Why Did The Dinosaurs Die? | Dinosaurs for Kids

Why did you dinosaurs die? What a good question.
Hello there Mr. t would you be kind enough to help us answer our question
please you would? fantastic! how will we find out
why all the dinosaurs disappeared mr. t? what are you doing? we’re going back in
time? wow this is fun. how cute, look at all the gentle plant eating dinosaurs. But who are these?
oh no those are meat-eating dinosaurs! Quick herbivores. Run For Your Lives yay Phew well done mr. t what’s that in the
distance watch out mr. t that’s an asteroid and it’s heading straight for
Earth! Oh No! oh no what a mess that asteroid has made!
It’s made such a mess that it’s even covered up the Sun and look now mr. t now the sun’s
all covered up the plants can’t grow and because the plants can’t survive neither
can the dinosaurs who eat them. oh no is this really what you think
happened to the dinosaurs mr. t of course now the meat eaters have eaten
all the herbivores there’s nothing left for the meat-eaters to eat. I think I see
now mr. t but as time went by the dust cleared the plants grew back and new life
sprung up all over the earth. come on mr. t let’s head back to the present day. what an amazing adventure that was mr. t
but I think it’s time we got some rest now don’t you. good night mr. t and thank
you so much for teaching us about the dinosaurs.

20 thoughts on “Why Did The Dinosaurs Die? | Dinosaurs for Kids”

  1. I like how they made a cute and kid friendly video over the devastating meteor impact which killed an entire race.

  2. this doesn't make any sense wouldn't the herbivores repopulate the earth before they would ALL be eaten and then wouldn't just more plants grow on top of the soil before the carnivores would eat ALL of the herbivores? This is an evolutionary/ big bang THEORY that I don't agree with, and how could the dinosaurs live 65000000000 years ago when the earth is only 6000 years old? Yes I am a young earth believer and this doesn't make any sense! plz clarify.

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