Why Do i Charge for my Time and NOT for my Knowledge or Strategy?

yesterday today actually incidentally I don't know why but a very interesting cohesion and happen I mean almost on similar levels this tools didn't happen so that is the reason why I'm bringing this video in front of you guys so just to make sure and make clear that guys I am charging you for my time I am not at all charging you for my education whatsoever because when you gonna join with me mean will mean a video visa program a classroom program the education is extremely simple it is as simple as buying glue that is when market is falling at the bottom and selling at the market top that's it there's nothing beyond that which I am gonna teach you but still why people join me all right but anyway let me just talk about this incident first of all so this guy was asking me questions little – okay sir I mean what this pattern ascending triangle pattern descending triangle pattern or following match patterns or whatever kind of packages ask those pattern these questions okay and I was asking some indicator based questions also so I was like I was like okay you are not my mentee because I check the records because I have everybody even x-men these comedians I have so is like no sir I'm not your mentee but I have watched all of your videos and how come Alex and one of the men you subscribed to you and me in a group of 30 people watched your videos I live Wow very good so you're stealing I mean how you not tell him that you are stealing from me enemy but I'm a ok no problem but I know one thing is because I was so comfortable in that top and whenever such girl situation arises this is what exactly this is exactly what I tell is half knowledge but not even half knowledge one person knowledge because this knowledge which you wanna watch if just by watching my videos it's not going to be helpful any his hour for that matter any knowledge if you learn for free if you're gonna just watch and do it on your own it's not gonna help you anyways it has to get implemented in a certain manner it has to get structured in a certain manner and for that to happen I have to give that banana and focus attention if that wouldn't have been the case at it I would have run that business like the people on who do me right they that's why they upload the videos and you can just watch on-demand video in demand so that's what I call myself right it is not just video and apart it's not just training I am doing I'm giving you performance which enlightens the straining part the learning part the knowledge over there you don't have to pitch for anybody also for that matter even if it is available right if somebody's let's say somebody selling my courses also in the gray market for that it people's in discounts also even if you money this is not gonna be useful at all because the main key component the 99% of the key component is me over there because I give you guys that focus attention I'll give you that guys that phone calls which are needed I give you that Skype for in-person meetings because only with that thing you are going to be successful there was one of the mentee I will tell you one more incident one of the mentee who did not learn my knowledge here Tony Alexa I have a very good strategy I'm very good and it is playing out well there's some issues with me just fix help me fix that I've charged in 35 is still because I mean I am gonna be Apple I was helping him by giving my time to it and within a year I was able to on that guy strategy or it was very simple moving average cross so strategy he was able to be profitable because what were missing the systems of missing and secondly the implementation part for which is needed and secondly the motivation and the inspiration part which is again neither because many a times traders bulu they don't have anybody to talk to then in that case many of em a nice turnout to me many of them it is turnout for me asking their open personal issues also because this is a business of psychology it's not a business of knowledge just by reading all you're not gonna be profitable again I'm telling you even if you're thinking also joining my courses just to understand okay what is my strategy it's simple market Falls bite but market Rises sell it that's all I'm gonna teach you there's nothing there are going to be candlesticks there are going to be patterns there are gonna be a same indicators which you look at there's nothing different there's no magical thing is it alright for a new person of course it could be something very interesting but again need new or old that knowledge will just remain as knowledge if no if somebody's not going to help you implement that knowledge the days are gone guys remember the days are gone there is somebody to just teach and go now the days have come over your hair we need to do that person mentoring we need to give that person performance which anyway that's a mentoring it's just like asking hi hello question of stock markets I build the personal relationship with as many mentees as possible because that's what keeps the psychology floating higher there are many times people trade fnot there are many a times my mentee straight injury in that case how to bring that many out of that who's gonna give that time that much time I am here to give that time even some of my ex – I give that much time if somebody's cracked then whatever was one of the many was trapped by taking his dad's money and he lost one point I like I gave him mine 1 & 2 hours of my time because for me time is specific that cannot be increased I cannot grow exponentially if I would have been selling just digital online courses then definitely I don't exponentially my business or grown exponentially consciously have chosen this path because I know just by selling courses a selling knowledge it would be just cheating I mean personally for me I don't know have not seen other people are doing wrong but for me I wouldn't get that satisfaction because the results won't get realized from your side I warned that number this I am gonna ask you that profit and loss should nominate myself that's how I run my business and for you to turn profitable I literally slog back behind how behind you we run various things at our end making sure that you're on track I recently initiated a new a new way of being water interactive with and making a small group of level young people and running them in an IPL kind of format where you give me finally experience so that's what the more human interaction more trader support practical support again MC my name that when they need it I am there that's what I'm charging you what do this all for this I need time and that time is what I'm charging you for not further knowledge again I am Telling there B it in my class smoke will you miss problem if you wish to come alright even if you get to read my knowledge if you get to see my videos of these then you will need me to implement it still you would need me if you are learned from somebody else also being that knowledge to me I think you profitable because then there is there may not be an issue with the knowledge 99% in chances there is no issues the knowledge be the simple moving average crossover some RSI strategy or some Ichimoku strategy or some some double head head and shoulders or double-talk double bottom or whatever price action strategy be anything whatsoever it's not an issue with the strategy is always an issue with the trader so that's why I focus on the freedom and stop selling knowledge long back I have I always I'm a very good business person you can see it because I always look ahead of that of what the market is looking for and at the same time what where I could be label this is the maximum and I change this model from becoming more focused towards the mentee then Mendis then a batch of people then BG 150 200 people I'm happy to teach the less mode of people because I want results from them and if they are delivering results they gonna be with me for like Stein that's what I'm looking for right guys it is if you really like this video and if you thinking what I am saying if is something going into your head then definitely give a thumbs up if you should join in my upcoming batch of my video base program it's coming on 7th of July QD 19 to pay the fees from today it's every get access to myself as well as the video library which animates the knowledge you must be having of that the main see what you're giving for it is for my time remember that all right being in my classroom session all see the same thing you want to get to stick with me three days three nights in Mumbai actually today's the last day if you're gonna watch this video the fees alone 53k but if you're gonna pay the fees today it does 30th of May then the fees are gonna be 45 it still it's not 12 p.m. in the night well people aim the night then still try and get me my on get what sadly the word classroom if she joins in the classroom batch alright my whatsapp normally seven seven one hundred four hundred five to have a good day

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