Whisper – TEDx University of Nevada

Suddenly… there was a whisper. An Idea so fragile a mere crescendo might vanish it amongst the eastern gale. The whisper said, “Go out west.” And pioneers crossed the great plains like meteors showering across a night sky, never to return. They traversed rocky ridges and canyons in search of a unfamiliar existence and what they found was a fertile valley rich in culture and ripe with opportunity. An entrepreneur would bridge Virginia City and the California Trail and like a marigold in spring, a city bloomed and became populated by earth explorers hunting for that glistening rubble. Ingenuity emitted the steam-engine locomotive, the father of American literature and blue jeans. A town of Startups and start overs. Today, ideas continue to pilot this town with opuses like the Gigafactory next day delivery drones and Burning Man. Every year our higher education system generates thousands of live wires (students) sparking, looking to connect and contribute energy. Welcome to Reno. A town forged by Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED). Some say this town was manufactured by the lust of vice. As if our only attribute was desire. Well, we say this town was built on perilous ideas. Bold and risky concepts that had never been heard before, but once they arose they became an aurora. And that is our culture. Our midi-chlorians. The tree roots of our rainforest that is widening the mind and spirit of the people that dwell here. This place is an artistically-abstract-anomaly. Where big meets small. Where a desert meets a forest. Where the suddenty of winter kills the summer with an ever so soft kiss. We’re cow fields and casinos, artists and athletes, kayakers and characters. We’re skiers and free thinkers. Views of the city span the color spectrum. The rendezvous of sage meadows and the soulful Sierra resemble a shoe-box diorama, Inspiring us to create. Like a strangers smile, our constant sense of community reminds us that there is still goodness in this world. We invent. We improve processes. We learn. We create. We entertain. We too are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams. We embrace being the underdog, the forgotten, the David in the book of Samuel. Yet we continue to scratch and claw and reach higher and higher because the sky is NEVER enough. That is the legacy you inherit. This is your stage. Strive to find your own voice because it MUST be heard. Talk. Sing. Dance. YELL. Laugh. Cry. Inspire. We yearn for it like a breeze on a hot day. Put your fingerprint in the atmosphere and share your tapestry. Because no matter what anybody tells you, ideas can change the world. And like this Biggest Little City, your idea can build from a whisper.

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