Why Education is Important but School is Not || Video Essay

Learning is important. School is not. Education is vital and ignorance is fatal. But, you see, simply going to school does not guarantee an education. I take that back. It guarantees an education, but not the kind that produces worthwhile thought. Instead, school as a system provides a thorough education in compliance. “Do this, do that! You need to know this. Don’t bother learning that!” School systems spend 7 hours per day, 5 days per week, and 9 months per year telling students what they can and cannot say, what they can and cannot do, when to speak, when to listen, when to think, what to think… And when a student objects to the approved process, the system responds: “This is the way it is and you have no choice.” “Don’t be a distraction, a problem, a failure!” “You have no choice!” When we’re very young, we’re free to learn and think for ourselves. We are creative. Life is filled with imagination and wonder, curiosity and play, with no limits on what’s possible… Until we’re taught otherwise… “Memorize this!” “Wait for the bell!” “Stay at your desk!” “Color in the lines!” “Remain in your seat! You can’t leave yet!” “You didn’t memorize this…?” “Failure!” School as a system requires all students to FOCUS. That is, Follow One Course Until Surrender. Surrender of freedom, surrender of creativity, surrender of thought, surrender of voice. We are taught to fear failure, fear originality, fear being uneducated if we don’t conform to the system… But without this fear, the system has no power. Learning is important. School is not. “Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore, do not use compulsion, but let early education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to discover the child’s natural bent.”

– Plato

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  1. bruh fucking school is a business… ain't no one fucking care about no damn education all them fucking old white men want is yo damn MONEY! tell me why IN THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!! they would care about if u get education or nah? they give NO SHITS! about chu or yo damn life they want YOUR MONEY

  2. Trust me it gets way worse than this! And you are definitely right about teachers putting some type of scare into us to learn! This one teacher I had gave us an assignment, and I was doing really well in his class with a really high grade, and because of an important emergency, I wasn't able to get it done! And then when I told him the next day that I couldn't finish it, he asked me "Do you want to live in a box on the streets when you are older?" -_- like what the fuck kind of question is that? The more I look into it, the teacher was trying to put fear in my mind of failure and to be homeless, just because of one fucking worksheet! You are supposed to teach with integrity and enthusiasm, not bitterness and fearful remarks of failure! But then again, they just want money to live off of our torture! And here I thought that we were free on this country!

  3. You don’t need school to be smart you need to be smart in something that don’t relate to education and plus school take out lot of years in our life we need friendship and love that all.

  4. I live in one of the best towns for public school in Connecticut which is the 3rd best state for schooling but I still don't remember much of what I learned from 6th grade and below

  5. I graduated high school & Jr. College with a 1yr. Diploma in Radio Broadcasting & still today, I barely only get to use so much of what I learned in real-time. I feel so smart & yet so STUPID…it's just saaaaaaaaaaad. School is not foolproof.

  6. My confidence is zero cuz if school.
    I’m considered one of the dumb ones.
    Its because i always get the lowest grades in class and i do try its just i have a terrible memory and forget the things that i need on the test which makes me dumb apparently

  7. school is brainwashing to make you a slave but education for all may result in stiff competition thats the crux of it

  8. Since when do people use long ass equations to work out which cheese is cheaper or how much a carton of milk is if it costs X amount per 100 ml

  9. Do you have a solution proposal? You looked at how bad this situation is; but you haven't proposed something better.


  11. I like that Plato's quotes at last part, school truly destroyed our creativity. I do cutting classes these recent months and still my family didn't know about this. I do cutting classes because I know what school taught me. I earn and learn but never return in my school. But, through my cutting class days, I found out how to communicate with people, neither a rich or poor I communicate with them. This may sound foolish to you does it??

  12. The only thing that school teaches me is how stressed I can get and how many mental breakdowns I can have in a day 🙁 I have a HORRIBLE memory, I can’t even remember most things from last year. So I do horrible in school. My mom doesn’t yell at me, she just looks at me in disappointment and brags about how good she was in school and asks me why I can’t be like her. I just want to graduate before my depression gets any worse.

  13. School sucks, it’s a freaking factory for making “”””perfect”””” robots. In school fail = death. I can learn by myself on the internet but school forces me to learn all that crap I won’t probably use in my life. I get home after tiring 8 hours + hours of homework & studying. I can’t even relax because the teachers or my parents yell at me. I want to kill myself.

  14. My parents says, If i dont go to school I will sweep the floor. Man i just wanna follow my destiny as a Esport Player.

  15. Im with u in every singe word u said

    But do we have another choice?
    I really donno what to do
    Do i quit school?
    do i just keep wasting time for random knowledge that ill forget once i pass the year?

  16. Damn right! The real education is self taught and experience, a real education is the want to learn because you learn from your curiosity, how this and how that. Real Education is about experience, it's about individual thinking… It's about learning thing by yourself and wanting to learn things that you are INTERESTED IN . That's real education…. That's real learning…..

  17. Exactly the reason I pretend to be a goody goody boy boy but discreetly write hidden messages in my work about why school is shitty. Last time we did a test featuring these idiotic paragraphs that describe what the author wrote, why, and how it affects the reader, I completely lost it and my test ended up being 60% a rant about how dumb all this was, and the remaining 40% was written in a VERY sarcastic tone. Looking forward to seeing my english teacher's reactions in 3 days.

  18. Theres this one thing that annoys me.
    All teachers do this: It's ok as long as you try your best

    After: I'm dissapointed you could do way better

  19. what is the point in school if I'm just a makeup artist. I don't need to do maths and English for that job. am I right about that??????

  20. Im confused….i want to go to school but i dont want to…i want to make my parents happy…..if this is what it makes them happy…..

  21. bullshit. this really isnt how they teach anymore. I wish they would teach discpline these days. It's all about feelings and individuality.

  22. 9th grade im sitting in my math class learning some porabola or some shit like that. i ask my teacher why we would use this or how we could us this in our everyday life. she couldnt give me an answer

  23. I have a question
    What’s the point of SCHOOL
    I mean yeah yeah Math, Reading ,Writing and History is important but POETRY UGH, 🤢 GROSS, teachers act like I’m gonna be a poet. Self defense is more important, and freaking PROPORTIONS IN MATH, WE DONT NEED THAT, AND PERCENTS OFF OR DISCOUNTS, MY GOD JUST PAY, YOU DONT NEED TO DO CALCULATIONS FOR MONEY

  24. Heres how school work
    School Official “Get pencil , books, bags , pens , uniforms from our school ONLY”
    Us Students : “ But where do we get education?”
    School: “ Oh u can get them from tuitions”

  25. EXACTLY! Learning is important and all humans need to be prepared for life but schooling at a building is no unnecessary! That is because worksheets are useless! Worksheets don’t give you important information you need for life! That is why I support informal education where people learn through experience and by self-teaching!

  26. You know what school does to me? Do you know what it has done to my self confidence and my mental health? Its done shit. School has taken my life and ripped it into pieces. If school were a person, I would assassinate it and eat it for breakfast

  27. Yea School Is Not Important But Education Is

    School Is Getting Kids/Teens Bullied Get Hurt

    U Can Learn From Home By Searching On You Want To Learn About
    I dont like school but i like education

  28. This fucked up education system and school system is very popular in the subcontinent. Im a Sri Lankan and I remember once I argued for some subject related matter but instead of showing what it really is, and why the teacher says otherwise, she scold me infront of everyone. We were nothing more than a bunch of labourers.

  29. What's the name of the song in the background. I wanna listen to the original without going back to this video with the speach in the background everytime I listen.

  30. education is important but the way they treat you is not fair and also im not saying that we dont need to learn how to read, simple equations or other things like that

  31. I agree with your opinion, CapOhTV, I feel the same way. School is like a jail; we have to do what they tell us and follow their rules. School is also like a stress factory; It forces you to do that and do this. The teacher is also not doing what they are supposed to do; their job is to TEACH students, not teach how to get good grades. There is something wrong with our educational society. I'm in gr.10 and I feel hatred and anger whenever I go to school. In every class, the teacher is just giving us pieces of information from the internet and make us do tests. Someday, the school will realize that they were enslaving us.

  32. The fact that I know people who have tried to commit suicide over the stress of school is sad. It lowers so many people’s self esteem by teaching people if you cannot do certain things then you will not get a better job than smart students..

  33. You know the thing is the people we learn about in school Einstein, newton, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln. They each us about these people but they don’t teach us the information we need to repeat was these historical people did. What I’m saying is being smart means to use everything you know to think through things. And all school does is cram information in your head and make you rewritten it on a test. That doesn’t make you smart. All these people we look up to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Einstein, and Tesla. They only teach us about them they don’t teach us what we need to know to repeat there work. You know what I’m saying?

  34. Lately I haven’t go to school cuz I got the feeling the I’m not learning, just memorizing and then forgot , don’t judge me but I want to be a professional gamer. I’m 9 grade and I think 10-12 is worthless

  35. We learn something for a living, but in generation that we live, people think Every human have to go to school to get a diploma or whatever, Because in school there is a people can taught you so many things , So it's mean school is not important….so if you want to get knowledge in school then you will go there , but if you want to get something to know with trying something or something new then you will do that

  36. Ya like I had a meeting with my head of house about my behaviour in school and he told me whilst I was sitting down do you want to drive a nice car or a crappy car like what 😂😂 what does that have anything to do with scl most jobs require no qualifications from scl now and there was one quote the kept me going and it was smile , agree and then go back to what ever the fuck you were gana do anyway 😂

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