When You Have A Hot Teacher

oh my god can't see have you seen the new math teacher he's so hot like mr. Spang knows Elvia he's so gross and he's always looking at my oh well I can't handle any more teachers for you I've been exposed twice for that trust me touch he is worth being expelled for hi losers can we help you cinnamon actually there's nothing you can help me with other than teaching me how to win a pie-eating contest I'm actually dropping these fresh made cookies to our new mat feature I'm gonna be his faith and maybe even his mic once I graduate we will move away to a farm together actually you I wouldn't never move to a farm definitely the coast of Italy or maybe even Paris oh and you buy uglies she's a pervert awakening math teachers suck in bed I would know therefore I could care less good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and mr. spera I'll be your teacher for the semester hello mr. daddy excuse me oh nothing anyways class today's lesson will be on parabolas does anybody know what that is [Applause] twit C twit C what's the square root of pi huh Oh banana cream what oh sorry I thought you said what's my favorite pie can you just try and pay attention please cinnamon can you please grab the textbooks from the back and bring them up here [Applause] so let me drop my jet plane where I'm gonna fly to Paris and we're gonna kiss on the Eiffel Tower and then afterwards we're flying to Milan and you can buy as many Louie Vuitton purses as many as you could carry I can carry a lot of persons are you okay you go back to your desk yeah of course I'm sir I want to have a big Indian wedding with you and guess what I'm a virgin too just been waiting for the right girl to come Rhea Rhea you're supposed to subtract four oh yeah um I get it now candy chat how do you do it you're so cool I spent hours trying to look as good as you all the time every morning I just want to look like you I'm the best and the hottest oh and Raja I wanted to point out that you got the highest mark in the class sexy Serb daddy Emma are you so hot um can I go to the restroom yeah sure I just need to fix my hair can I finish really you want to play this game sir can I go to the water fountain ah you witch the wedding just was my idea I did it first you have nothing to offer I have tips that's all he needs I have tits in a booty you also have a black eye yeah take your top off motion principal's office now

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  1. Why would they show his shoes first it’s so dirtyπŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β˜ΊοΈπŸ€“

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