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hi everyone today I will be sharing with you what's in my teacher bag alright guys so this video has been very highly requested and I'm getting ready for school tomorrow and I just kind of wanted to stop and show you guys what I keep in my teacher bag so the teacher bag that I use is this bag from Target it was 39.99 and I've been staring at this bag for probably two or three months and I finally went ahead and bought it I've been waiting to buy it just because I was like – I'll just use my 31 die for a little bit longer but I love my 31 bags trust me I had a ton of them I love them they have saved me from day one of teaching but I was ready for an upgrade and something that looks a little bit classier and just kind of went with all of my outfits so I went ahead and picked up this $39.99 dollars from Target and I'm going to show you the features of this beautiful beautiful bag so first of all this bag has a front zipper pouch this is where I keep my cell phone I actually do take my phone out at school because we already texting school but that means the other teachers and the principal and I all are able to text one another in case there is a behavior issue or if we need them right away in the classroom so that is something that we do at our particular school my last school does not like that we were not allowed to have our phones out so really it just depends on the school that you're at but when I'm on my way to and from school I do keep my phone in its pouch it fits perfectly and I actually have a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge so it's a large phone and this pocket sophist it which is really really nice I absolutely love the black and gold of this bag it's just very feminine very classy and it goes with everything like it done oh my arms getting tired all my future centers in here I'm getting like in Armadale doing some bench presses over here well wait so what really stood out to me about this bag is that it is kind of square or rectangle shape it does not have edges oh it does not have edges that are kind of rounded up it's very squared off which is something that I've been looking for for quite a long time I knew I wanted a black bag because I really loved the color black to be honest and I just think it really goes with any outfit during any season and it just looks very put together feminine and nice and honestly depending on the bag it tends to look more expensive than it actually is I don't think that this bag looks like a $39.99 bag I think it actually looks more expensive so just not that it really matters but just throwing it out there this bag has both hand straps and we've actually we'll sit around your shoulder as well as the long strap this is an adjustable long strap on top as well so this I actually use when my bag is really heavy these I tend to use when my bag is a little bit lighter usually keep the same items in my bag from day to day but every once in a while I will bring home some teacher manuals or things just so I can do my lesson planning at home and when I do that I tend to use this longer strap rather than the short strap but I love that it has the option for both the arm strap also comes off if I want it to which is really nice they also have this bag in kind of a camel color as well so if you're looking for something that will kind of go with some spring outfits and maybe is a little bit lighter if you don't enjoy the color black then they do have the camel one as well if you're looking for a future bag alright so I'm going to kind of tip the bags if you can kind of see it from the top view and you will notice that it has two long zippers one at the back and ones up front with anything with zippers is right at my alley and then of course it has to close in some way or another because it's not my feature value will spill and everything will go all over the floor so this particular bag has a magnetic snap right here to keep all of my stuff inside my Dodge so that if my guys does tip over nothing will fall out that is a super important feature and I have to have something like either this or a zipper closure on every single teacher bag that I own or else I will not use this now that you have seen my beautiful beautiful lovely teacher bag I'm going to go ahead and jump in and show you what's inside so first I'm going to start off with this first zipper pouch and inside my first zipper pouch this is where I keep my crossbody bag so I always have some sort of crossbody bag in my bigger teacher bag because it's nice to kind of just grab if I have to like run into the store after school on my way home from work I can just grab my crossbody bag and this is what I take into the store to go shopping I never carry my full teacher guide because I would have like a shoulder a core value by the time I got home because it's just there's too much stuff so I always keep a crossbody guy and this one is from Coach my husband got this for me for my birthday I think maybe two years ago so very very sweet I love this cross by that it has done me well through these past few years actually inside of my crossbody bag I have my wallet some gum I always keep gum I just never chew in front of the kids but I always have gum either in my teacher bag or at my desk in the classroom some chapstick my car keys and I do not keep a lot of keys on my car keys because I cannot stand to have that many keys this is super small super easy to grab in the morning and it's just ready to go and then I always have my flash drive that's had almost all of my teaching documents on it I do have a lot of my computer as well but I try to keep my main things that I use a lot on a flash drive and my curse all the time that way if I need to go ahead and put something off at school and I did an email it to myself or something it's already ready to go highly recommend that you get some kind of jump drive or flash drive to carry in your purse or a teacher value at all times just in case because those teachers you really never know so that is all I keep in my crossbody bag I'm going to set up put it back I try to keep everything nice and neat I not stand stand stand cluttered bags or purses and I just thought that's not how my brain works I have to have everything in its specific spot and if it's not then I can't like focus or concentrate I really think organization is key to kind of keeping your head clear and just putting all of your focus on the kiddos okay now I'm going to go ahead and open up my back zipper pocket and inside this pocket I have my pencil pouch this is writing a pencil pouch I got this in the target dollar spot a few weeks ago actually I used to just keep my pens kind of in one of the built-in pockets in my bags but I found that having an actual pouch keeps it a lot neater and my pens aren't kind of falling out of the pocket so I have all kinds of things in here I have sharp these markers pens pencils flare pens regular pens colored sharpies or sharpies more flare pens and of course post-it the teacher always always always needs post-it so I have all kinds of pens and pencils and writing utensils inside my pencil pouch because you never know what you're going to and when you're going to need it as of right now that is all I keep in that back zipper pouch because again I like to keep it simple nice and clean and I just don't like to carry a lot in my bag so now let's go ahead and jump into the mill section of my bag this is where all the fun begins okay so this is just kind of looking at the inside of my bag you see that I have two pockets that are built in and then I have one big open pocket on the inside I try to always order my things from largest to smallest so this item right here is my largest this is my second largest and my third largest that way everything goes down in order and then over here on the side I have just a little pouch and I'll show you guys what's inside there so right here I actually have my teacher badge and keys I keep it on my Brighton lanyard right here that my mom got for me a couple of years ago and right here I always keep some kind of granola bar or snack just in case I run out of food at school or if I forget to pack a lunch or something like that I have snack right there ready to go always always all right I'm going to go ahead and put my camera back up and then I will show you guys what I have right here okay so starting with my largest item first I have this notepad I found this actually at t.j.maxx I think it was only $5.99 and really it's just the padfolio so it has this little strap I thought this was so pretty the blue with the pink so when you open it up you have a notepad and the nice thing about this is that it's refillable so once you fill up the notepad that it comes with you can actually just purchase any legal pad from any store and it will slide right inside the back cardboard piece just kind of slide right from the inside and then you have your new notepad so this can be used for a very long period of time it also has a little pocket right over here so you can just stick whatever you need to and I actually had a piece of paper over there and then I took it out for this video just because there were some personal things on there but you can keep whatever you want inside and I love the fact that it's refillable I actually made my name right here with my Silhouette Cameo and some white vinyl it was super easy it literally took me like four minutes to make and I think it just adds a little bit more character to than I always have a notepad no matter what bag I'm using because I never know when I'm going to just need to kind of job something down I'm a girl who raised on everything I tried about some things as well but really I always end up going back to paper and pencil super cute and super affordable PDMS the next thing that I have in my bag is this accordion file from Walmart I believe this was 597 or somewhere around there it was under $6 at Walmart and I think this is such a cute pattern I'm really diggin all of the mint lately and this can definitely carry over into spring and I'm going to show you what's inside so inside I have all kinds of tasks to kind of give you guys a little bit of a visual I have today this week copy grade file third grade so things just specific to third grade special education behavior I do have some students on individualized behavior plans and a lot of meetings for those students so I keep their things in there and I do have some personal things in here as well because I keep it in my bag and my dad really isn't just a teacher Mary I keep a lot of personal things in there as well whether it's in here or written on my notepad so I have finances receipts u2 and other so other could be really anything else that kind of just doesn't fit in that category then I want to keep safe and sound and keep it from getting lost I think that this is one of the best tools that you can have inside your teacher bag because it just keeps all of your loose papers from being shoved inside your bag because trust me I learned the hard way because I would go home and I would have all these crumpled papers at the bottom of my bag things that I had to grade or maybe I do list and I'm like oh like this is recalled and I don't know where the students are aware this belong so this has been my lifesaver I highly highly recommend you get one of these even if you're interning right now or student teaching so I'm going to pick up one of these either from Walmart or sometimes they even have these in the target dollar spot I personally chose this one because it has 13 tabs where's the ones at the target dollar spot I think maybe only had about seven or eight I wanted to make sure everything was in one place so I went for the search teams have one from Walmart and of course in my future bag I carry around my very best friend yes you heard that right my very best friend my planner this is the recollections planner from Michaels and it is incredible this is my favorite planner that I have ever owned it is incredible it's beautiful and oh my this guy's if you do not have a planner already for 2017 I highly recommends the recollections planner for Michaels I believe this one is the nine by eleven and a half this is the larger planner and it is so for example version let me just kind of give you a glimpse into what my life looks like inside so right now I haven't really done anything to for February yet for my monthly spread but I did buy a lot of stickers from Etsy and I plan on making this cute very very soon and then just a quick quick peek inside my life right here this is my planner it is not very cute but it is my life saver and it just it doesn't have to be super cute it just has to work and keep them organized another thing I love about this planner and that stacks here and has a pocket so this is actually where I do something for school not necessarily full lesson plans but this is where I kind of shot down some things that I have upcoming that week so maybe what unit we could be on a mask what unit we could be on and reading and then if I have any like IEP meetings or anything like that I go ahead and just jot them in here and then I go back and fill them in on my lesson plans and or in my planner depending on what it is and then in the back I keep this cute little journal I actually got this from my mother-in-law for Christmas and it says believe in yourself and inside this is where I actually keep my three positive things a day this is something I actually started at the beginning of the school year when I went back after the winter break what I do is I just write down three positive things that happen that day I do have a challenging class this year and this has really helped to keep my head leveled and just to keep you motivated to do my very best in the classroom with those kiddos every single day so I what I do is I just write down three positive things the date and then I choose three things from that day to write down this is an incredible way to stay motivated especially if you're a new to teaching maybe it's your first year and you're having kind of a tough time you know first year teaching is hard teaching in general is hard work I mean people think it's so easy guys it is not easy it is not easy this is but these are the kinds of things that we have to do in order to stay motivated and push through those difficult times and really be the best person we can for those kiddos if you don't have a journal of some sort or you don't reach all yours be processing the day this is a great way to do it stick it in your planner and it's always with you no matter where you go it's a great way to kind of remind yourself that yes there are good things that are happening each and every day and it just kind of allows you to take a moment and to reflect on the day to reflect on what you're doing as a teacher and it proves that what you're doing is working and that everything is going to be okay so I love my planner from Michael it is the best so I don't have anything in here right now but there is a little zipper pocket back here in the back if I am using it I usually keep my phone charger back there but right now I don't have it I don't take that every day so that's just kind of there if I need to use it and the last thing that I keep in my teacher bag is a little makeup bag and it says staff so really this could be for whatever you want I got this at PJ masks and it's shiny and gold and I absolutely love it so this could be your pencil pouch this would be your makeup bag this could be just where you keep all kinds of little odds and ends which I do have a few in here actually but I'm going to say what's in my little value that says cash so first I keep some placards and Bluetooth tips just in case I have any food in my feed after lunch and a why keeps q-tips I just I always need my ears to feel clean is that weird I don't know I know they're not good for you but I keep them there anyway I do have some deodorant just in case I need it I don't know usually I don't but if they're just in case I do keep some makeup in here just in case I need to touch up on it school so I have some powder I just use this covergirl clean max powder NIC course just with a powder brush I have my mascara a girl's gotta have her mascara some pink lip gloss some more Jack sticks can you tell them addicted chapstick some ibuprofen I always keep some kind of isopropanol headache medicine inside my bag but I do make sure that it's where the kids cannot get to it so they do not know what's in there it's nice and deep in the bag and they would not be able to get to it there are some days where I need to go ahead and just have this on hand just in case if you have a headache and less than at least a lint roller now this one I have not opened but I do keep one kind of in my car I have some at home we have a big dog he is a lab of boxer mix and he sheds a lot a lot so I give people lid roller in my feeder rods just me I need that when I'm at school yes I noticed that I have dog hair all over my black pants or my dress or something I can just quickly wipe it off not to be completely honest I haven't opened this because really because don't really care if anything it strikes up a conversation about dogs and tests and whoever else they had at home so I really have it useless look before we go I want to take a moment to show you what I take my luncheon when I go to school I always pack my lunch I don't go anywhere or leave the school for lunch because for one I guess expensive secondly I just don't think that I would enjoy lunch that way I would always feel rushed to come to get back to school on time before my kids were done with lunch and then what if it was snowing out what if I got in an accident I just I can't do that so I always take my lunch to school and this is not a thermal tote this is actually just a regular small tilt from 31 and it has my nick name on it dusty it's my favorite color which is pink and I love the 31 bag because it's small and easy to carry it has two pockets on each side that are mesh I usually keep gum or napkins in size here and then it's just super small I just stick my lunch inside and if I need an ice pack I use an ice pack but really I tend not to need it I like to eat when the kids are at specials which is typically in the morning before lunchtime because it gives me more time to kind of digest my food and relax and really actually enjoy my lunch there as when my kids actually have their lunchtime bedtime I take them to lunch and come back to the classroom after I've checked my box and use the restroom I really only have about 10 minutes to eat and then I feel too rushed so really I find that I don't need an ice pack because I eat fairly early anyway and my food is still cold I always saved my hot meals for dinner I that's how I like it I like cold meals for lunch and hot meals for dinner then of course I always have some kind of water bottle that I keep at school throughout the week and that way I don't have to take a new one each day it stays there for the week and then I wash it on the weekends it doesn't get that dirty it's a solid so that's all I have for you guys for today if you enjoyed this video please be sure to give it a thumbs up also please click that subscribe button so that you don't miss any future videos alright guys see you next time bye you

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