Why books are here to stay | Small Thing Big Idea, a TED series

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Reviewer: Krystian Aparta I will lend books to people,
but of course, the rule is “Don’t do that unless you never
intend to see that book again.” [Small thing.] [Big idea.] The physical object of a book
is almost like a person. I mean, it has a spine
and it has a backbone. It has a face. Actually, it can sort of be your friend. Books record the basic human experience like no other medium can. Before there were books, ancient civilizations would record things by notches on bones
or rocks or what have you. The first books as we know them
originated in ancient Rome. We go by a term called the codex, where they would have
two heavy pieces of wood which become the cover, and then the pages in between
would then be stitched along one side to make something that was relatively
easily transportable. They all had to completely
be done by hand, which became the work
of what we know as a scribe. And frankly, they were luxury items. And then a printer
named Johannes Gutenberg, in the mid-fifteenth century,
created the means to mass-produce a book, the modern printing press. It wasn’t until then that there was any kind of consumption
of books by a large audience. Book covers started to come into use
in the early nineteenth century, and they were called dust wrappers. They usually had advertising on them. So people would take them off
and throw them away. It wasn’t until the turn of the nineteenth
into the twentieth century that book jackets could be seen
as interesting design in and of themselves. Such that I look at that and I think, “I want to read that. That interests me.” The physical book itself represents
both a technological advance but also a piece of technology
in and of itself. It delivered a user interface that was unlike anything
that people had before. And you could argue
that it’s still the best way to deliver that to an audience. I believe that the core purpose
of a physical book is to record our existence and to leave it behind
on a shelf, in a library, in a home, for generations down the road
to understand where they came from, that people went through
some of the same things that they’re going through, and it’s like a dialogue
that you have with the author. I think you have a much more human
relationship to a printed book than you do to one that’s on a screen. People want the experience of holding it, of turning the page,
of marking their progress in a story. And then you have, of all things,
the smell of a book. Fresh ink on paper
or the aging paper smell. You don’t really get that
from anything else. The book itself, you know,
can’t be turned off with a switch. It’s a story that you can
hold in your hand and carry around with you and that’s part of what makes
them so valuable, and I think will make them valuable
for the duration. A shelf of books, frankly, is made to outlast you, (Laughs) no matter who you are.

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  1. I agree, yet here I have been for the last 10 years on YouTube and my book reading went from one a month to just 1-2 per year.

  2. I bought a digital reader years ago, and when I got my first tablet I tried digital books again. Both times it was just short term.
    Today I still read real books, there is no replacement for the printed word, and I can not tell you why.

  3. I never ever have read an ebook completely. I need to feel the book. There's nothing like having that book in your hand

  4. If you lend a book, note of the book name and the person name and the date, then do some follow up after a couple months.

  5. For me, it’s quite difficult to be completely at ease reading on my e-reader. Unfortunately, I live in a country where books in English are not widely available, and import/shipping fees make them expensive to order online from international retailers. Nevertheless, I still maintain a small collection of hardbacks wherever I go.

  6. I love physical books and wish this were so. Sadly what I see from companies makes me suspect we will see them pushed out on some scare or hype. I will keep buying the physical paper books as long as I can though and much prefer them to digital media. Not to mention I actually finish reading more books I start on paper vs lower rates on digital.

  7. Misleading title. All content relates to a subjective experience only relatable to generations already familiar with and fond of books. The new generation may feel similarly sentimental about tablets and it depends on them whether or not books are actually here to stay. Books do have setbacks that digital content don't.

  8. I try to read one book per month. Page count can vary greatly but it’s still a good way to exercise your brain IMO.

  9. There is something magical about holding an actual book in your hand as opposed to reading one on a tablet. Reading on a tablet makes the experience more distant while holding a book brings you closer to the text.

  10. What comes into your mind when you hear the word "book"? Is it an ebook or a physical book or both? For me, previously it was a physical book, currently, both ebooks and physical books come into my mind without any difference or priority, I believe soon it will be the ebook. We can not say that physical books aren’t going anywhere. But I can say that people will prefer to do writing physically with pen and paper rather than using a computer/phone. Physical writing will be there forever, but not the physical book reading.

  11. I read books, but I dont value them the same way because I mostly read textbooks. So the older they get, the more outdated they are.

  12. The video editor is clearly going a bit crazy on these videos to show their skills, but informative videos like this aren't always the place to do that! The sound effects are unnecessary and a bit distracting from the dialogue / message of the video.

  13. Very true. I love books. Some might think i have an obsession lol. And it all started in the end of 2018. And since then iv read 62 books currently on my 63rd. I believe i will always buy and read books. There’s something special about having the physical copy. I just cant do audible maybe in the future but right now ill stick to books. 📚

  14. I'm not a big fan of books, but they are very special indeed. I am so glad to have seen this and can appreciate them more and more. Maybe i'll pick up a book again in the near future.

  15. But think of the "creators" who can not get any of the reselling revenue. Also nobody can improve the expierence, which might hurt the "creators" reputation. Books are the devil. E-books are the future, burn your books today and buy them digital.

  16. San ka bibili? sa BookSale? sa National Bookstore? sa Fullybooked? sa Books4Less? sa Power Books?sa OMF? sa Recto? sa mga circulo ng Segunda Mana? sa Acad Press? Oorder ka sa Amazon? Pagkamamahal! o kung masipag ka punta ka sa NL, kaso papaxerox ka pa rin, READING IS INDEED A LUXURY! Kaya ako kay Boss Nannie and Friends na lang, sa Balagtas Street, VitoCruz, Makati. Mabuhay ang READING CLUB 2000!

  17. I disagree with the suggestion that books might be the best way to read. Their backlighting just isn't on par with digital solutions, and the bookmarks not as reliable either.

  18. I love books…. its the hole experince: the, smell, the feel, the emotions it sparks, the imagination it triggers, and deep sense of entering the mind of the story teller. It gives me piece in a busy day, where i can shot-off the world and concentrate on this one item. Books is the only thing, besides music, that sends me in to a kind of meditive state where i replenese my mental energy and balances my psyche

  19. love this segment… but i have a doubt.. the paper was invented in china, is that true… I m not sure if the first book was invented in Italy. Egyptians had books too.

  20. Inteligence delivery device.
    Works on rain, sun, dust, wind, snow.
    Can be used day and night around the clock.
    Extremelly Silent.
    No Wifi required.
    No bateries necessary.

  21. Experience of turning the pages, marking some writings (the theories), and very important: the smell of book, feel it while close your eyes gon makes you fallin in love 😹😹😹

  22. Let's take a moment and appreciate the guy who managed the camera and took these brilliant shots❤️❤️❤️

  23. Please please please tell me how you edited this video…. Please . Those transition effects are amazing. I was mesmerized more by the editing….Please 😔

  24. When I see a person reading in a park, in a café, in a park, on a bus or a train it always makes me curious and often I will try to catch a glimpse of the title – and sometimes that can even lead to a small conversation. That never happens with e-books.

    When I see a person reading, I instinctly feel that person is a friend.

    When I visit people, I always enjoy to look at their books. Books are like a part of their personalities. The books you choose to read tell a lot about your personality and your interests. And again it can lead to great conversations about books you have read and books you wish for. Private libraries – big or small – are expressions of who we are, and I think that is crucial to the human race. We have a deep need to tell the world who we are – some people use fashion and makeup, some use cars or jewelry, and some people collect books. And that can never be replaced by books on a screen. 😀

  25. I wonder why he failed the mention the most practical reason to keep books in the digital world. Books do not require power for consumption.

  26. I gave the books to school friend as a new year present exchange and the people laughing (sarcasm for being stressful and boring). I am the only person who can associate with the social elite, studied in the nation no.1 college, keep on higher education, running my own business, invest in stock and bond. I am 29. While the other are still struggling in life despite they have a degree.

  27. My father is a bibliophile and when someone asks- what r u going to do with this many books?he replies -i don't buy them only for myself but for generations to come.
    Its inspiring to have someone like that around, you start seeing books as an investment.

  28. You know I suppose to finish some books I bought but instead i end up opening youtube till feeling sleepy. Also, i have 100gb of ebooks that consist of general world knowledge but still dont have time to read those.

  29. My nephew recently destroyed a book of mine. I can't wait to rebind it like books of old (which kind of got overlooked in this video)

  30. I really like being able to hold a book, and just flip to a random page, whether I’m rereading a book or reading it for the first time. I can just flip it until something catches my eye, unlike ebooks where I can only jump to chapters or bookmarked pages.

  31. Im sry u had to see this books are not here to stay…internet can be erased by govts…and manipulated…books dont survive our wars ask hitler.

  32. Samwell Tarly: I read about it in a very old book.

    Gilly: You know all that from staring at marks on paper?
    Samwell Tarly: Yes.
    Gilly: You're like a wizard.

  33. Hello everyone! I'm Letícia and I'm from Brazil😊🇧🇷! I'm trying to learn english and that chanel has heped a lot! I share my experience in my chanel! I Hope you guys like my videos. Byeeeee

  34. I know I'm going to be the unfavored opinion, but this is all extremely subjective. Physical books extremely inefficient and are becoming more and more of a novelty. If this video has some data or statistics backing it up then it would be interesting but is doesn't.

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