Why Early Literacy Matters

literacy really is the cornerstone on which all of education is built that means that if we want children to be successful we have to begin early and beginning early is what we pediatricians are all about reach out and read is about doctors working with parents on behalf of their children reading aloud with young children connects to some of the very most important parts of children's development it connects to their emotional development because they're cuddled up with a parent and to the development of language and of course to the development of literacy we see parents and children every three months until they're 18 months of age and every six months after that that's a huge opportunity to have the discussion with parents about why language richness why reading aloud with your young child matters when children show up early in school without those understandings they often go from poor to poorer they go from bad to worse we see children who were perfectly bright at a year or two becoming dull and disinterested by third or fourth grade we know that for most children the path to school success leads through positive early experiences with books before that child ever sets foot in a school that's what we want for every child that they will come to connect books and reading with that warm feeling that they get with their parents and then when it's time to start the hard work of actually learning what letters do and how you put them together that warm feeling will propel them through grade school and high school and beyond reading and books are the key to education and that in turn is the key to success you

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