What's in My Teacher Bag? | & DOUBLE GIVEAWAY!

this is a worksheet that I cut up and on the back I wrote group label makes me happy I've accomplished something and I'm proud of it so oh I remember this one it says I love you mrs. Collins a number Bahamut hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Malenkov Rubisco scampers and today is actually my birthday not today today I'm filming this but when you see this it will be November 2nd which is my birthday and I kind of wanted to give something back to you guys I am so incredibly thankful for all of you guys who are constantly here watching my videos showing up in the comment sections liking them supporting them Instagram – it means so much to me and I love getting to talk to you and get to know you guys so I wanted to do something for you so if you have been watching my box you know that yo reached out to me they are a wooden watch company and I've actually been wearing one of their watches instead of my Apple watch hey guys when they reached out to me I was so excited because their watches are absolutely beautiful that even Lee asked if I was interested in doing a giveaway with you guys and I said heck yes I am interested I would love to do that and so they actually sent me the Kassia the band is made out of walnut wood and it is absolutely stunning they do have lighter woods darker woods kind of mixed pattern woods that look really really cool and then in between all of the wind links is like this rose gold metal and you guys know me and I love or the school it matches my wedding rings and I pretty much work rose gold anything the face of it is a beautiful rose gold blush champagne they actually let me pick my watch and I'm really glad that this is the watch I thought because this isn't the kind of watch that I would normally go for like I'm not very stylish if I guess and so wearing a watch like this isn't something that I would think would look good on me I guess but it is absolutely stunning you know that for a long time at work my Apple watch because of the convenience of being able to see my emails but honestly after wearing this thing for like two weeks I wore my Apple watch one time because it was pajama day and I wasn't gonna wear like a really beautiful fancy watch on pajama day and I was frustrated because when you have an Apple watch you have to like turn your wrist and then wait a second for the screen to pop up like it's not always just showing the time which was really getting my nerves after wearing like a real watch for so long and I just kept getting notifications holding it it kind of bothered me so but wearing this watch has just been really nice it's absolutely gorgeous it's made of wood it's lighter than my Apple watch my Apple watch was like hurting my wrist after wearing something like this so in short I'm really enjoying the Swan and one of you guys is actually gonna get a hundred and eighty dollars to spend on Yoos website so I am so so excited for you guys all you have to do is check the description box yota Sweden giveaways so you actually just go through their link to enter but the best part is every single person whether you are subscribed or not and if you're not subscribed join the family we would love to have you get $25 off if you use the code call the teacher and like I said if you ever need me you can email me at call the teacher at gmail.com but if you want a cute watch you get $25 off at yokan and then it's the first part of the giveaway that I'm so so so excited for if you're the one that ends up winning go ahead and message me on Instagram and send me a picture if your watch when you get it cuz I would love to see which one you pick they've got a lot of really really great options so now I'm actually gonna talk about my teacher bag and I want to say that when I first started student teaching actually the entire time I was student teaching I used a tote bag actually I think I had at home yep this is the tote bag that I used when I was student teaching it's actually a diaper bag I watched what's in my teacher bike videos for a really long time before I was even student teaching and I saw somebody used a diaper bag and I was like that is absolutely genius because it's totally like spill proof and all of that and diaper bags usually have a lot of storage because moms need a lot of things but teachers also need a lot of things so this bag was from Walmart and once about $30 but after a year ferret started ripping and things were like Oh rose-gold lanyard that's cute and thanks for like fall on the back of my pocket and I actually did use this bag at the beginning of my first year teaching this year but then I was looking and looking and trying to find something else and I wasn't loving the top style even though this tote it is it's big and spacious it zips like the top I just wasn't liking having a tote like it wasn't something I enjoyed I think part of the reason is because I'm not really like a purse girl anymore I used to like carrying like big purses and things like that but I just don't like that feeling anymore and so I knew that I wanted to get a backpack style bag so of course I searched for diaper bag and believe it or not this bag I have here is actually a diaper bag and that's part of the reason why I really really love it and so I'll show you what it looks like on me just so you can kind of get an idea of this size it is not a full size backpack which is what I wanted I didn't want to carry like a giant backpack around normally most backpacks are longer I have an old backpack over your neck it's actually a stuff in a deodorant mister sketch markers anyway this isn't supposed to be a history of my teaching bags but I guess it is this is a normal backpack and so you can see that it's a lot larger look it goes down which I could raise it up a little bit but it covers a lot of my back and it's a lot larger and for my teaching bag I wanted something that was a little bit smaller and something that looked a little bit more nice so I searched on Amazon and there were a lot of different kinds but there's a couple reasons why I picked this one for one I definitely didn't want one of the backpacks that has like a little flap over it you know I'm talking about yeah the flap and you have to like unbuckle it to me that's like too much of an extra step but I also wanted something that was neutral and I really really like this great color and the fact that it has like the brown leather like details on it for some reason I've really been liking Browns and natural things lately that's why I am in love with this watch you guys know that my room is a very natural wooden theme and so I feel like this just goes with me anyway so this is the bag and I will put in some up-close shots for you so this is it like just hanging off one shoulder but I like that it's like not the size of a normal backpack it also has these really awesome carrying handles and it'll close up here for you if you wanted to I never really closed that because I don't feel like I need to but these are really handy for me because usually I'll take it off of my shoulder then I'll use handles and like throw it in my car somewhere and the backpack itself is really really lightweight too so that's one feature that I really like about this backpack are these handles it makes it so much easier the next feature that really really drew me to this backpack was the drink pocket this was something that's really important to me because in the bag I showed you that I used for student teaching the pockets don't have any gift to them they don't have any stretch and a lot of the bags that I looked at on Amazon they were cute but they didn't have any pockets that stretched and I really don't like I like the mesh look like this just looks nicer and it was actually built like I said it's a diaper bag so it was built to handle those crazy like sippy cups pockets actually stretch a whole whole bunch and it fits like anything I would ever want to put in here so that's another reason why I'd really like this bag and then the final thing that I looked at before purchasing of course was like all the different features but they're abuse this bag has really really great reviews everybody says it's super durable so I decided to go for it and I will bring you guys a lot closer so you can see what's inside I've been using this bag for a solid two months now and I've really really enjoyed it I was gonna wait till the end but I just can't if you like this bag I'll put the link below on Amazon at checkout if you use the code 20 campers you will get 20% off your purchase and I'm so excited you guys there is gonna be one winner who will actually get this bag for free so they didn't reach out to me or anything like that I actually reached out to them because I love this bag so much so I will give you the details at the end of the video for how you can enter the giveaway but anybody like I said can use the code 20 campers on this item and you'll get 20% off so let's get into what's in my teacher bag let's actually always put on a sweater and then really hot it makes sense to talk about the outside markets first I always always keep an umbrella in this pocket because being at school without umbrella is literally the worst thing in the world and I feel like it's been raining so much lately so it's extra important for me to have it I do not take this out of my backpack unless I am using it at school like it stays here on the other side I've got this pocket that I used to carry whatever mug or cup that I use for the day right now as a monk from the pimper teacher and the reason why it's in my bag is because i just opened the box today and I'm taking it to school tomorrow to keep its cool so that's why this is in here maybe I should take things out yeah I'll do that now I'll talk about what is in the outside pockets so this outside pocket is normally what I throw my keys in when they're not lost so there's probably like nothing in here and that's a big lie there is a little clip a little baby clip you guys know always rocking a little baby clip so there's that but I don't think there's anything else yes yeah oh there is a Dunkin donut sit pill win I bet you it's expired no it's all expired I can still use it I have a Dunkin Donuts by my school so I will I put it in there obviously so I would use it at school and I still have it and I thought my pen I have been missing my black flower pens and I hai bought like a specific pack of black lair pens from Amazon because I use them the most and I didn't know where they all went and this one has been chewed on you chewed on it so yeah okay three black floor pens that I didn't know I had I am already glad I filmed this video hello yeah I was talking about you you're eating my pens not cool you can't be in this video yeah I go in this pocket it is a little bit larger and you can tell like this like isn't that big compared to me but it fits so much so bigger small pocket I oh this is also from that paper teacher box just open the box today like I said and I wanted to take this and keep it in my bag but I just so hand sanitizer it's like that spray kind then I have a receipt this is also from today after school I went to Kroger because I needed a dry shampoo next is my wallet this wallet is from Olivia enjoy and I really really like it pretty much the only reason I carry around a wallet this big is because I do keep my checkbook in here so I have a bunch of like random gift cards couple of my checking cards a Barnes & Noble card cuz I just opened my teacher account there because I can do that now my checkbook and I have a little bit of cash because we don't have bending machines at our school but we do have an area where teachers can like buy their own snacks like you put in a dollar and you could take like a muffin or something so I have cash now for that and then of course a spare car key because if you know me you know I lock everything in my car including my keys and this is a literally the only way I can get my car is about way too much money on calling services to open my car so I keep a spare key that just like opens my doors and then some pictures that make me happy so absolutes in my wallet and I keep it right in here all the time umm next taste like this little mesh pocket that goes on this part of the back and in there basically it looks like I have a lot of junk the first thing is that I don't know these are called a carabiner carabiner clip I'm one of those and I'm not sure why I have it but that's there then I have this little stone and one of my kids gave it to me so it ended up in my backpack and now it's there I'll swap some papers so this is a worksheet that I cut up and on the back I wrote group label I don't know why I wrote cruise labels maybe I needed to make group labels I don't know how long this has even been here I feel like what worksheet this is short oh when did I teach short oh I don't know I think this has been here a while um this is I can just as a note is and says I love you miss call today I loved last week it was so fun last week I wanted to bring you home to my house and I ended up in my backpack and then another see where's this one to a salad oh I was like I don't buy salads I went to Wendy's a while ago and I paid for my sister behind me and she got a harvest salad with no feather no bacon and apple cider vinaigrette I was like I don't eat salads why is this in here but apparently I just figured its feet in my back that's it for that part so now in these little pockets always always always keep pens in here because I and one of those teachers who grades at home I don't know if that's what you do but I do I think it's easier to just sit on my couch and just like star smiley face things I've said before that's my thing that I like to do in my students papers put like a little star and put a smiley face in the middle so I have all of these flare pens and a Sharpie so I have a Sharpie Oh too sharp this sharpies chewed on you gotta have a normal sharpie and a chudan sharpie so I'm a Sharpie I have a sentient smelly mr. sketch marker I have a normal click pen click click pen I really like the there the pilot g2 pens and then a random assortment of floorplan a plant and flower plant plant pens sound like I had like in love with any of these colors I just this is what I have in my bag a highlighter and my student ID from college I did put this in here because it makes me happy I mean I am a first year teacher and I did put this in here on purpose when I first filled this bag because it just makes me happy I've accomplished something and I'm proud of it so already got a mist next oh the you know that I just got filmed during my guided reading and the woman who is kind of giving us training I got a reading you're talking to us about it actually was got me a gift card from Starbucks the morning that we were gonna have the meeting as a team and she was gonna lead it and talk about the video that she filmed of me giving my guided reading I don't know if this makes sense to anyways I ran into her at Starbucks that morning and she saw me and she gave it to me and it's just really really sweet of her to do it says thank you so much for opening your hearts minds and your classroom for further professional practice and I thought that was a really really kind gesture so yeah it was funny that she ran into me at Starbucks because I think she was like filling them all out I like a little tape and she was like at least I know you drink coffee and then I have just 2x by Marquez I'm not really sure why they're in here but they are like I need Expo markers at home but they're in there then I have a steal a blush and I don't keep makeup in my bag I mean okay clearly I do but I actually brought this from school and forgot to take it out but this is a steal up it's called convertible color so you can use it like on your lips or whatever but it's just a cream blush and I was so afraid of cream blushes but I used this stippling brush and I absolutely love this but it's been at school so I haven't been able to use it in the morning um but yeah I love this blush I just wanted to bring it home the reason it was at school is cuz I have like this little makeup bag that I put in my room at the beginning of the year without even realizing what was in it the Stila blush in lilium now I have a bombshell rollerball and extra-large binder clip binder that's not visually appealing either whole dot protectors you guys know that my lesson planner is actually a binder because I created my lesson planner and sometimes when you just flip pages you need to use these and so I have them pick post-it notes pink pearl eraser also chewed on because if I leave my bag open someone likes to go through it I'll give you one guess note from a kid it says oh I remember this one it says I love you mrs. Collins an umber bond on it but I have two hair ties one thick in one thin sweet papaya chopstick that I forgot was in here and then a Revlon lipstick in bombshell red I actually really really like this color and it's getting to the point where I can actually wear it deep breads like this look really good winter so alright that's it for the front pockets I do want to show you guys really quickly on the back there is like a pocket here and it doesn't go all the way through it's just right here so if you wanted to keep something back there you could I don't really use it but it is a feature of this bag next I feel like I'm taking like an awkward photo with my bag right now like I'm like posing with it I'm having too much fun with this video detail next is this little pocket up here and I have Oh stickers because I'm an elementary teacher i mini ipad that i thought i would use a lot more and I actually don't miss it even charged nope not even charged I don't know I thought I would use this more I don't actually use it for anything I have a teacher iPad in my classroom that I use and the case is chewed I have a paper oh this is a DonorsChoose paper reminding me to send thank-you packages and this is a little notebook that I took to a professional development and took notes with on shared reading promotes word analysis fluency comprehension develops knowledge vocabulary provides opportunities for teacher modeling yeah sounds good to me and that's all that's in that notebook oh I have a Nature Valley crunchy bar because at least I remembered to bring snacks even if I don't remember to eat them yeah I've actually really been into the crunchy bars if I don't have like a special K protein bar something like that I have one of these and this pocket goes all the way down to the bottom but that's all I keep right next is another pocket right here and it has a double zipper and the zippers on this one go all the way down to the bottom I feel like that's because it's a like diaper bag but I never unzip that all the way to the bottom I just didn't a bit like halfway in this pocket actually forgot this was in here this is the pocket where I keep books in so you know it's an elementary school teacher I'm planning read Aloud's and things like that I always put my books in this pocket it's I'm pretty sure the only thing I really keep in this pocket I'm just so the books are protected this book was actually loaned to me by our coach for first grade because they don't have it and I'm tired of buying books we need for read a lot this is a book we're reading next week dr. president so I brought it home with me to look at so stays in here nice and safe it's not it I have index cards it makes me feel like a college kid but the reason I have index cards is because every Monday in class we read our sight words on index cards and some of my kids have really really poor fine motor skills or they just need extra help so I will write in pencil their sight words on the cards for them and then they trace them in crayon I do have those little screens that kids can write on so they can feel like texture when they're riding with cram so these cards are in here for me to pre write those sight words for those kids because some of my kids like they'll write and you can't even read what it says I'm like that's not gonna help them so I do that whenever I plan it for the week and then oh I have my external hard drive should I have a Mac but like just a regular mark book so I can't stick you ass bees in so I need a what-do-you-call-it adapter but safe hooked up to my printer so it's not really useful for me to take to school unless I put something on the hard drive and then plug the hard drive into my computer so I know why it's in here but I'll keep it in here yeah that's it for this pocket like I said this is just the pocket I used to hold my books thankfully because I care about my book this is actually really good view for you guys to see how like big the bag is how thick it is so it's like the size of my hand so we've got oh there's actually not that much in here this is what I had my luncheon today yeah I don't carry a lunch box because there's really no point I have a fridge in my room that I keep a Brita pitcher that takes up a lot of space and I can't really stick a whole lunch box in there I don't think and I don't really bring enough to need a lunch box so I usually just like throw my lunch in here or literally carry it in a brown paper bag old school I've got my lesson planning binder now I have oh I have a white folder not sure why I specify that it was white but it is white and the reason I have this is because I just wanted something that I could transport papers in without just sticking them in my backpack so I have a folder right make sense and if I pulled it right now these are some questions that just go with the standard and then I have a note that says videos teacher toolbox I already filmed it QA already filmed it collab video I already filmed it I have on top of it make Center schedules already did that I have a sticky note on here I can't show you too much because it has the kids names we do coupons for class dojo and so I subtract their points whenever I get home because it's just a man I want to do at school and I have a little ticket thing in here from the tire place fell out this is a picture one of my students cheer for me and it's really cute because it's like ever classroom and above my door you guys know I have the word choice and he wrote it and actually he actually fell down and you know I'm really saying right now he wrote choice with an e and then he erased it so that's actually super cute but it's funny cuz out of everything in my room that's the detail that he put because I talked about it every single day and then some words per minute norms I don't know and then I have some oops I forgot to look over these maybe I should do that today paper setting and you look over actually made this for my kids and it's really helping them so yeah I should probably which is why they're in this folder usually that's what this folder for is for is bringing home papers that I am need you just great that's what's in my white folder I've got to my macbook that I love I really really do love this and I use airplay a lot in my classroom so I'll pull up the PowerPoint that I made on here for the day and project it onto the board oh I use this absolutely every single day I do keep my PowerPoint in the cloud and on here but I tend to use this more just because I can move this around with me around the room if I'm doing something like if I go to my back table during guided reading I can still access my PowerPoint because I have different transitions that I use that are built-in so I use that the only thing is I'm running out of storage on it so you know maybe I should use that external hard drive but yeah I like this MacBook cuz it's really really light and it is uh it's also rose gold so do you see a theme here cost coupon dojo point note that I need to throw away I hope I've detected all these points maybe I forget sometimes out of it sitting at the bottom of the bag is a binder clip in side of the bag there's this back pocket which is where I keep my match bag so it's it's like back here it's like a little protective pocket and then on the inside there's also it's hard to see side pockets on either side it's kind of where the drink cup holders are and I our magic bracelet that we made like on the first day of school so it closed in the dark that means change colors in sunlight and yeah it's just really special to me because it's like the first thing I did with my class so oh and in the other pocket pliers I know it sounds weird that I keep Potter's in my backpack and no the kids absolutely cannot have access to this they never touch my backpack and it's again it's in like a hidden pocket but I am always like Vic seeing things and like for example get there day one of my girls little backpack key chains fell off and all I had to do was like take it and twist and put it back together sometimes like their necklaces fall apart so I've got pliers that I keep in my backpack yeah so that's probably the weirdest thing that I keep in my backpack but if you don't keep fires in your room you should keep them in your backpack so we have that back pocket to side pockets and then two little these pockets that are probably for like bottles or things like that I have oh I don't know why actually I do know why this isn't here because it stopped working I like put fresh batteries in it it's from the Dollar Tree so that's probably why but it stopped working I use these at my guided reading table so kids can hear this sounds and I got that from Bridget from the letter classroom she mentioned in one of her videos like forever ago when she's in kindergarten she would light it up so if the word was cat you would have three lights and you'd go and they would all turn on but when your light doesn't work it doesn't work so I need to throw that away in the other pocket I always keep my macbook charger i usually actually keep an iphone charger but one of the iPhone chargers in my actual house stopped working and so I just took it out of my backpack and put it in there but normally I do keep an iphone charger in here too that always stays in that front pocket so I always know where it is oh wait guys this has a lot of different little compartments in it so there's also this zipper which I don't know if there's anything in there because clear laughter I was there two triple A batteries I don't know why I have triple A batteries does this take your batteries nope takes double a what did I need batteries I know I'll put them in there I'll probably need them for something else apparently pointed out that's everything that was in my teacher rag if you want to win this exact bag that I have that I used and I love every single day all I want you to do is comment down below one some way for me to reach you so it can be your email it can be your Instagram name and I want you to tell me what your essential is what do you keep in your bag that is an absolute essential that you could not leave the house without or what's something that's different that you keep in your bag that most people might think is a little bit weird or strange for me apparently it's pliers so that's all you have to do it'll be open for one week so a week from today November 2nd so November 9th I will contact the winner if you're one of those people who's like yeah I never want to give away you can just use my code for 20% off and we can be twins so by no means am I telling you to go out and purchase a bag I'm just sharing with you that I really love this bag and remember to enter both of my giveaways before you leave the first one you click the link in my description box for the yo giveaway a hundred and eighty dollars to use at their website or you can use 25 campers to get $25 off anything enter in the comment section below to win this bag I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me thank you so much for being here watching me talking with me teaching me things is absolutely incredible and I'm so glad to be a part of this community if you need me you can always email me at call the teacher at gmail.com you can comment down below or you can message me on instagram at missed calls campers and i love you guys bye

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  1. I’m a veteran teacher but I love watching your journey so much. I have the same bag to use for travel. I think it’s going to be my new teacher bag. Keep up the nice work. You’re doing a fantastic job. P.S. Thank you so much for the anchor charts video. Life changing

  2. To help your students write better use a highlighter and then have your students use a pencil to write the word over the highlight. Love your videos and this bag! I just finished college and hope to get hired on for the fall, so ready to have my own classroom!!!

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  5. Angieeelizabeth (IG name)

    I always have a sock..not my sock but my baby’s sock 😂 I will be looking for something and I always pull out a sock 😅

  6. I always have my teacher bullet Journal/planner my pencilcase and teacher books. The most strange think I had ever in my bag is a paciefire (I think I spelled it wrong🤭) at the mitting with my Best Friends but without the baby. 😂

  7. My Instagram is @chalkfulloflearning I always have snacks in my bag for sure! The weirdest thing I carry is probably a pack of wipes. At least my friends think it’s weird, I’m sure my fellow teachers understand though 😉

  8. You’re such an inspiration! Thank you for taking time to share your life with us! 🙂

    Chapstick is an essential in my bag! I go through at least 4 tubes per year, if not more. I’m kind of obsessed with applying and reapplying it! I also keep tickets from every movie I’ve seen since 2009 in my bag. I’ve switched bags since then, and every time I migrate my stuff to a new bag, the movie tickets go, too! I just don’t have a better place for them and I like to save them as mementos!

    My email is [email protected] 🙂

  9. My insta is @thesleepyteacher :). My essential thing I carry is Excedrin Migraine. But if I win you can give the bag to someone that you think really needs it:). It’s so cute

  10. IG: hfendley

    I’ll be student teaching in January and I’m super excited! I always have excedrin and pens in my bag and the weirdest thing would be an extra pair of socks because you never know when you might need them 😂

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    My must have is a metronome! I am a high school general music teacher and I teach guitar classes so this is a MUST when we are playing!

  14. Thank you so much for the giveaway! My email is oreomonster
    [email protected]
    I always have to have my EOS lip balm and a pen with me. It’s very boring but EOS has saved me so many times in the winter 😂

  15. My email is [email protected] I always carry some sort of snack for my little brother. He's almost 2 now and at this point he just opens my little bag because he knows there are treats for him!😂😂

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  19. Hi!! My email is [email protected]

    Things I always have to have in my bag is deodorant and perfume! I hardly ever use it but I feel like if I don’t have it is when I will stink😂

    Weirdest things would have to be my tide to go pen and poopourri. My friends always make fun of me for this but things happen!

    I am in my second year of college on track to becoming a special education teacher. I love watching you and hearing about you experiences of being a first year teacher!

  20. I keep little samples of essential oils, notebooks, and I always have a mini toothpaste and tooth brush 🙂 The random thing is essential oils but they really help me in my high school class when I get overwhelmed with everything. my insta name is md_science_ and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :))))))

  21. Instagram- alison_peters12 but I saw someone else comment this but I’m the same way I always carry pens I constantly need pens and little ones like to draw when they are bored to when you need to sign something they are just very handy

  22. I just bought that bag- super excited! I keep ibuprofen, breathe mints, bandaids( for shoes that rub heels), hair elastics, pens, lead pencils,highlighter, scissors, lipstick, gloss, small hand lotion, comb, water bottle, laptop, graded papers, legal pad, teacher postcards with stamps on them, glasses wipes, baby umbrella, wallet… I think that’s it. LOL!

  23. My most essential stuff to bring is of course my diabetes stuff, I always need a bag with alot of space so I can fit everything. I also always bring my computer, it has every single note from class, and notes from self studying! It's like my brain x3 My email is: [email protected] I'm taking a bachelor in preschool teaching, and I'm in my second year 😀

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    My email is [email protected]

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