Why Choose a Career in Early Childhood Education?

I love this career, I love love love it
So there’s lots of ways to contribute within this career as I said I taught many grades,
I love, right now, as a leader in this field, I do workshops, which is thrilling and fantastic
to go out and talk to the teachers that are out there, doing the work in the trenches,
which I miss And so those of you who, teachers who are
out there working with the young kids, they get that feedback from the children and I
love to go out talk to teachers and see that spark light in their eyes about
I get it and I see how I can expand what I’m doing and connect it and bring better things
to the classroom and the children that I work with
I mean my philosophy is that if you’re passionate about something thats the best job for you
So if you’re not passionate about children this is not the career for you, you’ll burn
out so fast But if you love kids and don’t let the oh
what if I don’t make enough money, what if there aren’t enough jobs, don’t let that stop
you, same way if you are an artist and you are passionate about art or singing or…
there are lots of things, history… people try and steer you away from because you know,
you’re not going to get a job making a hundred thousand dollars out of college so they say
oh don’t do that I was a young mother, isolated, my husband
went to work all day, all of a sudden I was home with the kids and I didn’t know what
to do I start going to a little class that the community
college put on for parents and their children and it was a total life saver for me
It was, you know, beat up little dolls and old blocks and little scraps of paper to paste
but it was just heaven I think bottom line is all of us are caring
individuals and we’re the helper types, we want to be responsive to peoples needs and
we realize that children don’t grow up in a vacuum and so we’re serving children and
families so if at your core you’re a service oriented person who enjoys building relationships
and thrives on watching other people grow, this is a great career
So if you’re considering a career in early childhood education I’d say congratulations,
you picked the best field to go into, its a great great, rewarding field and I think
you’ll never work with a better group of colleagues because we’re happy, we know we’ve chosen
a career thats really rewarding and giving back to society and its really a career that,
gosh, the opportunities are limitless about what you could do with a degree with a degree
in this field so you could be teaching, you could be writing curriculum, you could be
coordinating a program, you could get into public policy and really advocate for a variety
of things, you could do social services and connect with supporting families or going
into the home and working with parents Really this career is so dynamic, the field
is so dynamic right now, that there are jobs and careers, like the one that I have right
now, I’m coordinating a quality rating and improvement system, it didn’t exist three
years ago, so the opportunities are really exponentially unfolding for careers in this

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