Who's the better driver – GorillA or Hans Sama? | Learning Your Lane

really you're up there can you move the car everybody my name is Nathan free school double tap and we are inside the kia pro Cee'd GT that's because we're about to have an obstacle course I grab three players from The Misfits League of Legends team max lore you have a driver's license you know how to drive yeah I do these two in the back they don't on right they don't have a driver's license so this is gonna be kind of terrifying those two in the back they're gonna have a little practice then we're gonna have a test I'm gonna be in the passenger seat they're gonna drive the obstacle course we'll see how they do what that means so it's fine and I have to go okay listen you can either when you turn you don't do this okay you wanna let go and just keep turning okay control the car the cars you're so good he wants you there [Laughter] [Applause] – salut no Yang's beatable but we got a brief ooh it's all about safety and speed down this little robot yep that's like I called a gang top plane okay yeah like a roller coaster all hands and feet inside that was really close I want you to know your mirror almost eat you and I just watch your cone see look you can sneak and lick your little screen look at your little screen you're missing the conga line that's okay this is good so now we're gonna do a smart Park Assist okay okay it's gonna parallel part for you for parking searches so let your brake go my bro he doesn't have his hands on the whip get the break you just see mine yeah Oh psyche yeah it was amazing guys both did well they hit a few cones you're a little bit of 10 minute times but you sped through the lanes thank you guys for being part of this video thank you for Kia for sponsoring and providing the cars my name is Nathan Foose with double tap and we're out [Applause]

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