Who is Billie Holiday for Kids? Educational Biography for Students (Black History Videos)

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I have a fun lesson on a historic jazz singer named Billie Holiday. Starting off the life of Billie Holiday began
on April 7, 1915, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Billie Holiday’s parents were Clarence Holiday
and Sadie Fagan. They were both young when Billy was teenagers
with Clarence leaving them both to chase dreams of becoming a music musician. What many people don’t know is although she
is famous for her name Billie Holiday, at birth it is said that her name was Eleanora
Fagan, although there are some that say on her birth certificate it was listed as Elinore
Harris. One thing that started for Billie early in
life was her love for music. Some of her favorite songs to sing along to
were music from Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong. Later Billie began singing in clubs and was
discovered at the age of 18 by a man named John Hammond who loved the way she sang. John helped connect Billy with clarinetist
and bandleader Benny Goodman. Together they worked together to release her
first commercial songs, “Your Mother’s Son-In-Law” and 1934 top ten hit “Riffin’ the Scotch.” In the 1930s is where she started using her
stage name Billie Holiday after admiring an actor named Billie Dove and of course taking
the last name of her father Holiday. Billie would soon begin to sing for another
music icon Count Basie. It was also here that Basie’s saxophonist
gave her the nickname, “Lady Day.” Having, even more, success Holiday began working
with Artie Shaw. With Artie Shaw, she became the first African-American
female artist to work with an all white Orchestra. Billie would soon go out on her own. This is where her style of wearing gardenias
in her hair and also leaning her head back was her signature way of singing on stage. When talking about the music she created,
some of her iconic songs include “God Bless the Child” and “Strange Fruit.” Strange Fruit was a song at the time that
many people had problems with because it was a song about African Americans being hurt
in the South by whites. Other songs include Solitude, Blue Moon, Easy
Living, Lover Man, you’re my thrill, Them There Eyes and more. The life of Billie Holiday came to an end
on July 17, 1959, and although we no longer have her with us her voice will be forever
remembered in the world of jazz music. So thanks for watching as we bring you history
videos for kids and I’ll see you next time. and I hope you had fun learning with F.R.E.S.B.E.R.G. Cartoon.

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  1. Great stuff. I love me some Billie Holiday. Can we get one on Jimi Hendrix? I know he's a bit controversial, but he was a hero of mine growing up. One of the few Black men to leave his mark with the electric guitar.

  2. It is strange that the like and dislike buttons are hidden, this is a good video but, other video try to push a almost propaganda like political message. which can be dangerous for kids. All in all quite educational for older children

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