation – Explicação. This is simply great.

  18. learn greek instead both modern and ancient i am greek and btw you sounded fine but there is still room for improvement

  19. I have to learn Latin in school. It's useless. It's a dead language for crying out loud. I'm already bilingual, I know french, and ive made no connections between Latin and french so far.

  20. Us Arabs we say "وش شغلك ؟", and شُغْل means engage one's mind; or what takes up your time?

  21. This really is superb teaching. I was not sure if I wanted to start learning Latin by watching a random YouTube video about it, but darn it I'm hooked!

  22. The problem is this: In the time you need to learn latin, you can learn spanish, french and italian alltogether and thats a lot more fun because you have much more resources like videos on the internet. So its better to confront your parents and tell them you want to learn french and spanish.

  23. Actually no, "Beruf" does not mean office. "Was sind sie von Beruf" is literally the question of "What is your profession?"

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