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Why I Teach Video- Pope Wright: Transcript
(teacher speaking) "Uh… all of these have backings and they're
called hinged mats. I teach because it's fun. I teach because it's fun (chuckle).
I teach because it's fun. (music)
(students drawing) Pope Wright
Professor: Art History, Drawing "I enjoy it and I enjoy the students and
the work that they do. Often times I see things one way and they come up with something that
I really hadn't thought of." John Tallwhiteman (Social Work student),
"I think what Pope likes is making… you making an honest effort at what you are doing" Holly Bounting (Visual Arts student),
"Pope expects a lot of your time, your efforts, your works, as well as a well educated, well
rounded artist. (students drawing) Pope Wright
"I really would like for the students to discover themselves and find their path. And
often times they may come to this class and their expecting from me to have the answer
for them. They don't always realize that there's not the answer, there are many answers…
and in that sense they have to find paths that are best suited for them."
(music) (students drawing) Pope Wright
"Some of the things that I hope they're gonna pick up is that there is going to be
some carryover from this class into some of the other classes… that hopefully they'll
take in the future or maybe have already taken. For example, last week we went outdoors to
Wisconsin Point… and we've been doing some things where they've been pairing up
with each other. This doesn't necessarily carry over into all of the other classes,
but certainly this idea of working collaboratively with other people is one of the major things."
(students drawing) Joseph Mukite (Exercise Science student)
"That's definitely a benefit in the class. You're always working with someone else…
talking to other people. By that you're gaining new friends; learning about other
people's lives… and then you can potentially relate to their experiences as well as with
some of your own." John Tallwhiteman (Social Work student)
"You get attention. He's able to see what everybody is doing and hear what other people
are getting for suggestions… and you know, you pick that up too. "
(music) Pope Wright
"Success is probably defined on an individual basis… and for me sometimes it's on a
day-to-day basis or a week-to-week basis… the students may not necessarily be Rembrandts, but again they may take away from them some very positive experiences… and in turn,
they pass that experience on to someone else. Sometimes it's the 'significant other'
… uh, sometimes family members or friends." Joseph Mukite (Exercise Science student)
"I had a great success in this class, I feel from when I first came in here I had
a hard time drawing stick figures… and then we went to contour drawing right away-that
was hard-, that was a big challenge for me, but I overcame it and I feel I did a lot better." Pope Wright
"Hopefully they're gonna get a few drawing skills out of it. Perhaps maybe they'll
become Art Majors… and then be budding artists… and when they're interviewed they'll say
'Oh I remember back when I was at UW-Superior and I had this professor."
(music fades) "Why I Teach" scrolls across screen
"Why I Teach" Pope Wright
Professor: Art History, Drawing UW-Superior (scrolls across screen)-with music
and fades.

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