Who Started the Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Theory?

Since the early 1970s conspiracy theorists
have created ever more elaborate stories about how NASA faked the moon landings, much to
the annoyance of the literal hundreds of thousands of people who worked in some capacity to make
these missions a reality, and even more so to the men who were brave enough to sit in
front of a massive controlled explosion, take a little jaunt through the soul crushing void
of space in an extremely complex ship built by the lowest bidder, then get into another
spacecraft whose ascent engine had never been test fired before they lit the candle, and
all with the goal of exiting said ship with only a special suit between them and oblivion. And don’t even get the astronauts started
on the paltry government salary they earned in doing all that and the hilarious lengths
they had to go to to provide some semblance of a life insurance policy for their families
should the worst happen during the missions. So who first got the idea that the moon landings
were faked? While it’s highly likely there were at least
a few individuals here and there who doubted man could accomplish such a thing a little
over a half century after the end of period in which humans were still hitching up covered
wagons, the first to really get the moon landing hoax story going popularly was a writer named
Bill Kaysing. How did he do it? Kaysing self-published a book in 1976 called
We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle. Released a few years after the Apollo 17 mission
in 1972, Kaysing’s book popularly introduced some of the most well known talking points
of moon landing deniers, such as that the astronauts should have been killed when they
passed through the Van Allen radiation belts, noting the lack of stars in photographs, the
missing blast crater below the lunar modules, etc. Beyond these, he also had some more, let’s
say, “unusual” and occasionally offensive assertions which even the most ardent moon
landing denier would probably rather distance themselves from. Not exactly a best-seller, Kaysing’s book
nonetheless laid the ground work for some of what would come after, with the idea further
gaining steam in part thanks to the 1978 film Capricorn 1, which shows NASA faking a Mars
landing and then going to any lengths to keep it a secret. As for the film, director Peter Hyams states
he first got the idea for such a movie when musing over the Apollo 11 mission and thinking,
“There was one event of really enormous importance that had almost no witnesses. And the only verification we have . . . came
from a TV camera.” Not an accurate statement in the slightest
on the latter point, it nonetheless got the wheels turning and he ultimately developed
a script based on this notion. As to how Kaysing before him came to the conclusion
that NASA faked the moon landings, the story, at least as Kaysing tells it, is that in the
late 1950s he managed to view the results of a highly secretive internal study conducted
by NASA on the feasibility of man successfully landing on the moon that concluded, in his
own words: “That the chance of success was something like .0017 percent. In other words, it was hopeless.” Kaysing doesn’t explain how NASA came up with
such a precise figure given all the unknown variables at the time, nor why he put the
qualifier “something like” followed by such an extremely exact number. He also did not name the report itself. And, in fact, as far as we can tell, NASA
never conducted such an all encompassing study on the feasibility of a successful moon landing
in the 1950s. Whether they did or not, we did find in our
research looking for that report that NASA conducted a feasibility study on the proposed
designs for several manned rockets immediately prior to Apollo program to decide which contractor
to use. This, of course, has nothing to do with Kaysing,
but we figured we’d mention it as we like to deal in facts and reading Kaysing’s various
works has us feeling like we need to be cleansed a little by saying things that are actually
true about NASA in this period. In any event, Kaysing would later assert that
he determined from this report that there’s no way NASA could have improved these 0.0017%
odds in the time between the results of this supposed study and the moon landings about
a decade later. Now, if Kaysing was just some random guy shouting
in the wind, it’s unlikely anyone would have listened to him. Every conspiracy theory origin story needs
at least some shred of credibility from the person starting it to get the fire going. For Kaysing’s assertions about the moon
landings, this comes in the form of the fact that for a brief period he worked for Rocketdyne,
a company that made rockets for the Apollo program. Not an engineer or having any similar technical
expertise whatsoever, Kaysing’s background was primarily in writing, earning an English
degree from the University of Redlands, after which he naturally got a job making furniture. As for the writing gig he landed with Rocketdyne,
his job was initially as a technical writer starting in 1956 and he eventually worked
his way up to head of technical publications. He finally quit in 1963, deciding he’d had
enough of working for the man. After quitting, to quote him, “the rat race”,
in 1963 Kaysing traveled the country in a trailer with his family, earning his living
writing books on a variety of topics from motorcycles to farming. This brings us to 1969 when he, like most
everyone else in the world with access to a TV watched the moon landing. While watching, Kaysing recalled the supposed
NASA study he’d seen all those years ago, as well as that engineers he’d worked with
at the time in the late 1950s claimed that while the technology existed to get the astronauts
to the moon, getting them back was not yet possible. He later stated he further thought,
“As late as 1967 three astronauts died in a horrendous fire on the launch pad. But as of ’69, we could suddenly perform manned
flight upon manned flight? With complete success? It’s just against all statistical odds.” Despite often describing himself as “the
fastest pen in the west”, it would take Kaysing several years to write the book that
introduced one of the most enduring conspiracy theories to the world. As for why NASA would bother with the charade,
he claimed NASA worked in tandem with the Defence Intelligence Agency to fake the moon
landings to one up those pesky Russians. While certainly good for the country if they
could get away with it, the benefit to NASA itself was, of course, funding. Said Kaysing, “They – both NASA and Rocketdyne
– wanted the money to keep pouring in.” As to how he knew this, he goes on “I’ve worked
in aerospace long enough to know that’s their goal.” So how did NASA do it? He claimed that the footage of the moon landing
was actually filmed on a soundstage. When later asked where this soundstage was
located, Kaysing confidently stated that it was located in Area 51. As he doesn’t seem to have ever given clear
evidence as to how he knew this, we can only assume because it’s not a proper space related
conspiracy theory if Area 51 isn’t mentioned. Kaysing also claimed that the F-1 engines
used were too unreliable so NASA instead put several B-1 rockets inside each of the F-1
engines. Of course, in truth these wouldn’t have been
powerful enough to get the Saturn V into orbit even if its tanks were mostly empty. (And given the frost and ice clearly visible
covering certain relevant parts of the Saturn V here, it’s apparent the tanks could not
have been mostly empty). There’s also the little problem that the clusters
of B-1s he described couldn’t have fit in the F-1 engine bells and you can see footage
of the F-1 engines working as advertised, with no clusters of engines anywhere in sight. Nevertheless, despite these problems with
his story, he did purport that the Saturn V was launched to space as shown (though at
other times has claimed that in fact as soon as the rocket was out of sight it was simply
ditched in the ocean and never made it to space). Stick with us here people, he changed his
story a lot over the years. Whatever the case, in all initial cases, he
claims the astronauts were not aboard. (And if you’re now wondering how the U.S.
fooled the Soviets and other nations tracking the rockets during these missions, he claims
a way to fake signals was devised, allowing for tracking stations on Earth to think the
craft was headed for the moon and, critically, successfully fooling the Soviets who were
indeed closely tracking the missions to the moon and back.) So what did Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and
Michael Collins do during the mission if they weren’t zipping around in space? In the first edition of his book, Kaysing
claims that they flew to Las Vegas where they mostly hung out at strip clubs when they weren’t
in their rooms on the 24th floor of the Sands Hotel. We can’t make this stuff up, but apparently
Kaysing can. Kaysing goes on that at one point one of the
trio got into a fistfight with someone in broad daylight over a stripper. Sadly Kaysing doesn’t reveal which of the
men did this, nor how he knew about it, so we’re forced to assume it was Buzz Aldrin
who is the only member of the three we definitely know actually has gotten in a fist fight. In this case, in 2002, a 72 year old Buzz
Aldrin punched Bart Sibrel who is a “we never landed on the moon” conspiracy theorist,
“documentary” maker, and cab driver. Sibrel invited Aldrin to a hotel with Sibrel
telling him he was making a children’s TV show on space. Once Aldrin arrived at the hotel, Sibrel pulled
out a Bible and tried to get Aldrin to put his hand on it and swear that he had walked
on the moon. Needless to say, Aldrin was pretty irritated
at this point. Things got worse when Sibrel called Aldrin
a “liar” and a “coward”, at which point Aldrin punched him. As for his defense, Sibrel states, “When someone
has gotten away with a crime, in my opinion, they deserve to be ambushed. I’m a journalist trying to get at the truth.” Unwilling to sway on what that truth is, however,
Sibrel states, “I do know the moon landings were faked. I’d bet my life on it.” Not all is lost, however, because he states,
“I know personally that Trump knows the moon landings are fake and he’s biding his time
to reveal it at the end of this term, or at the end of his second term if he’s re-elected.” So, rest easy everyone, the truth will come
out soon enough apparently. In any event, going back to Kaysing’s book,
he states that shortly before the astronauts were supposed to begin broadcasting from the
moon, all three men arrived on a soundstage deep within the confines of Area 51 and ate
cheese sandwiches. He also states that along with cheese sandwiches,
NASA provided the men with buxom showgirls while at Area 51. Presumably this was the only way to pry the
astronauts away from the strip clubs. After eating the no doubt delicious sandwiches,
Aldrin and Armstrong put on some space suits and pretended to walk across a fake moon set
while reading out some, to quote Kaysing, “well-rehearsed lines” in a performance
he called “not great” but “good enough”. A description we personally feel is a little
unfair considering it has apparently fooled seemingly every scientist on Earth then to
now, including ones working for the nation directly competing with the US to land on
the moon who would have relished any opportunity to even allege the whole thing was faked in
a credible way, let alone prove it and embarrass the U.S. utterly in front of the whole world. But, unfortunately, as you might imagine,
the Soviets at the time were monitoring the whole thing quite closely with their newfangled
technology and so never got the opportunity to disprove the landings. Amazingly Kaysing also claimed in his book
that the fake moon landing footage was filmed live and that there was only “a seven second
delay” between Armstrong and Aldrin’s performance and the broadcast the world was
watching. Thus, had even a fly buzzed across the set,
NASA would have only seconds to notice and cut the feed, lest such a mistake or inconsistency
be noticed in the footage people would be watching for the rest of human history. As for the splash down and recovery, he claims
the astronauts were eventually put on a military cargo plane (a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy) and simply
dropped from it in the capsule. As for how he knew this, he did provide a
source for once, claiming that an airline pilot he talked to had seen the Apollo 15
module drop from a cargo plane. Who this pilot was, what airline he worked
for, if he offered any evidence to support his claim, such as a flight log showing him
piloting a plane in the area during the time of the splash down of Apollo 15, or even when
he talked to said pilot, however, he fails to mention. As for the moon rocks brought back, these
were apparently meteorites found in Antarctica as well as some that were cleverly made in
a NASA geology lab. As to how NASA was able to keep the lid on
things, despite nearly a half a million people working on the Apollo Program in some capacity,
not just for NASA but countless independent organizations, he claims NASA simply only
let those who needed to know the whole thing was a hoax know. So following this reasoning that means all
these scientists, engineers, etc. working on all the components and various facets of
the mission were genuinely trying to make the moon landing happen, including knowing
the requirements to make it happen and testing everything they made until it met those requirements… Meaning what was built and planned should
have been capable of doing what the mission required… That said, Kaysing admits a handful of people
here and there would have had to know the whole thing was a sham, and thus NASA simply
paid off those who could be paid off, promoted those who preferred that reward, threatened
those who still wouldn’t go along, and murdered those who still resisted, which we’ll get
into shortly. The ridiculousness of many of these claims
and how easily they crumple under the slightest bit of scrutiny is likely why in the 2002
re-release of his book Kaysing changed his story in various ways, including claiming
that the engines on the Saturn V actually did work and that Collins, Aldrin and Armstrong
did go to space after all, instead of going to hang out with strippers in Vegas. He then states that all three men orbited
the planet while pre-recorded, not live, footage was shown on Earth. Despite, to put it mildly, straining credibility
on pretty much everything he said from start to finish and him providing absurdly specific
details, generally without bothering to provide any evidence whatsoever backing up these claims
and changing those specific details frequently over time, Kaysing’s book and subsequent
work nonetheless helped spawn the still thriving moon landing hoax conspiracy theory. As for Kaysing, he didn’t stop there. He continued to sporadically come up with
new allegations against NASA, including that the agency murdered the astronauts and teacher
aboard the Challenger explosion. Why would they do this when the whole Christa
McAuliffe thing was supposed to be a publicity stunt to get the public more interested in
space travel, science, and what NASA was doing? According to Kaysing, “Christa McAuliffe,
the only civilian and only woman aboard, refused to go along with the lie that you couldn’t
see stars in space. So they blew her up, along with six other
people, to keep that lie under wraps…” Speaking of things that Kaysing said that
are ridiculously easy to debunk with even a modicum of effort, we feel obligated to
point out that Christa McAuliffe was not the only woman on board. NASA astronaut Judith Resnik was also killed
in that tragedy. Not stopping there, Kaysing also claimed the
deaths of the Apollo 1 astronauts were intentional as one or more of the astronauts aboard was
about to blow the whistle on the upcoming hoax plan. We feel obligated to point out here that,
as previously mentioned, he also used this fire as evidence of NASA lacking expertise
to get a man to the moon… Meaning according to Kaysing this fire was
somehow both intentional to murder a few astronauts and also accidental owing to NASA’s incompetence. Moving swiftly on, NASA officials also apparently
had others killed, including safety inspector at North American Aviation Thomas Baron who
wrote a report on NASA safety protocol violations after that tragic Apollo 1 fire. It’s at this point, we should probably note
that in the 1990s Kaysing decided to sue Jim Lovell. You see, in 1996 Lovell publicly stated “The
guy is wacky. His position makes me feel angry. We spent a lot of time getting ready to go
to the moon. We spent a lot of money, we took great risks,
and it’s something everybody in this country should be proud of.” Lovell also wrote to Kaysing asking him to
“Tear up your manuscript and pursue a project that has some meaning. Leave a legacy you can be proud of, not some
trash whose readers will doubt your sanity.” Unwilling to stand for his good name being
publicly besmirched, Kaysing naturally sued Lovell for defamation, though the case was
eventually dismissed and nothing ever came of it. Kaysing continued to assert that the moon
landings were a hoax right up until his death in 2005, in between writing books on cookery,
motorcycle safety, farming, taxes, survival, how to subsist on very little money, and travel
guides, as well as making occasional appearances on such shows as Oprah expounding on his conspiracy
theory work. On the side he also promoted micro-housing
as a solution for homeless people and ran a cat sanctuary called “FLOCK”, standing for
“For the Love of Cats and Kittens”. So, yes, Kaysing was a man whose passions
included micro housing, cats, survival, travel, living off almost nothing, and rapidly coming
up with conspiracy theories. If only he’d been born later or the interwebs
invented sooner, this man could have been an internet superstar. Whatever the case, Kaysing’s death understandably
garnered a mixed reaction from the scientific community, with few finding the ability to
muster much sympathy for a man who accused NASA of murdering people. Gone but not forgotten, Kaysing’s ideas have
actually gained in popularity in recent years, particularly among younger generations according
to various polls, such as one done by space consultant Mary Dittmar in 2005 showing that
25% of people 18-25 doubted man had ever walked on the moon. This is all despite the fact that it’s never
been easier to definitively debunk Kaysing’s various assertions. Not just via reading the countless explanations
by scientists definitively addressing point by point every idea ever put forth by moon
landing conspiracy theorists, there’s also the fact that there are literally pictures
taken in the last decade showing clear evidence of some of the equipment sitting on the moon,
including for the Apollo 11, 14, 15, 16, and 17 landing sites. Even in some cases showing the tracks left
by the astronauts and the shadows from the flags planted themselves. Naturally, moon landing deniers simply claim
these photos too were faked, although why China, India, and Japan should cater to NASA
on this one when they independently took pictures of their own verifying the moon landings is
anybody’s guess. We’ll have much, much more on all this in
an upcoming article on How Do We Know Man Really Walked on the Moon?

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    If it didn't happen then why, just why is it that the Russian's didn't use this "fake" as propreganda? Answer—- the States actually put men on the moon.
    So simple a 5 yr. old in the school yard can figure it out.

  42. People like Kaysing are so self deluded that you could drag them to the Moon and shove their face in the port hole and they still wouldn't believe. It's a mental issue. He has no sources, no evidence, nothing yet he believes such a ridiculous thing. Flat earthers have the same issue.

  43. Yet NASA lost all research, every piece of paper, audio, pictures, video, and have to refigure out how to pass through the Van Allen belt… That alone is quite suspicious, their greatest achievement and they just lost every trace of it… Right

  44. There are some people so paranoid that they see a conspiracy behind everything. My coworker believes the earth is flat, the moon landing was a hoax, and any conspiracy he can find online

  45. they say they went to the moon with less technology than a mobile phone. But they can't go back with computers we have now. Bullshit Alert.

  46. It was faked, Russia sold the US their failed rocket program! Footage has multiple light sources, and now Na sa tells you the moon now is within our atmosphere!! Why

  47. Can you explain why the single biggest achievement of man videotapes were erased, I guess nasa really needed to tape AFV

  48. Propaganda! You're an idiot if you think they put men on the moon using a bunch of tin foil and tin cans. Radiation would have cooked them from inside out.
    Plus so many other things just don't add up.






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