Which is the Best State in India? | Dhruv Rathee Analysis on Economy, Environment, Development

hello friends!! in this video, i want to talk to you about Indian states, as to which state is the best among others. They will be compared on the basis of various criterias, like Economic factors, environmental factors, infrastructural factors etc. Comparing them using these factors, we will see,which state is the best and thus arrive to the overall conclusion as to which is the no.1 state in India, the best state in India. Let us see then. Firstly, let us talk about the economic factors like GDP. If we see the overall economy and GDP, in all states, then Maharashtra is no,1. Maharashtra has the largest economy & the highest GDP among Indian states. On the second spot is Tamilnadu. but friends, there is a slight problem in this, which is, the larger states will obviously have a higher GDP, as more people live there. Thus this comparison is not fair to the smaller states. So we will use a new factor of comparison known as GDP per capita. Per capita means Per person. In this we will see an individual person’s GDP, an average common person’s GDP, and compare the same across all states. Using this we see the highest is Delhi’s GDP per capita. Recently Delhi overtook Mumbai as the financial hub of the country. But here we have to think whether to consider Delhi as a state or as a city. This, i leave it upto you viewers to distinguish and consider as per your opinions. If we have to talk about the fastest growing states, which means they have a rapidly growing economy & the fastest rising GDP, then Andhra Pradesh takes the top spot with the GDP growth rate of 16.5%. On the second spot is Jammu & Kashmir with a growth rate of 14.7%. Both these states have the fastest growth in Per capita income too. Lets talk about the unemployment rate now. You may remember in the previous video i made about the Gujarat model, in which i mentioned that, Gujarat has the lowest unemployment rate among the Indian states at 1.2%. But here i want to mention that i made a small mistake regarding this. The data & figures i had used were of 2013-14 which was the old data. Now, as per the latest data of 2015–16, we can see that Karnataka has beaten Gujarat to the top spot with the lowest unemployment rate of 0.9%. Sorry, i made a small mistake here with the data. Human Development Index (HDI), about which i have already spoken about before, is a very important indicator which tells about the people’s quality of living. This factor takes into account life expectancy, standard of living & education. So in terms of HDI, Kerala is no.1 followed closely by Delhi. If we talk about the Sex ratio, here too Kerala stands at no.1 with a ratio of 1084 women is to 1000 men. States having such ratios are very less where women are more in number than men. Pondicherry comes a close second. Electrification rate is a factor which tells us how many houses in a region receive electricity. Here too Kerala is on the top spot with a rate of 99.2% of houses receiving electricity. On the second spot is Andhra Pradesh with a rate of 98.8% houses receiving electricity. Friends, here iam not considering the union territories as obviously electrification of smaller regions is easier. For example, some union territories like Daman & Diu have 100% rate of electrification. Delhi too has a rate of 99.8% of houses receiving electricity. Thus its better to segregate the states in this. Next factor to consider is Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) which is the best tool to measure poverty. It uses 10 different indicators to measure poverty. Here you can see in this chart, indicators like nutrition levels, child mortality rates, years of schooling received, availability of safe drinking water, electrification rates etc are divided into 3 broad categories namely Health, Education and living standards. So the Multi-Dimensional poverty Index too has been topped by Kerala, followed by Delhi & Goa respectively. Now if we talk about the most environment friendly state in India, we can measure that through one criteria namely how much forested area is found in that particular state? Here all the North-eastern states rank very high in this aspect. The no.1 spot is taken by Mizoram which has 90% of land under forests. All the North-eastern states have large area of land under forests and low rates of pollution levels Talking about most Environment-friendly state, Sikkim takes that title. It is also India’s first fully organic state which means the farming done in this state does not use any chemical fertilizers or any chemical pesticides. The whole state practices organic farming. But if we take into account all the factors related to the environment like the number of environmental violations occurring in a state, the level of pollution, the rate of usage of renewable sources of energy etc, so combining the result of all these factors, the no. 1 state comes out to be Arunachal Pradesh, followed by Mizoram. Now considering the factor of- Ease of Doing Business the top spot is taken by Gujarat followed by Andhra Pradesh on the 2nd spot. To measure how much crime has been committed in a state, we use the tool of Crime rate. It tells us that among 1 lakh people, how many incidents of crime have been committed. If you see this data generally, then you will observe that Kerala has the highest Crime rate in India. 455 incidents of crime per 1 lakh number of people. But you may be surprised to know that this is a very misleading statistic. Kerala’s 455 incidents of crime are REPORTED crimes per 1 lakh number of people. This doesn’t mean that the incidences of crime is very high. It means that more amount of crimes are “reported” to the police. You may wonder how is this possible. So let me show you the worldwide data for crime rates. Guess which countries worldwide have the highest crime rates. You wont be able to answer it correctly. Listen to the names of the top 5 countries with the highest crime rates worldwide. They are Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, United kingdom & Australia These countries occupy the top spots in highest crime rates worldwide i.e 6000/5000/4000 incidences of crime reported per 1 lakh number of people. Now if you listen to names of countries having lowest crime rates, then be prepared to be surprised again. They are Somalia, Iraq Libya, Nigeria & Haiti. These are countries with the lowest crime rates worldwide. with only 1 or 2 incidences of crime being reported per 1 lakh number of population. So it is now understood why crime rate is a very misleading statistic. Higher number of crime rate actually means that the police force in that region is very active to report crime which is a good thing. The literacy rate is very high in Kerala thus the police force there encourages the general public to file FIRs of crimes committed. Smallest of crimes also get reported here due to this. Thus Kerala is no. 1 in crime rate across India. If any crime is committed against you in Kerala, it is more likely that you will receive proper redressal in this state. Now talking about the Infrastructural factor then, we consider indicators like the quality of roads being built in the state, the completion levels of infrastructural projects which are sanctioned, the number of pucca houses/buildings and roads built in the state etc can be observed collectively to measure the level of infrastructural development in which the best state is Andhra Pradesh Followed by Maharashtra. Now it is time to find out, that which state overall considering all these factors, can be given the numero uno spot. You all can guess the answer obviously that Kerala is the best state. It doesn’t mean that being no. 1 means that it is the best in each and every aspect. The no.1 title means that Kerala is the best in most of the criterias discussed. It also doesn’t mean that Kerala is on a good/high rank in everything. There are some aspects in which Kerala has a very low ranking like the Unemployment rate, ease of doing business etc. wherein Kerala fares very low. The unemployment rate of Kerala is at 12.5% which is very less than total India’s average unemployment rate of 5%. So it is very clearly seen that all these states who were no.1 in different aspects can be an example to the other states of India in those very aspects. The other states can take inspiration and learn from those top ranking states. For example, the other states can learn from Kerala about improving human development factors like healthcare, education etc. From the North-eastern states, others can learn about how to be more environmentally friendly. From Andhra Pradesh,others can learn about developing infrastructural factors So hoping here that you all have liked this video. If you have, then do share this video to the maximum and please tell me in the comments section about your opinions on the best state of India. Friends, in the happy event of 2 lakh subscribers to this channel, Iam announcing a giveaway for you followers. Iam conducting a lucky draw for this giveaway on my account on Instagram. If you win in this giveaway, then you have a choice of 4 different gifts, like this local stone tea pot from Manipur, this bamboo made notebook, this Eco-friendly and organic skincare box. 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  1. Using the same data, the following 5 states would come in the top 5 along with the one I mentioned as the best above. 
    Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab.

    One more mistake: Ease of doing business rank of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana is no.1 as of 2016. Gujarat was no.1 in 2015

  2. Gujarat nhi hai pagal ho gya hai kya Dhruv Rathee, Gujarat ka infrastructure bahut hi accha hai, 100% electricity… Education bhi accha hai…

  3. Kerala ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️😘🥰🥰🥰

  4. Dhruv pls request for police protection as you have told actual facts and Sanghies havent liked this episode and now saying Kerala is the best state is more than whats bearable for them! Pls dont put your life at risk! Just tell that UP or bihar or red streets in Mumbai are better off than kerala!

  5. Ur information is wrong
    1.Goa has highest per capita income
    Than any other states
    2 .Goa is ranked 2 in human development index
    3. Goa is also ranked 2 in litracy rates

  6. TELANGANA state kaha Gaya Bhai pinda ek bar b TELANGANA ka name nahi leye abb ye nako bolo andhara pardesh aur TELANGANA ek hai bolke TELANGANA state aalag hai
    India best CM KCR shab
    India best state TELANGANA

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    मेर भारत आगे बड़ रहा हे

    Im from गुजरात
    मूँजें कोई परवा नहीं की मेरा
    गुजरात पीछे रह गया की आगे बड़
    रहा हे

    मूँजें तो मेरा हिंदुस्तान आगे बड़ना

  8. Bro no doubt kerela is well developed but it is far easy to manage a population of 3 crore than 21 crore (UP) 12 crore (Maharashtra) WB etc

  9. Kerla is really an awesome state …their chief ministers are very responsible and honest….bjp playing there dirty politics by polarizing voters in hindu muslim

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  11. Dude kerala se sab se jaada amount pe log Dubai and other countries me jaate haa! Just because the don't have any companies or any industrial zone? The practically don't believe in hindi which is national language… Can't even read their road signs if you visit there! Who the hell can it be the best state?

  12. Without watching this video I can say it that it is MAHARASHTRA
    my state.
    And don't have an iota of doubt for this.
    Jai Maharashtra!!!!

  13. prime minister Narendra Modi is cal SOMALIA, but rashtr pitha Mahatma Gandhi cal kerala is a greenery state and very coparative mentality for all peoples.
    I think kerala, telungana, maharashtra indias best state

  14. Kerala is good not because some rule here or not…it derives from peoples attitude only which is an outcome of its geography, that people have hard working mind and confident and courageous to face troubles in life, they will have to face sometimes natural disaster or tough terrain even prevented Mughals to percolate to Kerala..This courage led them to spread to all continents and that brought economy and more financial inclusion and Social development.Proximity to sea, again a geographical feature that led to early Gulf migration where remittance is still the backbone of its economy and its never ending flow as people settled outside ..Because of existing improper ruling regimes only, it is still backward in unemployment and ease of doing business, Rulers always try to mislead people to settle in power..even though its no 1 in administration… So conclusion is, its not a development brought by any regime or not because of absence of any regime, it tails from the powerful minds of sons of the soul only , regimes only making use of that….

  15. I am form Pakistan 🇵🇰 I have very high interaction with Kerla people in UAE 🇦🇪 honestly they are different and batter human being in term of behavior then other communities from soth asia

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