Where to begin learning Chinese! | 你想学习汉语吗?

Hi everyone! On Tumblr, I looked at my messages and saw that someone told me they want to learn Chinese but they don’t know where to begin. So today’s video is about where to begin if you’re self-studying Chinese. Alright, bye bye!

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  1. Hey, does somebody have the interest in studying Chinese?  I am from China. We can exchange our skills. I teach you Chinese, and you teach me English. I have learnt English for a decade…… Welcome to China… My wechat is 793889789

  2. je veux apprendre le chinois , y'a t'il ici ceux qui parle français et qui ont le même objective que moi?? pour s'aider to learn chinese ???

  3. every time when I don't wanna study english anymore,I just check the youtube and watch the video about"how to learn chinese?",hahahah,and it's a little comforting~

  4. Good wished from India, it is a nice piece of information, great video, loved it too much. I request you to spell the mobile dictionary name which you mentioned in the beginning of the video, so that I may install this one. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

  5. The most efficient way to learn is by using a translation app. This way you learn and formulate your own sentences, simple

  6. Just clicked in to find out how other people learn my mother tongue.
    Mandarin is easy, no past tenses, no present tenses, no perfect tenses. All are root words!
    Just add in words like "already" "not yet" to show the context. 🙂

  7. My sister is an advanced level Spanish teacher and after living abroad she advised me to not even worry about grammar and spelling etc when new to any language. To learn in context is the most efficient way aka just speak it. You starting off with telling people to learn the complex Chinese characters is..well.. completely opposite of how most teachers have advised learning a language form scratch….Worrying about how to start (up down left right) writing in Chinese seems like the furthest point from learning to SPEAK a language

  8. I just started self learning Chinese like 2 weeks back and this video has been helpful. Thanks for all the advice. #Ugandan

  9. I study chinese at university but our profs are not so good there is a teacher (out of the university )that all students go to exept for me and few and my friends always tell me that me and all who don't go to this teacher they will fail !! Some how i feel torture 😅and don't want to go

  10. Can someone recommend me some good books for beginners and or the names of the books in this video?
    Thank you!

  11. I'm from Vietnam. It's really helpful but why I haven't known about your video until now. You're so friendly and excellent. ❤🤗

  12. https://www.mdbg.net/chinese/dictionary?page=radicals Useful online radical dictionary, especially if your paper dictionary fails. I've never failed to find a character listed there.
    Since we are like children as we learn it would be useful to watch Chinese television shows for little children at first, with simple common clear speech that we can mostly understand. Then we can progress to things for older children. Are there any such ENTERTAINING shows that anyone knows of?

  13. What's there to learn about,i already know Mandarin watch
    "Chow chen chou xiao lu chan "and of course " 'ni hao' ' ni hao' "

  14. Merci beaucoup c'est exactement la video dont j'avais besoin ! Et oui je me permets de te parler français maintenant que tu commences à avoir un bon niveau de langue 😉

  15. Hello Lindie, nin de ba háishì mama shì Zhōng Guó rén ma? Nin kàn shàng qù diănr Zhōng Guó rén 😊👌. Nin zěnme yóu Zhōng Guó rén yăn jìngr de yàngzi å? Zhen piàoliàng 🤭👌. Chinese Reader rocks thanks professor John De Francis. HSK books 📚 never cut the cookie for me. Prosper.

  16. please help, I can't find any store in my country where sell collins easy learning chinese @@, someone have a link pdf free book .thanks so much

  17. I just completed my hsk4 and all I ever used was Pleco. On top of that I message a lot in chinese using WeChat. I use pleco to translate what they’re saying and then I use pleco to help me formulate my own sentences where there are gaps. I found people to talk to with italki. On top of this, I watch videos on YouTube using ‘mandarin corner’. In my opinion, it’s all you need. I’m going for hsk5 at the end of the year. Recently I have been using tutors on italki and speaking about 4 hours of chinese each week (lessons go for about 6-10 aud$ per hour). This talking practice is essential once you start going higher and honestly I should have started it a lot earlier.

  18. You got lovely Chinese characters in the end of video! You know what, your writing has a personality of seriousness and perseverance! 学霸! 👍 😀

  19. what do you think about the app ninchanese? i use that app a bit, and i like it. the problem is that many of the listening and speaking exercises you have to pay for to use

  20. I recently started trying to teach myself at home and this was good information I started with a library book and Duolingo and was doing ok but I’m looking forward to trying some of this resources

  21. Excellent video, it helped me a lot. But I want to ask you something: did you learn traditional or simplified Chinese? if the answer is simplified, do you have any trouble reading traditional? which one should I learn?

  22. I am from China, native language:Chinese&Cantonese.
    mainly to learn English and Japanese now.
    We can study language together, progress to each other.

    If you don’t mind, this is my Wechat No. : ZMX1505054153


  23. I got a Chinese girlfriend who couldn’t speak English and I automatically could speak fluent Chinese by end of year I can’t read or write but

  24. There's this new website called MojoChat that allows college students and recent grads to teach english to Chinese college students online. Might be a good idea to meet other Chinese students. They don't require a degree or teaching qualifications, you can set your own hours and work from anywhere in the world! Here is the link for anyone that's also interested https://mojo.chat/en/apply-as-mentor

  25. Totally agree on vocabulary and some grammar as very important first steps. One thing I would highly advise against is learning how to physically write Chinese words if you don’t find any joy in doing so. If you like it then more power to you. However it’s rare to write words in the time of online learning. I would instead recommend learning basic pinyin with the keyboard. It’s really useful and just takes repitition to become proficient.

  26. An app that I find useful as well is DailyMandarin, you can write the word using pinyim or english and it teaches you how to draw the chinese character (with stroke order and everything).

  27. In my opinion, if a foreigner wants to be good at Chinese, the first thing is mastering tones. Everything else is secondary. Most Chinese people don't care how many hanzi you can write or vocabularies you control, but if your pronunciation is not normal, your Chinese level will be thought basic

  28. If you are really interested in Chinese,I would highly recommend you to learn traditional Chinese character instead of simplified “jian ti zi ”.while it’s much difficult for a beginning Chinese learner at reading or writing Chinese ,but if you plan to go Taiwan or Hong Kong ,u will be better off learning traditional first.Conversely,if u plan to use your Chinese where simplified characters are used(mainland China,or Singapore),then learn simplified.
    Btw I think traditional Chinese is the most beautiful character in the world.

  29. Turn painful hard memorization of Chinese characters into a fun “I spy” game.  After watching this video, you will know how to write  the Chinese character for “I” 我,and the deep meaning behind it. Have fun! https://youtu.be/WccPldjj1LA

  30. Want to learn Chinese, to find a want to learn English, so mutual progress will be very fast.想学中文, 要找一个想学英语的,这样互相进步会很快的。

  31. Hey Lindie I’m glad that I found you on YouTube ! Can you please make a video on how to get organized and motivated to study Chinese? I’m on the 4th level but still I can’t sit down and practice writing .. the problem is that I understand more than I can say and write ..okay I’m lazy , I have the will but something stops me and makes me feel that time is not enough and I don’t know from where to start 🙁 I would appreciate it if you could at still answer me ❤️🙏🏽

  32. I was stuck as a beginner in mandarin for years. I have made rapid progress since using a combination of Skritter (writing turned off), Standard HSK series of books and (most importantly) reading graded reader books on Pleco. Comprehensible input is the only way. I use an iTalki tutor for my output in making daily conversation. Working on HSK 5.

  33. I must be crazy to watch how to learn Chinese as a Chinese(我一定是疯了身为中国人还去看如何学习汉语)

  34. written Chinese especially classic Chinese. Cantonese or south east Chinese has preference to understand classic Chinrse literature because southeast languages and dialect,too much

  35. Hi, I am a Chinese man, with very standard mandarin pronunciation, I would like to exchange language skills with those who want learn Chinese, especially for a long term. If you have interests, Please let me know.

  36. This is the only instance where the Auto generated English subtitles are actually more useful than the actual subtitles

  37. I am Chinese..and I have Chinese exam tomorrow. I honestly HATE Chinese, so good luck to me!

    ( Somehow I am better in Chinese even though I dont work as hard as everybody else. I feel lucky and feel like i should study. But, i cant drag myself. It is SO boring. I have no idea how to study Chinese either. I hope that I do well…but I doubt it. Good luck to me!)
    祝我好运! Idk if I wrote it correctly. Hehe.

  38. Can you list the recommended books for studying chinese language? For now I start to learn it but it is going hard because the book i have is more focusing in daily conversation. Not the real practical character of modern chinese

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