WHS Teachers Read Mean Tweets

not gonna lie no one gets your nerd jokes hashtag Star Wars sucks mr. Tyler a knee or anger from inside out no miss TV I say I can't walk any faster enough with the tattoos you'll never be as gangster as Shapiro number nine says it's hard when you're math class is being taught by a squirrel ethics world moments funny no way first Willis is number one says still waiting for mr. Kravitz to reveal he is Bruce Willis at Benny boy 88 I don't understand why banner got held back a year wasn't he supposed to graduate with the class of 2017 well it turns out I applied to a college down in Tennessee called hello Maya and I went but they said I was too old that I had to leave so I did try to go down with him at play defend I hold hands more with mr. Wayne than my own boyfriend half tank eye fives hash tag and hose at John doors lives gave up on my goals in 11th grade when I realized the shine from Taos head was brighter than my future could ever be nice I'm trying to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner but mr. Cole Evita is blasting Frank Sinatra holiday radio hashtag it's not Christmas yet sorry not sorry how does it feel to know you will always be the second best coach key in the school hashtag boom roasted that one hurt that's very true though at one forest one says mrs. Martin 50% human 50% squirrel 100% absolutely crazy at Bruce Willis says can you be my stunt double for the next die hard at big Steve still lives with his parents first of all enough of people calling me Steve it's mr. better I have a college degree for a reason and I don't live with my parents but you know what if I keep buying all the example products I might have to move back in with them anyway mr. Kaul Abita definitely sleeps with a plush Yoda at night instead of his wife if Kid Rock and mr. clean managed to create a baby you get mr. salary oh it's very good at crop tops Saturday chuckles Friday isn't catching on stop trying to make it happen hashtag make it happen let's get it someone needs to get mr. Gary some tissues any time you watch the movie hashtag I always get emotional during this scene hashtag this party gets to me hashtag I get really choked up this really moves me Axl played a farmer what if mr. Wayne says he shares a birthday with everyone just so he can get free coffee from Starbucks every day at just trying to learn if I had a nickel for every time mr. Bennish stop to talk about himself in the middle of class I'd have enough to buy my own Mustang I like to give people friendly advice like how to gain weight like myself so I recommend going to Chipotle very often like I do every single week and I offer good advice like drinking soda when you wake up in the morning like buying expensive cars you can't afford or Apple products going at 3:00 in the good advice because guess what I have the phone and you don't see back at at henry david thoreau I'm a sensitive guy has tattoo flames coming from coming out of his sleeve at anonymous says it took me four years to realize that mrs. barbegal was the principal not the head cheerleader hashtag why is she so happy oh yay Go Go warriors that Zeus the Bulldog by I doubt it Zeus doesn't use Twitter mr. Norton's classes are like are a lot like watching a failed stand-up comedian who's somehow wound up in a high school grotty underscore Grover says no we are not okay hashtag finds a new catchphrase I have no idea what that means oh because I say okay is that why you guys aren't even my god hey they're at six nine four two zero her hair is full of secrets about the Italian mafia at big baller I don't think I've met anyone who hates their life more than mr. Norton correct white tuxedo mr. Brown can't be the drama teacher because he'll give himself the main lead so funny you girls bring that up because I did receive an award for Best Director 1999 anything goes but I have many awards for performing as you can see there's one right here and you know what to my critics this is what I say they say I'm crazy got no sense but I don't care they may or may not me in offense but I don't care you see I'm sort of independent I am my own superintendents and my star is on the ascendant that's why I don't care I don't care I don't care if people frown on me perhaps it's the long way but I go my own way that's my philosophy I don't care I don't care when it comes to happiness I want my share don't try to rearrange me there's nothing that can change me cuz I don't care All Right girls go back to class [Applause]

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