Why Art Works: artworxLA combats the high school dropout crisis through arts education

We have a serious situation. 1,000,000
American high school students drop out every year. That seven thousand young
people every school day. Out of every four students, one does
not graduate. In LA County, eighty-three percent of the time one is Latino or African-American and lives in poverty But why did one dropout? When one becomes disengaged in school
dropping out seems to follow. Drastic cuts in arts education are
not helping one re-engage. After dropping out one will
earn five hundred thousand dollars less over a lifetime, is six times more likely
to go to jail, and it will die nine years earlier than a
high school graduate. Plus California’s lose $1 billion in tax
revenues every year, and spend $1.4 billion in incarceration costs. Believe me right? That’s where we come in. Hi, we’re artworxLA we combat the dropout crisis by engaging students with hands-on arts education. taught by professional artists in
alternative high schools because we know that one is five times
more likely to graduate by participating in the arts. Which helps one gain access to a
profitable career in Los Angeles where one in eight jobs in the creative
economy and decreases the dropout rate which sends a ripple effect to the National economy. When the high school drop rate here in california is permanently cut in half, each new graduating class would yield
more than $1.4 billion in economic benefits to our state. But best of all one is more likely to not be incarcerated, be civically engaged, earn higher wages and live a longer better life. Help one access the path to a brighter future and one becomes to two, three, four, five, 1000, 5000, 1 million. When art works in LA we all benefit. artworxLA.org

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