What’s Really Happening When You’re Hypnotized? – Dear Blocko #17

Hey there! Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko! This is the show where I answer your questions
about your world and my world. Let’s get started with our first question! Colin asks:
#DearBlocko What’s happening while you’re hypnotized? Is it even real? Actually yeah! It is real, at least to some degree, and it
can work for certain people. In fact, it can be used along with other treatments
to help with certain conditions. Researchers shown it can be effective in combating
things like stress, pain, and anxiety. It can also be used to help with weight loss. When someone is hypnotized, it’s not really
some sort of fictional mind control coming from a Bard spell, but rather a trance-like
state of heightened concentration. Some say it’s like when you really get caught
up in a book or a movie and you’re totally focused on what’s going on. The exact science around it is a little unclear,
but some researchers shown that it can affect multiple regions of the brain, like ones linked
to pain perception and regulation, along with sensory processing and emotional response. Second question up! DragonTrey asks:
#DearBlocko How do venus flytraps digest things? That’s a great question! This is certainly not going to get creepy
at all. From a basic level, Venus Flytraps actually
digest things in a way that’s somewhat similar to the way that humans digest food. That is, they use a “stomach” of sorts. While Venus Flytraps do get some nutrients
from more typical non-carnivorous plant methods, they’re at their healthiest when they get
further nutrition from insects since the soil of their native environment is very nutrient-poor. When an insect goes into the trap portion
of the plant, and triggers the hairs inside enough, the trap quickly snaps shut, locking
the unfortunate intruder inside. The trap then essentially becomes a stomach
as special glands produce enzymes to digest most of the insect. This takes several days, after which the trap
reopens and discards any leftovers. The extra creepy part? Venus Flytraps usually don’t close tightly
over something that isn’t moving, like if you try and feed one a dead insect. They basically aren’t happy with their meal
unless they feel it squirming around… which is essentially one of the grossest things
I think I’ve ever said. And now it’s time for questions about me
and my world! Hooray! Kirana asks:
#DearBlocko What’s a life-changing event that’s happened to you? Love you and thank you for making me curious
about my world! Well, thank you so much for watching! Honestly the life changing event was starting
this YouTube channel and getting to teach you all sorts of things. A less sappy life changing event was when
I got hit by a laser that came from space and suddenly I could hear what the plants
are saying. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what this
flower said or I’ll get demonetized. Joe R asks
Dear Blocko, Have you ever made any art? Huh… Yeah, I can show you my art. He’s some of my pieces from various points
in my life. This one is called “Mess with the Blocko. Ya get the socko”
I was an angsty teen when I made this. This one is very simple, just some text that
says “The earth is round”. It’s actually available on our merch store
as a shirt! And this was one is a close up painting of
my face. It took me a while to get all the details
just right. So do you have any questions about your world
or my world? Let me know right now in the comment section
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    How come some people have a different mentality/mindset of what's right and wrong than others?

  2. A certain kind of hypnosis can make you do what you wanted to do but never wanted to show that side of yourself, that kind f hypnosis makes you do what you felt like doing.

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