Why I’m Studying Early Childhood Education – Stacey’s Story

My name is Stacey McKenzie and I’m studying Early Childhood Education at ECU. I decided to study Early Childhood Education through my work. I work as an admin officer at The Association of Independent Schools. I’ve worked really closely with lots of really passionate educators over the years and seeing the impact that they have on young children’s lives really inspired me. I decided to study at ECU because The School of Education has a really good reputation in the education community. The lecturers are well known for their research and their contribution to early childhood education, both in WA but also nationally. I work full time and I study part time. So, having the flexibility of being able to choose to study online or on campus has been really, really valuable to me. I think a really great part about studying at ECU is that really authentic mix between theory and practice. As a part of my work placements I’ve also had the opportunity to work in public schools and independent schools and even catholic schools. So, I’ve had a real variety of, what type of employment opportunities are and what the differences are between each of the sectors and systems. I hadn’t really been around children very much so, I didn’t know how to interact with them, and to think that I can walk into a classroom now and just feel so at home and so natural with the children, really makes you realise how far I’ve come, how much I’ve learnt over the years. I think if you are really passionate about what you want to learn and where you want your career to go, this is a fantastic place to do it. I would definitely recommend this course to someone. I think that ECU has been a great place to study. I feel really confident and ready to go out into the workforce.

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