Whole Brain Teaching: Amazing Kindergarten Writing!

whole-brain teaching writing is the systematic approach for teaching students the basic structures of college-level writing in as early as kindergarten we start out by asking the students to answer questions using a complete sentence which we call college talk and we explain to the students that when they were babies they may have used one or two words or short phrases to answer questions but that now that they're in kindergarten they're ready to speak in full complete sentences and use their college talk when you start out you're going to want to scaffold this for your students by providing them a sentence frame for example if the question is what is your favorite pet you would provide them the sentence frame my favorite pet is in this next video you'll see a student who's using their college talk once students are good at using college talk there are two cues you can use to prompt a college talk complete sentence one is a visual cue with the hand behind the ear like this that tells the student that we're listening for a complete sentence the other is the verbal prompt which is college talk please in this next video you'll see both of these strategies used what's your favorite food let's give them a ten thing or rolling woo once your students have mastered college talk and using complete sentences for their answers they're ready to work on their speaking skills in this next video you will see the student get up in front of the class to give their complete sentence answer the student begins by calling the class using the class yes the student then says mirrors please which props the rest of the class to follow along mirroring the gestures of the speaker some of the gestures that this is using our gestures that help us to remember the basic rules of sentences some of these gestures are this gesture which means that a sentence begins with a capital and this gesture and sound effect hurt which means to put a period at the end of the sentence all right let's give him a ten finger April once your students have mastered giving their college talk answers in front of the class they are ready for college graduate talk we explain to the students that college graduates have to back up their answers with supporting details the easiest transition for this is to have the students use the word because in their sentence we teach the students that any time they hear the word because they're going to use what we call the because clapper we clap when we hear the word because because we know the student is backing up their answer and giving it a supporting detail all right let's give him ten finger may once the students have mastered college graduate talk they're ready for advanced level college graduate talk advanced college students have to back up their answers with more than one detail we use this gesture which means tell me more and the easiest way for students to add another detail is by using the word and in their sentence in this next video you will see the student using their advanced college graduate talk all right let's give him a ten finger gob already once your students have mastered the advanced level college graduate talk they're ready for the genius level triple whammy sentence a triple whammy sentence is a topic with three supporting details in this next video the student will be teaching the class their answer using a triple whammy sentence a new gesture and sound effect is the zoop which means to insert a comma all right hold up your fingers and let's give him a ten finger jingle-jingle you will want your students to practice speaking triple-whammy sentences as often as possible the triple whammy is the key to unlocking the basic structure of college-level writing these next videos are several students using their speaking skills and speaking complete triple whammy sentences and the winter I juggle ice Cavey I can't build a snowman and I know no more all right class yeah hold up your hands and let's give them a kiss I can't a sand castle and all right class let's give him a rolling ten finger all right let's give her a ten finger with the lightning sizzle are you ready all right class yeah let's give her a 13 finger will let's 1310 here we go right hold up your fingers and let's give her a spooky ten finger I slice class yeah let's give him a ten finger Happy New Year cheery hold up your horns and all right let's give her a Christmas jingle ready ten finger jingle all right hold up your gobblers and give them a ten finger gobble gobble gobble once your students have mastered the triple whammy sentence it's time to put it in writing having your students practice writing triple whammy sentences will prepare them for the next step which is triple whammy paragraph writing in these next videos you will see several students reading their triple whammy paragraphs which started from the triple whammy sentence in the sauce free it is warm I can splash in puddles and I wear when I went up it is warm I splash in a big hole I wear my yellow boots in the summer it is hot I can go to the beach and I wear a t-shirt when when it is hot I can go to the beach that way I can build a sand castle with my mom and my dad at the beach and my teacher my t-shirt is beautiful I can pop a window I am I wear a t-shirt when I would it is warm I carve a pumpkin I carve a soft pumpkin my patient is colorful and now the big finale once your students are able to write triple-whammy paragraphs they're ready for the next step which is the five paragraph triple-whammy essay in these next videos you'll see several students reading their five paragraph triple-whammy essays which follow the basic structure of a college-level essay and all of this began with the triple whammy sentence that live in the four forests are a dear and oh and a vast eight dear lives in the forest a deal has adler's it has one firm and ll lives the in the forest and owl has feathers it hunts animals at night a bat lips in the first eight that has wings a pet has sharp teeth a deer al and a that live in the forest animals in the forest are awesome three animals that live on the farm are a sheep a duck and a chicken hey sheep lives on the farm a sheep have white fur a duck lives on the farm Hey duck has some feathers a duck has a bill hey chicken lives on a front a chicken has feathers hey chicken lays eggs a sheep egg duck and a chicken live on the farm animals on the farm are three out of that lid doesn't ought a snake and coyotes can aim else a snake Liz and the Dozen eight snake have scales a snake is a red tail Hey coyote listen that's a coyote have one for a coyote eat desert Mike a mouse live in the desert a mouse have a skinny tail a desert mouse has big ears a snake a coyote and a mouse with in the visit and Lestat with in the pivot are awesome three animals that live in the ocean are a whale a dolphin and a seahorse a loyalist in the ocean a whale has two flippers a whale has a long body a dolphin and ocean a dolphin has a long tail fin a dolphin has two flippers a sea of course this and ocean a sea horse is swims fast a seahorse has a curly tail a whale in a way you a dolphin and a seahorse allness in the ocean they are cool three three animals that live on the farm are a pig a tail and a horse a kitten is on a pigs is ready it is a cow on a farm a cow is black and white they have a red turn a horse moves on a farm it has a big tail it has a long tongue ate a cow and a horse lista farm animals that live on Stefan are terrific three animals that live in the savanna are a nine a zebra and a a nine Yin lips and Susanna a lion has fluffy fur a lion is dangerous a zebra lips and the Savannah a zebra has stripes a zebra is a mammal a hippo rigs and the sedan a hippo it is a mammal a a lion a zebra and a hippo who live in la Savannah the animals and the Savannah are awesome earth-three anima that live in the rainforests are a butterfly a monkey and a snake a butterfly lives in the rain from a butterfly has and blue wings a butterfly can play a monkey lives end up rainforests a monkey can swing in the trees a monkey has a lot of work a snake lives in the rainforest a snake has sharp teeth he has green scales a butterfly a monkey and a snake lives in the rainforest animals in the rainforest are fun as you can see the key to unlocking the basic structure of a college-level essay is the triple whammy sentence the triple whammy sentence can easily be extended into a paragraph or even a five paragraph essay if kindergartners can do it anyone can do it

49 thoughts on “Whole Brain Teaching: Amazing Kindergarten Writing!”

  1. Wonderful video. When I write, I always orally say what I am going to write before I actually write it–to hear how it sounds, and saying it orally helps me to think. So many writing methods do not stress how important it is to orally rehearse what one is going to write. During this time, I also revise what I'm writing. Most writing teaches editing as a separate step (when it's an ongoing process). Love your variation on the ten finger . . . . and the scaffold teaching of the progression of the sentence building. Thanks. Very informative.

  2. Enjoy it as Discussed the position is mine but better safe I have for a bit then go back in and the young men to help out and about that but he's still a bit and the young.

  3. Acting out … good strat!! Not bad for a kindergarten.
    Check their test scores. For me.. its all about test scores.

  4. Thank you! Stumbled upon you by accident. I'll pinch bits of this and adapt for older kids. So hard to get them to expand sentences! Thanks so much for sharing x

  5. Okay so i am working on becoming a teacher and i scored 200 on both the reading and math praxis (The highest score) exams but am scoring around 150 on the writing so i am trying to start at the very beginning to fix this problem. That being said i am far from being an expert in the area of writing. However wouldn't it be more proper for you to say "please use college talk" when you want them to use complete sentences? Because by doing this you are modeling the "college talk" more then you were when saying just college talk please, right? For example if you want children to use complete sentences wouldnt it be better to tell them "please talk in a complete sentence" instead of just saying "complete sentence please"?

  6. While the video shows each step in formulating a sentence, it doesn't show the actual writing. How do you go from orally practicing sentences to physically writing them? Where in the video is the WRITING process?

  7. How many hours does it take you to plan lessons. Please answer soon, I want to become a kindergarten teacher.

  8. I find the use of oral language to practice "building" sentences very intriguing, and the physical movement really keeps them all involved and interested, so the techniques are certainly worth trying.   But there is a BIG leap from stating a sentence to writing it down!  This makes it look like they just go back after lots of oral practice and start writing.  Most Kindergartens have children who don't know their letter sounds yet, much less how to sound out words to write.  Some kiddos have never held a pencil much to write any letters. The use of "college" is pretty silly also here.

  9. I wonder how long it takes to go from building oral sentences to get to the 5 paragraph triple whammy essay.  I am definitely interested in doing this next year with my firsties.  

  10. Is Whole Brain Teaching the only behavior management plan that you use? or do you have something else in place, pulling cards, moving clips, etc.

  11. Inspiring! Love WBT and how it has changed my classroom for the better.  I have slowly implemented it throughout the years.  I think writing is my next step.  Love it, keep up the great work!

  12. I attended a whole brain workshop last spring and it changed my kindergarten program for the better. We use the program above and it really does work. My class has many second language learning students and they were able to do this too.

  13. This is amazing! It makes me hide my face regarding my 5th graders, but on the other hand it shows me all the potential and simplicity of how quickly I can repair the situation. I am on it!  Great job Andrea:)

  14. I am amazed how well your students are writing. I am a new teacher and I struggle with teaching writing to my first graders. Your strategy is just what I need to help me be successful in teaching writing. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Holy cow! They can use commas correctly. Your teaching is really impressive. I'm only a substitute teacher, but I think I'll recommend this to some of the kindergarten teachers for whom I sub. In the meantime, I plan on having the next class I sub answer questions using complete sentences.

  16. Shouldn't it be: My favorite food is pie, because I like the strawberries in it; I like the cherries in it, and I like cream in it.

  17. I think so because the calendar in the background says they have been in school for 171 days and its in May.

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