Why Is My World So Small! A lesson in expanding your borders! Kevin Zadai

because someone needs to honor her we all do and you do you all do but then here's the thing just so you know before I get started I just want to tell you my heart what we don't discern is that we persecute and we mistreat the people that God sends to us the prophets but in the next generation we celebrate them as our heroes that's a direct quote from Jesus and Jesus said I sent you prophets you killed them and you're gonna do the same to me because you didn't discern and so I'm gonna honor sister Ruth because I want to tell you there are so many generals that before they died they they spoke with me and the ones that I didn't get to speak with God took me to heaven and I got to speak with them so just don't be bothered by that because I'm communicating with the living not the dead but there's a cloud of witnesses and they are cheering us on but see I don't think that I have to wait and go visit sister Ruth when she's gone on to glory I think that I should visit her now and I think that we should honor her now amen okay so you understand I'm saying now I have sat with people that you've seen on TV in their past now I've sat with them in heaven and they were they pled with me to carry on what they had done did you hear what I just said so I I it's too late I'm spoiled I already you can't convince me otherwise I've encountered these people how would you like it if Jesus shows up with Boaz from the Old Testament Enoch it's too late I've already heard these individuals tell me on how important it is for me to build on the foundation that they laid is there anybody here okay so we're gonna honor sister Ruth this morning and and there will be an offering taken up I'm giving the whole thing to her okay because because she believed in with me when I was wasn't nobody and I still man nobody but but I'm well known but she believed in me when no one else even and so I just want to honor her she used to give me the service you know as you know and um I haven't changed a bit I'm still Kevin it's just that the warfare has gone to about seven levels above what it was when I used to just come here now I'm dealing with principalities at over countries you know and things that you you'd be messed up if you heard some of that just one day in my shoes you'd be messed up I'm not I'm not tell I'm not even he'd be messed up you'd have to it take you a couple weeks to recover because you you have no idea how important you are to this generation okay because of that and listen to me all of you all of you have to rely on the Holy Spirit you can't rely on your own understanding you can't rely on what other people did you got to remove got to remember something the Holy Spirit as soon as you make a box he's gonna have you jump out of it he's afraid so sister Ruth I love you and I'm honoring her this morning I don't know I don't know because I'm so booked up I don't know when I'll be back I don't know everything's changing now but I wanted to honor her today and I want to tell you that you you probably will in heaven you'll know what you have here I know you know what you have here but it's going to be greater than what you've conceived because it all started here now it's so setup your life is so intricate and set up but but Satan tries to do things to make it look random so that it looks like you're just wandering around and you don't really know what's going on from day to day I'm here to tell you that when I was in heaven I saw that that is not the case at all Jesus has a book written about each one of you and you can you can you can rely on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to get you through this life what Satan and the evil spirits their plans are is to make everything appear random so things happen to you to make it look like you're making mistakes things are not connecting come on now relationships are messed up and you didn't do a thing you haven't even left your house yeah I mean do you realize that relationships could go sour and you don't even answer your phone and I tell people the truth and I and even my own family members and you know I know I'm not getting a Christmas card anymore yeah so do you want to mess up funerals or do you want to get along with people because Jesus went the funerals have messed him up because it wasn't time for that person to die yet and it didn't matter that they had spent all that money on that funeral but that tomb right so you rely you rely on what the Lord has ordained for you and all the other data you have to filter it through the Spirit of God and through the Word of God everything that comes everything that you encounter I mean how how hard was it just for you to beat the devil just to get here this morning I actually have to show up literally an hour early just to get rid of the seven things that are coming at me that I wouldn't know about in my mind but I I actually pad everything so that even if an airplane breaks even if a car breaks even if somebody gets sick or doesn't show up I've got at least seven chances to still be on time did you understand what I just said er D okay so do you understand that like you're sitting here and I'm talking but do you realize that there is going to be a whole bunch of things coming against you as you're sitting here so that you don't get what's being said because what what's what's really happening is is what you're hearing will cause you to overcome your circumstances because really literally it's bizarre because I was in the future and now I have to come back and watch things play out and I have to act like I don't know what's gonna happen next but you wouldn't believe how many times I know who's gonna stand up and who's gonna say something next and what's going to happen next and and I'm thinking if people knew how God already knows everything but that you can make decisions to fall on the otter instead of having the rock fall on you you ought to fall on the rock do you know that's still in this in the scriptures right you have to fall you have you have to if you have to kiss the son lest he be angry you have to get you have on the way to court you have to get it right with your accuser you see you work it out with Jesus first and you just own it so I was sent here this morning and I was sent here to talk about something that that it's so exciting I'm so excited because the Lord spoke to me two days ago and he gave me a book up that that's coming out in 2023 probably 2022 or 2023 but I'm writing it this morning in front of you all and this is what the name of the book is called and don't take it because it's mine it's called why is my world so small and I want to talk to you if you would you mind giving me some time just to talk about this you see I saw I saw that in the spirit don't worry about that that's that happens all the time here we go the the the world that you perceive that you think you're in is really small and you don't know that until you're taken out and you're seated with Christ in the heavenly realms and then all the sudden you realize that you're trying to be squeezed into a three by three room but you don't know it so down here everything I mean everything is limited down here so you you fast all day this just happened you fast all day and the Lord says you can have one meal so you pull up to the Wendy's drive-through and everything you order they're out of it just happened now you've done everything right and the Lord spoke to you but look what happened failure at the drive-through now let they'll hear me out in my spirit I told I told that you know my crew I said the Lord's tell me to go to IHOP now he told me to go to Wendy's but the provision was not there put it in our phone and we could literally walk to it we looked up and there it is it's right there dial we went in there sat down ordered for everybody for all the employees ate this just happened a couple of nights ago the girl comes by she goes somebody already paid for it that couple was sitting over there they were in your meetings and they said when you can tell them when we leave no no way where was the provision it wasn't at the drive-through so what you can do is you can miss your upper you can misinterpret what happened because you just weren't at your place a provision okay so here's the thing you're crowded into a world and besides affected it's only like three by three why is my world so small well let me tell you some it's because me myself and I live there I've going there sister roots I'm sorry you taught me how to do this if I do the tambourine sometimes it kind of like makes it a little better right no you see the thing that is here's what's going on Jesus jesus said this first of all blame him he said I'm not gonna leave you comfortless I'm gonna I'm gonna go but one like me is gonna come you're not gonna be an orphan he said the Spirit of Truth is coming in he's gonna lead you into all truth he's gonna remind you of things that I've said and he's going to tell you about things to come that's the summary of it okay so you have the Holy Spirit that comes and he's come and he's inside of you right okay then he says this don't blame me he said if you love me passionately to the place where you actually obey me me and my father are gonna come and we're gonna move in make our home in you okay well I know you all can count but you got the Trinity living in you have I gone too far no okay now listen that means that me myself and I are gonna have to move out isn't it fun now the whole idea with God is this he loves you he bought you but he thinks about seasons and generations he has an ultimate plan what we forget is that plan involves many generations that have already fasted and prayed so that you will fulfill what you're supposed to do in your generation however there are generations ahead of us that are depending upon us to be faithful and they haven't even been born yet there are people that are that have not met you they are literally depending upon you to be on that bus that day and turn to them and say you need Jesus now how would you like it if you're doing a show and you're pointing at the camera and you're prophesying to a lady that's sitting on our couch with a baby I literally have done this giving them a word because I see it more clearly than I can see the camera and the Lord says to me at the same time just so you know that woman isn't even married yet and she hasn't had that baby it will be 20 years and she'll be sitting on that couch that word was for 20 years from now cuz your show will continue to play did you catch what I just saturday Neiman I said oh man this is really like my brain starts smoking well good because you didn't need a dose of reality now listen to me this so so then my spiritual father he comes to me said the Lord told me that the classes you're doing for your school he said I saw in heaven people watching your classes because they aren't where they need to be in order to fulfill the near next step they're gonna be watching your classes in heaven so he said I encourage you to be diligent with your school so this morning we broke 3,700 students in six months well don't you don't you think that that's that's a big school for not having trying but do you understand that what if what if Jesse Duplantis when he said that to me he was right because he was what if what I'm doing here has eternal value what if like you being here has eternal value like like do you know that like angels right now they brought you here to experience something that you might not have ever experienced but to hear something maybe that will cause you to move into what they have already on their notes to do with you you understand so what what if eternity has nothing to do with the clock or the calendar what if it has to do with seasons and cycles and answers to previous generations prayers and the prayers that will be uttered in a next generation God's answering them in advance through you and you have no idea what I just said do you because see when I start to talk from the other realm there there is no backwards and forwards or sideways there's I am there there there is no distance or time wherever God is that's the center of the universe so if God sends an angel to speak to you about your ministry and what you're supposed to do in this life you are nailing the will of God an angel has been sent to you to announce what God is doing at that very moment you're in the center of God's will you don't have to go anywhere the will of God has come to you now I need to give you at least 30 seconds to think about that because if you think about what Satan has done he's deceived us into thinking we got to go here we got to do this we got to be good enough and if we mess up it's gonna take at least six months for God to get over it and he's you know and we think that God's gonna have to take medication just to deal with us no no really think about it think about your weakness it's his pleasure to strengthen you in weakness it's his pleasure that when you cry out to him in your weakness that he can make you strong he loves that he loves that do you understand that weakness if you play it right it ends up being your friend now some of you have to go to other states and pay a whole bunch of money and then come back home in six months and figure it out some of you that you have to do that but there is a place in the spirit where you have allowed God to mature you to the place where the Lord can talk to you and you fall on the rock you don't have to establish your boundaries by running into that wall I'm fine with you telling me there's a wall there now there's people that have been in the ministry like sister Ruth for many many years and I have those people around me now I'm not gonna listen to somebody that just got saved six months ago and has a word for me but I will listen to somebody has 42 years as my father but see you have a lot of teachers but you don't have many fathers that's a quote from Paul so he said I'm jealous of you I birthed you so we need more fathers because with fathers you have permanency that's why God could say nothing can separate you from my love that's why Paul wrote the end of Romans chapter 8 he said that were more than conquerors were super conquers and nothing can separate us from the love of God so do you understand that if God is love and he's living inside of you and this is not just a children's story we got the Trinity inside do you understand it's probably pretty good to let God take me myself and I out and you're gonna do better because who you identify as being you is not what's written in heaven I'm just going to guarantee you that I found out that I was under pressure to be somebody I was not I've had a five-year-old be more accurate than any prophet I know I've had a prophet who was five years old read my mail and she flew all the way to South Africa to meet me because she saw me on Sid Roth she just went to me me and the Lord said get on your knees and to have her pray for you and when she did she read my mail things that nobody knows and Jesus was answering my prayers through her and the Lord said to me this day is coming when the children will exceed the adults if they don't humble themselves under the mighty hand of God he will raise the children up with a voice it's already happening I'm noticing this is starting to happen so if you don't mind I'd like to I'd like to get into some deep things some deep mysteries about who you are because obviously obviously there's a problem there but what I do if I have a problem with anything I go to the manufacturer you know isn't it amazing that you can call somebody who actually was involved with the making of a product and in that cop-out you don't even finish has anybody ever has you don't even finish your problem on the phone and they're already finishing your setting to say it's this switch on this on the back here just open that cover and put that on this hold it down for 10 seconds and it should be fine if you just do it now and then you do it you're like my god why why was that because see they made it they've already known the parameters of it they understand why it does certain things right okay do you think that God understands you okay but do you understand this is what's what the problem is you're very complicated just ask your friends you're very complicated the reason you're complicated because you're not made like I've said in this city several hundred times this last two weeks you weren't made to operate in a broken world it's interesting to me how I have been in these meetings for years and I see people on Facebook that I've prayed for years ago and they're totally transformed but you know what I didn't lay hands on him and they fell to where they were carried out I didn't wave my jacket on them they didn't give me a thousand dollar offering I didn't even have a word for him I compassion on them because I felt that Jesus was wanting to correct their what was happen and they are completely well but it didn't happen overnight but I watched the transformation happen over the last couple years so do you understand that what you're dealing with did you ever think that maybe it's coming to an end and you shouldn't put a limit on how that's resolved because sometimes people were told to go show themselves to the priest it says that they began to mend at that very hour but there wasn't a manifest a right away Jesus prayed for somebody twice can you believe that he did so what do you see I says I see the men they look like trees he goes okay here you go here's an extra dose damn can you see now yes okay so he goes to his hometown and they identify him as the son of a carpenter but when he's walking down the streets of Jerusalem they're crying out son of David have mercy on me well what does that mean that means they're tying him with the Messiah of Israel are you getting it so they discerned him as being the fulfillment of Scripture whereas the Nazareth his hometown identified him as the son of Joseph right okay get it so Jesus told me he said that people how they discern me is what they get from me and then I got to realize it and no wonder people don't understand themselves because they don't discern their creator they don't identify with Jesus they identify with their problem or their lineage or the bad deal they got because you were adopted and they people think that they're sealed because of what they've done well nothing is as as terrible as some of the things that have happened to Jesus and he said father they don't know what they're doing forgive him so how could he do that because he didn't identify with them he identified with his father and he pleased his father so he was doing the whole thing for his father are you getting it so you identify with your father in heaven and then your world starts getting bigger and bigger because when God moves in your boundaries are going to increase so your world all of a sudden hey my world's not so small I need to get somebody to mow my lawn and I need employees to take care of my property before you know it you're you're running the school that you work at and then all of a sudden you're running for government and they wants you to be governor of the whole stay but you started out as a teacher y'all are catchiness you know God's not asking you to walk across the Grand Canyon as soon as you get saved we'll deal with that later but let's just walk across the puddle here and not get wet know that it's there just step over it see that's all God wants you to do your next step is is just let's just deal with what's in your life right now in the perimeter that you have don't worry about being governor because it's going to be too big for you to think about now but God has plans to move you in acceleration into areas of influence where you own domains now I know this and I know that it falls on deaf ears but I still got to say it anyway I got to defend him because what he told me he says people have no idea what I bought for them they're not utilizing their benefits so they come to the table and they go I'll just take a Ritz cracker with some cheese please they think they're being humble but you know they're being stupid I mean you know I'm saying I mean John Wayne said this he said life is really tough but it's even tougher when you're stupid I started to realize that humility is not you telling the Lord you don't need him but see that's what you do when you don't let them into your finances or into your prescription bottle see anything you'd go to to help you can be an idol so what I do is is is I go to the Lord first and then he tells me okay you need to go to the hospital you need to go to a doctor you need you need to do this you need to do that but see I always give him first place because see that's what he was trying to do the rich man it's hard for a rich man to get to heaven but they I know some that get to heaven and I'll be one of them because I've left everything and if you check it out Abraham left to everything and by thirteenth chapter of Genesis says Abraham was very rich well don't you think that the Lord put him on that path because he left everything if you leave everything in this life you'll receive houses and family and persecutions one hundredfold it says in this life check it out same with health a lot of you need healing I still have at least two things in my body I've been healed of all just this year about three different things last year was a couple things but I still have a couple left well I'm gonna take my medicine but I'm gonna take my medicine in the Word of God to you understand that doesn't disqualify me I'm not the healer so do you back off do you back off because you think that your circumstances don't qualify you to be used of God well a generation that's coming up would totally disagree with you they would encourage you to keep going further in until you lose your mind in God your mind becomes transformed it's changed because the glory changes you the Word of God and the glory change you know now the processor you're going through is this you have a lot of things going on in your life and it's very busy however even though Jesus may need a cup of water in a meal don't get so out of your mind making that that you miss what mary did you know the Mary and Martha thing do you understand that that Jesus was happy to have his Big Mac and fries that she made and they know that in a blueberry slushy or whatever she was making you know she was tending to that and she's like why Lord tell these people to help me you know they're not helping me and he he really almost could have insulted her by what he said right because she was trying to take care of the Lord but see there comes this time where the Lord comes in like right now and he points at the things of the that are priorities in your life and he's saying listen if you take care of this one thing everything else is going to be taken care of and you're thinking can this be true but see everything is tied together in a string a line that has to do with grace and mercy it doesn't have to do with what you can do for God there comes this place where you just have to stop and realize that even if I do nothing else I'm still his child and you you you do this because sometimes we're driven and we need to be led well we you you don't know it you don't know that you're being driven at first until your body starts breaking down and you're trying to believe well I I have found a place it's called a seeker place where I cannot doubt where I cannot fear and nobody told me about this place except Moses in Psalms 91 and David meet me he mentions it in Psalms 36 he wrote Psalm 30 but but someone's 91 was written by Moses well don't you think Moses understand something about the secret place because he was hid in that rock is God rock by sea do you understand the secret place was how close can I get to God and not die and God arranged it for him and so he do you hear me you should check it out Moses wrote Psalms 91 but he wrote it he lived it in in that crevice of that rock that God put him in put his over him he was in the shadow of the Most High was Moses even crocheting in there was he like doing his next project was he on the phone talking to his manager about the next meeting the next 40 day fast no no no no no no it was just me it was just him and what was happening was he ceased from his work now what happened there that nobody knows it's never been preached I'm gonna share something you've never heard before but God put the law Moses put the law in the secret place and for one moment the law ceased to be effective cease to work click click click click click are you here all your minds what did he just say you see Moses couldn't take the people in to the promised land the law can't take you into the Promised Land now Joshua can because Joshua's name in Hebrew means Jesus dude don't you get it the law couldn't take the people of Israel into Canaan but God put the law in a crevice of a rock and passed by and Moses ceased to work he ceased to have any influence at all he was in the receiving mode that's where you need to get you need to stop working and you need this no I don't quit sir don't quit your jobs because Wendy's gonna need you Wendy's are gonna need you today in Walmart and your office your law office whatever they need you that's not what I'm talking about what I mean is is you are already a child of God you've already received acceptance you're not going to convince God of something that he already accepted about you before you were born hello you wrote your book without you being at the meeting now knots the truth this is so so Moses couldn't die so God took him up on the mountain and had to kill it sounds kind of but he did Moses was perfect health and he stood before the Lord and dropped dead because he couldn't die from what he was exposed to and people were asking him to cover his face because it had Jesus told me he had gone back to the pure stock of Adam before the fall his face had transformed back to the original man which was in the image of God and the people of Israel couldn't handle that so you're wondering why your friends don't like you anymore well could it be that you were placed in the crevice of the rock and God passed by and you you noticed it you started looking like your father your heavenly Father does you ever think that maybe why why you're going through what you're going through is because the devil sees your father in you did you ever think about the trouble that you're going through is because you're ruining the party down here no did you ever think I knew you're laughing but I am totally seriously I thoroughly enjoy everywhere I go because I know I'm gonna be rejected I know I'm not gonna be liked I already know it and I'm fine with it because I know that in this world I'm like him and I know that they hated him they're gonna hate me they rejected me they're gonna reject me the world can't accept you because they have to become like you and they don't want that that's too much work they'd rather destroy you knock you down a couple pegs so they feel more comfortable did I say that right okay so do you understand wherever you go I'd be worried if you didn't cause a ruckus I'd be concerned if like if like you're playing music and and Devils don't get riled up you know how would you like it if you're in church and there's two demons sitting there in the front row they're there every week and the one goes there but hey they're playing my favorite song you wanna know why because they don't even mention Jesus in it did you hear what I just said it should should demons feel comfortable in a church service well Hut's come there's not more manifestations because I I've met some of these people they have demons why did they bark can they sit through a whole service and not start screaming out I mean Jesus was just getting out of his boat yes he even had Peter you know give him his is his life preserver you know him pack it up and and they're tying the boat up and there's a demon-possessed people waiting for him screaming at him have you come to torment us before our time don't don't send us out of the area that he hasn't said a word yet did you hear what I just said Jesus hasn't said a word and they're already negotiating with him for their departure did you hear what I just said okay so do you understand that there is an edge about you that his that has been given to you that Jesus paid for that you're not coming to the table and and dining with it you're taking your little bowl of Captain Crunch and leaving when God has everything you need so we're one in healing but I want you to have divine health I want you to have divine life like Moses where where Moses has to go and he drops before the Lord he that he couldn't die now you read the scripture yourself but this is the truth Adam was outside the garden and God couldn't kill me lived 930 years in sin outside the garden without eating because what god that's what I'm trying to tell you how potent we are is that God the way he created us is so amazing that even after we fell it's still people lived to be five six seven hundred years old Methuselah 969 Adam six hundred years there were nine hundred thirty years excuse me yeah Enoch 65 years old he decides he's gonna start walking with God walks with God another 300 years and he doesn't have Bethel music or CFT n or anything he doesn't even have a tambourine think about it and yet he walked three hundred years and he pleased God so much that God said he's so irresistible I'm just gonna take them so you're not too old to start your sister with what's what's happening is is a there's a smell that comes it's it's that fragrance of the linen of Jesus's garment and then there's the you can hear the angels as they start to whisper to each other and then you if you listen really carefully you can hear this tinkling sound and there's this that even the wings they touch each other I don't know what they're doing you know they just do their thing but but you you know that I have had since I met sister Ruth I have had more angel experiences than you can handle now Sid Roth might be able to handle it but do you understand that once you're inserted into this world after God inserts himself into you that he changes you then you change a generation so do you understand the first step that has to happen is you have to vacate because it clearly says in Corinthians that Paul said that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit that your body's not your own that you've been bought with a price okay so there it goes to the body bye-bye sign it off it's not yours sign it over just endorse the check on the back and hand it over it's not yours anymore okay your soul is not saved it needs to be saved but it's not safe your spirit saved but your soul your mind will and emotions that needs to be transformed by the renewing of your mind which means you might as well just sign over what's what's left of your mind the little that you're holding on to just let it go you got to be transformed you see the handing over of your body in your mind allows your spirit to have free reign now I know this because when I was in heaven I saw that my spirit no I don't have time to get into it it was it was a whole week's worth of information that I received in 45 minutes but this is the thing is I saw that my spirit must have dominance must have free reign free expression and that the demons want my body and my mouth and my emotions they want my everything they can't have my spirit so they want my soul in my body because they want expression so the war you're going through right now has to do with the demonic wanting to use your body and your will for His purposes and the whole idea of the born-again experience is Dominion is – is that your domain starts to work out the first war you need to win is the one within yourself now I know what I'm talking about either you're gonna get it now or it'll be 20 years from now with a lot of cuts and bruises but I can save you all that I was sent here this morning to talk about this why is my world so small it's because you have the wrong people living in you me myself and I you want everything you can have everything but you got to lose it all a seed has to fall to the ground in order to produce a crop it has to die man Jesus told me said everybody wants to experience the resurrection power and their ministry but no one wants to die but you got to have death before you have resurrection there's no need to resurrect you if you're not dead but God can't use you when you're left to yourself you're scary people are scary when they're left to themselves they need boundaries it's so weird it's like everybody's trying to get out of boundaries and they refuse to even go to church because they don't want boundaries put on but see the thing that is is God started the church it was his idea Jesus stood up in the synagogue as was his custom I stood in that synagogue just a couple months ago we were there we stood in that synagogue where Peter lived in Capernaum where Jesus international headquarters was and I stood on that floor they were able to recover in the beautiful tile there and he stood up and read he preached there and I felt him there and I feel in here now and I'm telling you by the Spirit of God that God is opening a new and living way through Jesus Christ he has done that but what has happened is we have not gone in we've not gone in we need to go in there and we need to let him pass by do you think you can take it do you know what you're asking for because what's gonna happen is he wants to he wants to shift your reality because he wants to ship shift a generation do you do you realize there's people in this room that even my publisher is supposed to publish a book that is written that is in heaven that you're supposed to publish that you're supposed to write do you know that there's a song that's on the shelves of heaven that God wants to give you so that you can bring it into this realm yeah do you realize that the reason why you feel like you're stuck is because God's about to pass by you're you know I can just see you're on your phone hey I'm stuck in this crevices that this rock you know come and get me and what if the very thing that you find yourself in is the very catalyst for you to be launched okay that's my introduction so anyway well what I want to ask you is is think about what what's your biggest biggest problem because that Jesus came to my my house in my prayer room and he asked me he said Kevin what's bothering you and at the first you know in the surface I felt fine you know everything's fine and I started thinking about it and as you think you go a little deeper you know and I say okay there is an irritation here what is it and I I said it's this and I thought well you know Jesus would just give me a confirmation and encouraged me and you know we can we can go on with a conversation he's this is what he said sister with he said what's the root of that see he wants to go even deeper well you know when it was all said and done oh I'm not kidding you you ready for this it took three days I said I got to get back to you on that one and you know I had to go so deep into my past to a traumatic event and the devil was lodged there he was lodged air in that traumatic event and had set up a hotel and I didn't think that I needed delivered but see what what it was it was unresolved and because it was unresolved I didn't have the relationship that I should have had with Jesus and my father and the Holy Spirit because I couldn't file what had happened to me and I had mistrust when I realized when Jesus said well I had nothing to do with that now this just happened sister Ruth I know something there I know something when I'm dealing with pastors the Lord's telling me to and $3.00 years down the road what's gonna what what's going on and I'm sitting there and I can't say a word but it's so good if they knew they would be really happy but the Lord has taken them on a path and so I'm sitting there and I know a whole bunch of stuff that if they knew what I knew they would fall on the floor and start laughing well I know this just happened this week I I literally knew something that's about to happen for this pastor that was so big that you all couldn't even breathe but I was told to hold it for about up for a couple months so that pastor is coming to my meeting and he gets in an in a car wreck that he should have been killed in it totals his car he gets on the phone because he's going to there in an hour he's coming to support because he was my pastor in town when I was here he calls his why I said get a rental car from an enterprise and picked me up and they still made it to the meeting now this is what happened listen to me please listen very closely if I told you what I know it's already it's already done but he doesn't know it yet I'm standing up there and I'm ministering in front of this church and he's on the second row and and if you were there some of you were there I said Lord tells me that someone that the devil just tried to kill you in a car wreck and the Lord says it wasn't me and you're healed I'm gonna make it up to you so I'm in the green room afterwards this just happened he sits down beside me goes my god did you nail it and then he tells me what just happened but see I didn't tell him what I know is about to happen for him and you see that devil is trying to knock him out that I have on my possession what I'm supposed to give him it's gonna rock his world so do you understand that God didn't stop that from happening but you can see by what I'm telling you that I have a bird's-eye view of what's really happening and I realize that the stuff you go through is to try to knock you out of the glory so that you don't get in that safe place where your world starts to expand because I'm telling you right now I'm just gonna tell you the end from the beginning the angels are taking your tent pegs and putting them out way out and you're established in a greater manner in a greater place and it's the impartation is in this room because you got to know that the Lord Jesus is knocking on your door and the Holy Spirit and the father are with him and they're trying to convince you that we've got it from here go ahead and bail we got it from here and what happens is is you don't lose yourself you don't lose your identity you gain everything through covenant you always coven it up you don't you don't coven it with someone who has less than you they benefit you make a covenant with someone an ally that has power as fire power they have military they have government they have monetary you you choose governments and you allied with them for your benefit they benefit you benefit everybody's happy but see the thing that is the United States wants areas all over the world because then they don't have to take two weeks to get there because they're already there but you wouldn't understand that but the government our government understands that it's like why are we in that Muslim country well it's because all of the other Muslim countries why are we here why are we there it's so much bigger than what you understand the thing of it is is you can't even understand why angels are going to start visiting your house now let's see it wasn't up to you did you hear me I'm telling you by the Spirit of God it was never up to you it was up to God he chose you you didn't choose him does it sound familiar because it's in the Bible okay did you understand that God wants to show his glory off and he's just hoping you lived through it because no no what did he say Moses said he kept Moses notice that God kept saying you know my presence is gonna go with you but she in Hebrew there is no word for presence it's the word pnom and it's not even used correctly it should be pnai but I am is plural so you know Elohim it should be a lo he but it's a lo heme it's word use wrong it's plural gods so Elohim is used wrongly every time it's used it's plural but it's really not because Moses had the revelation of the Trinity okay the same way with with the word presence the whole idea in Hebrew about presence is that God's face pnai is God's faith face so panama's faces plural is used they're my faces shall go with you did you hear what I just said no you didn't because you'd be dancing the tambourines be going right now do you understand God what the whole idea about God being with you is that he looks at you and he smiles and when he smiles beams come out of his eyes and his face and you all can't handle that that's why you can't look on the face of God and live because there's too much for your body now hear me out Moses noted he started to notice two different things that you didn't notice that's why God said to Moses knew my ways the the people visible just knew his acts so they so came to see the light show on the mountain but Moses went up in it and learned God's ways this is what he noticed you can pick this up and if you if you can do a Strong's Concordance you can you have to be a Hebrew scholar listen to me he know if you look god stop he's so upset with them that he says Moses you're fine I'm gonna be with you my presence shall go with you but he he starts referring to Israel as Moses as people instead of his now that I had to I had to die and come back to find this out because I didn't see it so God started to put it on Moses they're your people and then Moses what he does is what you need to do you need to say no God I'm just telling you we're not going anywhere unless you go with us because he realized that if God leaves them they're done because Moses knows his ways the people don't but the people are going to drop dead in the desert which they did anyway but that's another whole story now listen that's not us Hebrews says don't be like them through their unbelief drop dead in the desert but enter into the rest okay okay here's the other thing so Moses notices that God's opting out but he can't because he's in covenant so God uses Moses to talk face-to-face to come to a conclusion to come to a resolve and that's what you've got to do because everything is going on your life can change before you even leave here today I'll make sure of it but this is how you have to realize that it is never the end there's always a way out of everything and there's always a resolution for everything God made the game board and the pieces and he always wins and you're his child so he's going to give you the answers to every question before they even ask you okay so here's the other thing he noticed this is the kicker Moses knows that God is is hiding something from him so he says no I don't want to see your Pennine I want to see your commode uses to work about glory and God says you want to die he says you can't he said I'll put you in the cuff the rock I'll cover you and then after I walk by you can look because you can't see the glory coming from the father's face now I've had Jesus talk to me and I could handle it but there was one time where he came into the room where my roommate was there and what was coming off of his face prevented me from looking up at him I was not allowed or I would die that's the only time that's ever happened I could not look at the face of Jesus because he had unleashed his glory from the father through his face and that I could not I was I could not look at it neither could my roommate okay so you encountered God by allowing him to choose you allowing him to visit you allowing him to stay with you and move in with you its progression but every time that that's the stages happen with you there has to be changed there has to be transformation and what happens is is you start listen you stop being a victim there's a flip that happens and the devil is the victim your enemies are the victim so then all the sudden the angels a visit you they turn and you think they just turned their back on me but what they're doing is they're driving out your enemy they literally are starting to push back the enemy in your life what has happened is is you have won the war within you and that demons have had to leave that's it you're like is that it that's it see the war the real war is inside of you and it shouldn't be inside of it you should be in the war fighting but you've let as a soldier you've let the war get into you and he's divided you and you can't win if you're if you're divided you can't you're conquered right okay so where do we go from here hisses I'm giving you all the secrets here's what's gonna happen is every day you've got to acknowledge that you're here to keep the enemy from setting up camp you got to keep them on the move so they never rest you blame him for everything you blame him for everything but you're accountable because it gets the place where you got everything the way it should be and now the enemy is the only one working against you because God is not working against you but better than that you're not working against yourself I know what I'm talking about here well here goes okay so I got in my hand a sword that you can't see but I got a sword in my mouth that you can't see but Jesus has a big sword in his hand and a big sword coming out of his mouth and I'm just gonna act like him for the rest of my life and I'm going to do some slinging but my swinging is not because I'm protecting myself it's because I'm defending the faith because it's hard to believe but he's got my back I'm already being defended I'm just willed in the sword now because I have to say it I can't lose I'm sorry I can't failure isn't even in my vocabulary because I'm not trying to do anything I'm just being a child of God I'm being Who I am and if people can't accept that then the door swings both ways you go you can come in you can leave when do you get to a place where nothing bothers you anymore I'll tell you when it is when you live in eternity now I know what I'm talking about the angels that are with me they haven't aged a bit since they showed up they haven't doubted me because they don't doubt God well how can that be I'm Kevin I'm hold up favor isn't fair that's why you got to get into the area a favor you got to hook up with him I know what I'm talking about I know what I'm talking about I can't let you continue in operation with a war inside of you so this is what I want to do I want to break that I just can we can we just for like 10 or 15 minutes do some children of Isreal songs on the sea of glass and then we can come back can we do that can we take like a 10-minute let's just like break let's just dance is that Alright and then I'll come back up and talk a little bit more I just feel like we got to root this in here because we still got a little bit of time but how about if we just did some music and started dancing and just scoot a little bit on the sea a glass no the reason I'm doing this is because there there is this element about Christianity it needs to come back and that is is that you got to realize that one day you're gonna be on the sea of glass dancing you're gonna be you're gonna be for the throne and no one's gonna care that your hair's messed up and that your dress isn't long enough what's gonna matter is is that you made it so sometimes we just need to go there I just filled by the Spirit of God what if we just did a song and just like like just rejoiced and then if the Lord leads me back up here again I'll do it if not we're fine right but but the thing is I don't have to blow on you I don't have to pray for everybody the impartation is in the room and it goes with you but see you have to understand I guarantee you all of you in heaven will come to me and say thank you because I've already been there and I know what you need and what you need is you don't need hands laid on you you need an angel the Lord to go before you and drive out your enemies amen you want to just leave it sister root I know I know you have a song of Israel I know you have it something that the blow the dust the foundation we said you won't worry about your hair then you go back dancing it makes every

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  1. I'm one of the ones who needs these classes to get to my next level. My Apostle, Dr. Sharon R. Nesbitt, came up under Kenneth Hagin,Sr. She moves in the supernatural realm as well. She is teaching us the same. The Lord has sent me to be under her leadership in this season. I have come to my wealthy place. However, I came from a non-denominational, apostolic/prophetic church where my Bishop claimed he only had a "mediocre anointing." Well, I knew Jesus said we would do the works He did, plus greater works than He did. So that didn't sound like a mediocre anointing to me. So God had to move me on so I could go higher in the spirit realm and get to the point of living in the supernatural which is our natural. These teachings are helping to accelerate me into the supernatural realm. Not enough time is being spent to teach like you are teaching. Too much time is being placed on how long a teaching is or "I got to get through so you all won't say I'm too long." I could just scream when I hear these kinds of remarks. To me that means your focus is on what the people are saying or thinking rather than flowing with the Spirit of God. Now this is quenching the Spirit! So thank you so much for taking the necessary time needed to teach like Jesus gave it to you.❤️❤️

  2. Thank you for being a strong example for all of us. Obedient to G-d in all you do and say. So many new teachings, for all of us. It takes me two weeks to go through one teaching, word by word, so it becomes part of me and I can go and teach others who cannot listen to you. Greetings from Chantaburi in Thailand South East Asia.

  3. Witchcraft from others has made my world so small: accidents, poverty, sickness, confusion, stagnation, monitoring spirits, illuminati dreams, work issues, rejection, fear etc

  4. Dr. Kevin and Kathy along with your team you all are in my prayers. Thank you for working for His Kingdom. Amen

  5. Everything that has breath praise the Lord… God thank you for sending back Dr. Kevin to us filling him with your power to impart in us. God you are gracious to meet our warfare needs through Dr. Kevin Zadai. How great is our God. Nothing is impossible with our God. Amen

  6. Hello Kathy,
    Please see to it that Kevin eats well/properly/healthy. This earthly body is still subjected to natural laws- you want to keep it in good health as you do God's work. Even if needs be that you must hire a private cook as you travel on the road, it is within your means, so be it. Do not allow your cholesterol (among other things not mentioned) to go out of whack.


  7. So many awesome truths spoken in love.many Thanks for fighting for us Kevin and Kathy. I pray God richly bless you in every area of life.

  8. We are all so blessed Kevin..I thank God for you and Kathi..Nobody says it quite like you, your teachings are literally life transforming..Praise God in Jesus mighty name Amen❤❤❤

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    God bless Dr. keven

  10. Praise Jesus🙌 Glory to GOD! Thank you Brother Kevin for your laboe of love, your tenacious and fervent teachings to get the sons and daughters of GOD in proper alignment with the Godhead of Glory. Thank you Sister Kathi and Sister Ruth for your labor of love for Jesus and the Body of Christ! May the Lord be continuously gracious to you and smile upon you😊 May HE keep you hidden in His secret place of truth and protection. Thank you JESUS for loving us so💕

  11. Bless God! Thank you for the prayers my brothers and sisters! I love you all and I lift you all up in prayer in the name of Jesus!

  12. Dr Kevin, you're right, you really ARE spoilt. And the cherry on your cake is the wonderful wife God gave you. But you're such a blessing to us, we rejoice in your favour!

  13. Praise the Lord for this teaching! This Jewish(?) music makes me happy. What’s the name of this song?

  14. David Coats you find the secret place in worship and being still. The more time you spend practicing being still in your prayer time you'll discover you've entered in to the Holy of Holies. Through out the day take quiet time with the Lord, the more you seek him the more you find him. He loves you.

  15. Shalom Kevin & Kathi, sister Ruth, brothers and sisters in Christ with love and prayers from Indonesia, Asia

  16. Thank You Dr Kevin
    Through Your Teachings We Are All Tranformed From Glory To Glory
    Praised be Our Lord Jesus.

  17. What a privilege to listen to you Kevin. I am willing to Lear from you. Thank you Lord for Kevin, Cathy and sister Ruth.

  18. That's an awesome book title!! It's a perfect punchline…all the self-help gurus will be so jealous! ^_^ I'm sure it's gonna reach sorts of people. A true fisher of men 🙂 May the Truth prevail and continue to come out. God Bless you, and thank you for your work.

  19. 🌹🙏..BROTHER KEVIN ZADAI: I COME IN THE NAME OF JESUS OF NAZARETH…Pls pray for me to be healed RIGHT NOW from fibrositis of the lungs, enlarged heart, weak heart valves, arthritis, vision loss, constant fatigue, poor appetite,swollen legs & feet, & not able to get a good night's rest.
    …in short, I am slowly dying…!!!

    Peace, Chris.🙏🌹

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