Why is Evidence-Based Practice Important?

– Why is evidence-based
practice important? There is a risk in using
activities, strategies, or interventions that
haven’t been validated through empirical studies. Is some evidence more
trustworthy than other evidence? These are important questions
to ask when planning literacy, instruction, and intervention. The Every Student Succeeds
Act, often referred to as ESA, requires us to use
evidence-based practices. ESA defines evidence-based
practice as an activity, strategy, or intervention
that demonstrates a statistically significant
effect on improving student outcomes or
other relevant outcomes based on either strong,
moderate, or promising evidence from research studies. The infographic provided
in this step of the roadmap defines the levels of
evidence described in ESA. Additionally, the What Works
Clearinghouse, or simply WWC, defines evidence standards
that are used to review educational research studies. The video provided in
this step of the roadmap reviews the WWC evidence standards. When you are reviewing evidence, remember that evidence needs
to be reliable and valid from well-implemented studies with high implementation fidelity, good coverage of
material, good attendance, and low attrition.

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