Whoopi Goldberg’s Family: 3 White Husbands and 1 Kid

Caryn Elaine Johnson more known as Whoopi
Goldberg was born in NY in 1955. She got her first stage experience at the
age of 8, when she was taking part in Rubenstein’s theatre. Unlike good acting skills she demonstrated,
at school, the future Hollywood actress was the worst student. Therefore, she left education without getting
any diploma. Then, she left home and moved to San Diego,
where she began acting in a theatre, thus becoming more experienced. She started getting offers from Broadway shows
and finally got on a big screen having debuted in The Color Purple. It was her first role and she managed to be
nominated for the Oscar and received the Golden Globe for it. Her father, Robert was a churchman who left
the family when kids were still young. He died at 63 to stomach cancer. The mother, Emma was raising the kids as a
single parent. To make the ends meet, she had to work at
two jobs. The mother had always been supporting Whoopi
that is why when she died in 2010 from stroke, the actress was really devastated. The famous comedienne had only one sibling,
a brother Clyde. Unlike his famous sister, he wasn’t interested
in the moviemaking industry and worked as her driver until he passed away of brain aneurysm
in 2015. The celebrity was married thrice. Alvin Martin was her first spouse. They had been living together for six years. He is also the only man she has a child from. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 54. A well-known cinematographer, David Claessen
became her second husband. However, they lived only two years together
after which divorced. The third and last marriage to an actor Lyle
Trachtenberg lasted only a year from 1994 till 1995 and didn’t result in any children. Nowadays, Goldberg is not married but every
now and then is seen together with high-profile figures. She has only one child, a daughter Alex from
the first marriage. Like an internationally know mother, Alex
has followed her path and became an actress too. She is a caring mother to 3 kids and a loving
wife to Bernard Dean.

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  1. Not to put emphasis on looks but she is one of the most anattractive females I have ever seen…sometimes she looks like a man……maybe she is transgender!!!

  2. Whoopi, clearly needed to leave the View, good time to shut that sick place down!
    I couldn't watch that show, they were all constant hate mongers, but as for Whoopi, she was truly one of the most ignorant and hateful people to ever live. Whoop always looked as if she was in pain… perhaps an impacted bowel, but it gushed out her mouth..

  3. What does she mean by, "she manage to be nominated"? She got nominated and won… BECAUSE she is good at IT. Just very natural.👌🏾

  4. My husband passed right before Christmas last year from pneumonia. He also suffered from COPD. He was 67 y/o . No joke. Pneumonia is a serious Infection. Godspeed Whoopi!

  5. She sure didn't get the cream of the crop with the white men LOL but then again, look at her LOL. Hateful, racist, uber ugly, nasty hag. Looks like a bag lady. She needs to keep a sack over her head. Oh My Eyes.

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  8. Whoopi goldberg is in terrible shape she is so overweight and the drugs and alcohol and cigarettes and pot smoking have taken their toll on her she is probably not coming back to the view that show should have been canceled years ago it is racist and hateful and unamerican whoopi said she would move to Canada if trump got elected we are still waiting for her to go if she gets well i hope she goes to Canada and takes that ignorant ugly bitch joy Behar with her

  9. Who is doing the narration tho starfire from teen titans? "To make the ends meet" that being said get well Whoops our prayers go out to you.

  10. I lost a friend to pneumonia and she was only thirty six and left behind a husband and two children. Pneumonia is a serous illness.

  11. Why was it importat about the color of her husbands! Hope she is
    Recovering well from her bout with double pneumonia. Back on track with her career soon I hope.

  12. I declare healing in her body from the crown of her head to the sole Iof her feet. She is healed in Jesus name. THE same spirit that raise Jesus from the death lives in her body. She is healed in Jesus name🙏🙏🙌🙌🙏

  13. Whoopee may not "BELIEVE" in God. God still believes in her.
    As it is eady to PRAY for likeable, lovable people..She is worth the extra effort. I ONCE was a big , fan of hers.. I gave up your easily..I PRAYED FOR HER TODAY .

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  15. How the heck does she marry white men she's so racist is not funny. Even though I do not care for her as an actress and I don't like her attitude or personality I don't wish death on anybody God bless Miss Goldberg hope you get better soon

  16. Woopey in 2004 went aseptic honey I m 79-year-old my birthday is the 25 so you see some of us are strong see you soon love always

  17. What's the problem sounds like you've been stealing others writings i know all about whoop marriages but you forgot some but I'm not telling to put this cheap crap on YouTube whoopi has lived her life despite racist people like you l will not subscribed you so get your own writings

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  19. 📖🙏Rest in peace Whoopi🙏📖 Now god just added another beautiful Angel to join him in heaven. Sending my blessings to your family.And you'll always be in my heart❤📖🙏

  20. Shes in title to be with who she wants she doesn't discriminate..at the end she became a successful woman and has continued. More power to her..


  22. I'm not even listening to this post. My concern is the post about you almost passing due to pneumonia. Whoopie, I hope it taught you and that demon Joy to be more loving and see what is truly important.

  23. Color matters to a certain class of People.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion with out name calling.
    Be Mature please…

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  29. Love you Whoopi, I grew up in Jersey City. I've worked with nurses for 10 years. Eat soft or very nutricious foods and vegetables. Drink lots of juice, lemonade and orange, also apple.
    Hope you are better soon!!!

  30. The only sin that will keep you out of Heaven is not believing in Jesus. All you have to do to know you will go to Heaven when you die is: Confess with your mouth, that "Jesus is Lord" and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, and you will be saved. Romans 10:9

  31. Not a good video since important information was left out. Whoopie Goldberg started her career as a Stand Up Comic with a huge audience for years before going into movies.

  32. Its is March 2019 as I write this. Just as I figured – a few stupid, irresponsible people have already posted notices of your 'passing'.. WTF? True, pneumonia is tough, but with good doctoring and your own personal 'butt-kick', I know you gonna handle this.. hang in there, lady. We send BIG love from downtown NYC.

  33. 3 white husbands.. Sounds like she's racist against black men 🤔 can't believe any man would want that old ugly hag

  34. Why you just didn't say , Whoopi Goldberg's Family: 3 Husband's and 1 Child. Why does society has to put a name on something beautiful. Whoopi Goldberg will be missed dearly , I send my deepest sympathy to her family. May Our Heavenly Father God give you his strength , in your time of sadness and lost 😥😥 Amen.

  35. when are you going to leave the planet? when your end arrive we will be very happy and we will have a party all night long.God is really good whoopi making you suffer first before you will be send to hell…

  36. Are used to look up to this woman are used to think she was just so wonderful and then I started watching the view for just a little bit and found out she really is not a nice lady and she’s racist she might be married a lot of white people who cares doesn’t matter about that it’s her actions that speak louder

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