What’s Up With YouTube? PS State of Play, Link’s Awakening/Switch Lite | PE Podcast #70

It’s gonna store alive I think I think
it’s gonna start up pretty soon here I think it’s gonna mean it students done
alive over here it’s gonna start up soon it’s gonna be very soon it’s gonna start
up to where I know for sure that it’s going to be live and then I know for
sure it is live all right wait I’ve got I got my I got the tags yeah yeah Oh Jay
you’re welcome back to another PE podcast this is episode 70 we had a lot
of people sniffle to come on but people couldn’t show up today
so we’ve got a still an all-star cast an all-star charizard pulling cast here I
mean somebody who just just can’t stop pulling charizard zits something just
showing us with pictures pulling thousands of dollars worth the chars
aren’t here you know so we got an all-star charizard cast we’re gonna
start off with mr. Charizard himself Oh Jordan French how you doing today my man
regards your polling uh so I got two so these these two are shiny Charizard it’s
the most expensive newest card in Pokemon the minimum they sell for just
like this 550 roughly getting graded it’s a lot more no I gotta move the
decimal over to the right your whole career in my hand right there basically
but yeah that’s yeah has been open and pokemon cards so that’s that’s about it
my life right now good to have you here man and I’m really
glad to see that your channel the bold Pokemon card stuff is doing really well
um it’s finally been taken off let 330,000 is creeping back up which is
nice about 200 subs away from that again you jump County the algorithm that’s
really all it is you know what I’m saying just just pounding I’ve had some
really really banger videos a lot of banger videos to tell me yeah because
we’re gonna talk about YouTube but it almost feels like you’ve got to
specialize in one thing if you’re just a single person if you want to get
anywhere you know and obviously yes that way basically
so if it helps that I’m doing daily content
and I’m looking in the analytics they’re all feeding off of each other which is
nice and the click-through rates have been pretty good my CPM is insanely high
which I’m very appreciated of it’s not it’s not paying back the cards of buy-in
and if I any means so you can pay back I mean that but that still hasn’t even if
I sold both of those at 550 still hasn’t paid back what I’ve spent on I’m gonna
pull a third I have enough cards left to pull a third but maybe next week or the
week after I may have pulled a third okay sounds good next up is my boy
Abaddon how you doing today my man I’m doing good man doing good
you guys know rebranding the new channel and there’s doing live streams I’m after
this dream I will be do playing Link’s Awakening yes
head over to Abaddon something’s awakening tonight guys for those who
don’t know that was my first other game to have a place so I mean really excited
to do that and um fun fact for everybody area 51 and rate is actually happening
yeah all the roads are closed leading into it someone was there today or
yesterday I posted a video all the roads are leading into it are closed this
stupidity has been going on for too long we’ll see a bunch of logs tomorrow
though yeah about how I can click bait this stupid stupid james stream area 51
video game yeah yeah i rated area 51 and it’s you play in a area 51 game what can
I get that I don’t that was a 360 game I’m shaking put it on Steam or something
yeah yeah I’ll probably just pick it up on Steam or maybe I can just go get it
on 360 or something cuz I am gonna be heading off to go get a link so make it
in my switch like tomorrow morning so gonna be some unboxing videos and stuff
like that for switch light and how it feels and Link’s Awakening and all that
should be fun but yeah but sup guys good to see you guys all here send us over a
hundred people watching already Baron lost track of time he told me so barons
in but he’s getting his camera set up and everything so we’re gonna go in and
jump right into some of the topics here guys
oh love you I’ll stop my intro Manuel your mic was
muted your camera’s not alright what’s up man how’s it going uh you know it’s
going good you know I was ranting on a deaf strand and uh really big Oh big up
to Jordan for you don’t bring it right here Randy no desu training really I’m
surprised if it was gonna pop you know John I probably would’ve been super late
cuz I was like oh I didn’t realize was going I was running my mouth so much I
mean you do that often but yeah I’m loving this leaks Awakening remake
review scores good scores today we’ll talk about that but first before we get
into that we’re gonna talk about some youth good old YouTube action man oh man
interesting yeah this is this is a big one I have some opinions on this and I
know Jordan and he’s he has some stuff that he wants to say none of us were
verified so I guess we can’t speak from that perspective you know none of us
that are in terms of our direct channels I’m Jordan you know works with of course
channels a bunch of channels that are verified and they got unverified or kept
their verification so he can speak on that in terms of being part of the team
you know but individually owning a channel none of us were
but maybe Jordan has a little bit more – I’m pretty sure I’ve more to add on that
but I kinda wanted to just give my quick take on it cuz I actually already talked
about it earlier and a live stream and you guys will be able to watch that
earlier but I think that just one of the reasons why I think this is happening
too is one of course those are the celebrities they’re flocking to YouTube
in mass amounts I think it definitely has to do with with that and YouTube
wanting to make sure that they get in terms of how they you know that type of
shine on them but there’s also other factors I also think that like if you
look at it there’s a lot of fraudulent verified YouTube channels like oh
there’s not like a ton because the amount of people that are verified are
very small compared to the rest but there are channels that literally
rebroadcast other people streaming do stupid mean stuff and all this they have
no in my opinion have no business being verified because they’re just dealing
everybody else’s stuff so I think that might have been one of the reasons why
this type of chain was going on to but there are fraudulent
verified channels that take people’s stuff and do stupid things unfortunately
though some of those channels still kept their verification so they don’t always
work like it was supposed to but there’s probably more things but I kind of want
to hear you guys as opinions the rest of the cast here what you guys are thinking
about all this so I’m gonna I’ll start with Jordan man what are your thoughts
on this whole YouTube thing because for those of you that let me just kind of
set up the premise here YouTube is taking about verification check marks
from people and trying to regrade the criteria and there was a lot of guys out
there they had verifications like Austin John players you guys know him he’s been
on the spawn cast and ant dude for example he hasn’t been on a spawn cast
but a lot of guys might know ant dude and other channels that got their
verification taken away you know some of them kept it I know John kept it you
know I think Jim guessed I kept is I think Shawn kept his so but lots of
people got it taken away so Jordan what’s your thoughts Ben and what’s
going on here October I guess they’re gonna change it by new verification
words gonna back up a little shaded background now so yeah so like you know
how when verified people join live streams besides just having the check
mark it shows their name in like gray like rectangle you know just to like
make sure you know it’s someone who’s verified that’s basically what it’s
gonna look like except with a little slant on the right side that’s it’s
about it a little check mark goes away but what you said yeah there’s merit to
that like you know some iffy channels and all that but the real reason behind
the scenes of why they are doing this because you really think about it it’s
kind of a useless thing everyone who got these verifications or verified why
should they have to be Rivera fide why should they have it taken away nothing
really changed it just kind of seems like a useless update bub whatever
whatever YouTube does something it’s for a reason so like when they did the
recent sub number changes where it just rounds up and down to the the nearest
zero basically for you the nearest tens or hundreds or thousands depending on
your size there’s a internal reason for that but we all just think it’s
pointless right it’s just to keep numbers very organized when they deal
with brands and all this other stuff but this is it’s basically to make them less
accountable so basically when advertisers are dealing with YouTube and
and in working with them and they see like a channel that is like spews
hate or talks trash about Marvel all day or something like this right any any of
those examples one of the something that YouTube may not like right but they’re
verified they have a large following right this is a way to unverified them
and not Rivera PHY them so when advertisers come they’re like oh he’s a
youtuber but we’re not verifying him he’s not partnered with us he’s we’re
not shining a light on him this is basically for them to look good in the
eyes of more advertisers especially with all the recent stuff that has happened
over the last three four years with advertising Wars from the ad pocalypse –
– you name it basically there’s always been all these issues going on so that
that’s the gist of of why this is happening it’s mainly advertisers and
for YouTube to disassociate themselves from others and that that’s a reason why
the new criteria to get a checkmark is hey we’ll give you it you’re not gonna
you’re not gonna apply for it you’re not just gonna get it at a hundred thousand
you may just wake up one day with it that’s about it that’s that’s the new
rules and while to us the check mark really doesn’t mean anything I think
there could be more internal repercussions in terms of how it’s going
to affect the algorithm for channels that do have verified check marks before
it may help to push their content because they are verified now it may
push their content less roomm their CPM or in their outreach so there are other
things it could do that’s not verified data yet this just happened today but
this is on the surface it looks like nothing right it just kind of looks like
oh it’s a check marks you have it you don’t but there’s more to it on the back
side so hopefully that is easily understandable I know I just kind of
went on a long time there but I hope not no good was good info so that’s that’s
just my taking the the facts behind the scenes but yeah yeah some of our some of
our audience’s asking on says who’s one of the long-term early enjoys what am I
going to get one of these you don’t need one you got a renege on by your name
that’s even better then I check it and it’s gonna turn into
it’s gonna turn into the new in that two years so that’s even better
that’s way more Stallman a stupid check mark thanks to yo mrs. t what’s up man
everything looking good on your camera or yours well thank you
he’s that one Frank per second yeah and like it’s muted but that is probably the
highest camera angle I’ve seen this and I got that they got that NFL NFL camera
you got that red zone package it looks like the camera slowly like panning away
is like it’s ending it yo-yo I can’t I can’t joke on him
because we’re not when I whack got my new set up and everything I had this
thing the same way so I came to go on home right now all right well Avedon
let’s hear your take on this whole YouTube shenanigans man um to put it
simple I’m super happy that it goodbye it doesn’t change anything that I’m
gonna do personally I do feel somewhat a little bit for the people who are
somewhat affected by this who were verified but at the same time I don’t
because at the end of the day and as I’ll discuss it on Twitter earlier today
is YouTube is just an opportunity like this is all this YouTube space this is
just rented space so it’s like when the landlord comes and says these are the
new rules if you haven’t invested anything to make changes or your own
order to invest in yourself that’s on you not the platform and I hate to be
that guy this is not me and I said oh you are on Twitter this is not me
capable for YouTube I’m super pro ownership so if most of that 100k
subscribers that’s the mark of verification about if I recall at what
it used to be if most know people don’t follow you if you move to a
new platform most those weren’t UK followers are not yours that’s just how
I feel about it so that’s why I’m kind of like okay is you to be in YouTube
again they just changing it rules whenever they please and honestly that’s
why for me personally I have uploaded a lot less that’s why I’ve been changing
my entire game plan with YouTube because I don’t want to make most of my income
come from this I don’t trust it it’s too unstable so I think you I think you
bring up an interesting point there and I kind of have a counter but also an
agreement to that so yes we’re on a rented space so I say this for like
every website so like if someone gets muted or silenced on Twitter or on
Facebook or on Twitter or whatever right I’m like it sucks but at the end of the
day you’re on their platform so whenever they say is law and you go by it when in
Rome do as the Romans do right it’s it’s it’s by law but at the same time YouTube
like will take YouTube for example is not the website it is today without the
creator’s who are helped if no one’s making content they can’t put ads on
anything they can’t make money now obviously what we’re talking about under
a hundred thousand subs YouTube for the most part doesn’t care about that
category if it’s under a hundred thousand it’s really not making a much
money they don’t care too much but when it’s their big creators or their
celebrities so they like if we all boycotted it today right it doesn’t
matter it doesn’t change a thing we could stop because we can’t actually
make a change when people speak up about it it’s good it’s encouraged because if
enough people speak in larger creators speak for a lot of the people who may
not have a larger voice changes get made and we’ve seen that with YouTube where
enough people speak out some things do get fixed some things absolutely it’s a
two-way thing right here you’re exactly correct it’s like we’re on there space
but also I think no matter what size you are you do have some sort of
responsibility to also voice your opinions because this is yours on a site
that’s supposed to help them back as much as it’s supposed to help you
absolutely the two-way thing you know absolutely I agree with you 100% and
thank you for pointing that out I’m not saying don’t voice your opinion but at
the same time I’m also encouraging more creators all of us who are on this you
know podcast right here anyone who’s in the chat who secreted themselves to
invest more in yourself take the opportunity and put more stock into
yourself and everything that you have going for you because at the end of the
day and we’ve seen it YouTube is down for about a few hours and I don’t ever
want to be in a position where I get anxious like yo second come back up
what’s going on here you don’t ever want to put yourself in a position where you
don’t have control of the amount of income that comes back into you and your
pockets so that’s why when I look at it I’m like okay it sucks like Phil
DeFranco that sucks for him because honestly man puts him work like he has
he know he does he was Jay does like you can’t knock his hustle he’s worked for
over what 1012 years doing it I know but you know it does he connotates something I’ll give the phrase I’ll give I’ll give
some but the same time I’m also looking at it like as someone as big as him and
as well as he’s been doing like news and journalism he could make his own
platform legit well look what just happened with um with Jesse he there the
guy who he plays the juggernauts ya mcjuggernuggets so he has this after
this business created called story fire right you’re not basically an app on
your phone he’s making specific content for that that has way better ad rates
and he made this whole long Twitter post yesterday I believe it was literally so
long like that was like a whole book right they drop the whole novel on
Twitter but he basically announced that he’s leaving YouTube permanently because
he Shamy showed his hour it’s like he still was making $80,000 for the month
but he’s like for how many views he got to how much he was paid out he’s like
this is ridiculous I can’t afford to do the stuff we were doing anymore it cost
me this much to go here and do all this and buy this and film this so this isn’t
cutting it I can’t pay people to do stuff I can’t even pay my like like
there there is an example so when you see a lot of these bigger creators who
are like all this suck something monetized be like oh you have millions
of subs why you complain you’re still making $80,000 a month that’s more than
most people maybe in two years like that’s insane three years it’s three
exactly it’s all a perspective shift yeah so it it may seem like bro that’s
eighty thousand you should just do your money better but you also don’t know the
behind the scenes the production how much money supports multiple making that
eighty thousand for himself that eighty thousand goes sum goes to him a lot of
it goes to taxes legitimately you’re supposed to save thirty to forty percent
of your income getting ready for taxes but on his end with what he’s making
he’s probably saving about half that more morphine higher tax cream so yes
paid for his whole crew that he uses to do stuff and all this like it is a lot
of money but you get the point I’m going for it that I don’t need to keep
reiterating yeah it’s it’s a new game here and there and once a week maybe
you’re streaming like it pays itself back like you have a good ecosystem
right now I’m kind of in the the shift of finally back on an uprise so like
here’s what I’m spending here’s what I’m making so I’m not paying myself back yet
for the products I’ve I’ve been buying for the channel to supply the content
but there will be that time when it meets itself and that’ll be great
because my channel is just a hobby but you also should view YouTube like it
like it’s an opportunity to do something but usually to get somewhere else to
make your money YouTube shouldn’t be it most youtubers you can ask a lot of the
larger youtubers their majority their money does not come from YouTube Adsense
as fans there’s some money that’s like a little bonus tip at the end for some of
them but they’re they’re productions are unmerge their productions are on
anything that they sell outside of it or what they do outside of YouTube like
there’s a lot of other business opportunities that come the way a lot of
them get paid off of brand deals and that’s where they make their majority
their money per month and then the YouTube algorithm money that all just
puts together what they make is o chump change and they just throw it to taxes
for when they have to pay and they just save that money because it literally is
I dime-a-dozen compared to like the real
money that comes in when you’re that size on I’m graduating all that merch is
a you know purchase merci merci Hugh yeah merch is really huge for them yeah
I mean I have to agree with what you got both of you guys were saying to kind of
go you know back and forth with with that I mean once again yeah like this is
just a platform and like the more that I realize that like I started to realize
that over the course of just like doing YouTube YouTube is so right it can be so
random if you haven’t made it up to that spot yet it can be so random with the
algorithm you could beat your head against it and just not know what to do
you could be doing super hot stuff like Fire Emblem
oh man it’s doing great people are coming and then as soon as that’s done
BAM like no nothing else you know I can attest to that with Spyro very much so
exactly and like well you were this person so there you go so that now we’re
get always gonna categorize you as this and since you’re not that anymore now
you’re penalized and I think I’ve seen comments in the chat that are being like
like I’m glad I don’t do YouTube I get screwed over in a second and I don’t
wanna hear I want to – if you wanted to youtube to youtube you should never go
into YouTube with the mindset that I’m gonna make it big I’m gonna be rich I’m
gonna do something with this and be massive and all that absolutely have to
treat it as a hobby something you want to do and if you have the drive to
upload every day or cover certain things that are trending then sure go ahead but
you have to do it because you want to do it because it’s fun because you have a
passion for that and let that drive your success man speaking right now literally
I’ve been on this Pokemon grind after I took my break I I care about Pokemon my
channel started off as a Pokemon channel right then it shifted to Spyro and I and
I took a break and I had to figure myself out I came back as Pokemon lost a
lot of subs lost a lot of revenue lost a lot of stuff wow I’m finally a lot of
revenue I now I’m back on this upswing finally because I’ve created a new
audience just doing what I love I have not been mass spamming out videos I’ve
been slowly getting into it now I do a video every day 3 p.m. eastern standard
time opening up pokemon cards and it’s just me making jokes doing silly edits
and pulling some fun cards and that because I’m having fun
with it the new audience has come around that are not spiral audience which is
nice some of them are still there which is
awesome and they’re enjoying the content for what it is and it’s growing and that
means a lot to me and that’s so but my plan is not to make this successful like
I’m a my main job maybe editing for other people on this platform right but
half my job is doing stuff with them that is not on YouTube right I may edit
videos for them for YouTube but half of our procedures in there I’m working on
some big stuff right now that’s an actual TV production it’s in very early
stages out of New York so that’s that’s the end of like that’s what I want to
get to like the actual stuff I care about like when I get to be a director
or I get to do stuff behind the scenes of actual putting together a TV show or
an actual short film or a full-length movie that’s the stuff I’m getting to us
finally I’m dipping my toes into at the end of this year early next year and
that’s where the passion really goes that’s where the money it comes in
that’s where my dream comes and that’s what I’m going for I don’t care about
making money on YouTube half the stuff anyway everything I do gets donated to
charity or mental health organizations if you buy any of my merch half of that
instantly goes straight to Nami every month if you want to follow me on
Twitter I show updates of my donations every month and that’s that’s what I
like doing if I can make a positive impact in the world
that’s what I care about that’s why I have a family-friendly channel which is
which doesn’t mean kid channel doesn’t mean thank you difference that just
means I act like if I was at the Thanksgiving family table I’m just
talking like myself I’m just not cursing that’s that’s about it and I get a lot
of thank you saying hey I watch with my son and/or daughter and we appreciate
that your family friendly and and that means the world to me that all these
generations of families are coming together for something that I like as
well and they can stay there and they don’t have to worry they can put me on
you know and not have to worry that I’m gonna you know start dropping f-bombs
every few seconds now I’m a lot more loose on like this podcast or spawn cast
but it’s also a different environment well yeah my videos I’m very family I
don’t curse at all but though yeah and then the podcast comes around and get
Emperor streams and stuff a little bit more loose you know cuz it’s nighttime
or whatever even streams during the day but nah man I feel what
I feel what you’re saying man I mean a baron and baron and and sorry for my
long spiel everyone no no you’re good dude we got time you’re good yes baron
Anna and mrs. C they’re using they’re using that McDonald’s Wi-Fi today yeah
I’m talking about my Wi-Fi um actually it was talking on the phone so now we
don’t we don’t let all the Big D jokes go away please don’t vitamin jokes go
away Doris I guess we got to bring back the D jokes I guess we got to bring back
the door jump bring back the Mayo – while we added right back what’s up dude
you can’t hear me how’s it going what’s up my problem is not my internet my
problem is PC that’s my problem Mac dude and that’s why I don’t like met pcs to
begin with but uh let me introduce the the chat to you this is misty one of the
guys has been on YouTube for a while now and I’m glad to have you here mr. T how
you doing today man I’m good how are you guys doing doing
good to have you on we were talking about YouTube and all of this stuff here
so I didn’t know if you want to kind of chime in on that in terms of what’s
going on or if you’re up-to-date with that but a lot of people are just kind
of you know talking about losing the verification and the new algorithm and
all of that but before shuttle soup listen we Antakya thank you for the $10
donation also thank you as well to Brian Jedi with the $2 donation says problem
is YouTube has a monopoly which I guess technically they do when it comes to
video site when it comes to a free upload space to upload your video
content yes when it in terms of getting yourself exposed no
you don’t have it a monopoly it’s not in Oakhurst which which can do the same
thing you two can just much crappier bliss fear and IKEA thank you for the
$10 she says you guys are dropping some serious gems thank you plus panicky I
appreciate that also uh Naruto ace zero zero one to five with the post think you
may appreciate that so yeah misty what’s your thoughts on
all this man that’s going on with this YouTube unverified verified algorithm
stuff man I probably missed is there something like specifically that just
came out it just happened yeah yeah like a lot of people that you know like the
old criteria to you know getting your channel verified speak on that crying
about that for quite some time because I think 2017 I was starting to actually
see an uptick like I was getting good views I was you know I’m not talking
anything crazy but I was going up as far as subscribers pretty regularly and then
I guess what they call the ad pocalypse hit yeah like the whole algorithm thing
everything just changed and it just basically ruined like any momentum I was
gaining and like you know it doesn’t it doesn’t seem to matter how many
subscribers you have as far as like who’s gonna watch your videos or how
many people are actually gonna watch your videos and you know having to have
this Bell notification thing he’s like what is the point of having people
subscribe if you’re not gonna send the your your content to them I could
exhibit a notification only I could explain the real answer but it’s it’s as
annoying as you think you’d be yeah the real answer is because they want they
want something that they know that can keep someone on the platform to move on
to another video on YouTube to move on to another video unless you so if they
realize that people didn’t click on your last video within the first hour or 50
especially the first 15 minutes that you uploaded it they’re not gonna push that
video gonna think people didn’t want to watch it so they’re gonna push another
video from someone else instead that’s basically how it works it’s whatever can
keep people on you tube longer watching more and if your
video wasn’t one of the videos that did that they’re just gonna act like that
video really doesn’t he’s so annoying because like it is you have your
subscribers right and I get so many people because I’ve been on YouTube for
a while they say you’re still in noodles no I’m like I’m a choke you and YouTube
both of you guys all right let’s have to rely on some other places sometimes like
that’s why I put the video on Twitter or my discord just grew out of problem
today I put out my video through p.m. and luckily my subscribers know that was
right so but I did the notification they’re all like what everyone there was
like whoa oh I didn’t get the notification from discord what is going
on like they all freaked out and I was like ah this core is not even sending
out notices going on just let people see our stuff yeah it’s my bad I’m sorry to
cut you off no fifty something thousand subscribers on my channel here Matt and
I swear to you like literally none of them if they got a notification they
would watch back in like 2017 like Mike misses he was talking about things were
going it was get away more views back then than I am now with way more
subscribers so that’s how you know something’s broken like look I like
20,000 or 30,000 subscribers or whatever like two years ago and I was getting way
more views back then that I am now so you know something’s broken
notifications actually worked back then they actually worked now they’re not
working so even if you do whatever you do the whole upload limit thing that you
try to make sure that there’s not that it still doesn’t work so yeah but
whatever screw I I’ve changed up things enough to where it’s okay you know what
I’m saying like I doing all the other stuff that you guys are talked about in
terms of diversifying yourself like I said I freaking I do way more editing
locally now in Jordan you got me into doing stuff like that like getting
contracts locally it’s boring as hell and I’m editing wedding videos and with
some surprises every now and then you hold your you get to hone your craft a
little bit more I get to make sure that you have an agreed-upon income basically
though there’s better people bailing on me when it comes I mean a little bit but
it’s like that’s why I get a contract sign but I do I mean I do it I say hey I
did I know I need 25% you know up front you know and some people like right now
like give me the 25 but that’s fine I mean if I lose that okay whatever I lost
$200 or whatever the case is for this thing that’s gonna take me a couple days
so it’s no biggie except like the big contracts like everybody always shows
off okay hey this gonna be big it’s time think about a week for me to do this
like they always show up cuz it’s like you know I’m pretty much like one of the
only it’s nothing I’m like one of the only people that edits in town like this
like like you know so that’s a monopoly though you basically could point taken
technically it is okay we don’t have a big tech industry here though or
anything like that people most people here it’s like it’s like farming in like
you know livestock and shit so it’s just like you meant like a cow stuff or I
don’t know like milking like dairy and farms and stuff so it’s not a big deal
but it is what it is but I myself abalone I know you want to say something
I think I cut you off man what were you gonna say no I’m just gonna disagree
it’s just like you know kind of what you’re saying is you gotta really and
David Ray said it in the chase so your skill set is more dependable than
YouTube it really is it’s like what you’re skilled in if you honed that
craft that’s valuable well you keep it take that over to other platforms like
Fiverr if you want to make some money like if you’ve talked about YouTube to
make money it’s like clay Jordan said it’s okay it’s low it’s no K place to
make big money it’s chump change but waiting 30 days to get paid not in
my book not at all in my book and wait 30 days to get paid and secondly um
that’s why I’m like I said I’m rebranding you know chunk like what
Jordan it’s more so okay you know what I have over 15 years of experience doing
music what am I gonna do with that so that’s why I said let me go ahead and
make and that’s why I’m not only just doing remixes anymore I said you know
imma let it be a surprise when it comes out but I want to do more valuable stuff
it have more valuable content for everybody so that’s what if anyone who
is discouraged don’t be discouraged as soon as those guys this Jordan said it’s
do what you love if you do what you love is gonna be valuable to the people who
are listening and that could probably help somebody else you know who’s
probably probably following your footsteps and technically it’s also 60
days too really paid because you know 30 days
once you get it rolling right players whatever I make this month in September
I don’t get paid till the end of October what I made this month so it’s not like
a front they started and like if I started September at the end of
September I get paid for those 30 days I’m getting paid for August at that
point right you’re right now it’s technically an extra month for you get
that real money so it does it does it does suck you know it’ll be much nicer
if they ruled out like I know twitch has a newer system that’s nice Wow that you
know if you make enough on there you can get it every 15 days which is nicer but
yeah it’s it’s thirty to sixty technically don’t worry about the money youtuber guys keep complaining about
money when I first started doing YouTube man I didn’t even know you can make
money when I first started doing YouTube I was just like well I like xenoblade
you know I’ve been playing games for fifteen years plus I know what I’m
talking about that’s literally what I said on one of my first videos or
something Oh James party no holy purse oh you probably person on this cast – no
I was working ten times hard and when I wasn’t getting paid I was having videos
upload like five times a week so I was doing gaming news back then but my
gaming news videos were so funny that my mom’s old house and it was just like me
like I’d go like do a workout and come back and literally I’m in my rec workout
clothes doing a video for April Fool’s you should upload one of those old
videos ten years ago that’d be great so like
yeah but I just I just I just I thought it was fun like I was like hey what’s
all this new stuff people are talk about YouTube goes back then YouTube was only
five years old like when I first stomach my first video like 2010 YouTube was
only five years old at that time it started in 2005 and now is a dating
site or something like that or was it really gonna be like that so I was
originally going to be a different site and then yeah yeah and something else
happened oh we can do a whole video sharing
platform yeah it was just interesting so I just thought it was cool I didn’t know
how to edit I just I had a MacBook and colleges just use this the MacBook
editing software videos were horrible horrible quality like the gameplay
videos horrible but it was fun but everyone back then was is all the same
thing yeah process yeah they tell you there’s a lot of people think that if
you’re starting you two need to have the best camera the best audio but that’s
not how you have to work with the process you invest in yourself over time
obviously you want better audio better quality but let me tell you this you
have any kind of phone that’s current within the last five years you have an
HD and or 4k phone that has pretty decent audio like you you’re good out
you’re good to go off that already you don’t need the world’s best editing
skills as long as you just know how to cut and trim that’s really all you
really need to just start off with stuff you don’t need to be fancy I think
people want to get like these huge ridiculous intros and you don’t need any
of that you just need to be yourself on YouTube like that’s really all it is and
maybe you’ll find passion and learning how to edit or finding passion in your
video quality and then that’s what you want to focus on later on and save up
and get newer cameras or audio equipment but that’s all part of the starting
process when you start youtube you’re not supposed to come out of the gate
swinging you’re supposed to come out of the gate going alright this is a fresh
new it’s like an RPG you start it up you got nothing right well as you go on
your journey you level up you collect things you learn new skills you acquire
new friends and teammates it’s all a part of the process it all comes
together so don’t think that oh I only have like two subscribers and I got like
one view a video you know that’s all part of it we all start off with zero
subscribers all the same it’s it’s it’s not like some people just start off like
oh I’m gonna hate upload on YouTube boom and I have 10,000 subs instantly I mean
someone get really lucky and their video goes viral and there you go but it’s a
marathon in a million it’s a marathon it’s like literally is
you really gotta look at YouTube kind of like oh they you approve you oh do you
want to get that yeah dollar donation just saw what he says
time for some punch hello squad and Avedon yo shout out to my boy christian
so they’re super super contributor thank you so much christian yo get ready
splatty to tomorrow christian baby i’m ready for your bull walker
i’m actually not but thank you for them this dude is this dude is ridiculously
goodness platoon – like really – like one of the best platoon players that
I’ve ever seen man he’s really good anyway have you ever played against
about his bobber dude it’s freaking Baba Berman I got what I good but uh but yeah
man Thank You Christian for the $50 donation thank you so much man I
appreciate that appreciate that also Josiah buck with the $5 new super check
Thank You Matthew Matthew haven’t also with the stupid comment thank you for
the dollar nice as oj the Big D Explorer and his search for Mayo I guess it’s
like a I don’t know it’s a movie title that’s what it is Lee damn nobody that
nobody I wanted to get um a banal you can finish something I want to get a
barons take on this whole YouTube stuff man
let Barron go ahead is good I said acid enough okay I burn Baron got any
thoughts on this man yeah yeah go ahead it sucks that it finally keeps it nice
and I mean everything has been said already they sent us to be said the more
know you’re actually fine the moral the moral of the day guys is keep grinding
do what you want to do like do that do what you want to do like if you love it
just just do that that should be the reason why if something get goes poppin
then it goes popping if it doesn’t then you’ll live to survive another day you
can do whatever the case is get your education or get your trade skills
whatever you need to do you know I mean like even though I did you
I mean I still got two degrees you know and if you count my minor you know I got
three so I’ll give some good advice real quick here to anyone who is trying to
figure out what to do with you two and what they wanted to follow say a lot of
people here in the comments are probably all gaming fans and probably want to
make or do make videos about gaming stuff whether it’s news or reviews or
playing or whatever let me tell you I did my time a follow up with you
depending with you hit everything I would the thing is you could upload the
same thing let’s say you take okay for example oj makes gaming news videos seat
covers different topics and that’s we’ll get to in a sec but let’s just
generalize it for a second he makes gaming news videos right now let’s say
you want to do the same thing and you start making gaming news videos
unfortunately probably no one is going to watch you because that’s such an
oversaturated market there are many large channels that do that and the
reason why Oh DJ is a larger channel that does that is because he covers
different things when he talks about the news he has a different presentation
style different editing his personality there are different things that
attribute to that so if you’re gonna jump into a field that is this heavily
crowded you have to one find a way to make it new and your own and if that
doesn’t mean covering different topics you could talk about whatever you want
no matter if spawn talked about it okay talk about it I talked about it your
mother talked about it doesn’t matter as long as you as long as you do something
that’s different and that’s yours and you can do it and the best thing that
you have to do the biggest thing is that you have to do it the best you have to
make it the best you can absolutely make it don’t just make something and throw
it on there and be like that’s my creation as that’s making a pizza you
can even make the dough right you through some pepperonis on there you
call it a day that’s not what this is about if this is your hobby you’re
making something make sure your videos that that for 10 millions of people are
gonna watch it cuz you put it on the internet for anyone to find right cuz
that’s the basis we all want views that’s the point of uploading to YouTube
so when everyone says oh you’re just doing it for views don’t listen to that
yeah everyone that’s the boo ya know so when you’re crafting this video this
pizza that you want to deliver to your audience right
you want to make sure that it’s the best tasting you want to make sure that it is
literally cut perfectly it’s looking good because you care about it and it
also what’s gonna separate it instead of going on and go to dominos why am I
gonna go to you because you add something different you have a little
extra flavor little extra ingredient that makes something different that’s
why I might Pokemon videos I could sit there and just open pokemon cards all
day but I try to now as much as I can make the videos as fun as possible I do
a lot of stuff with editing I’ll have a lot more jokes I’m just being me and
saying my own weird quirky things because I think they’re funny and doing
what I’m wanting to do and that’s why I feel that my channel is on enough swing
again since I started putting a lot more passion into what I’m doing and that’s
you can attribute that to a lot of success for a lot of people people in
the chatter saying look it’s got the was he just blew up out of nowhere
no go I mean last year he did because he had a he but he was hitting that content
right like he consistently looked look two years ago three years ago he was
very small channel doing his stuff and you know was getting some views and it
was still good but look how it evolved look how the editing change look at all
the stuff he does now compared to then look at how much he did he covered
trending topics without just jumping on a bandwagon he had something do you
think is have prod him YouTube helped him because people wanted to watch him
something that someone said hey did you see that Scott the what did you see what
this guy did have you seen this channel then YouTube was like oh this pocket of
people watched his content let’s share it to this pocket of people okay they
watched it okay now let’s share it on everyone’s videos and then that’s how it
grew something tell my watching one video one of each one it recommends you
one not even that not even that like I’ll be watching completely something
completely different all my default next video is a Scott the
woz video why is that because she has a high he has high watch rate and the
algorithm is liking him and what it’s also saying is that people in your
bracket of what you watch on YouTube watch similar things and so it’s
assuming that you should watch this and it’s been fun of me I get Scott the laws
recommendations all the time and half of them are videos I’ve already watched
exactly like oh but that’s the you know as someone who’s on YouTube I
don’t use like click the next or up next or anything that I go back to my
subscription page because I know how to actually use that unlike YouTube thinks
that people don’t know how to use the subscription page I do
the recommended tab like that’s how I you find a lot of this stuff or watch my
content that I’m subscribed to so I’m trying to always be there for it but
that’s that’s just some advice for how the system works and how you should
treat your content go into it making sure you’re making something that’s
unique to you it doesn’t matter if someone so talked about it before just
make it yours I wanna miss if she likes what you’re
saying like I think you smile I don’t know what so my cameraman it’s buggin it’s got to be a driver or something
which I I would actually advise that or Jordan said because also Jordan’s
absolutely right do some that you love this is something that unique and be the
best at it but if you’re gonna go Indian now if you’re going to intend that you
wouldn’t make something big of this don’t slack on on your research like
research you know the leash that you’re going into and see what can you provide
a value that is unique to what you’re doing so whether its intrinsic whether
it’s educational whether it’s entertainment value you got to make sure
that it’s gonna be valuable for the person that’s watched because you’re
asking for the most valuable thing from a person that’s their time so that’s why
you gotta you gotta take some time to say you know what how am I gonna make
the first minute or the first 30 seconds of this video like the elevator speech
we all know about doing job interviews listen man I’m not like listen I’m gonna
tell you guys one thing emesis I had to do sales um on ground business to
business go door-to-door from each business to business I’ve never felt a
job interview ever ever again it’s like you got to learn
how to be just open and direct to talk to people and that’s one thing about
YouTube that I’ve noticed that what makes a lot of channels grow is your
ability just to put yourself out there drop of a hat and being organic and be
yourself and that’s what Jordan is really hammering on if no one’s catching
it is really put yourself out there not yourself that you want everybody to see
yourself that nobody sees the you that kind of goes wild where you’re playing
video games and you kind of like have your own like rage moment that’s what
needs to be seen you like you need a man look at Baron like he’s on abuses and
you’re you are unapologetically yourself and that’s what makes you you you don’t
you don’t you don’t care if I say oh what about this Pokemon you’re stuck on
listen I’m on that flat grass dance so this is that not angry about that
stranding you stick to a point you’re not faking your you go into what you
believe to be your truth and that is what makes you special and you different
than the other people who are ranting about similar things but speaking of
going into Sony is also going to be going into I just have one more thing to
say about does look does a ten I’ll give you ten on that ones I mean I just
wanted to say I’m sorry we’ve been talking about this for so long but the
biggest thing you can’t forget is the community if you’re building up your
channel you’re nothing without your people who watch you who like who
comment who are maybe on your Twitter or discord who actively care about you and
support your content being in the comments being in a discord being if
replying on Twitter hitting like it’s simple things you can do to show that
you care and you can interact with them I I know it’s gonna come to a point
where I can’t keep up with every comment but the last few weeks I literally every
single comment I get i’m either harding or replying to if it’s needed or saying
thank you and this is also on instagram this is also on twitter and you need to
have this community and one thing i thought that the term i hate is fans i
don’t consider people who watch me as fans I consider them orders orders
viewers any other name that doesn’t sound as derogatory as fans oh those are
my fans these are my flike it sounds like oh my god they’re my fault like oh
that’s the term that I’m on call if you use it that’s fine I’m
uncomfortable with it so I’ve everyone in just someone who’s
exactly click I have the fringe fam you got the chill squad like everyone has
something if you can make it inclusive and have people in there and interact
with them and show them that you’re not just in this to be this Messiah on a
channel who doesn’t interact and it’s just you better watch my stuff or and
I’m not gonna reply back like you need to be a part of it so that’s that’s just
something I want to throw out those well I think a lot of people kind of forget
that as they grow I’ve seen a lot of people do it and without them you’re not
where you’re at on a percent so it’s super important to make any been one of
my problems is I started dancing then it’s like oh when stuff started going
down where it was like I was losing subscribers I mean I was like a hundred
and twenty subscribers within like a two-month span during that whole
changeover Dead subs or yeah it’s I didn’t move after that you know
something definitely happened something was wrong and something that’s changed
and I didn’t move after that for like a year so it was just a weird thing but
the thing is I started dancing I was like oh well maybe I need to start doing
these type of videos and maybe I need to start doing this type of videos you
can’t do that either don’t do that now you need to do your dirty O’s well your
Audis that you been building is like what is he doing now
like I don’t know I don’t know what I want to go here you know interest I also
want to reply to this someone said I’m a fan of Baron does that mean I’m bad no
it is not bad to be fair I am a fan of many people I just don’t like to
consider people who watch me my fans I don’t like to say oh I have fans but
it’s a hundred percent to be a fan of something or someone I am a hundred
percent of fan of everyone here on this cast I’m a fan of people in this chat
I’m a fan of celebrities I’m a fan of other youtubers I am a fan of other
people I just can’t personally consider that I
have fans it’s a word that I kind of Tate we’re like oh I like oh I’m better
like I don’t like that term but I have hundreds I’m a fan of music a fan of
bands like you could be a fan I just don’t like the term having fans that’s
that’s what I meant to explain sorry if I explain and speaking of elbows
speaking of elbows speaking of elbows getting chopped off
it might begin some more information at the next state of play from Sony which
we haven’t we have a date for that what we’re gonna get into I know Behrens
really looking forward to this so I’m definitely gonna let bare and talk first
on this one they finally have a game to talk about they finally have a game to
talk play my up they might have a few games talking about ghosts they might
have two ghosts of Tsushima go sister seem is gonna be a problem I don’t know
if we’re going that far you know she was gonna be there baby we have the Last of
Us part two that is a hundred percent there that’s
pretty much good if there’s a game that’s confirmed so I think it’s going
to be the 24th so next week next Tuesday you’re 24 one day September 24th that’s
next Wednesday Tuesday so that yeah I would say 480 my bag calm down so
Tuesday so I wanted to get barons thoughts on this does Barry’s a big Sony
FedEx I know Behrens one of the biggest Sony fans on the platform here so I
wanted to get your thoughts on this bear what are your thoughts on state of play
are you hyped for state of plaid no you’re hyped right are you – what are
you thinking about this man oh my god really say what’s really going on with
this so this is a little this is a little bit of confusion now then they
announced that last of us two media event right yeah and now people are
claiming that is two separate event it is I think why the hell would you do
that because last of us part two needs needs more it needs more shine so for
example it’s very similar it’s a really two separate events yes I thought
they’re both on the 24th well they are state of play and this whole media thing
is gonna be like do you think it’s just gonna lead into it like it’s gonna be
like okay same exact things they do that they do
do that yeah so very good I don’t know I don’t know I just think it should have
just all been under the state of play umbrella I don’t see the point name it
anything different because I say that because state of play has been absolute
trash ever since it came out so it’s like why not flip that under the state
of play umbrella it doesn’t make any sense why they did that because the you
still say it’s the last of us but still but um but uh I don’t expect much out of
it they already said they’re not gonna talk about ps5 so you’re not gonna talk
about ps5 I mean it ain’t really much for you to talk about III hope the guy
they don’t show that trash as what was a predator game oh lord have mercy that
was garbage and last of us to is being shown in a
separate event so uh what can they show for 20 minutes what thing we’re going to
show you 15 minutes of medieval we already seen def stranded we don’t want
to see kinda show us that we don’t want to see that boring shit again it wasn’t
in English oh really we have to live through that boredom again yes god this
is probably going to be worse than the last day to play cuz there’s nothing to
show they tell me oh we got new game announcement bro they set yourself up
failure yeah tokyo game show if you want to call that a game at this point I
don’t know I just really don’t know like I will be watching it live I will be
doing a live reaction yes I’m gonna watch I will be watching both events
slide you know what I mean cuz you know I like to see I like to see what they’re
gonna do because PlayStation has been in the right and I just can’t see them just
continuing to let this go down like this like he’s you got to do something right
that’s so that’s what I gotta say about it but I don’t expect much out of it
okay well whoever wants to take a stab at this one next can go ahead anybody
excited for state of play you guys are excited for this come on nobody
guys how could you guys next time I’m excited for that
last was too but it’s not all stay to play same day regardless what you tell
me we’re not excited for the Ironman VR game last time say two three sixty
scented the best state of sleep that’s exactly what it is trying to tell you
boy I’m laying the word to the ps4 fan base that I’m definitely what happens
what happens if it’s good dude you’re gonna be yeah how can it possibly be
good if the last of us part two they show like a banger trailer than it lead
nah I don’t think about what likes games listen listen listen say it if they say
if the state of play is actually good it’s like saying if the Browns actually
won a game and who remembers that it was that a good holiday debate about the
Giants my Giants I don’t know nope but the good thing is that I’m also a books
fan that’s my adopted team so I went either
way – gave you guys on one to put the wood to it oh here you go here you go
talk Monday night this man this man buried sisters as miners it could be the
scariest even that ability says here you go talking about the 9 is this man that’s why you Patriots are women yes we are I know
this I know sports back ready this is the hundredth year football it is it is
did you guys know that a ninja ninja was actually part of that commercial for the
NFL no did you guys know that you guys he was the weight he was like the waiter
at Mike belt a little he’s already transcended past all this stuff now he’s
an actor we really don’t care about state yeah it’s really it’s really kind
of putting us to sleep so why don’t we talk about being awake let’s have an
awakening let’s talk to many awakenings at this point there’s too many no
awakens six years ago or awaking came out six
years ago so we’re talk about the new awakening here legend is all the links
awakening reviews have came out very interesting game because when you look
at it and just like hey this is a remake of a game that we’ve already played but
from what I understand and maybe some I think maybe misses he probably don’t
you’re a big old-school guy to miss this is the first time this game has ever
been re-released in any capacity at all is that is that true no no no not at all
Game Boy Color Game Boy Color we would color and if you were an ambassador for
3ds you got it for free okay on your 3ds the extra dungeon yeah what your my
color doesn’t count it doesn’t what color okay yeah that’s like a whole new
game no the Game Boy Color because I was for Oracle seasons and mages which is a
sequel to that game so then we does count yeah that doesn’t really count because
you had to be an ambassador to get that game I don’t think there’s any other way
to get it on 3d unless you were in ambassador whoa everybody should have
been an ambassador who wasn’t an ambassador in this chat well the people
weren’t ambassadors where the people didn’t want to pay the outrageous price
when it came out and it wasn’t outrageous it was quite a bit for a
handheld oh it was what 300 250 yeah I think it was worth it I just think the
software wasn’t there if its software was there yeah but you didn’t like the
software made out a whole spiel about we have like Pilotwings resort yeah you had
a the mercenaries Resident Evil game which was veal diver
don’t forget about steel diver the old days where yeah you know this is a 3d
this is a game you need to have a 3d s but none of those games did it it didn’t
really happen until what that ball hit out to 3d Land treaty land right through
the land mario kario here we go we keep going over this and we keep
talking about this but I want to remind you what’s so more than three land on
the 3ds because you don’t know what was crazy you talked about 3d landscape yes
we got the recording so right you know the numbers are not barren let’s hear it
they not coming up for some the game like the 3d on that game was like yeah
this is why you want to play was better revelations takes the cake definitely
revelations and other stuff the revelations or even had the best 3d
revelation had down at man but it didn’t like it wasn’t like part of the gameplay
the way it was in 3d in a 3d land like the 3d was like actually a part of the
gameplay like it helped you that’s that’s a good point
immersion of 3d you’ve got to give that to revelations in dharma revelation I
can see that I can see all I say that all by any means I think it’s great I
don’t want to under STD and also in a street fighter yeah yes that was really
good not needed though at all like not mean it made the game pretty is not
needed in general yeah we not need it and like your battery playing Street
Fighter Online with 3d on your battery would be cooked cooked like I always
play with 3d you put it in the charger as you’re playing yeah you put it in to
charge every weakens and you’re gonna match and a half in three a 300 you’re
done dude that battery I’ve never seen my battery drained so fast than playing
Street Fighter Online with 3d on and the Wi-Fi because the Wi-Fi on also drain
your battery like crazy too you know so launch models you know so so yeah man I
want to get a donation right out here Ethan are donated online through super
Titus OJ’s trash at spriting and bye y’all our favorite first our favorite
youtube user here elite ninja here in the chat Thank You Ethan
also Christian with another 10 thank you so much Christians that you’re using
stream ops as well he says I’m already got my copy I’m sure you’ve seen it yeah
Christian he posted it on I think you said something about it on um Link’s
Awakening so getting excited for Link’s Awakening Christian is and I think a lot
of us here are all pretty much gonna get Link’s Awakening for the most part so
voting mark get $10 discount wali my dream loud mic that’s what’s up yes
shoutouts Christian thank you so much about appreciate that
alright so let’s let’s get into I guess we’re talking about Link’s Awakening
alright like like the review scores 88 Metacritic right now I’m not sure if it
went up there was like I think like 70 something
reviews or something like that on the channel
thank you David I’ll get that and I’ll read out the message in just a bit
eighty-eight on Metacritic so one of the best reviewed games of the year and
Nintendo summer has been absolutely epic we’ve got easy yeah crazy summer which I
said was gonna happen and I and I had people forget me like Oh calling me
names the same summer’s ended we’ll revisit this topic so I know I mean
that’s what I’m gonna be editing tonight but uh yeah really good scores for
linsell wakening or or any of you guys like surprised of what the scores I mean
I know I wasn’t but what were you guys thinking about this I’m not surprised if
I’m not surprised with Fire Emblem I see this Fire Emblem Mario maker there’s a
tional chain links wakening Link’s Awakening another say I’m surprised was
just good to see you know that you can say Oh Eddy okay but it’s like it’s not
surprising so it’s all about is a solid summer that’s that’s all gonna say he’s
you don’t really see too many other platforms having a solid summer like
this actually depressed weight win this fall start what’s the first September 2
days from now I think it’s the second that’s the Solstice well done because
this is a landmark game and this is the last game of the original release
doesn’t have a Metacritic score like nobody reviewed it they didn’t even go
back either further I bought a game Pro scores and all that and aggregated you
determine if that’s a hundred percent or a zero that’s crazy you need to go back
and grab all that stuff it’s public information they can go back and pull it
and add it but nobody nobody at Metacritic decided to go pull it I don’t
think I gave it a ten out of ten back in ninety what was 92 ash I would get with
11 out of 10 that was that was my game my game too I tell my way better than
Layton past him I hated that game I why this might be right this is this is
definitely my favorite one I like what has a kid and you need two things that
you expect it from like if you had already played a Link to the Past it
knew that you would play a Link to the Past and you’re out it really did I
and I play this then I play ocarina of time then I play Majora’s Mask and even
though Majora’s Mask is my favorite one the handheld why’s Link’s Awakening is
definitely one of my definitely my favorite top one I don’t of all but um
know about say for you graphics Horrors I talked to one of the one of the
writers at a digital foundry and let him know straight up hey y’all should really
be if you’re not talking about technical achievements I should be talking about
the intro to Link’s Awakening because it’s technically impossible they they
had they literally hacked registers and did interrupts to make that opening
scene because all that layering of all the animations and stuff that’s there
it’s it’s not possible with that with that z80 processor it isn’t so they
literally had to interrupt code interrupt code enter a code again like
every other frame and get the timing right to create animation for the intro
on the original green game way it’s it’s amazing shit if you if you’re just gonna
look at it and just look at it you’re like that isn’t even possible on NES no
flicker at all it’s not possible a bit like thing the Gameboy seems to be
like a miracle system because it was so freakin weak yet when you played the
games you’re like they were amazing you know like these games are actually dope
but this system is like well like you could make a system that was stronger
yourself you know and I’m exaggerating obviously but I’m just saying like it
was crazy the type of games that were able they were able to put out on there
to compare it to like stronger systems that came out handled systems and you’re
like man these games kind of suck you know a game new assembly and they know
how to write to the metal real good back then they don’t even everything so high
level it nobody even tries him I mean hit Super Mario Land 1 versus Super
Mario Land 2 like the graphical difference in those two games and
there’s like night and day like they really picked up that hardware
and started doing some crazy stuff with it yeah anybody play Wario Land which is
that was active and Wario was a huge sprite in a game yeah did they call that
one Super Mario Land 3 Wario yeah that’s it and coins price everywhere like yeah
it shouldn’t be possible I’m not gonna lie to you Super Mario Land
was got on my nerves as a kid I hated that game who didn’t get their nerves
like testing baby Yoshi no no no rescue of gay boy Marcus Binks is a style and
has green levels and all that stuff I hated to take a broad on those annoying
it wasn’t crazy I love those games you need those games because hi I’m deysi
happened after that I’m not gonna lie I’m playing on Mario World on Super NES
playing that with like you know other friends that’s actually fun that’s
something that they wanted to do for a while so I’m like kudos to Nintendo
finally bringing some previous games back over yeah yeah yeah yeah everyone’s
excited for Link’s Awakening look it’s gonna do really well I’m looking forward
to playing it I like I said I played the original back of the day but I didn’t
like it and I never beat it so I’m just going to my first time kind of going
through playing so people really like when I for some reason people really
like when I plays all the games even though I’m horrible at them for the most
part because like I read through the wild like a year-plus afterwards I have
like 200 something people in there watching me play breath of the wild so
I’m playing so their farm is Elvis we’re now I’m playing something you’re
probably you’re probably hopeful this way if you never played the original
game and you play the remake cuz I’m pretty sure it’s even also time to play
the same event in the original they probably did a lot added a lot of
fanservice tool you probably blown away oh yeah from what I’ve seen it looks
amazing it looks like I’m gonna have fun this time I’m gonna be talking to the
chat it’s gonna be casual you know I’m just gonna casually play the game I’m
not trying to be a result greatest Zelda person because like like I said before
and this is kind of shock some people I’m not huge like Zelda’s great I love
it I’ve always I’ve played every single pretty much every single cella game I’ve
played them all I don’t like the model even like near all of them cuz there’s I
don’t like puzzles in games I’m just not a fan of puzzles and all the games have
a ton of puzzles in them a lot and yeah just don’t want to be sitting there
solving puzzles I don’t want to be sitting there stuck all day and stuff
and that’s what pisses me off about Zelda games sometimes so luckily we have
YouTube tutorials yeah you gonna hate that game because
something was someone to do some of the puzzles exist outside the dungeon too so
you got to do stuff outside I saw stuff inside back in the day though there
wasn’t YouTube you know so you can see my as a kid you know or younger don’t my
frustration with some winwaker was the game that broke through to me well it
well ocarina of time I love that game but also winwaker was like yo winwaker
it was open the puzzles were nowhere near as hard as before or maybe I’m just
older more intelligent I don’t really know but that game to me was just
because it felt like oh wow this is just as big it felt like open-world game
right but Zelda even though it wasn’t really like an open-world game
technically I guess but you know it depends on when you started because I
was the guy that never had an issue with the water temple in in uh in ocarina of
time and that’s because I spent so much frickin time and in Dungeon five in in
Link to the Past so nice dungeon if you will you had to do so much so much 3d
manipulation even though it was 2d in that in that game as far as like
manipulating where you needed to be so once I played the water desert for the
first time I knew exactly what I needed to do and I was done I I didn’t but the
thing is like I was just so blown away I didn’t mind being in that world for
you know that that dungeon forever because ninety nine eight when that game
came out that game blew my mind I was so into just being able to play a game like
that I’d have time to be upset uou Vaughn DX you fight later on DX no I’m
talking about the real time the water level the water Joe was meeting Darlene
you hated that right when I was a kid I was trying to solve I couldn’t solve it
man and there’s no help there’s no youtube back then I asked my friend ed
schools like hey man there’s this part where the waters going up and I’m going
around and he’s like oh yeah this is what you’re doing I’m like alright got it
and I wrote it down and I was like man I don’t take good notes and I got all the
I don’t think it does I’m all jacked up here and
then I waited some more and then I just did some random stuff and I ended up
solving it I was like thank God I’m out of this damn water temple but you see it
though you see it like yeah everything I’ll tell you it’s like I did know
massive quests to Ryan come on even with the guide like I had the guide like I
bought the guide because it was back then I don’t know if they getting really
doing any more but back then they would give you a discount on the guide if you
bought it with the game and so I bought it but I didn’t use it until I got to
that water temple and it doesn’t really help you at all
yeah the wintry like you see yeah it doesn’t really help you so I had to work
my way through it I remember do you guys remember before
we kind of move on to some of the other stuff yeah you know how it was yo Jaguar
that guy jaguar CD or couldn’t afford that listen guys I was a I was
unfortunate to to buy this played it once and played it again the ghetto
Scouter who doesn’t talk about our zone you never had that in a play our zone
growing up no doubt a Jaguar but if I like the toys rescue the trap it would
basically be it was basically like a it looks like a legit Scouter and I give it
like a mirror where you can see he’s not playing a game like this that was a fireplace space giraffe and about know
whoever beaucoup de la razón de de Chang oh that is you you is better off saying
Tamagotchi though the chat new people new chat no ok I’m not the only one you
know the people know cats don’t remember it so it’s all good man well Link’s
Awakening bringing back the old school vibes I love what those school games
come back I’m a big fan of remakes you know I’m sitting when they remake an old
game especially a game that hasn’t been re-released you know it’s always dope
you know like even if they do like for someone modern game I shadowed the
Colossus that’s already been re-released but to have them very generously yeah
you know what I’m saying like that to happen way that they did it is really
neat you know it’s like super that’s how the classes roommates like wait is that
the same game that was pretty good remake yeah elves a pretty good remake
and then you know we have like we have like xenoblade chronicles definitive
edition coming out which I’m you know I’m ready yes we were talking about it
name it or it I’m like oh go to sleep go to sleep well if they have what if they
have ICO what if that’s one of the secret announcements in Sony what if
they were they’ll be made because people have been asking for that one like yeah
do ICO so I got a question though since everybody you know since developers are
lazy now they just do remakes that’s what everybody does now so for us which
games do you want to see rebate in Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Chrono
Cross Chrono Trigger those two games of bees everything I mean the one I wanted
the most came and that was Spiro so now I got my Spiro
the chameleon twist needs some love and a new crop it’s really an easy star –
what which one fantasy starts take a story yeah well you said 50 start to
like the second story – the ps1 okay okay oh yes oh we wanted to all day
that’s because we got spot we got Spiro we got crash it only live a plane you
have a mind remake of those but man yeah that was a good choices but the number
one game on that list should be Conker’s Bad Fur Day that one is made
but it’s already got really got remade it’s kind of a remit I think they went
individually pretty strong with it but then they know a sense of the game which
was weird which you would think Nintendo would do that right that’s a Nintendo
thing but Microsoft censored that game I will be down for Skies of Arcadia
Microsoft published oh and the original game on n64 a rare published and it’s an
OD me but yeah I was like I’m gonna put whatever fucking one in here I mean
really want a Skies of Arcadia yeah oh yeah skies of arcadia with you guys yeah
you know it you know they can remake rampage yes weeping my page you get some
new elements of today that’s it they did a remake rampage though on the Wii
I’m pretty sure they were you made rampage on the week oh you made for the
dorm-room days or rest – I’m sure there is
I’m sure there is I I would’ve talked there’s a remake am I the only one
seeing this right now what that’s what’s going
I guess I am the only one seeing see anyway yeah it’s called rampage total
grant page total destruction the total destruction yeah it’s it’s
it’s like a remake but it’s like a like a light remake of the game
yeah it’s not it wasn’t like a crazy revamp of the visual style but it was
like the same thing because rap yeah really have like a real story I mean it
does but it doesn’t and like but it was like the same stomach you just sit there
and you punch buildings I added multi they added more multiplayer and I think
for players but yeah I’m actually watching it right here I think there was
another I might there might have been another one but either way there is if
you want to play a newer age rampage it is yeah I mean but rampage is not very
meaty it’s like say oh I want to remake of altered beast not really I mean the
game playing that is pretty you know shinobi it’s not like shinobi return
which one though I would like to share I would like a new shinobi like a brand
new shinobi game I think the way you want a new shinobi I would I went up a
new fancy star like give us many star five actually wanted on PlayStation 2
yeah that was awesome I love yeah follow up to that I know there was there was a
shinobi game that was on the 3ds that was fairly decent shinobi 3 with my
favorite though I should know begin or something like that like shinobi 3 is
the shinobi that was oh no that was a third game i ever owned and i love it
I’m like all I know is you murder people do you bring a dog under the murder more
people that’s just fist oh I always like Oh better than it
I always liked like the Strider series more than shinobi like I always thought
I could give you a really really dope you know starter arcade not starter NES
was hard there was an arcade machine that I used to go to all the time the
only arcade in town that had that Strider arcade machine and it would take
forever but we would all line up and play oh my god
it was great was fantastic then they got rid of it I missed him it was just it
was broken and then it wasn’t there one day and I was like go back to the
Simpsons then for just like the Simpsons arcade games that game was dope those
are cool they’re fine The Simpsons game like yeah whatever you know you know is
that we know it’s a platformer in HD should remake and I’m wondering how it
will do vector man if I could get it done in the right way I mean I don’t
know how you do it though I mean just like old-school 2d just like modern like
you know like dkc tropical is just kind of like you know 2000 games I would take
a jet force Gemini oh there we go game other rare games don’t count we got a fortune I was there got a couple of
donations great yeah great got a couple donations to run through
here guys David Valdez with the big 25 be super tight Thank You Manny he says
supporting the livestream received the Sega Genesis mini today oh nice nice
looking forward to Link’s Awakening tomorrow anybody here get the second
Genesis mini or playing I’ll get it not yet but I will mu I still I open the
PlayStation joint you know you’re not missing out look you know the ps1
classic is really good once you model the bottom er dork boom with the $5
donation do street maps take you out of day gamer and he says I’ve recently
separated good to be back want to say thank you to everyone for taking time to
be on the podcast look forward to it every Thursday what
generation does the switch fallen I’m a big I’m an I leave a knife in night Jen
to me it’s so people have lobbied on Wikipedia to to go and say that it’s a
generation and their arguments are really fucking weak if you if you want
read it to have an entire wiki page about the the conversation going back
and forth it’s it’s garbage I think I think is such a blurred line
now so I don’t think they really care too much about labeling it which are
exactly what it mean for everything else a unit of time it’s very similar to the
Dreamcast situation like you know the Dreamcast came out and kind of a weird
air they still consider it part of the GameCube ps2 yeah six generations
another person one right so it’s because there was no console after because Sega
was done after that it was no consolation okay which brings me to this
situation because I forgot this treatise to you for a topic the rumor about the
PS 5 having to model no not as interested because I’m like what’s the
base model on B is it barely gonna be a ps4 Pro like they’ve done two models of
so many consoles like the Wii U had multiple versions the switch has
multiple versions no like the Xbox had multiple versions when that release it’s
nothing new it’s probably not gonna be a huge loss though no there were two you
could buy with there are two technical different models they give joy cons but
you know what I mean like that that’s semantics I get that but if it is a
difference it’s not gonna be crazy no no it’d be it’d be a difference of
like storage or something like that it yeah it’s not gonna be like here’s this
beta and then a pro you know I don’t think I’d drop no not like that no the
rumor is for a ps4 PS 5 base in the PS 5 / oh they wouldn’t they can’t drop a pro
the same is that’s what the rumor is it’s not just separate models we know
it’s supposed to be a PS 5 base and a PS 5 Pro so I’m like how the hell that
we’re at launch at lunch that’s the rumor
that makes everybody is running with everybody report I was like what the
hell means dummy okay on the box that’s dad I don’t make no sense bro I’m like
what I’m like I mean basically that sounds like you are better than the ps4
like you look at what Apple did with their with their cell phones and
everything I can’t say it doesn’t make too much sense cuz you’re giving people
options more options it’s never a really a bad thing could we look at about one
model of the next so this is still to equate the sales at the end of the day
and but it’s different with Apple because I’m an apple seed so I really
know go go go for it it’s different with them
because they’ve groomed their consumers for a long time on that model and a lot
of times were computers first yeah and you’re not paying up front a lot of
times especially when it comes to the phones you’re not paying that money up
front as far as the cost of the device itself so it’s different when you you’re
looking at a console and you’re like you know that’s a drop right now you know to
be a little bit you fight it can you finance consoles yet because you can’t
make a finding I’m pretty sure some bank out there is doing it for you you buy it
like if you have a Best Buy credit card and you’re shopping at Best Buy you can
find it to where you will get you will get xbox live subscription you get a
Xbox one console and you had to subscribe to the Comcast and then
Comcast will plug into your xbox one and then you would get you an Xbox one for a
reduced reduced price that was something that Microsoft was actually like that
was literally on the table I don’t know if it actually took off and started at
at some point but they would they had commercials for it I remember that I
remember them you know what do you have to hit I deal with ESPN three inaud it
Walmart Walmart had a layaway program to like that was with Microsoft like the
xbox arcade like you can make like payments of like $25 or whatever the
case it was like who paid it off there was also that Oh with xbox arcade with
the 360 which was probably not successful whole Kinect so did anybody
notice anybody notice uh digital foundry kind of being a little bit hypocritical
I don’t pay there’s nothing new there doing now is the thing they should have
been doing when we you launched now since there’s no there’s no there’s no
no direct way to to discern a difference on a spec sheet as far as how many
shaders one one console has versus another now they’re trying to say which
architecture is better so now that’s right well this has the same amount of
shaders but it’s a little bit better because hey this architecture and hey
this is a little bit more memory heavy and hey you’ll get a little bit more
performance out of this and I was like hmm
that reminds me this is this is the argument I made light years ago back in
in 2011 and people are like oh well shaders or shaders and therefore they
don’t have a bandwidth I’m like nah not all all shaders are not the same breath
now all of a sudden they’re magically saying it because it looks on paper that
these consoles are gonna be weaker than the older consoles so we now they got
not I got a nut I gotta give you a reason and they’ve made two videos now
um trying to go out of their way to explain how the shader count and the
shader difference is is gonna give you more performance it’s true but why
didn’t they give this explanation before with drastically different architectures
or other machines I think it’s pretty obvious that you know I actually wanted
to do a video on this it’s pretty obvious that digital foundry looked at
the gaming climate at the time and said we’re gonna play up this whole console
war thing to get you know people to watch us and to get you know clicks and
views and whatnot and they did now I will say I don’t know when it started
maybe in the last year or so year and a half they’ve kind of changed that a
little bit they’ve been a lot more fair they’ve been a lot more descriptive when
it comes to their the architecture and the descriptions of how games are
running on different hardware and they’ve they’ve actually I feel like
they’re starting to contribute more to the culture of gaming than they used to
when they used to just be on that fanboy stuff just the ps4 guys against the Xbox
dudes and just come they just miss we you we all we were all
there so we know how that went down but so I commend them for at least turning
that around but they have to take responsibility for where they came from
you know like they have well do you guys I follow the guy on Twitter I think John
Donne Lindemann yeah that’s a guy replied to about Zelda I follow him on
Twitter and you can see he’s kind of fed up with it too you know what I’m saying
so I think it’s also like their comment section is completely toxic like you
can’t even go in there and like have a normal conversation there’s just so much
stupid and at some point you get tired of that I mean heck I knew the whole
channel because of the comment sections before you know that I had before so I
mean at some point like it’s like oh that’s great there’s always people
coming like I had like a thousand people subscribing like you know like 20 days
or something like that you know so that’s really good you know it’s really
good it’s way more progress than I get today but the comment section just ends
up becoming it was toxic waste so it’s like but it’s narration though I know
it’s there Kristen that’s what mrs. he said they have to take responsibility
but they’re walking back on that hard I mean yeah they are but he actually
responded to what I said he responded to me doesn’t even follow me he acts iris I
quoted his sweet thinking of course he’s not respond he responded back to me said
yeah man I’m with you cuz I said that hey look that’s why I said to him I was
like well that’s the reason why I don’t care about this whole like you know tech
stuff just play game if it’s good play period and he responded not even with
another quote he responded back to my message saying again man I’m pulling
with you he’s like now I just want to show off the stuff that’s cool in games
so I think everybody there’s kind of they’re getting old – you don’t say like
they’re getting old you know they’re tired of dealing OCD Rory old dude well
they’re getting older everybody’s getting older because you know we’re
going on what I mean if you go back to like the Wii U we days like all
disappear like you know this like where we had like the online all right we’re
online really start m4g days mm oh so no guys were there you know
early 20s or late twenties gotta get the over this type of stuff guys get in
there right if your mid-thirties back I just never I never I never got what
took that garbage so seriously I mean I was I was done when they admitted their
script didn’t work like they they’re pixel counting is the literal pixel
counting they open up paint and they make count pixels when I saw that I was
like yeah yep we’re done I mean they got they got caught lying times I know we
already done yeah I mean the problem is I mean I’m glad that like I said they
turned it around it seems like they’re they’re growing up if you will but the
problem is there’s been casualties but there’s at least one counter to die I’m
sure that a lot of that stuff really affected how the Wii U did like I mean
they I think they really did affect yeah that was insane fifty nine frames per
second when the game was coded for in STC for fifty nine point four frames per
like listen you’re gonna listen it wasn’t just them use them though yeah it
was that was the problem it was yeah I’m sorry digital foundry was the you know
barometer fork for stuff it was like yo this person that this game is trash
because digital foundry says so you don’t know it was selling their research
hours who those gaming articles those gaming press articles that were using
them yep I would say this third parties was the fire digital found he was the
gas it was gasoline just thrown onto the fire that was already my problem was in
their analysis they never addressed the fact that this could possibly be the
problem of hey less development time or this person I haven’t experienced on
this platform that’s never addressed the first thing they say is it’s the limits
of the hardware and I’m like well if you guys yeah
look bad no matter what it’s on so when you start saying well I guess I guess
the proof was in the pudding then when you start seeing shitty shitty graphics
issues on on on Batman on PC when that started happening they’re like oh well
we can’t really say that it’s because of weaker hardware so let’s just say that
the shaders are broken and they have driver issues not one driver issues the
game was just fucking broken and they need him to reprogram that shit and put
updates out so right so if that happens on PC which is how more powerful
Hardware all the time is a given right so perhaps perhaps just maybe sometimes
developers don’t have time they can’t optimize or they’re not familiar with
the hardware decoding on and that’s why you get slower performance on some other
platform just maybe who knows but let me tell you guys something
speaking of hardware Oh who here is getting to switch light before we get
into some QA and wrap this minute oh wow another another segue you tonight I
don’t touch the switch light with 50 no I’ll tell you the switch light with a
50-foot pole Oh what that garb it’s a switch but just portable only yep it’s
not a switch no more it does a switch we I wish my opinion or now I’m done I’m
not a game it’s a switch but it’s called 2d s though they changed the name do TS
video games so they should have called it Nintendo switch lists that’s what I
should have called millions in the whole whole time you boy
over here talking about stewed I’ll just rolling diver was so tragic the game
that saved the 3ds then they make it free to play or just you Sega Saturn and it moves faster then
my sisters wait she got three battleships I thought the game only
gives you like one real battles other types of ships you get one regular
battleship I just I just come the big battleship the medium battleship I call
it the smoke you suck my medium battleship was game on game one that was
more like a battleship game which weekend was that I can’t think of the
name of it but it was literally battle so he had to grid and everything you had
to match the group to sing somebody else’s battleship and it was on it was
on gameboy advance I can’t remember name mm-hmm
but it was it was literally a battleship game but Nintendo published it and
think it wasn’t in I once almost say advanced warbles advanced something hi
guys when was that fun was that this is
exactly what Baron just asked you because this is like muscle memories biceps are bigger definitely not I’m a
bodyweight hey I don’t lift weights I just lift
you’re gonna bring some attention because I kind of kind of see this
happening with um so you know tennis which been on a row right you got four
games that legitimately came here looking at how the we just mansion is
shaping up after all the red it’s being pretty damn good so Pokemon so in the
shield even though I give a shit gameplay wise it still should hold up
pretty well low any movie even with the 64 sikri so we gonna have a situation
where the switch has dimmed four to five game of your containers no
hat for what was was the ps4 Hammond your contender it was it was in March I
thought what game was that on a second row yeah tomorrow so my question is as a
game in industry in the gaming gaming media most specific what do you do at
that time because I I don’t see Luigi’s Mansion score in low I see a scoring
high none of them are gonna win what do you what do you do at that point when
you have four to five games that are game to your quality or one-line they’re
going if you’re killing you don’t count any of them because they missed a magic
window of Sony stop publishing on this date night and you’re not guests
you’re not guest starring in any of them so I mean like not a single Xenoblade
game has even been a runner-up whoa well I must say this he did come out on
Twitter and say smashes in the running for a lot of caddy but we already know
we’ve seen the same though that’s hypocritical no cause smash was a
December Game one yeah but that what I’m saying well technically technically
smash came out the date that like really the night after the game awards anyway
chronicles came out a few days before they both is why the game award should
be held at the beginning of that next year like issues they have a chance
there’s a reason the Oscars are in March in April yeah I don’t know why people do
it that way but he does what he wants with his show
sure test ran is gonna win he’s in it guys gonna be good yeah this brings
another question though oh so we gonna have like six games that are gonna be
pretty much the best games of the year how in the world does any gang beat
these six games in the own genre categories like when you think about
that RPG of the year that has to be Pokemon a firearm
strategy game million it has to be fire action game with you it has to be a
switch ain’t no Orlando ain’t gonna be up here no no they don’t bring back to
shoot a category deer because there’s too many shooters they don’t bring back
the shoot of category the borderlands is not just about the shooting though
there’s a lot more mechanics in it I’m gonna tell you I mean it’s a
first-person shooter but it’s also an RPG with a lot of other deep mechanics
in it I’m just saying look at all the games is coming out go through every
category say this is not the front runner look this is the scenario where I
mean the switch put out the most games this year that are high rated and see
the sec you know there was all sorts of games again come out really but misty
what we gonna say dude now I’m just gonna say like there’s a scenario in
1985 I’m well I’m an old guy so in 1985 there was a movie came out one of the
greatest movies ever made 9 Oscar nomination
now how many Oscars at one zero I mean we’ve seen it the movie was called the
color purple there are movies up to this date word they don’t they don’t get the
harder to recognize what about Remember the Titans I didn’t get the recognition
it deserves and that movie’s amazing that’s a great I’m just saying for
training date oh yeah he was a bad guy they did that they gave him that because
they knew he deserved one way before that killi killi this year he see he’s
been down on one knee hold it you know what I’m gonna go ahead and give the war
i’ma get a war to torna compare that against releases this year probably
still wouldn’t happen well yeah I’ve been looking at it it’s crazy because dude looking at the
competition is going to have a polarizing franchise that matters
because it’s a polarizing freako who were his friends the aina his friends
make music this year okay they get best soundtrack of the year it’s basically anything that’s why I’ve given up all
hope on the idea what you saying but it was those big polarizing over popular
franchises that tend to get that leeway you know what I
mean but you like gonna tell me but this shit you don’t have though you’ll have
to hire a new Xenoblade huh you ain’t gonna tell me they’re ready oh
oh absolutely not no but it like tracted a game and they do who’s the bigger
you’re right you did you’re right oh wow it’s it records with issued oh
wow well you know you know Zenith blade
soundtrack was from yep so a madman Mitsuda he’s the guy who made Chrono
Trigger sound Jam yeah yeah like you know lack of respect from Kili he’s
always talking about his friend in Japanese that thought complete lack of
respect from ki don’t play don’t games man like a respect that wouldn’t
probably know that’s when I decided that I never took it that seriously but
that’s when I decided okay this is like the awards actual awards as a joke but
I’m gonna enjoy the show I go there for the show the announcements then they’ll
just have been great guys you know the announcers are always really good but
the actual Awards they’ve lot they lost all my respect when it comes to the
rewards with the whole Xenoblade and and octopack traveler not winning like it’s
like okay this is oh they lost me in 2014 would they be we could say one
thing though Reggie always has something good to say when he comes out yeah what
last year was really good because you had all onstage I was like that
that’s some good shit now as though I don’t know how he worked that one but
that was good that was dope and sound checks that one sounds like of the earth
Corner corner occupied octopack little bitch the guy cuz I listen to it cuz
like you were saying oh Jenny this sounds like tension you got I was like
this is corny y’all be listening to this like Blake
Shelton stuff you know what I’m saying like I miss fine don’t like Blake
something that’s fine I get my juicer boys show Red Dead Redemption soundtrack
you know like y’all be listen to this corny corny stuff man but what
as him if you’re gonna talk about a military shooter with a good soundtrack
that was called a duty to call duty to an original monitor Medal of Honor those
every of this house literally trying to chase Saving Private Ryan you know
making predictions that probably will fail but I think it has it possible I
think three switch games would be nominated for get out of the hole out of
the hole category 303 doe two of them will be asked for chained to firing oh
for sure I don’t know who the third weren’t gonna be I’m gonna toss that
over to Mario make anything we just made I can’t I can’t wait for burns if four
of the best-selling and top-rated four out of the six best-selling top rated
games are on switch what can you do you can do about smash gotta I think that’s
out of 93 MLG choke go get your super dark shade and I need you to rage in
person i’ma say this though this might be the
first year it’s in the prime best name I’m gonna say that nice this is gonna be
the first year that uh you might be disappointed you’re gonna be
disappointed again how about that title we got it we got to get a Vuitton out of
here because he’s streaming so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a
couple a few minutes no no no what about me what about you if I got a dip I’ll
just leave and you guys can keep going well it’s all I know I’ve already got
you guys for – I’ve already took you two hours of you guys it’s time so we
definitely have to wrap it up we’re gonna get two questions here guys if you
guys have questions we’ll answer them for six minutes I’m a dot six minutes so
piteous Dougie fresh it on oh oh baby yeah I grew up on that song do my
dad always played that oh yeah that’s cool man so no questions any question I
don’t think they see people agree with me Oh Jay Dickens that happen why I just
think three switch games not a four game being a record is possible at the end of
the day you know madam we agree though he said wonderful woman why I had a hot
soundtrack so I’m like yeah but whole game gave me like Saturday morning
cartoon vibes oh yeah yeah it was great I loved it indie game
of the year I haven’t played in me in dear it is when it’s theme roll dig to
come out oh yeah that was my indie game of the year it’s my indie game of the
year everything will dig because I play it every year and I beat it every single
year my favorite indie game probably still is monster boy the game is amazing
so the next question is is breath of the wild – gonna be a Nintendo’s game to
combat PS 5 an Xbox it could be but I mean they don’t have to do that though
like they’re not releasing the game to go against you know like their games are
that powerful true ok sonna zero is actually a phenomenal indie game that
might be my game of the indie game of the year the katana zero yeah alright
next question what do you guys think would be the big Nintendo announcement
at the Game Awards that’s a good no because here’s what’s gonna happen
the the reason why we’re not gonna see Bane is because early next year whatever
director where we have early in the year is gonna give us our information on
Bayonetta 3 what this is gonna do is actually show us some real something
tangible from Metroid that’s still not going to come out for
another year year and a half but they’re gonna give us a huge tease in line that
evil – they just they didn’t just restart it they
restarted what you were I think that’s when they told us they were working on
it yet they’ve been working on this for a while they’re gonna have something by
the end of the year to show us they have to apparently the rumors are that what’s
what’s the call retro studios put together a demos like hey what you guys
think about this and they compared it to what dynamic was it was like trash so if
they might already have got it jump-started then might have something
to show or at least an official announcement of like actually something
tangible maybe even like the CG trailer might maybe even something like that
like they did for beta yeah I think we’ll see something like that I think
storylines been in place for quite some time I think they know that what they
wanted to do with that they know the progression of this story yeah yeah I
just kind of wish I kind of wish metroid prime 4 was made by Namco so I could
still have some Raven blades on NATO I think what’s gonna have record when they
show up whenever whenever they do show off the Metroid Prime for I think
they’re going to announce the title of the game that’s what’s gonna blow
people’s minds I think it’s like you know it has like there’s always the
subtitle so I think it’s gonna be Metroid Prime for that it’s gonna like
fade in what the actual title of the game is it’s the same screen so find
that title comes it that’s the only change like you get like two and a half
seconds of Samus sideboob and then there you go be what if this co-op Metroid
Prime for hunters evolved oh shit multiple one No
work it’s gonna be one word that’s that’s there that title scheme is gonna
be one one word that’s what I hope Federation that’s what I wish Federation
force was yeah mister Pro hunters was surprised unders to anyway thanks
question is a bad metroid game that was the next question is addictions for the
fifth Smash Brothers Ultimate Fighter pass I don’t miss questions every week
that’s Bandicoot croc chameleon to his character I don’t care chrono anybody
there’s like a Bop people ask that there’s bots in every chat asking that
question just to make sure that it’s like though at this point it doesn’t
matter cuz we’re getting more DLC so I don’t care who they put a take they put
Terry in there’s very few people going all they’re gonna put Terry in this game
all of a sudden people like oh cool Ares here no with no area the only thing I
really want is at the end of all this DLC is they release another version of
smash that has all these characters in it cuz some point you know this game is
not on the server it goes away all these characters that we’re downloading now
are gone forever you know like if you lose your hook your hard drive dies down
the road somewhere these characters are gone that’s the problem with digital
can’t really sit and have all the parties there probably release it on a
car probably for that that’s what I want it would have to be a bigger car to buy
that time yes afford it no can’t afford to give himself a bigger part the 32 of
the 32 64 is the main producing it would depend on how much deal see there’s it
might need to be a big bigger than a 32 but I don’t think it’d be give it a 128 is my question is my question for
everybody what’s up somebody says something about
this but I think it should be over do you feel metroid prime 4 should have
online multi-player don’t think it’s necessary personally I don’t think it’s
necessary like you gotta make it unique because it’ll be too much like halo at
that point I rather them not focus on that
to make an incredible campaign but you if they have the resources in time to
make a good online multiplayer concept idea can make it viable and work without
taking away assets and time for the story cool do it later they can make it
like hunter no they should have they should have a co-op that says that’s
playable as well – that’s tool so if you’re gonna do then man and make you
make you work I don’t that was the whole appeal of Halo is what if samus a Dark
Samus team-up bro it’s a co-op adventure no that’s not a good to hunters you want
you you’re gonna fight for samus I just like hunters that game was great
multiplayer but the single-player wasn’t very good it wasn’t that good
no so you basically combine the two basically just take hunters and add it
to Metroid Prime basically it was a nice it was a nice uh
I’m looking for it was a nice tech demo for the for the DS the show that the BS
could do you know three game show cased all the features of it but my favorite
map played bad demo card so much my favorite match reprieve game is actually
tried I don’t know if I’m like holding it above the prime series like like I’m
barely holding that over like other my guide like that oh my smokes that is not
over other end either because you are the problem yeah the
story was the other atrocious okay was it real quick guys going in Tendo
literally had a civil war over this game I were people it was you know arm seized
communities always pretty good right and that was just when people drew out the
swords and charge and we’re like literally killing each other the chat so
there’s a rule no longer they made a rule you can’t talk about other em I’m
going into those comments I personally can’t remember another game that made me
physically upset Mass Effect and Mass Effect and i sat there playing this for
three years tears started dripping from Isis and
they’re trying to enjoy it like what after the it’s so they fix it later on
its playable now no loss no barely sure you could you can play it but should you
know I like one of destiny apologists man you
gotta play the race no I’m just saying over the course of a day she looked like
I don’t know look at somebody slap the hell out of her multiple times at the
beginning her face like the Ashley way she looks so weird
and then they fixed her anyway but anyway games crap don’t buy Andromeda
look guys look Andromeda is not good but they did patch recently
yeah I play all their em over in drama – any day you need to play the new in
comedy you might you might play no I’m good you know I like I like better
another more than Andromeda I’m saying I’m just saying like I’m just I’m just
saying at least I keep saying it comfortably like I can play a bad game
comfortably how you play comfortably it’s terrible your hands
we remote is the most uncomfortable thing to use for sideways for other arms
why I design a game what is on a game light leg you like like the guys guys no
we understand that but how about this both games suck thank you for watching
the outros Jordan where can they find you out my man you can find me a YouTube
on Jordan fringe I open pokemon cards daily with a bunch of jokes and memes
and a good wholesome community over there go check it out we’re finally on
the rise getting close to third thousand again so yeah mondo I’m excited
for your channel dude I’m really excited told a couple friends too well my
friends people that I know about your channel they subscribed so good stuff
Avedon big plans tonight mommy what’s up clanks awakening tonight and literally
about 15 minutes so if you can link your channel to I’m sorry that I got your
channel you guys watch Link’s Awakening tonight feel free to head on over to
Abaddon Sam even if you don’t wanna watch to make sure you guys go subscribe
to everybody’s channels here shadow Fox where can they find out my man man all
over YouTube you know how it goes um and hopefully I’ll do my livestream for you
know switch online especially since uh you know and vice and finally they’re
announce that I’ll be interesting to talk about but I keep forgetting that’s
that’s there now yeah but other than that you know I’ll just be constantly
destroying people on Twitter and one by one so just follow me on twitter follow
me on youtube you’ll see go from there we’ll do some Tech Talks good stuff and
where could they find you I’m on YouTube as well I’ve been there about five years
and Twitter just click my name in the I’m in a chat log you want to get over
there quickly and subscribe to little boys channel yeah thanks for having me
on man no problem thanks for coming on appreciate it and Baron what can they
find out my man this guy hey y’all know where to find me find me on their
Twitter you know what I mean I’m gonna be but you know busting Sony drones
asses all day and that’s also can check out my channel with this new video I got
your videos I go in on deaf strand and more than I did before
do you want to see some good def sternum bash in there shit
I also talked about other things that are important like state of play if that
isn’t important join me to watch data play in the last day I will be last year
other than that Wow astral chain gang game of the year other m was good stop
hating I don’t know about any of those last
statements you just said but sure and I’ll be tomorrow on the channel you guys
are gonna see a brand new video in the morning I’m gonna change the time though
this whole six Sam’s the it doesn’t gotta be that so I’ll just upload videos
whenever I can it doesn’t matter at this point we got it’s kind of early yeah
it’s kinda early I mean I usually do in the night me just schedule them but
we’re gonna I’ll just do whatever I feel like it at this point so you guys will
get a video I just don’t know exactly when but it’ll be a good video so yeah
that’ll be that and then also unboxings switch light will have Link’s Awakening
gameplay as well to wrong the channel and we’ll have a day live and we’ll have
is probably splatoon as well so we’re gonna be it’s gonna be like six or seven
hours of streaming tomorrow so look up for that alright guys thank you so much
for watching I appreciate it and I will see you guys for the next one who’s a ojp to scorch arrow furnace alright

3 thoughts on “What’s Up With YouTube? PS State of Play, Link’s Awakening/Switch Lite | PE Podcast #70”

  1. I know you guys are railing on Jeff Keeley but you do realize he doesn't vote on the games right?

    I have disagreed with some of the choices made but it ain't on him, it's more because the games we think should of won are literally just played less as they are more niche.

    The board which is a lot of press and ex press play less of these titles over the likes of Red Dead.

    I do think that is slowly changing especially for the Switch. Death Stranding is a mixed bag because it's Kojima he could be showing us nothing, it's either going to be insanely good or one of the biggest bomb ever reputation wise for a big dev.

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