23 thoughts on “Why elementary schools should teach poker | Liv Boeree”

  1. Me and my friends used to play poker in school (hiding from our teachers) when we were 14 or so. I really believe it helped us.

  2. Poker is gambling but not in the way players who don’t play think it is. Especially those who simply say that Poker is gambling alone. Poker is about the psychology people have when reacting to luck or a lack there of. Gambling is about wagering and guessing, poker has these as elements but the ultimate goal is to avoid luck being the true determinant of success.

  3. For those who say it's gambling here is a reference from Wikipedia ""Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value (referred to as "the stakes") on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning money or material goods." Playing poker without betting with real material goods isn't exactly gambling. So please find better arguments.

  4. this video is a fucking waste of time, you dont even go over a game with your thought process, sum of this video is in the title, dont watch unless you want to see somebody ramble on

  5. i was in a table of nine playing poker online, and one of the players always starts with all in…and he/she wins. My hand was AA, his hand was 3 and 4 and the end turns with a full house for him/her…and that has happened with all the players of the table… that specific game turn me out of poker games for a year thinking all is about chance, the only probability that counts is the 100% but that can only be sure in the last card show, then nothing to do about it.

  6. There are loads of good strategy games to choose from these days, and most of them don't promote gambling. This woman is behind the times.

  7. School should teach play chess not poker. I played many online tournaments. I was on final table couple of times in 6handed texas holdem and only once or twice i achhieved podium, few time final table. Every other time i lost against shit river. Many hours in the highest state of focus and then fkn lucky boy with no logic. I have destroyed few keyboards.

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