Whole Group Phonics Lesson – Parry

happy Valentine's Day okay we are going to do a quick letter lesson on letters and vowel sounds before we decorate our Valentine sighs okay today we're gonna practice him down hands down built hands down today we are going to do vowel sounds please hurry up here what sound does the letter A make Willie what time does the letter O make Abraham what's on this letter I made Kayla it pins out you're right Kylie we're going to do centuries after this hands down Abraham sit up here we go I'm going to sing our song where and get right to it okay get ready for the sound train did you get ready for the sound get ready for the sound train yeah who knows the alphabet I am I am who knows the alphabet I do I whose electric a nose the electric oh oh oh nose the electric eye I saw almost everyone doing their signs oh and oh I didn't hear singing or see participating hopefully here we go all these word letters and then we're going to start sounding out words back straight please here we go who must elector seek no the left end who knows the electric s who knows the electric arc the letter M very good three more sit up who knows no electric teach knows electric Pete knows the letter B today okay we're gonna start with our short a sound what sound of short a make Kylie thanks for raising your hand what sound a short a make Kylie fingers only will get great teeth oh sorry I mean we would get right to our words and then we'll get to such as after okay thank you for reminding me what's on the short a Meg Kylie um Ashley I noticed I'm too short a make Enrique short a Zoey short Oh Brianna be short Oh Alana short Oh Jason short I abraham short I say the sound angel short I in handsome okay we're gonna start with our short a sounds nice okay here we go I'm gonna do the first one and I'm gonna have me to do some by yourselves hands down I felt that when I where's my little car what I do when I see a green light my car is gonna drive when I see a red stop sign what's my car gonna do Julian stop very good I turn first and then your turn Jason mm at your turn what's the word well I want more people to know here the town we'll try it again Matt you're hurt I'll do it faster Matt Lily what's work Matt everyone what's the word mom what's the word ah very good we'll try another one I know these sounds from before we have a I'm gonna try it hands down eyes up here your turn oh I am love that burns Campbell's word nap everyone nap yeah now Jason stop next word say the sounds in your head who thinks I can read this word sounds in your head go ahead hopefully one person is let's see Alana izombie sackless word huh their goods like everyone shine back nice job Zack I see two people in the front who are very close to getting their first check Marxism they are not paying attention not even next word say the sounds in your head Michael what's the word fat staff everyone say stop stop so good Drive Michael yeah well last short a sound eyes up here back straight eyes up here oh I know that one it's a tricky one all the ancient us Galleani nose oh I see something what about those people in the middle you know okay let's work Pat's a lovely huh okay let's say loudly everyone Pat good next we're gonna do short I words right now Brandi short I words right now what sound this short I make Sabrina the short I it very good here we go first one ready eyes on me mm up your time to Emma and the sword Willie what's worth 10 Tim everyone Tim hey Tim hey Tim hey it's Tim a word or a name so is your brother grandma's death playing it how can I tell it to me well I know it's your brother's day but how can I tell that this specific word is a name Kayla not quite Kylie how do I know this is the name because every visit then and and our name is Kim I was thinking that what kind of letters just everyone's names start with what kind of Limbs letter shoot everything start with Zack a perky uppercase letter so what look word what kind of letter to start with suck up for cakes uppercase T so card how do I know it's a name because it is it ok cool idol it starts with an uppercase letter very good next one do it in your head angel sort sick sip everyone sick hey yeah sit sit very good next one in your hub Enrique go ahead tip everyone tip hey good job Enrique Enrique one more crisscross someone who hasn't answered yet Sabrina God hmm everyone sit sit sit hey very good Thank You Sabrina okay I'm going to quickly do our up words what letter makes up full letter mix has hung up up someone quiet with a nice vertical hand Lily what sound like what letter makes up ah what letter is that oh very good an O makes them up awesome you have three more words before we go to centers okay everyone back straight I'm gonna give you to wiggle around five seconds go ahead five four three get all your glass q1 back straight home sit up criss-cross punch my fingers okay here we go eyes on me three quick upwards and then we go to centers sync in your head put your hands up hands down okay hands down whose thanks I know it Michelle what's the work Oh close what's the last time mmm so we have mom what's the word mom everyone mom sort of like mom look different what's the word Jason the Lord pop sounded up for us what's weird everyone pop ha ha ha ha Kayla last word before we go to centers I'm looking right now already for people who are sitting quietly who are concentrating who are ready to be visor people at centers if you would like to be a visor helper I suggest you sit up get ready last words moving your head Sabrina what's the word ah huh very good everyone up top oh so many of the front row did not do what I did stop Kayla up top um very good what's word ha ha mom pop ha top mom mom pop pop top top mom top yeah pop ha mom mom sorry top ha very good hands down back straight we're going to get ready to go to centers I'm going to show you right now which Center you're going to got it do you understand we're doing okay look for your name this is where your folks the time I didn't ask you to stand okay sit down try it again I heard two people talking and they're talking I will answer questions later put your hands on step 2 step 3 not right now with your son terminal go to Arizona

32 thoughts on “Whole Group Phonics Lesson – Parry”

  1. Ditto on all the positive feedback! My heart breaks for how rigid the lesson is, but understand the time constraints in the classroom probably require this efficiency. One thing I noticed was that when the boys got a correct answer, everyone gave them a cheer, but none of the girls received one?

  2. Hi I am Deepika and I am from India this is very useful to me can you keep more videos on kindergarden children. And I love this video

  3. Interesting use of word 'uppercase'. When I was young, we were all taught Capital letters v/s Small letters.

  4. What is up with the gay pride bullshit colors in class? Same old white woman education bullshit. There is no way this woman would teach my child.

  5. Thank you for the video….but…Phonics must not be taught like they in the military… they'll hate reading… its everything my english module in degree studies says I shouldn't do as an English teacher…. The way you teaching worked back in the day, not in the 21st century… too stiff…. sorry…

  6. I wonder if the parents of these kids were asked for their permission to have their kids on Youtube.

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  8. That's a very good lesson! Well organised and good discipline in the class! Love it! Look forward to more of your lessons.

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