Why learn How to Learn? (Chapter One, Video 2: Learn How to Learn)

before you jump into any sort of learning project it's always good to understand your motivation in other words it's helpful to ask yourself why am i investing my time into this course rather than into something else in this chapter we're going to hear some good universal reasons for learning to learn but before doing that ask yourself what's brought you personally to this course pause the video now ask yourself why am i following this course then write down as many reasons as you can think of in no more than five minutes okay you've just listed your personal reasons for learning to learn you should keep these in mind and refer back to them from time to time so they remind you of your initial motivation and hopefully help you complete the course now I'm going to give you some more Universal reasons for learning to learn learning to learn is a key skill and attitude because it allows you to open the doors to any new future knowing how to learn and wanting to learn are essential to your personal development and to your professional success learning to learn means learning to change yourself and changing yourself is essential if you want to keep up and do well in today's world a world which is defined by constant change learning to learn can certainly involve developing more knowledge but it's not only about knowledge it's also about developing your whole self your skills your attitudes your values your way of being in the world it's about knowing yourself and designing yourself learning to learn involves observing who you are now deciding what you want to be in the future and growing consciously into your best self psychologists agree that learning is a fundamental human need shared by all of humanity Abraham Maslow puts self-actualization at the top of his famous hierarchy of basic human needs purse development then is deeply important to your psychological well-being and that's not all a study at the University of Edinburgh has demonstrated that it's just as important for our physical health in fact they found a direct correlation between learning and longevity in their studies the more an individual participates in lifelong learning the longer they live learning to learn will also help you respond to a fundamental professional need being able and willing to constantly acquire new knowledge and new skills is an absolute necessity for keeping up with a constantly changing workplace this is more important today than ever and it will become increasingly important let's think about the obsolescence of skills a few thousand years ago we were living in a largely agricultural age during that time your economic well-being depended largely on physical strength and endurance then we entered the Industrial Age we began working less in fields and more in factories during this period of human history your economic success depended largely on your ability to operate a machine or to work in other repetitive jobs like administration during that time for many people a career path was quite straight forward you studied for a job you practiced that job for years and then you retired but that path was pretty much destroyed when we entered the Information Age the age of the knowledge economy in the second half of the 20th century in this phase of human history many of us moved from a model of employed for life to a model of lifetime and ploy ability in today's knowledge economy a technological innovation can render an entire industry virtually obsolete overnight career paths disappear in a second but equally new jobs can appear just as quickly today you need to be ready to be effective and happy in many different jobs over your lifetime and your success and your happiness at work depends therefore on your ability and willingness to learn new knowledge new skills and new competencies throughout your life I hope this doesn't sound too stressful we do live in a new age but by adopting a positive learning stance and by becoming a self-directed learner you'll have some essential tools to help you thrive in the new world and to create a better world in the next chapter we're going to look at your relationship with learning

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