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Why do Bees Sting?! What a good question, let’s follow this
Bee and find out! Hello there Mrs bee…you do seem like you’re
a VERY busy bee indeed …do you think you could find time to answer
our question? You could? Fantastic! What IS it that you’re (quite so busily)
up to? You’re busy collecting special ingredients
…ingredients from the flowers? I see…but ingredients for what? I know!! HONEY! Ah…you’re collecting ingredients for making
honey…is that right? Oh BOY – I LOVE honey! runny, honey in my tummy Mrs Bee, that bear isn’t hiding very well
is he? What do you think he’s looking for? Mrs Bee? I really must know. Why DO you sometimes sting…? Because it actually really really hurts! What? …It hurts you too? It hurts you when you sting? What? You DIE when you sting?! Oh
Mrs Bee – how sad! But then why oh why…especially if you die…would
you sting someone? If they made you angry…or scared You sting when you’re angry or scared? What kind of things would make you angry or
scared then Mrs Bee? Ah… the bear getting close to your home! You’re scared that the bear will eat all
the honey? What! Do bears eat the honey and the babies too? And that makes you angry doesn’t it? Well no wonder …if the bear did that, you’d
not only have NO honey to eat…you’d have no bees to grow
up and help you make it either would you Mrs Bee? Looks like that bear won’t be back any time
soon… Thank you so much for helping us answer our
question! Thank you Mrs Bee!!!

9 thoughts on “Why Do Bees Sting? | Learning Video For Kids | Toddler Fun Learning”

  1. When i walk outside i don't nake them scared or mad but they just string me and go away Like im pizza or something

  2. You either need to put ALOT nore emphasis on the Bee Is the one Dying, not the freaked out kid thst is only watching this because they just had there first sting.Or just cut that part completely because its not important nor relevant to the videos title. . Wonder how many children misunderstood "Will you die Mrs.Bee?? YES YOU WILL DIE!!!! You die YOU DIE !!!!!!!

  3. bee sting because they sting that someone trethened to hive and queen . the sting was attached to the intestine the honeybee was the one that dies after stinging

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