Why Critical Thinking?

critical thinking is for every child because every child deserves to have opportunity after opportunity to learn and to grow critical thinking should not be a secret everybody can learn to think critically and so we should be as educators there to help them it's our responsibility learning how to think is more important than any medium that you're doing the work in so whether that's print a tablet or a laptop the ability and the skill sets to think are critical to the future technology is not the answer and how kids think kids have to be taught just like anything else how to think and how to do that the non-elastic way it ignites them and it it's and excited that learning is active it's not sitting yet a great teacher can have a powerful impact on a student beseech how that's been written off achieve this is probably the most rewarding thing that you can see as a teacher it's just knowing that we are educating the future of the world and if we don't do a good job of teaching them how to navigate this this world of information and ever-changing and evolving world then we have not done them justice and that you know I want them to grow up and to be just as successful as every other generation has been and so we critical thinking is the way to actually do that

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