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  1. There is no crisis!
    Denied Pain Patients Their Medications!
    They Seek Relief For The Pain Using Whatever Drugs They Can Find.
    If All The Medications Are Addictive?
    Why Most The Addicts, Overdoses Are Heroin?
    Doctors don't prescribe heroin.
    Fentanyl And Oxycontin Are Not Dispensed And Prescribed At Levels Reported.
    If Those Drugs Are The Problem?
    Why Have Those Of Us That Have Chronic Pain Been Cut Off Of Our Medications And We're Not Prescribed Any Of Those Drugs And Have Never Had Any Drug Overdoses Or Drug Arrest?
    Who's the blame?
    With all the conspiracies created by the conservatives of this country?
    *WTH Would Anyone Believe There's This Enormous Drug Addict Pain Pill Problem?
    A conspiracy to eliminate disability payments!
    Started With The Elimination Of Tylenol Prescriptions Dispensed!
    Then Requirements For Patients To Take Drug Test!
    Now They've Take Our Damned Medications Totally Away! AND THE LIES CONTINUE!

  2. the patient is paying for it. the Drs and the greedy government started all this. now people that actually need it for real chronic illnesses can't get anything from there DR anymore because there afraid the government will step in and say something to them or have them brainwashed into thinking everyone is just drug seeking. so they tell the patient now to take some Tylenol or Aleve and good luck. So instead of being in a controlled environment where the DR proscribed it. if they want ANY kind of relief they have to now do it illegally and get it off the street or just suck it up and suffer. and now if the media wants to blame the world problems on something it's either #1 trump or #2 the opioid crisis. and don't even get me started on these pain clinics who are the biggest drug dealers around. I'm just going to shut up now. just had to vent. sorry.

  3. These executives drove up and down the streets and didnt see the people hooked on it? Right lock every one that was part of it

  4. Just a friendly reminder that addicts lie, a lot. Especially about their afflictions. So don't be getting all mushy on all these "oh I'm in so much pain" stories.

    That is normal addict behavior.

  5. The killing is caused by the super strong synthetic heroin. A tiny bit is deadly and illegal dealers add it to the real stuff. If they don't do it right the user dies. This is what is causing the mass deaths. As bad as the opioid pills and real heroin are it's a mistake to confuse the issue with the label "opioid" crises. It's due to Fentanyl a synthetic (man-made) opioid 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine.

  6. We know who the democrats want to pay for it. You, that’s who they want to pay for it, like illegals benefits. Liberal media hasn’t even approached Trump plan on the epidemic, because Trump plan didn’t put any money in their pockets.

  7. I think the individuals taking them…can’t be blaming everyone else for this…it’s a drug!! Take responsibility for your own actions

  8. I'm astonished that this is even a question. Someone who is abusing drugs, someone who is no longer using medication as medication, someone who is now intentional using drugs to commit suicide or to abuse them in to break the law, is responsible for their own actions. It's that simple. Once you have ceased to use it as a pain reliever to use it as a recreational narcotic, you have ceased to be a patient and become a criminal. This is not an epidemic, this is a parade of idiocy. People are overdosing, but these people intentionally took the medication, more than it was supposed to be, to get high! I have no sympathy for them. I feel bad for the families, but the people who died, we're committing suicide anyway

  9. The goverment they started itit gives people jobs a states sue on the backs the addicted. It was all planned. All I here is cheap talk no action.

  10. The US government,CIA and legal criminal drug mafia pharmaceutical industry is responsible for this freak show. They function as a unit in this corruption and opioid crisis.


  12. All profits should be removed from any company that made money that includes all the advertisers any hospitals everybody should pay for it everybody that made money

  13. It’s the individuals choice to buy and use. I say let them die. To mentally weak. And to the sellers. Just take all there money if caught. Sorry not sorry for your mentally weak friend who OD’d. Be strong and only do Baja blast.

  14. Let them overdose, I am sick of the bullshit that comes with the people who use it. Legalize marijuana and maybe people will go for CBD products that actually work and don't make you sick like pills do, if you take pills, you are worthless.

  15. Drug addicts?
    They choose to do it, and people who think is a disease and not a choice just enables them.
    Addicts are a bane to society anyway, I don't know why we allow these sub human drug fetishists to continue to exist. The vast majority refuse to get help, the rest are a public annoyance and wasting perfectly good air.
    Why don't we just start exterminating these pests?

  16. Probably the people that hold people down and force the pills down. Oh wait.
    The government making money taxing stupidity again. It's Okay, it's not your fault, we will make them pay if you vote for us. Have some more pills.

  17. I don't think people want to get rid of the opioids they love doing opioids every part of the world then you should have the right to freaking do them government just regulated make some money maybe they'll put that into the schools

  18. Pharmacy's I feel wanted everyone addicted, they had doctors getting kick backs to write as many prescriptions as possible. Greedyness ruled them before human life .they must be held accountable

  19. White privileged is real no one paid for the crack epidemic or the war on drugs except for blacks through mass incarceration

  20. No one cared about blacks during the crack epidemic. Our president then said “Just Say No”. That’s the same message we should have for these white drug addicts. “Just Say No”

  21. Why is it so different from the crack crisis they locked up the black community for that problem, but now that a drug is killing white kids oh now they get help fk that just lock they asses up.👀👀👀

  22. It's a good/bad drug but everyone that has taken them that really did not need them, knew they were addictive. And they took them anyways. It's the high of nothing bothers you that addicts people. The good / bad
    issue with painkillers is they shut off the pain receptors in the brain. Eventually, you need more to shut off more pain receptors. The reason people die when they take too many is because it slows your heart down until it quits beating.
    The druggies ruined it for the suffering people that truely need it.
    Having sex and dancing will give you the same up feeling.

  23. All the people in government that pushed it, big pharmaceutical that made and lied about it and the doctors that knew it was bad but profited from it

  24. I paused the video before it started.

    Because EVERYONE knows who should pay for it.

    The United States Government who knowingly allowed it to continue for decades.


    I mean…
    damnd ….if no one ever got in trouble for shooting innocent people….
    everyone might do it.

    Not just the police.

  25. You guys are idiots. Siding with a company that’s makes billions off getting people addicted over actually caring about the health of your fellow Americans. Very shameful and inconsiderate.

  26. FDA who approved them safe.
    Doctors who over prescribed to patients and got paid for it.

    Don't forget, vaccines are safe 😉

  27. The manufacturers and provider's. They are liable for failing to disclose the truth to patient's. Prescription opiates=addiction/destruction.
    I hold those two communities completely responsible for the opiate epidemic and all the lives ruined and lost so they can be rich. Sue the hell out of them, maybe then they will think of lives before fortunes.

    It has only been in the past few years that drug manufacturers were forced by the fda to include the warning of suicidal thoughts while taking an antidepressant drug. Go figure.
    We trusted them was our 1st mistake.

  28. The Clintons for ignoring or changing long standing laws in the 90s. Isn't funny how they had a hand in the opioid problem and the housing market crash.

  29. Uhhh the people who took the drugs? To be honest it’s the persons fault for getting addicted. I’m sorry for all the people who had lost family to this drug but it is the people’s fault.

  30. LMAO! Who's responsible? Who should pay for this? Everyone knows. Yet our politicians accept big pharma money and are friendly with them personally. Shocker.

  31. Of course, US Government MUST pay for it.
    US Military in Afghanistan have been stealing Poppy Seeds from Afghanistan, brought Heroine into US.

    It gets ZERO attention from US News Media, but it is well known FACT in World Community.

    From that, US took over Global Drug Market which is $$$ billions drug business.

    Therefore, US must take a responsibility for epidemic heroine addiction problems in US.

  32. Here is something not heard from a progressive liberal very often – who should pay for the opiod crisis? The same as the tobacco crisis, the idiots who smoke and take the drugs. The smokers are worse though since 2nd hand smoke is a killer and the assholes got off free as can be. But go ahead and pin it on the manufacturer if you must – what the hell.

  33. The Sackler family is currently moving to hide their money overseas. They should lose their opioid fortune since it was built on the backs of dead Americans.

  34. As mentioned below, the Dr's are the pusher. 20yrs ago a Dr I know told me oxy is a pain med for terminal patients, it doesn't matter if they get hooked, he would not prescribe oxy to non-terminal patients.

    The Dr's know oxy is made for terminal patients

  35. Who provided the Opioids to patients. Regulations did not work. People became addicted after being prescribed to many pills. That is where the regulations come into play. It is hard to know how soon people will become addicted. The pills should have ran out before addiction occurred.

  36. What we need to ask "what became of ppatient doctor confidentiality?" the big pharmaceutical industries and government are banking on us ,our health and welfare, so to say….people go to dr to feel better ,and to maintain healthy lifestyle habits ( supposedly so) now government steps in with healthcare reform, & regulatory committees and We the Patients are put at risk, pharmaceutical companies making money money ..they the government owns stock in both healthcare and pharmaceutical products I know I worked with major pharmaceutical distributors company..Unfortunately The American people will pay monetarily or with their lives to keep getting the proper care if in chronic pain ..Addiction is rampant We see it but why? The ones addicted have used other forms of substances yes no maybe but most have ruined their lives already and need help but unfortunately don't have jobs,or healthcare so the tax payer will feel the burden because government is hammering down and their money is coming off of our backs…stay healthy people maintain good report with you Doctors and if in pain use medication as prescribed. PAIN MANAGEMENT is the Government Regulatory Committe put in place to monitor the influx of Medication given to people so they still function to pay their salaries think about it. The pain management dr is regulated by the DEA another regulatory committe see where this is going? Do research stay vigilant stay healthy and watch the money pit of pharmaceutical companies eat us all if not mandated properly and let marijuana become legal statewide …

  37. They spent millions on lobbying and advertising. Also convincing Drs to prescribe. They are nothing more than drug dealers like the cartels

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