Which database should I use to find journal articles on my topic?

Which database should you use to find journal articles on your topic? If someone tells you that you should be looking for journal articles in a database what does that mean? A database is a searchable collection of information resources and almost anything that we search
online, such as Google, is a database However, a database in this context usually refers to the hundreds of high quality and specialist online resources that the Library offers to help you to find journal articles, conference papers book or book chapters and other information resources. Some of these databases cover a broad range of subjects but the majority focus on specific subjects or disciplines The Library provides suggestions for the most useful databases for your needs through our subject guides and through our database gateway The subject guides are found under Research
tools & techniques You then choose the guide for your subject area and the recommended databases can usually be found under the tab Journal articles You can also find suggested databases in the database gateway Select the Databases dropdown option from Library Search Click on Browse databases and the databases are arranged by category on the column on the left You can see the key resources by clicking on the arrow next to the category These are the major databases for that category To see the full list of databases, click on the category Click on Available online to access database

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